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1/1/19: 2019 – QUANTUMORROW

Ron Patton | January 1, 2019
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It is the New Year, already the day has past and you may not feel any different. That is because the newness of the year is relative and whatever choices you made this day and any day certainly put you on the road to your destiny.

It is often easy to become philosophical on the day of the New Year.

My philosophical intersection happens right after that last chime ceases to vibrate and here I am again in a position where I want desperately to get it right – to do the right thing and to be able to have a clear conscience when I do it all over again the year later.

It is like a never-ending Mobius Strip.

A Mobius Strip is simply a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop, from which there is no escape. It continues and continues until something breaks the pattern; usually, a choice that is unthinkable or that is out of the ordinary that changes the game plan.

It certainly is a big enough choice that everything seems to hang in the balance.

Every year, it never fails I get an e-mail that tells me that a new year has passed and nothing has happened.

I shake my head and wonder what exactly that means.

I can only surmise that when someone writes me to indicate that “nothing has happened” what it really means is “Nothing has happened that has affected their lives in the way that I have stated.”

It is unfortunate that if people do not see it or experience it – they can pretend it is not there, or dismisses anyone else who claims to have seen or experienced it.

Our thoughts and conjectures about life and the universe are often based on assumptions, unproven theories, hearsay, rumors, and misinformation. Decisions we make in life may be based on ancient attitudes and archaic practices. Mythologies, astrology, prophecy both biblical and non-biblical shape the way we see the world.

Sometimes you experience what can only be called a glitch in the so called matrix and you feel as if we are in a dimension that has been opened just for you and that you have had a glimpse into another world, another paradigm that could very well be precognition or a recognizable meme that you are sensitive too.

Everyone at one time or another has had that so-called quantum leap where your consciousness has been lifted to a spiritual high or has been racked to the point of suicidal thought.

You feel as if you are in a maze chased by demons wondering if there is any place you can escape to.

Reality has you captive. Every year is all about the struggle, however, in 2019 the struggle will be fraught with derisive derangement and crises that will not be of your doing, but you must confront them and in the process will have to develop a keener common sense and the ability to use discernment or you will wind up in a trap of your own making.

You will find yourself in the Mobius loop wondering why the world has become your master instead of the other way around.

The world will easily be the master because of innovations and technologies that will provide you with an excuse to be complacent. It will also provide the deranged players the opportunity to exploit parapolitical views and views of hostility that will generate another air of civil unrest.

As always, we run the risk of a catastrophic event that will affect a greater number of people this New Year.

This is not doom saying for the sake of dramatics. Everything in the last year was the warning of how things are unraveling. It has appeared to have slowed down now, however, the nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence.

A whole winter of discontent can lead to a spring that will be full of the same violence and bloodshed as we have seen every year.

We have not escaped our differences and there are still many that think that they will be heroes in the game and will make a move that can spark a powder keg. The chain of events can move like a wildfire or a storm that continues to force multiply.

There are now parts of the world that are cracking up geographically. Magnetic anomalies above us are unstable and mankind is pushing boundaries of what mother earth can give.

Earth’s magnetic field is in a state of dramatic weakening – this is not a conspiracy theory; this is a fact. This is not some Ozone layer; fluorocarbon mythos to get you to stop using your deodorants this is happening I am sure because of our continued efforts to disrupt the core with particle accelerators and ionospheric heating arrays.

China has completed construction of a secretive project to build a giant antenna five times the size of New York City. The experimental radio antenna is rumored to have taken 13 years to finish and will communicate long range with military submarines.

China has been hotly pursuing ELF technology for some time and the facility, which sits on a 1,400 square mile (3,700 sq km) patch of land, is the culmination of the technology.

Project WEM is made of a pair of high voltage power supply line which criss-crosses a 100 km by 60 km steel lattice across the region.

Each power line is finished with an underground hole to two power stations and generators that electrify the ground.

This process produces electromagnetic radiation capable of passing thousands of miles through the air or through the Earth’s crust.

It is estimated the machine has a 3,500 km range and signals closer to the source would be stronger than those received further away. A department of the World Health Organization has previously revealed that ELF waves are ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’.

The WHO claims an ELF field affects human nerves and stimulates synaptic transmissions.

It is also believed to alter retina cells by generating a flash of light.

Undaunted, this new power source will rival that of HAARP and CERN.

CERN will not be operating in 2019. The machine restarts in 2021 will bring the energy up to 14 trillion electron volts.

Meanwhile, with the weakening magnetic field comes unprecedented terrestrial crust displacement.

The region that concerns scientists the most at the moment is called the South Atlantic Anomaly – a huge expanse of the field stretching from Chile to Zimbabwe. The field is so weak within the anomaly that it’s hazardous for Earth’s satellites to enter it because the additional radiation it’s letting through could disrupt their electronics. It also causes seismic activity and in the case of Africa, we are seeing the continent slowly being ripped apart.

Many scientists will say that the magnetic anomaly or even a pole shift is nothing to worry about; however, what scientists won’t tell you is that they lack what’s called archeomagnetic data – physical evidence of magnetism in Earth’s past, preserved in archaeological relics from bygone ages.

Magnetic shifts do happen – the last time it occurred was about 780,000 years ago, although it got close again around 40,000 years back.

It slowly happens, however, a pole shift on the sun happened in 2013 for solar Maximum. We are now in Solar Minimum and yet we still have possible geomagnetic threats happening while the sun in its quiet phase.

We are also open to more extraterrestrial threats in 2019. Some will be harmless, some will appear to be biblical and some may not be pleasant.

First the slightly chilling news—we may see a Tuguska like event happening in June during that Taurid Meteor shower.

The Taurids are meteor showers that occur twice a year, in late June and late October or early November. The June meteors are the Betas. They strike during the day, when sunlight washes out the “shooting stars” that are visible during the nighttime meteor shower later in the year.

A new calculation by Mark Boslough, a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, shows that the tree-fall pattern in Siberia is consistent with an asteroid coming from the same area in the sky as the Taurid meteor swarm. Boslough and physicist Peter Brown of Western University in London, Ontario, gave a presentation at the American Geophysical Union fall meeting in Washington this month in which they called for a special observation campaign this June to search for Tunguska-class or larger objects embedded in the Taurids.

In some years, Earth passes near the densest cluster of material in the Taurid stream — and 2019 will be such a year. The scientists say it presents potentially the richest batch of incoming material since 1975.

Keep in mind that most of the material then was seen impacting the moon. This time we may not be that lucky.

If the earth avoids a Tunguska event that will be optimum – but satellites and space platforms could see the damage.

Now, this month millions of people across America and Western Europe will be able to see a rare super blood moon, a total lunar eclipse and a Wolf Moon in January. The eclipse, which triggers the Blood Moon, will take place on the night between January 20 and January 21, and it could last for almost two hours.

This has triggered a sense of foreboding in both Christian and Jewish sects. Many see this as a harbinger of changes in Israel, changes in the United States and other fulfillments of the prophetic eschaton.

Meanwhile, questionable claims that alien disclosure will happen in 2019 remain questionable.

At this moment, many parts of our solar system are being monitored for extraterrestrial biological intelligence or exobiological specimen.

The truth about disclosure is this and you can actually tell this as truth — there will be no clearly defined disclosure from any government body in the foreseeable future.

At least, not the type of disclosure that is being sought after by UFO and alien hopefuls.

Water still flows on Mars and yet there has not been any disclosure from that discovery.

The reason we don’t get the disclosure we want is simple — scientists do not know how to define the life they have already discovered and so they will put a lid on any and all so-called extraterrestrial findings until they are ready and the fact they cannot define what they have found makes for an entirely new paradigm.

When someone asks you, “If aliens exist where are they?” You can say that they have already been found but scientists are having a hard time defining them – they don’t understand what they have uncovered.

This is why they are reorganizing their searches. This is why they are seeking the technosignatures and biosignatures of more species; this is why President Trump Wanted the Space Force, it is why we continually hear about Oumouamoua and that New York Times article outing the Pentagon and Congress reopening their investigation into UFO’s.

The truth is no longer out there – it is there for the taking and it is there for the asking – it is just the educated response that needs to be given.

If the definition of this new life is wrong, you’ll look for the wrong thing and be liable to miss all kinds of weird forms of life.

More than 2,000 years ago, Aristotle defined living beings as those that metabolize consume nutrients and eliminate waste and sexually reproduce. That definition served well enough until the middle of the 20th century when scientists learned about DNA and came to understand that the predominant life-form on Earth is the single-cell organism.

We are still trying to define life and science is now trying to define consciousness with quantum physics.

Many people do not know that just before President Trump shut down the government he signed a special initiative into law and it had nothing to do with immigration or borders.

President Trump signed the National Quantum Initiative Act into law.

The measure, which Trump signed ahead of a partial government shutdown, proposes to spend more than $1.2 billion over the next five years to establish a coordinated framework between federal research labs, academia and the private sector to advance Quantum technologies.

Computers that operate on quantum principles will be invaluable for solving complex optimization problems of near-prohibitive difficulty today. This touches everything from medical research to business and government operations.

However, quantum computing can, in theory, defeat all modern encryption. From secure banking transactions to confidential correspondence to Blockchain quantum computing can crack them all quickly and simply.

This can be the beast, if not monitored for a more civilized and fair usage of the science. It will speed up traditional algorithms on a quantum scale and will crunch bigger numbers in order to eventually outsmart us.

A boom in technological progress will assist the 4th industrial revolution, and new physics will be part of acceleration into the days where possible quantum demons will have an even more disturbing effect than ever imagined.

As Artificial Intelligence continues to develop, man’s ability to access directly with entities in the quantum universe will also increase.

It’s hard not to imagine AI that’s learned to defy the laws of physics when you hear that companies are beginning to combine AI and quantum computer technology.

And Elon Musk did explicitly warn us this would happen; anytime there is a new breakthrough he tweets and then tells us the demons are loose. I mean, we think he is speaking metaphorically, but it makes you wonder if we should take him literally.

There are a number of companies, including IBM and Google, using AI in the development of quantum systems — their goal of course are thinking systems that will eventually out-think mankind and put us closer to unraveling the secrets of the Universe.

Ray Kurzweil is also doing work with the new quantum computers in order to simulate the human brain towards his Artificial Intelligence (AI) goals. Kurzweil is the man who believes he’s building a god out of these machines and that we need to merge our minds with them in order to become immortal gods ourselves.

Once quantum computers surpass the capabilities of supercomputers, a feat that’s nearly been accomplished, we’ll need methods for creating instructions and understanding the vast amount of data they produce. AI is perfectly suited for this, and according to experts, it’s the logical next step.

Quantum computers and AI also share another trait: exponential growth. Processors for quantum devices are measured in qubits, with today’s most advanced ones coming in at around 50 qubits. At this size, they’re the equivalent to a supercomputer. At just 60 qubits, it would exceed the power of every supercomputer on the planet combined, and then some.

As the computers become more advanced they can and will be able to form various Matrix constructs to house virtual worlds if a mirror Matrix or a new dimension can be opened it will be done with quantum computers. If the barrier of dimensions could be blown apart it will be done with quantum computers.

It will be then that we can actually find the truth about the dimensions and the truth about our quantum selves.

Quantum mechanics combined with astrophysics, will give us clues about Pansychism, free will, choice and biocentrism.

With the exponential use of quantum sciences, we can learn about life and consciousness and how they are fundamental to understanding the nature of our reality, and that consciousness comes prior to the creation of the material universe.

It is intriguing to think that our souls are quantum packets of information that are infinite and that when it attaches to our biological host – it animates it. When the body or the host dies the packet of quantum data still exists like a TV or radio signal – if we have the right equipment or even another biological avatar or component – that quantum packet of data can be resurrected in a new body—in a new form.

This would be another reason to believe there is life after this existence in the quantum time scale.

This would help us resolve all of our fear of a crisis-filled world in 2019.

If we don’t think of what is ahead wand what can fuel hope we will back in that Mobius loop – fighting never-ending wars and having disputes with each other.

If there is a war, it is likely to be one of maximum risk and effort – in other words, a total war.

It could very well be a war that would eradicate any and all of what I was just talking about.

Our new technological development will bring with it technically advanced weapons. People wonder how are we going to be able to defeat advanced weapons—well the answer is as simple as asymmetrical warfare.

Killer robots may come after us one day and be able to outrun us but how well do they rappel down a mountain or swim? They may be impervious to rifle bullets but what happens when they are hit by a 6 lb. steel ball from a cannon?

A solid object traveling at high speed can do a lot of damage when it hits something. How do robots handle the bumper of a large truck traveling at high speeds? New optical systems may be able to scan our retinas a mile away and tell who we are but how well do those optical systems work in fog, smoke or covered with mud or paint?

I think you get the point – but the sad news is that there is now a real asymmetrical solution to a nuclear warhead and the threat looms greater in 2019.

History offers no guarantees. Obviously, things could go horribly wrong – the possibilities ranging from a nuclear exchange to incurable plagues, from terrorist anarchy to high-tech dictatorship.

We should not assume that Providence will always exempt us from the irreversible tragedies that have overtaken so many others: not just temporary hardship, but debasement and total ruin.

The rebuilding process is again the promise of renewal and how the complex nature of the planet always gives way to healing and in some cases the reworking of paradise.

It is like there is always a program that is launched which puts us right back where we should be – it is a never-ending cycle of Quantum tomorrow.

Written by Ron Patton

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