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1/1/20: 2020 – TURN OF THE OMEGA KEY

Clyde Lewis | January 1, 2020
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 It is 2020 and the overall attitude about 2019 was glad it is over. At least that was the overall attitude at the Karaoke bar last night.  My wife and Joe Rupe of the Fringe FM were huddled over cheap Chinese food while drinking champagne and listening to a shrill voice of someone singing Guns N Roses – Sweet Child of Mine. 

Many wanted to just write off 2019 but I was thinking that if this is the attitude at the end of the year, then what are we expecting for the New Year?

Well if the first headlines of the year are any indication – war and lots of it, both abroad and here in the United States.

Of course, many of them will occur because of false flag attacks and the cleverness of these strategies will be carried out on days when you don’t pay attention to the news –and that means weekends and holidays.

The pro-Iran militia has stormed the US embassy in Baghdad for a second day, with US marines firing tear gas on the militants this morning following demands for American blood in retaliation for airstrikes on Iraq. 

Yesterday thousands of demonstrators, many of them Iran-backed militants – rushed through the heavily fortified Green Zone after US airstrikes killed 25 members of the Iran-backed Kataeb Hezbollah in airstrikes Sunday night.

One furious militant said: ‘God willing if this fire reaches inside the embassy, we will not spare a single employee.’

The U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division’s alert brigade has been issued orders to deploy rapidly to Kuwait amid the unrest in Baghdad.

All through 2019 the pot had been stirred and Donald Trump has shown restraint – but it appears that hot spots in the Middle East have flared up and again our sites of Syria, new threats from ISIS and a defiant Iran are certainly indicative of how a vacuum of peace will end and war will be roaring in the ’20s.

Imagine a time when a person calling for peace will be labeled a monster for doing so—well that will be 2020.  This year will bring new meaning to Orwellian propaganda. Propaganda will be gospel to those who do not think.

It can be fun to debate political and ideological solutions to humanity’s problems. Also, it’s worth noting that every one of those problems would disappear very quickly if we all just stopped taking our own mental chatter so seriously.

The country is literally suffering mentally and the derangement and fatigue have been actually a product of deep propaganda.  We can actually hold the corporate media responsible for the country’s mental illness and we should also hold those who finance these fragmented victim strongholds that pin those who struggle as oppressed snowflakes that we have to treat like the handicapped.

Victimhood is the new service animal in 2020.  It is as valuable as Bitcoin – gold or even silver. It has its own economy that is being financed by people like George Soros, the Koch brothers, and the Council on Foreign relations.

Pick your poisonous cabal – they are gaining power because of complacency and the challenge in 2020 is to dispose of them and ignore all the whining and take care of yourself.

However, we are at a point in the decade where the wiles of the State are now in the spotlight and so is the peak of globalization.

Populist movements will gain strength in most countries and they will demand that most countries take care of themselves and honor constitutions and sovereignty –while those that push the world order will also mount a fight during the election year.

Their attempts at changing the constitution and disarming the United States will be met with force.

We will be even closer to civil war in 2020 than ever before, even to the flashpoint that could increase the body count until there is a political intervention.

The question is who will save us when we are divided and ready to pounce?

We are at the door of the Omega solution – the end game. All we need is someone or some organization to turn the key.

What is most chilling is that in 2004  American intelligence analysts consulted with hundreds of experts across five continents to try to predict what the world would look like in 2020.

The result, a 119-page report by the National Intelligence Council titled “Mapping the Global Future,” is an eerie and illuminating read with 2020 now upon us. The authors, led by Mathew Burrows, then a top official at the council, sensed that the world was approaching an inflection point, even if they didn’t yet know what role the United States would play in it. “At no time since the formation of the Western alliance system in 1949 have the shape and nature of international alignments been in such a state of flux,” they wrote.

What is most unsettling is the intelligence report looks more like a blueprint or some exercise in retrocausality.

As with most expert predictions, the intelligence officials got plenty wrong about our present era. But they got a lot at least partially right, an indication that not everything about the world today is as unpredictable as it might seem. While the analysts at the National Intelligence Council may not have seen President Donald Trump coming 15 years ago, they anticipated the way the country would be like no matter who was President or dictator or whatever was in charge of our despotic nation.

They didn’t expect the United States to voluntarily reduce its presence in the world, but they grasped that its clout was eroding. They knew that conditions in the Middle East would also erode and that something like ISIS would rise up and would hide in the United States and other “free nations” committing acts of murder in schools, shopping malls, synagogues, and even mosques.

They neglected to mention domestic terrorism – but of course, most of this is in how we frame the criminality – it can either be a hate crime or a terrorist act.

The Intelligence Council also predicted that there would be an upsurge in populism and nationalism in the United States in 2020.

In one scenario in the report, a fictitious United Nations secretary-general writes in her diary in September 2020 that “a lot of Americans are getting tired of playing the world’s policeman” and shouldering the burden of securing allies, convinced that Pax Americana is a rotten deal. It is also interesting to note that the fictitious 2020 predictions also included a female secretary-general and a female President of the United States.

Intelligence analysts rightly anticipated that while the United States would remain the world’s preeminent power in 2020, Americans would see their country’s influence diminish relative to emerging powers. In other words, they envisioned at least one dimension of the coming anxiety about making America great again, if not the slogan itself.

It is creepy to note that those words were used long before Trump was even considered a contender for President.

It is also eerily accurate that intelligence officials foresee a major crisis with North Korea looming heavily in 2020.  Written long before the headlines of today– Intelligence officials foresaw that “the crisis over North Korea” would “come to a head sometime over the next 15 years.”

Remember this was 2004.

They predicted that it would involve Pyongyang developing nuclear-capable missiles that could reach the United States “well before 2020,” deterring the U.S. from using military force against the country and prompting America’s allies in the region to consider developing their own nuclear weapons. These are the very factors that led Trump to first threaten war and then pivot to diplomacy with Kim Jong Un.

However again the relationship between Kim and President Trump is nebulous at best and trends seem to reveal the awful truth of saber-rattling well into the middle of the next decade or perhaps an attack.

The report’s authors thought that “charismatic, self-styled populist leaders” playing “on popular concerns over inequities between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’” would “emerge as a potent political and social force” in reaction to the dislocations of globalization. But they thought these figures would primarily arise in developing countries in Latin America and Asia, not in advanced democracies such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

The analysts forecasted that al-Qaeda, the dominant jihadist group in 2004, would be eclipsed by more decentralized groups that used the internet to reach alienated young Muslims. They even posited one scenario that must have seemed outlandish at the time: the declaration of a new caliphate that gains traction online and in ungoverned spaces in the Muslim world, attracting pledges of allegiance from followers ranging from Olympic athletes to an American senator’s daughter.

We got ISIS and once we thought we cut the head off of the hydra, another rose in 2019 and they will again be heard about and seen in 2020.

And finally, they characterized globalization as “a force so ubiquitous that it will substantially shape all the other major trends in the world of 2020.”

It still has a fighting chance as we see the radical left wanting to throw away old American traditions to make way for a globalist turn in order to fulfill the vision of the 2030 summit of the United Nations.

It will fail, that is if we work hard to make it happen but complacency and the framing war will somehow sugar coat fascism and foment to fires for civil war— this can be a blueprint or prophecy.

The question is whether or not you believe a talk show host that has been doing a show about the future, the paranormal and conspiracy analytics for 25 years.

Looking back at history, trends, patterns and human behaviors, you may think that predicting what will happen in 2020 would be a cakewalk.

This time, it isn’t that easy but if all goes well, the predictions I am observing will happen, and that as the new decade begins next year there will be major upheavals that will most certainly change the landscape of the United States.

I contend that there is no assurance that things are going to get better in the 20s but I can assure you that while systems and things around us continue to deteriorate, the world will become weirder and weirder almost to the point that when it tap dances on a frayed nerve the various responses will push is to our absolute limit

The results of which will turn the Omega key.

I want to predict that the year 2020 will be a year where there will be a radical deviation from all US norms. No matter what you think of the current administration not one vote in this election year is going to change government from going along pretty much the exact same trajectory.

There will only be only cosmetic changes to government even if the people choose to continue with four more years of Donald Trump.

The framing war and the fight for the narrative is now showing us the night and day versions of just stories. They are not necessarily true or false – only stories.

However, the most disconcerting fact is that a world minus the framing war is night and day different from a world that is used to a framing war and adversarial information.

We are now addicted to rage – more so, we are addicted to manufactured rage.

Rage is now part of the geostrategic agenda.  War will be part of the geostrategic agenda.

In 2020, war will have nothing to do with good vs. evil even though you will be convinced through false flag events that it is.

Hollywood always portrays war as good vs. evil, they are also good at creating divisive framing that makes one ideology good and develops a method to hijack a culture under coercion to see a different view as evil.

It is not. It never has been.

Every culture has its necessary evils –and now we are being told that there seems to good guys amongst the framed evildoers. In 2020 we will see this as the norm as we as a country will strike up relationships with dictators and others who we already framed as evil.

The apologists among the political parties will bleat like sheep “So now we are associating with the bad guy?”  This has been evident as President Trump has been meeting with notorious leaders in order to read them and hopefully find some things in common.  Maybe to bring about peace or at least trying to be copacetic.

The truth is without that conditioning by professional storytellers, it would never occur to us to try and find the “good guys” in the chaos of a military conflict. We’re trained to think there must be a Good Guy and a Bad Guy, and that if a side isn’t one then they’re the other.

It will be hard to part with the conditioning process but if we don’t we face a very slow and painful ideological death in America.

You need to ask yourself: “How can I make good decisions when the media is stacked with CIA operatives and that my choices on line are all algorithmically set up for me to choose the oligarchs to run  the asylum?”

When was last time you had something in your news feed last year that was posted as far back as 2016? How many times did you get a notice that Gene Wilder has died or that some story surfaces that has you rethinking the Mandela Effect.

It is happening a lot and it is because algorithms are not perfect and neither is the matrix the media and social platforms are constructing to resonate with your biases that have been created by them.

As I have said before the truth is elusive and so everything you hear in 2020 should be taken as a story to consider rather than a story that forms your opinion.

All things will not be as they appear in 2020.

The reason is simply that things are moving exponentially faster –and many of us will not be able to keep up with the abrupt changes and all that will be written off in the new decade.

2020 is the year where we will see a snowball effect in expanded growth in technology.

It took 64 years for 50 million people to use airplanes. For cars, 62 years. For Pokémon Go, 19 days.  Two-year-olds can learn how to use simple computer tasks in order to listen to “Baby Shark.” 

2020 will be about the race for technological superiority, understanding that intellectual property is an asset that needs protection. In the 2020s, we’ll start talking about the internet in plural.  This means that there will be more than one internet.

Everyone will be starting their own social platforms to de-monopolize Facebook.  They may not succeed but you can bet that Russia and China will want to have their own protocols –and the ability to block adversarial countries.

We know that Google has been involved in the process but there will be a more prominent shift and division with the internet as there will be a business net, a social net, and even a military techceleration where the newly formed Space Force will be in charge of monitoring Satellite feeds into networks that will be running on 5G.

The idea of more than one internet will be an opportunity that will entail massive costs.  It affects trade, information, knowledge, sharing. Governments will need to rebuild a lot of infrastructure.

China is already building infrastructure and they are already inviting other countries to join with them.

We are impeaching a President – does anyone see how inefficient we are and how politically mesmerized we are? Can anyone see how this is destroying us? Others know what needs to be done and we are stalled in 20th-century thinking.

The starting gun has been fired a decade ago and the general public of the United States is going to get a big surprise when they finally come out of the political cloud that has blurred their vision.

In the 2020s, we’ll have more grandparents than grandchildren, more people over 65 than people under 5.  The big question is what will be the attitude about older people when we let adolescents tell us how to live and put them on the cover of TIME magazine?

The job market—services, medical, health care—will have to adjust. What little young people there are left will have a big task dealing with their elders –and most will certainly not tolerate them.

Those born after the year 2000 will be way more destructive than millennials. They’re already around 20% of the world population. They were born into a digital world, with a Smartphone in their hands. Millennials were born to an offline world and had to adapt to online. This year, Gen Z is turning 18 and 19 and integrating into the real economy, getting real jobs, moving out of their homes. They’re into sustainability and services rather than goods.

They don’t like to drive; they use payments rather than traditional financial services and buy online. 

Businesses will have to adapt to both the internet and brick and mortar. There will be many brick and mortar operations that will close due to an increase of online purchases and the increase of shoplifting.

There will also be a trend in younger people not wanting to go to college. Most will want to learn online – why do they need to go away to school when they are afraid of having to pay back student loans?

Why go to an away college when there will be 500 billion connectable smart devices by the end of this decade? By 2025, we’ll connect with an online device every 18 seconds, or 4,800 times a day.

In 2020, there will be more smart speakers than humans. Today, global data are multiplying itself every two to three years. We’re using only 1% of it; the remaining 99% isn’t stored or analyzed. We finally have the tools to start analyzing it—Big Data analytics, AI, machine learning, deep learning, smart algorithms. 

The question is where are we going to find the capacity to store all of the data?

The answer is Space.

2020 will be the year of space expansion, space defense, and the year for discovering biological life in space. Elon Musk has already launched his string of satellites that have been mistaken for UFOs.  These satellites will be used for the Internet of Things.


3,200 nanosatellites are going to be launched by Amazon. These are the size of the palm of your hand. They will make a massive contribution to communication, bridging the 40% of the globe that’s not connected to the internet, networking the world. Space tourism will be another industry that will be talked about in 2020 – no word, however, if we will see a successful launch with space tourists.

Don’t put too much stock in all those New Year’s predictions you’re hearing and seeing about American politics in 2020.

They are just about to be looked upon with disdain because we know what they will result in – a lot of betrayal and upset.

We’ve all fallen for headlines and clickbait proclaiming foreknowledge of events. We do it for sports, the stock market and just about any other outcomes that cannot be foreseen.

There are far more things to think about as we are constantly teetering on the edge of oblivion.

The question is who will be the first to turn the omega key and end-all of this mayhem and confusion? Well, we will leave that up to history and whether or not we will fall into the trap of some very clever retrocausality.










Written by Clyde Lewis

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