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1/13/20: ON YOUR MARK

Clyde Lewis | January 13, 2020
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When I was younger, I can recall going to get my hair cut at the local barbershop and hearing all of the men spinning their various conspiracy theories.   My dad would be there talking about the latest information he was hearing, while others were convinced that we were seeing the last days of the United States –and some of the more religious men spoke of the last days in a more apocalyptic way.

There were always stories about how the globalists wanted our guns. They wanted to thwart our democracy. There were black helicopters just beyond the horizon to enforce the new laws that would be implemented by the United Nations. Our borders would be erased and soon we would be forced into being enslaved by one huge malevolent international order.

There was no use in escaping—the government would have you marked. You would be forced to carry with you a card with your DNA on it –or you would be required to take a biometric chip.

The chip, of course, was seen as a “mark” and that mark would have a number that would be a supplement to your social security number.

That was 40 years ago and even though most of the men that hung out at the barbershop are dead now – I am sure that they would certainly turn in their graves as most of what I thought was ridiculous at the time is now something that I talk about on my radio show and that the conspiracy theories they spun are becoming less of a theory and more a way of life in this country.

We keep hearing that state governments wish to impose localization to remove guns from the hands of its citizenry. The black helicopters were actually flying at one time over rural America looking piloted by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.  There were many that were flown by the DEA and the Department of Defense.

The black helicopters appear to be replaced by mysterious drones that have been flying over rural Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. They are still a mystery but of course, we can only theorize that they are being used for domestic spying operations.

Our borders are also of concern—projects like building a wall and other ideas have been proposed to curb illegal immigrants from crossing into the United States. There have been movements to stop the detainment and jailing of illegals in this country for three years now.

Another solution to this problem is a massive surveillance system where the Department of National Security has no problem with making this country a panopticon where surveillance cameras and various satellites will be used to keep the country under the watchful eye of law enforcement.

 The American people have historically refused to be placed under a governmental microscope. Now it appears that complacency has allowed the security apparatus of government to implement highly advanced surveillance systems all over the country; in fact, they are all over the world.

The reason is simple – it is all about state control and soon it will be evident that the state wants more of that control to monitor everything from your whereabouts to your political affiliation.

The government has been telling us for years that, because of the immigration problem or the threat of terrorism, we need a national ID.

After so many years of trying to get the states to comply to a national ID mandate, it looks as if the year 2020 will be the year that everyone will be required to get a Real ID card or Biometric chip in order to travel in the United States.

 The Real ID Act presently being implemented is simply one of the many attempts by our government to control our every move. Furthermore, the government would like for us to believe that, despite what the facts are, the Real ID Act is not a national ID. They also contend that the states are not being mandated to comply with it and that it is voluntary. 

However, when it was first proposed by the Bush Administration in 2005 it was most certainly mandatory –and now with the new technology we have and advanced facial recognition, the plan can be easily implemented.

Back in 2005 we never had the technology to number every human being on earth, with advanced facial recognition until now. We never had the advancements in biometrics and chip technologies necessary to implement a system this advanced for full-spectrum control.

What is creepy is that many see this as a fulfillment of a 2000-year-old prophecy which speaks of a system of control that not only controls the individual but it also controls commerce.

Many argue that the first signs of the Orwellian leviathan “beast” government began when citizens were given numbers, with the advent of the Social Security System. We now are required to receive serial numbers so that we can be cataloged and filed for the workforce. This number is used to also catalog you for military service, tax collecting and sometimes as an identification number.

This has been said not to be the reason for the number; however, it is this number that identifies you as a citizen in the government system.

When ‘1984‘ was first released, the people of the day had a hard time grasping the concepts that were presented because at the time they were too bleak to be imagined. Orwell himself said that he thought the concepts presented would take thousands of years to happen.

We know now that much of what Orwell wrote is now becoming reality and we have to wonder if what he wrote was a warning or if it had the opposite effect since we are seeing the dystopia rear its head in our modern-day quest for a so-called safe and secure homeland.

What is happening literally is the establishment of an empire that oversees an imprisoned populace cataloged and numbered. Their DNA is safely placed in a data bank, their brains will be drugged and analyzed for any predispositions toward crime and, if they are, the conditioning process begins where 2+2 is no longer 4 but what the “ministry of love” wants it to be.

Orwell also was thorough in explaining that the power of big brother was magnified with the use of technologies to monitor and implement fear to those it identifies as its enemies.

After the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001, the 9/11 Commission was put together. Based on the fact that some of the hijackers had used counterfeit documents to obtain driver’s licenses, they came up with what we call, “One Record, One Person.”

This requires that individuals prove they are who they say they are and that they can only get one driver’s license. It will also insure that an individual cannot go to multiple states and get multiple drivers’ licenses.

Furthermore, it was proposed that no one should be able to get a driver’s license under a name other than his or her own. These were the final recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, which eventually led us to the Real ID Act.

Now the deadline to get your Real ID is October of 2020. 

While most of what the ID represents is vague, the Department of Homeland security will not allow Americans without a standardized driver’s license or a Real ID license or identity card, to get on an airplane, enter a federal building, open a bank account, and ultimately keep a person from holding a job here in the United States of America.

Now keep in mind that while biometrics was not mentioned in the original text of the bill that was proposed for Real ID – it was later introduced as a possible option out of convenience to the holder of the I.D.

It was hidden in a footnote on page 68. This little clause indicates that Real ID is not just a state driver’s license or a national ID, but it’s actually a global ID.

In the small print, it tells you the standard for identification is your digital facial image. By using the biometrics from a digital facial image, they can give you your unique number—As technology improves they can give you number that matches the unique patterns of blood vessels in your retina – that would be a unique number paired with a number in your cell phone –fit bit or even a sub-dermal chip.

Bottom line is that as long as they have your facial biometrics, your number is in the system.

That is only the beginning.

 If they can force all US citizens to become solely dependent on that number to operate in society, then the government can control them by threatening to remove their number.

And this numbering system is not limited to a Real ID-compliant driver’s license. If you work at a port, you will be part of what we call the Transportation Worker’s Identification Credential. That’s another form of biometric ID for everybody that works at a port. The government has a number of different IDs. If someone doesn’t need a driver’s license, they will still get you into this global system of identification and financial control.

What is most disconcerting is that the law is “open-ended’ meaning they can modify it at any time with a hidden clause called “Notice of Proposed Rule-Making”. 

This gives the Department of Homeland security the freedom to add to the regulations and restrictions as it sees fit.

The current Acting Secretary of Homeland Security is Chad Wolf—Now with the “Notice of Proposed Rule-Making” Wolf can say “You can’t pick up prescription drugs, purchase a gun, drive your car or shop at the grocery without a Real ID compliant license. The list literally goes on and on. And the kicker is that he doesn’t have to go back to Congress to get this approved. 

The Alliance known as ID2020,  is already proposing that Rea ID be partnered in with their proposals to ID the entire world and to indicate whether or not those identified have been vaccinated, what drugs they take and what hidden health problems they may have.

The ID2020 Alliance, as it’s being called, is a digital identity program that aims to “leverage immunization” as a means of inserting tiny microchips into people’s bodies, in collaboration with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, also known as GAVI.

This pilot program will be tested in parts of Africa and is backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

The Government of Bangladesh collaborated with other partners in the humanitarian, government, and academic spheres to build a digital identity system that keeps control of identity data with users. The story was representative of a trend towards coordinated efforts between governments, NGOs, and other new or non-industry players developing identification and verification systems specifically for the humanitarian space.

Also in the humanitarian space, UNICEF is encouraging countries to avoid skipping steps in their urgency to deploy digital identity for development benefits. The agency’s Associate Director and Global Chief of Child Protection, Cornelius Williams, told Biometric Update at the ID4Africa 2019 meeting in Johannesburg, shortly after joining the ID4Africa Board of Directors, that resources are in some cases being invested unevenly between different government departments or agencies working on identity, leading to inconsistent or even duplicate identity services.

What is undeniable that in a few short years 3/4 of the countries in the world will have implemented “national/international” IDs that incorporate biometrics.  

The 3/4 of the world represents approximately 90% of the world’s population.  Interpol has 190 member countries.  There are countries that have national/international IDs but are not counted as a country with a national/international ID because the governments in these countries refuse to acknowledge they do in fact have such IDs.  

The United States in one of these countries.

Another major national ID announcement came from Nigeria, which has received $433 million from the World Bank to support the registration drive for its biometric National Identification Number (NIN) system.

The goal is to register 100 million Nigerians over the next three years, though that would still leave more than 40 million people unregistered out of some 200 million. The answer will be mobile units that will find people to microchip for the world ID programs.

Among many forecasts of impressive, and in some cases spectacular market growth for different areas of the biometrics and digital identity industries, the one which received the most attention in 2019 was Goode Intelligence’s mid-year report on the digital identity and document verification market. With $15 billion expected from the space within five years, the scope and scale of activity in the sector, while challenging to keep up with at times, is hardly surprising.

Industry forecasts and momentum give everyone in biometrics and digital ID communities’ reasons to be thankful and optimistic for the year 2020.

As governments accrue more power to themselves, they seek out ways to expand and complete their control – and fear and dread secure the ideal atmosphere in which to enforce this type of mindless conformity.

There is power in symbolism and there is power in numbers.

The Real ID requirement and the biometric potential will give everyone a unique number in order to ensure that you have the key necessary to function in the new surveillance state.

Many are seeing this as a threat to their wellbeing. It is perhaps the Mark of the Beast as written about in the bible—a symbol that linked with the human number of 666 paves the way for a satanic, supernatural order.

The supernatural order when realized paves the way to answer the questions of the natural order even the nature of chaos and all that it entails. I have stated several times in the history of my shows that while we all have our various beliefs we cling to, various religious denominations we want to identify with; there is spirituality beyond the norms of general society that is practiced among the elite.

 This spirituality is a dark ritualistic pantheon that some may consider to be Luciferian or Satanic. However, there are even factions of paganism even contemporary Satanism that will not touch or even put into practice this ritualistic form of black magic.

Names and numbers have triggered a chilling template that something dark and sinister is in control, that even evil has a perverted intelligence behind it. The more you dig the more you learn that there isn’t just a good or an evil, there is also denial of the light, a sociopathic denial of all responsibility to mankind.

You cannot have freedom or healthy spirituality in a surveillance predator state.

The leaders of this country are not Christian enough to see the writing on the wall. Those that are proposing The New Marxist changes in the United States know exactly what is in the agenda that has been proposed for world government.

The religiosity of the coming Global Superstate has already taken hold as bold futures are no longer proposed but futures that consist of scarcity and ruin and to all that is pure and abundant will be obtained under certain conditions and government mandates.

We really do not need the Real ID and the reason they gave us for proposing it in 2005 is nonsensical. Without Real ID, the U.S. has not experienced another 9/11-scale attack, and terrorism remains an abstraction to most of us.

If another strike is brewing, IDs will not protect us. The 9/11 hijackers, remember, had passports, and all but one had legal visas that would have allowed them to travel freely in the United States even under Real ID rules.

Having to carry an ID and show it to any government employee who demands it is a notion that was once restricted to the ravings of a few conspiracy-minded men in a barbershop.  To think that in 2020 biometric chips and facial recognition could put identification numbers in your hand and your forehead is surreal.

And if you ask most Americans today if they think such government intrusion is possible, they’d laugh you out of the room. 

The Real ID Act would allow the government and businesses to capture information on Americans’ purchases, sex lives, political affiliations, and daily activities.

Real ID won’t make us safer, it will only divide us.



Written by Clyde Lewis

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