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Ron Patton | January 14, 2019
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One of the chief reasons that life can thrive on this planet is that it’s protected from some of the more harsh rays that come from space by something that we can’t even see.

It’s the magnetic field that our planet generates, and it does a whole lot more than tell your compass which way you’re facing.

Deep beneath the earth’s skin is its lifeblood.

Rivers of molten iron pulse around its core. And this mobile iron is what generates the magnetic field that protects us from gamma bursts and solar radiation.

But, according to the science journal, Nature, something strange is going on deep down below. It’s causing the magnetic North Pole to “skitter” away from Canada, towards Siberia.

“The magnetic pole is moving so quickly that it has forced the world’s geomagnetism experts into a rare move,” Nature reports. On January 30 (delayed due to the US Government shutdown), the World Magnetic Model, which governs modern navigation systems is due to undergo an urgent update. This model is a vital component of systems ranging from geopositioning systems used to navigate ships through to smartphone trackers and maps.

The current model was expected to be valid until 2020. But the magnetic pole began to shift so quickly that the model had to be fixed — now.

“They realized that it was so inaccurate that it was about to exceed the acceptable (safe) limit for navigational errors,” Nature reports.

Every year, geophysicists from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the British Geological Survey do a check on how the Earth’s magnetic field is varying.

This is necessary as the liquid iron churning in the Earth’s core does not move in a consistent manner.

“In 2016, for instance, part of the magnetic field temporarily accelerated deep under northern South America and the eastern Pacific Ocean,” Nature reports.

This shift was captured by satellites.

But the movement of the north magnetic pole has been the object of study since 1831. Initially, it was tracked moving into the Arctic Ocean at a rate of about 9 miles each year. But, since the mid-1990s, it has picked up speed.

It’s now shifting at a rate of about 34 miles a year.

The Earth is showing signs that it is preparing for an event that would include a pole flip.

This has sparked speculation about earth moments and possible celestial events that are causing the earth to move back and forth.

As for earth movements, many have predicted everything from unparalleled earthquake swarms to volcano swarms to the serial eruption of super-volcanoes. The location of such a calamity would obviously determine the impacts on each continent.

A chain reaction of methane gas explosions both land-based and sub-seafloor could also ripple across the planet triggered by a number of occurrences including a massive meteor strike in a vulnerable spot or asteroid hit in Siberia. In any case, these types of terrestrial convulsions cannot be underestimated as the archaeological record has shown they have occurred before.

Why the magnetic field is shifting so dramatically is unknown.

“Geomagnetic pulses, might be traced back to ‘hydromagnetic’ waves arising from deep in the core,” Nature reports. “And the fast motion of the north magnetic pole could be linked to a high-speed jet of liquid iron beneath Canada.”

This fast-flowing molten river appears to be weakening the magnetic influence of the iron core beneath North America.

“The location of the north magnetic pole appears to be governed by two large-scale patches of magnetic field, one beneath Canada and one beneath Siberia,” Phil Livermore of the University of Leeds told an American Geophysical Union meeting. “The Siberian patch is winning the competition.”

The motions of the magnetic field can be seen as something biblical, however, we must understand that cosmology is what rules the universe and the ultimate fate of the earth.

There s a body of thought that the creation story in the bible is rudimentary cosmology. This is not some blasphemous conspiracy theory that heretics wish to push but a more open interpretation of how Genesis was a regeneration of a planet that was in a chaotic state.

Earth was in a chaotic state. It was a wasteland, formless and void and that naturally or through the power of God showed its complex nature by preparing itself for the next phase of its existence.

In repetition of the creation process, the Book of the Apocalypse speaks of a new heaven and a new earth and that the old earth will prepare for its transition.

If this is the case then we would surely see or at least develop of understanding of signs that point to the fact that the earth is preparing itself for a cosmological event.

Planet Earth and humanity are rapidly approaching a time of significant Earth Changes as part of an ending of a major Evolutionary Age for all inhabited worlds within our Universe.

Those who are religious or those who believe in an alternative spiritual path believe that the earth is preparing for ascension. That the planet will go through the process that every creature is said to go through.

There is the genesis, the passing or death, and then there is the promise of paradise.

This is the true meaning behind the “Phoenix” story of old. The ancients in every culture and civilization have retold the story because it has relevance to each and everyone from time immemorial.

Whenever a particular society outlives its usefulness, it experiences a slow-motion downfall followed by a spontaneous collapse.

When civilizations disappear or when an extinction level event wipes out most of creation, there is always a number of warning signs that this is about to take place.

The Phoenix is a mythological and metaphorical harbinger foretold by many of the ancient civilizations. This winged messenger has represented what all the cultures of antiquity knew about the cyclical ending of the ages because of the turbulent, tumultuous and tempestuous transition to the Golden Age.

The story of the Firebird is this apocalyptic allegory more relevant than ever. For a Golden Age can only emerge from the ashes of the present era — just as the Phoenix is reborn from its own funeral pyre after self-immolating at the end of its life cycle.”

There have been many who have hypothesized that the cycle of creation has reached its limit and now mortality rates are higher and that anything that would replace the loss has been diminished.

Our current state of affairs has not only altered our psychology, it may also have altered the physical world, too.

In 2014, there was a reported spike in the Schumann Resonance from the stable 7.83 Hz to around 15-25 Hz. In early 2017, however, the Schumann Resonance was reported to have reached the 36+ Hz levels. That is quite a big deal, even to someone who has not heard of the Schumann Resonance before.

The Schumann Resonance, named after Prof. W.O. Schumann, is a term used to describe the measurement of electromagnetic waves in the space between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. For a very long time, the Schumann Resonance has been at 7.83 Hz with slight variations.

The ancient Indian, Rishis, referred to 7.83 Hz as OHM, described as the heartbeat of the planet, and associated with “a neutral idling state.”

It is like the idling of a car engine – it is getting higher.

Is this an indication that the earth is preparing for a natural event that will force us to adapt to a new way of living?

The historical record, both geological and archaeological, is replete with hard evidence of periodic planetary catastrophism. Our planet earth has, in fact, experienced global land mass rearrangements at the closing of eras and conclusion of epochs since the beginning of time.

There seem to be many thoughts and theories as to what the earth is preparing for. Many are surely thinking that what will happen is a celestial event that will alter the earth, perhaps changing the tilt on its axis or slow it down.

We may see an invisible form of deus ex machina to produce such an outcome.

A celestial intruder of great order would possess all “the right stuff” to cause the Earth to literally roll over and stay there as the new normal.

There has always been the idea that there is a rogue comet, asteroid or some other anomaly that would do the trick—and of course, there are the vigilant that believe that our planet is responding to the incoming arrival of Planet X.

However, before Planet X there was the ancient theory of a Red Planet called, Hercolubus that would come from behind the sun and just before it passed over the earth there would be indications that a pole shift was about to begin.

Hercolubus, a planet so called by the sages of antiquity, is a gigantic world, 5 or 6 times bigger than Jupiter.

The Hercolubus event is talked about mostly in the southern hemisphere while Planet X or Nibiru seems to be talked about in the northernmost reaches of the planet.

Both accounts seem to describe the same rogue planet that is supposed to trigger seismic events and of course cause the poles to flip.

These stories of planetary catastrophism have had an impact on pop culture as Lars von Trier drew inspiration from Nibiru for his 2011 apocalyptic film, Melancholia. A planet named, “Nibiru” made a cameo appearance in the 2013 film, Star Trek: Into Darkness.

2018 was supposed to be the year that Planet 9 would be confirmed as a planet with a wide orbit and the celestial body responsible for the great gravitic pull on space.

A study released last May, for example, suggested a rocky object dubbed 2015 BP519 orbits the sun on a bizarrely high and eccentric path. A planet about 10 times the mass of Earth and 20 times farther out than Neptune.

No one called it Planet X, but I truly believe that there is some trickle down disclosure happening where we will have definite confirmation of Planet X, but in as far as the scientific nomenclature will reveal.

There was also a planet that scientists wanted to name Planet Vulcan, however, it was nowhere near earth.

Last October, astronomers spotted a dwarf planet in the outer solar system they nicknamed, Goblin.

Once again the planet did not fit the criteria for Hercolubus or Planet X, however, some say that all of these discoveries may be a prelude to the discovery of the rogue planet.

The orbit of the new dwarf planet places it in a group of small, distant worlds that astronomers call Inner Oort Cloud objects. In other words, it resides in the Oort Cloud – a giant spherical shell of icy objects surrounding our sun, thought of as the realm of comets, far beyond the orbits of Pluto and less distant Kuiper Belt Objects.

The Goblin, also known as 2015 TG387, is about 80 astronomical units (AU) from the sun, with one AU defined as the distance between the sun and Earth. By comparison, Pluto is 34 AU from the sun, so the Goblin is about two and a half times farther away from the sun as Pluto, right now.

Can we draw parallels to planetary discoveries and earth wide shifts and catastrophic events?

The archeological records are replete with instances of Earth-wide catastrophism. Satellite views of the crust of the Earth indicate that there have been many events which have caused enormous impacts from above.

However, the real 800-pound gorilla in the room is this periodic phenomenon known as Hercolubus.

This is the type of event that could actually trigger an axial pole shift, not just a magnetic pole shift.

It’s now apparent that we are on the cusp of an unparalleled planetary event of truly immense proportions.

When it will occur? Where it will take place? How it will happen? And exactly what will transpire in the aftermath remains to be seen. Truly, there is something very big in the offing as many are beginning to suspect.

This long prophesied eventuality is really what humanity requires at this pivotal point of physical evolution and spiritual development. The unfortunate thing is we don’t know who will survive what can be seen as a planetary cleansing.

Such a planetary cleansing occurs periodically over the ages as a means of rejuvenating the biosphere for each successive race of humanity that takes up residence here. The good news is that the state of the collective consciousness dictates to a great degree the outcomes that will soon manifest.

We have ignored the cosmological events far too long and have mired ourselves in political theater.

We take for granted the time we have on this planet and we never know when we will see the surge or when the domino falls in our area of the globe.

News of the magnetic field’s rapid movement has raised concerns that Earth is about to undergo a total magnetic pole reversal, in which the north and south poles fully swap positions and thus wreak havoc on satellites, power lines, ocean currents, and animal migration.

Concerns of a complete reversal in the near future have been dismissed as unrealistic, but some geophysicists have noted that the Earth is historically overdue for such a flip.

It used to be that irregularities used to be an exception.

Now they seem to have become the rule. There is still the great mystery as to why.

Written by Ron Patton

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