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Ron Patton | January 17, 2019
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It has been a remarkable time for those who are UFO watchers, and those that have been studying one of the biggest cover-ups in our history.

For nearly half a century, people have been clamoring for “disclosure” — an admission by the government that it knows of aliens, and that they are irrefutably here.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is lobbying his former colleagues to do more to study unidentified flying objects.

The topic of UFOs was on Reid’s mind last week when he did an interview with a Nevada affiliate of NPR just before he said he was scheduled to talk with an important senator about setting up a way for members of the military to support exploring suspicious sightings without facing retribution.

Some believe that Reid had an emergency meeting with his former deputy, Senate Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin, from Illinois who is the ranking member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

Reid has lobbied the leaders of the Senate Appropriation’s Defense Subcommittee to get money for the project, and how the late Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, was entirely on board because of a suspicious aircraft he cited during his own time as a military pilot.

Now a week after the meeting there seems to be some anomalous activity going on that is reminiscent of an incident that was reported last month.

On December 10, 2018, meteorologists, watching weather radar in southern Illinois, southwestern Indiana, and western Kentucky, noticed an unusual formation drifting through the area.

At around 3:00 PM Central Time weathermen at local news stations in the area, as well as a National Weather Service in Paducah, Kentucky, began tracking the radar “blob” as it dramatically expanded in length and began to move southward. Closer to 2:00 AM Central Time on Dec. 11, 2018, Wayne Hart, the Chief Meteorologist at ABC-affiliate WEHT in Evansville, Indiana, took to Twitter to offer the first real information about the radar reflective plume.

The simple answer was that it was reflective chaff dropped by a C-130.

Reflective chaff is used in military exercises. Chaff consists of bundles of radar reflective material, commonly aluminum strips or bundles of metalized glass fibers.

These types of material are extremely reflective on radar and as seen in the tracks above, can blind and confuse radars and their operators. The size of the individual strips or strands has a direct impact on what radar bands the chaff affects.

However, while chaff incidents are not rare, what is particularly interesting is that this particular chaff it stayed in the area in excess of 10 hours and at its peak stretched along a front more than 50 miles across. The material did not start at a particularly high altitude either, approximately 9,000 to 10,000 feet and the relatively uniform wave drifted from one state into two others in succession, as well.

Finally, it was determined that it was chaff but there was a mystery still unanswered. Where did the C-130 come from?

If the chaff was laid from a C-130, that plane didn’t come from either Fort Campbell in Kentucky and Scott Air Force Base in Western Illinois.

The area near Scott Air Force base was actually Ground Zero for a major UFO sighting out of Milstadt, Illinois.

In the year 2001, I filed a report for UFO Magazine called “The Secret Eye of the Triangle.” In the story, I was familiar with a UFO encounter with police officers in Millstadt, Illinois. On January 5, 2000, at approximately 4:29 am Police officer Craig Stevens heard on his radio that the Highland Police Department had a report of a large object flying in the air. Several Police agencies were called in to investigate a huge bright light that eventually came closer and was reportedly a three-story “Flying Triangle.”

A civilian, who had driven to his miniature golf course in Highland at 4:01 AM, reported an object like “a floating house” with very bright internal lights flying at a low altitude from the northeast and moving southwest. The object was two to three stories high and was the length of a football field. The eyewitness immediately drove to the Highland PD and reported the sighting. The police dispatcher from Highland contacted The Central Communications dispatcher from St. Clair County, who in turn requested the Lebanon Police Department to look out for the object.

At approximately 4:10 am the police officer from Lebanon, responding to the dispatch from Highland, reported a low flying “massive elongated triangle” emitting intense white light. The object came to within 1000 feet of the witness and then appeared to rotate slowly and fly extremely quickly and suddenly across the sky toward Shiloh, Illinois. The maneuver was executed with no noise. The officer had turned off his vehicle engine, his light bar, and his main police radio so that he could listen for noise.

A police officer from Shiloh reported a large black arrowhead shaped craft that was moving slowly. The object then gathered speed and flew about four to five miles across the sky at a very high rate of speed. According to the officer, who was watching from his vehicle with the windows rolled down and the engine shut off, this maneuver was executed silently. Since there was little, if any wind at the time, this maneuver is judged to be inconsistent with the behavior of a blimp.

A Millstadt police officer described the object flying very slowly between 500 and 1000 feet altitude. It was very large. It was shaped like a fat arrowhead. The rear of the object was concave and looked to contain dim, white, flashing strobes.

According to the testimony from the police officers, the flight path of the object was in a southwesterly direction from Highland, over Lebanon, Shiloh, Millstadt and then turning northwest to Dupo. The flight path would have taken the object almost directly over Scott Air-Force base. According to all inquiries by NIDS, including interviews with two separate AFOSI officers on the base, nothing was in the air from Scott Air Force base that night between 4:00 and 5:00 am. All individuals disavowed knowledge of any flying objects in the region around Scott AFB.

Two separate inquiries from National Institute of Discovery science to the Boeing St. Louis facility showed that Boeing does not conduct testing of military aircraft at their facility. According to Boeing, the facility conducts acceptance testing of newly manufactured (from the assembly line) aircraft during the day at the local commercial airport.

A Boeing spokesperson confirmed that there were no Boeing St. Louis derived aircraft flying around St. Louis and surrounding areas during the early morning (midnight to sunrise) dark hours of Jan 5, 2000.

I was given a recording of the police radio exchange during the incident. The descriptions were dramatic and you could hear that the officers were shaken up by the UFO event.

Meanwhile, the mystery about the so-called military craft deepens. I received an e-mail from someone who claimed to have some knowledge of the chaff event that happened on December 10th, 2018.

He claimed that the military chaff was dropped into the sky for reasons that sounded outlandish.

He claimed that it was dropped by an unidentified C-130 to block radar tracking of unknown flying craft that was being tested over the area. He said that he believed that they were trying to cover up the fact that a fleet of UFO’s were being tracked by both Scott Air Force Base and Fort Campbell after it was reported that unknown craft or “drones” were reported over the Evansville Airport.

This can give the conspiracy theory minded person a reason to ask where did the C-130 come from? And why was someone supposedly releasing chaff into our atmosphere to give cover for a fleet of UFO’s or something else?

In January 17th, 2019 a local ABC affiliate on Florida reported that more of the strange blips that look like Chaff appeared again on radar in South Florida and then another mass of blips appeared over Maine at the same time. This has confounded those trying to figure it out, while enthralling those who believe that we may be seeing fleets of Unknown aircraft moving over the United States.

Now it is well known that military operations occur frequently all around Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, however, people are questioning why so much mysterious activity is happening at the same time at different locations around the country.

The mainstream press reported that last month that Gatwick, London’s second airport, was forced to close for 36 hours, stretching over three days because of what have been reported to be drones buzzing the area.

Over the past three weeks, the region’s police, air traffic controllers, and even its armed forces have been squinting at the sky, trying to work out if tiny airborne intruders are heading for its runways.

The first reports were all about UFO’s that buzzed over the area and in order to silence hysteria, the media, and the airport issues a statement clearing up the notion that anything alien was involved with the sightings.

At Gatwick on December 19, over 60 people claimed to have spotted a UFO over the airport.

Now, while drones have been reported to be in the area and shutting down the airport no drone or UFO was ever caught on camera, although police insist they were indeed present.

The east coast has also been reporting that there have been UFO’s that have buzzed airports. There have been reports of bright flashing strobes over Pennsylvania, New York, and Boston, Massachusetts.

People have started to wonder if the drones are a collective figment of the imagination, or that the drones are simply elusive UFOs.

It sounds like how all alien invasion movies begin.

This is not just a phenomenon in the United States but all over Europe and the other day some curious blips on military radar were seen over Russia. It was later reported that a mountain had collapsed – the result of what locals call a huge fireball that crashed into the mountain.

A massive 525ft high mound is now substantially blocking the Bureya River in Siberia, threatening remote villages with flooding.

So much rock shifted that it would fill 13,600 Olympic-sized swimming pools, according to reports. The Russian army has been dispatched to the scene to determine the cause of the rock fall.

The military is being tasked with ‘moving the mountain’ using explosives and equipment to allow the water to flow again. But experts say nearby rock is fractured and a second gargantuan landslide is not ruled out.

A defense ministry source said a group of specialists is en route “to conduct reconnaissance work” at the site where the rocks fell some 1,280 ft onto the valley floor according to Russia Today.

Plans have been made to evacuate 400 people from Chekunda, Ust-Urgal, and Elga villages.

People there are divided over what they saw before the massive rock fall.

Some believe that it was some sort of weapons test but the majority says that a huge fireball crashed into the mountain – a few say that they saw a UFO crash there.

Professor Dave Petley, of the University of Sheffield in England, said the mountain slope above the Bureya had a “pre-existing tension crack or depression” at an altitude of around 1,900 ft.

This is what he believes leveled the mountain.

Whatever happened? The hunters say that it changed the flow of the river in the area.

While most of these events could yield a logical explanation without the UFO theory, it raises questions as to how we would recognize an alien invasion, without any verification from the military or our politicians.

We are seeing politicians like Harry Reid urging more investigations into military encounters—we have the military back in the mode of denial –and we certainly can’t keep up with reports outside of the United States.

On the possibility of direct attack from aliens, Professor Stephen Hawking claims ET contact is dangerous, because they ‘may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria.

Throughout history most strange new cosmic phenomena have made us wonder: Could this be it, the moment we first face alien life? The expectation isn’t necessarily outlandish — many scientists can and do make elaborate, evidence-based arguments that we will eventually discover life beyond the bounds of our planet. To true believers, what may be more uncertain is whether or not such news would cause global panic which depends on how our minds, so greatly influenced by our earthly environment and society, would perceive the potential threat of something utterly outside our familiar context.

If it’s a discovery somewhere in between the extremes of an extraterrestrial microbe and ravenous, hostile aliens laying siege to Earth, will people respond differently based on the era or society they live in?

Our brains are wired with ancient circuits to defend us against predators. But as we navigate through the world, experience can also shape what we come to accept or to fear and how open we are to novelty.

As I have said the novelty of an alien invasion – or an alien discovery sounds like a fun and enlightening experience because there have been so many questions with more speculation than answers, the reality may not be taken as well as some people might think.

If you look at societies that are much less open and much more xenophobic, they might perceive finding extraterrestrial life as much more negative and unsettling.

Evidence of this can be seen in the various factions that believe that aliens are deception and that any alien invasion would be a staged false flag in order to unite people into a New World Order.

If scientists discover something so out of this world, literally, but also in the sense that we can’t compare it with anything we know here on earth, it seems pointless to make predictions about how humanity will react to the discovery of not being alone.

Written by Ron Patton

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