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Clyde Lewis | January 21, 2020
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The winter months usually see an onset of influenza. But this time far more people than normal are infected.  It is always something that baffles me especially when doctors and pharmacists are more than happy to pimp the flu vaccine to people.

We are encouraged to get flu vaccinations and that they are effective – if you say otherwise, you are told that you are anti-science or worse.

But ask any emergency room attendant.

The nightmare is all too real. A man arrives at a health center, complaining of a sore throat, fever, and headache. Another person arrives soon after; then another. By lunchtime, there are dozens; within a week, hundreds.

There are no beds available for the sick and many people wind up being stuck in triage for hours before seeing a doctor.

Soon it becomes clear that something is very wrong. It turns out that those who are sick are not coming just to one hospital in a single town; they are turning up everywhere. Literally everywhere. All over the world. A quarter of the world’s population report symptoms.

And then people start dying,  In large numbers.

There is cause for concern as this is something more than the flu –something the authorities have not dealt with before.

This sounds like the plot of a terrifying Hollywood movie but it is all too real and when this terrifying unknown virus turns up within days and ends up killing hundreds within weeks.

This is exactly what is happening now.

An unknown coronavirus is moving all over the world right now infecting and killing people in its wake.  It began in Beijing then spread to Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Henan, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Brisbane, Taipei and now Washington State.

The viral pneumonia-like lung illness first discovered late last year in Wuhan, a mid-sized Chinese city in the center of the country, has Beijing’s leadership – who are already grappling with slowing economic growth and continuing trade pressure from the US – very much on edge.

The patient lives in Everett, Washington – the area that we spoke of a few days ago where in the 1990s the military carried out what appeared to be a gain of function exercise where gelatinous blobs fell in heavy rain over Oakville and Everett, Washington. people that were exposed to the contaminated rain became sick when they came in contact with these globs. Some animals died in the mysterious event.

The patient claims that he visited Wuhan but denies visiting the market place where the disease was originally found.  It is believed that the disease originated at a fish market.

It’s clear now that Beijing’s initial response to reports of a new SARS-like virus was to cover it up.

After initially insisting that there was no evidence that the virus could be spread by humans, health officials have now admitted that they were “wrong”, and that human-to-human transmission is possible, meaning that there’s no telling yet just how contagious this thing really is.

It’s already spread rapidly: In just a few weeks, it’s gone from a few isolated cases in Wuhan to nearly 300 confirmed cases, not just in Greater China, but also across the Asia-Pacific region, and now in the US. The fact that the CDC has already identified the first case in Washington State suggests that this is an aggressive pathogen, and health officials are duly concerned.

It has already confounded expectations. The fact that 139 cases – roughly half the total number reported – were only just identified over the weekend is especially unnerving because now infected hosts have had time to scatter back to wherever they’re from, potentially spreading the virus across the planet.

The sudden spike in cases has prompted airports in the US, Australia and elsewhere to examine passengers for illnesses. It has prompted tightened borders and a rapid attempt to trace contacts of those who have become ill.

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization will decide whether this crisis qualifies as a public health emergency of international concern, a label signifying only the most complex pathologies with the potential to cross borders. The WHO could recommend that travel be restricted, or that global governments take other drastic measures.

With global health officials on high alert, local authorities in Wuhan have announced that the city has 800 hospital beds ready in three separate designated care hospitals, and it’s ready to have 1,200 prepared at short notice, according to local media reports.

With the Chinese New Year travel season about to begin, many fear that millions of Chinese traveling abroad or internally for vacation will help the virus spread at an exponential rate. Chinese health officials have played down the possibility of this. But they also say they don’t want to underestimate it. After all, the last major outbreak, SARS in 2003, killed 800 people.

The patient in Washington State was first hospitalized for pneumonia.  Officials declined to identify the patient, who was said to be quite ill. The CDC confirmed it expects more US cases to come.

What you may not know is that we were warned that this was going to happen.  In April of 2019 in a show called Primrose Pathology, we warned that a “Gain of Function” false flag would be tested and that it would have all of the earmarks of biological warfare.

There are times when I find that there are trends and patterns in the news that are unavoidable, especially when these trends seem to mesh congruently with what can be called predictive programming.

There are so many headlines and articles I go through every day – so many things I have to speed read and pay attention to.  Many of these stories and headlines make to my Facebook news feed while others are still remaining in my library.

I always say you should never underestimate the power of patterns in the reporting f certain stories because at times they can be interpreted as being part of some grand revelation of the method – which is something I talk about form time to time.

For those who are unaware of this revelation concept, it is proposed in most conspiracy theorist circles that some event of great importance is not carried out by the “powers that be” without a warning whether it is covert or overt.

It is a tool of Illuminati psychodrama.  It usually is a concept linked to some nefarious group that has a big scheme in the works that brings trauma to the people.

Used casually, the implication is always the same: when the Cryptocracy commits major crimes, they will broadcast their intentions in advance, through popular movies and television or they will give warnings in news stories that are either delivered o Friday evening which is dumping day or are buried in the back pages of the newspaper.

Within the Revelation of the Method, we can see predictive models that are used to program and steer the populace into realizing that there are many things that are coming to the future that will shock many people.

The order of such a process is still in doubt and most of what is shown as a predictive programming example is usually offered in hindsight.

Well, this year is especially appropriate to say that hindsight is 2020 as all we have to do is grab a story from last year about how this unknown disease was already predicted by none other than Bill Gates.

A little over a year ago, Bill Gates made a prediction about the health and well being of this planet. He predicted that an unknown deadly disease with no cure would kill 30 million people within 6 months. He said this after he and his wife Melinda spoke at south by southwest warning of a coming pandemic brought forward due to a biological attack.

Gates presented a simulation by the Institute for Disease Modeling that found that a new flu-like respiratory illness similar to the one that killed 50 million people in the 1918 pandemic would now most likely kill 30 million people within six months.

He stated that the disease will take us by surprise and it would be likely to be one that we see for the first time—a strange an unknown virus that will stump health officials at the start of an outbreak.

He also expressed concerns that it could be released as a biological attack that would silently and stealthily kill millions.

We need to keep in mind that mysterious unknown diseases just don’t appear out of thin air.  This mysterious disease that has infected human beings had to be infected from a source, either another human or a non-human source. A non-human source could be an animal source—if not then we have to conclude that it was a deliberate release

The patient in Washington State says that he was in Wuhan but was not in the area where the disease was first found.

In many cases what most epidemiologists are dealing with is an unknown disease, that either has an animal source or it is a deliberate release.

While bioterrorism is rarely considered – it is always a possibility and it is irresponsible to rule it out especially at a time where tensions between Beijing and Hong Kong have been extremely intense.

Bioterrorism goes virtually undetected in cases like this unless officials find abhorrent characteristics in the pathogen – or some sort of sequencing that would indicate a disease made in a rogue lab.

Moreover, most of the time these possibilities are not even entertained unless someone urges authorities to investigate the possibility.

A good example is the Rajneesh salmonella attack in 1984 in the US – public health authorities did not consider the possibility of bioterrorism, despite a local politician arguing the case that it might be bioterrorism, and despite the facts not fitting with ordinary food poisoning. 

If Rajneesh had not confessed later, the attack would have never been recognized, and even when he did confess, he wasn’t believed. This case illustrates a normal human tendency to force available facts into common, comfortable explanations, rather than to view the facts objectively.

From what the public has been told, The patterns of this nCoV or coronavirus are unusual, and while an animal vector or undetected mild human cases as sources of ongoing human infections are both possible, the possibility of bioterrorism should also be considered, because there is reasonable data that would fit this explanation.   In the case of deliberate release, simulating nature would be difficult with a sporadic infection, and this may explain the observed “unknowns” in the epidemiology.

It is conceivable that a naturally occurring virus-like SARS or MERS has been used and/or modified. We live in an age where genetic engineering of viruses and public availability of methods to do so is a reality.

To answer questions about emerging viruses, virologists use gain- and loss-of-function experiments to understand the genetic makeup of viruses and the specifics of virus-host interaction. For instance, researchers now have advanced molecular technologies where they can reverse engineer a virus in a laboratory.

The work is so complex that now Gain of Function research may also include a generation of viruses with properties that do not exist in nature.

Current medical countermeasures are often insufficient in dealing with these unknowns largely because of resistance mechanisms that lead to “escape mutants,”  or drug-resistant strains.

So there is no question that the capability of genetically sequencing an unknown mutant of SARS or MERS is a possibility.

We have discussed before how there are many pharmaceutical companies that can benefit from a limited release of a pathogen in order to test how it moves, affects and mutates.  The vaccination or cure is already waiting in a lot of cases.

It seems clear enough that there have been at least isolated episodes where this has been done. Entire cities have been bombarded with bacteria strains released in aerosols, though they were supposedly harmless. Many other tests may have been conducted, but the extent and effects of those efforts are unclear and in dispute.

When bizarre episodes like this take place in specific regional areas, and a large number of people become sick or die – it really begs the question of what is really going on?

It is also interesting to point out that to my knowledge there have not been reports of health officials and attendants contracting the disease, which seems to suggest human-to-human transmission is limited – or it is programmed to attack certain individuals.

However, there was a report that a Chinese physician who was investigating the outbreak in Wuhan may have contracted the disease.

Multiple strains can occur naturally, but this is a newly emerged disease in humans, is again the result of a two-tier process of devastating pneumonia that mutates into a deadly pathogen.

What is most disconcerting is that this 2019, coronavirus may have killed more in China than we know.

The true figure of the dead and infected may well be higher: the Chinese authorities have been accused of covering up the scale of the outbreak, while scientists at Imperial College London have suggested that ‘substantially more cases’ have taken hold. 

It does not even matter where an outbreak of an infectious disease originates. In our interconnected world, a disease can potentially infect billions in weeks or less.

Airlines carry infected people from one side of the planet to another, faster than at any time in history.

If you remember back in 2018 an unknown biological organism was apparently spread from Frankfurt, Germany to Caracas, Venezuela. Even though it wasn’t clear how the virus moved from one place to the other it would be assumed that it was spread on an airline that left from point “A” to point “B” with passengers unknowingly becoming patient zero.

In September of 2018,  an Emirates plane was quarantined at John F. Kennedy International Airport as medical officials spent hours evaluating passengers and crew after several people on board reported feeling getting violently ill.

Flight 203 from Dubai landed safely at the airport around 9:11 a.m. after declaring a medical emergency, prompting a huge response from police and paramedics.

It was reported that some of the passengers that boarded the flight were coughing and feverish – but oddly the majority of the passengers all wound up with high fevers aches and pains and dry coughs.

The disease only affected passengers on the lower level of a bilevel aircraft.

To have a disease affect people on a flight that quickly is unheard of – nothing more was said about the incident.

Now doesn’t that sound more like a test than a natural occurrence?

Members from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention then screened the approximately 521 people on board the plane for symptoms, taking their temperatures on the tarmac.

The CDC said approximately 100 passengers and crew complained of flu-like symptoms, including a cough and fever. A total of 19 people were sick – 10 were taken to Jamaica Hospital and nine refused medical attention.

The United States does little to prepare for any contagion because it is overly confident in its ability to handle any threat. Although Special Forces teams are used to contain initial outbreaks, a widespread effort never starts as the nation is sapped of political will by several conflicts that crop up and the only answer given by the technocrats is either to wait it out or to line up for vaccines they are ineffective.

There is also a presumed sinister reason why these unknown diseases are released and that is for population control.

There have been secret Gain of Function exercises carried out in the past which include exposing people to chemical and biological infecting people with deadly or debilitating diseases, injecting of people with toxic and radioactive chemicals, surgical experiments, interrogation and torture experiments, tests involving mind-altering substances, and a wide variety of others. Many of these tests were performed on children, the sick and mentally disabled individuals, often under the guise of “medical treatment.” In many of the studies, a large portion of the subjects were poor, racial minorities, or prisoners.

Gain of Function experiments or GOF experiments are bio-security experiments that are routinely done in labs all over the world. In reality one of the biggest testing labs could be an aircraft.

More than 1 billion people travel by air each year and there is always the potential for a biological threat to exist with a patient zero being put on a plane and spreading a biological contagion to another country.

The importance of air travel for the spread of seasonal influenza was actually demonstrated by empirical data showing that the spread of influenza was delayed by the decrease in air travel after the attacks of September 11th, 2001.

Believe it or not, our understanding of the spread of respiratory infections on aircraft is very limited. Key questions include how often transmission can occur by contaminated surfaces, large droplet spread, and airborne spread of small-particle aerosols, as well as the risk for specific organisms. The scientific uncertainty limits the ability to design preventive measures.

During the severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS outbreak, investigations were conducted among passengers who traveled on 40 flights with patients on board who had symptomatic SARS. Transmission is thought to have occurred on board 5 of 40 flights. On 4 flights, a small number of suspected infections occurred among persons seated within a few rows of the index patient, consistent with spread by large droplets. However, on 1 flight from Hong Kong to Beijing, 22 of 120 passengers and crew were thought to have become infected, which suggests airborne spread over a considerable distance.

Many commercial aircraft use vertical airflow and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that should limit exposure to small airborne particles. However, there are no regulations requiring HEPA filters or for testing the function of filters.

It is obvious that we need additional careful epidemiological investigations to understand the frequency and relative importance of different modes of transmission on board aircraft for specific pathogens.

I guess now there is more of a concern about getting a disease onboard a plane than it is worrying about a crash.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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