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Clyde Lewis | January 21, 2021
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In these times, we are supposed to consider alarming, chaotic and, above all, frightening, we can witness a complete absence of subtlety in the moves being made by people in power.

This includes all people, regardless of political affiliation. I see the world in a broader perspective – I don’t narrow things down to some myopic political cheer leading or critique for one side or another. When I speak about the world at large and who is in control, all parties and philosophies are considered and if the seat of power is one party or some other party – you can bet that they will be briefed on the various agendas that are being proposed for the world.

We are now preparing for the world reset and the decisions we made have edged us closer to being part of the world plantation.

Apart form conventional warfare we will learn through various crises that there is looming a science, technological, and agricultural war.

We are now heading for the technocratic nightmare where we will see a new and improved Agricultural/Biological/Genocidal Industrial Complex.

Somewhere in the midst of the 20th century push to contrive a pretext to cull the global population, many billionaires and chemical warfare companies just decided that they now care about what you eat and what chemicals to put in your body.

Many of these billionaires like Bill Gates cherry-picked all they could from Eugenicists like his Father, Galton, Sanger, Darwin and Malthus and then fell in love with the idea of controlling the important things that we use to sustain our lives.

Usually, it is a difficult task as a conspiracy theory researcher to convince people that psychological operations are real and effective tools that elite use to steer the public and the public consciousness to an approximated goal.

People become bitter and some become angry because they believe that pointing out psychological operations besmirch and belittle the party they have chosen to cling to.

No matter what party is in power psychological operations are not at all being pushed by a president or a vice president — they come from the national security complex and after the successful grooming of the population — the leaders look over the agenda and then they pass laws or mandates in order to satiate the real law makers at the Pentagon.

Many South East Asian countries have used audio, video, and text propaganda, in order to change people’s minds about many issues and now that COVID-19 has become a world issue, health and diet are of extreme importance.

This has created a whole new method of psychological warfare where food and drugs are weaponized and even banned, they are then replaced by government approved food stuffs– many are genetically modified or created in a lab.

Many worry that this trend is also going to come to America to be part of what is called the Codex Alimentarius.

The new Codex Alimentarius plan that was proposed in 2015 during the 2030 summit where the United Nation’s stated that there should be dietary guidelines in place for the entire world which includes the regulations of animal based proteins.

For the past 3 years there has been a push by Climate Change adherents to limit or even ban the eating of dairy and beef products – there was a trend on social media of what is called steak and dairy shaming of people saying that it harms the environment.

Before the Climate debate was replaced with the COVID-19 debate ,there was a push for the 2030 ideal diet proposed by the technocrats which literally limits and then virtually eliminates animal proteins from the human diet.

The thing that is most disconcerting is at least one in five people could not afford science’s ‘ideal diet’ designed to feed 10 billion people without hurting the planet, according to a study.

It recommended people double their intake of nuts, fruit, vegetables, and legumes, and eat half as much meat and sugar to prevent millions of early deaths, cut greenhouse gas emissions and preserve land, water, and biodiversity.

Contingent on World Bank aid to be given to poorer countries in the wake of coronavirus lockdowns, agri-food conglomerates will aim to further expand their influence. These firms have been integral to the consolidation of a global food regime that has emerged in recent decades based on chemical- and proprietary-input-dependent agriculture which incurs massive externalized social, environmental and health costs.

Reliance on commodity monocropping for global markets, long supply chains and dependency on external inputs for cultivation make the food system vulnerable to shocks, whether resulting from public health scares, oil price spikes (the global food system is fossil-fuel dependent) or conflict and war. An increasing number of countries are recognizing the need to respond by becoming more food self-sufficient, preferably by securing control over their own food and reducing supply chain lengths.

The various coronavirus lockdowns have disrupted many transport and production activities, exposing the weaknesses of the food system. If the current situation tells us anything, it is that structural solutions are needed to transform food production, not further strengthen the status quo.

A new paradigm is in the works as the reset is well underway and as we have reported many times on this program the changes in our recommended diet will be overseen by Vice President Harris.

President Joe Biden is going to appoint Mr. Monsanto, Tom Vilsack, as his Secretary of Agriculture. Vilsack served in the Obama administration as well.

The Organic Consumers Association writes: “If, like us, you dream of an organic, regenerative food system led by independent family farmers, then news that Joe Biden has asked Tom Vilsack to return to his Obama Era post as Secretary of Agriculture should be a real cause for concern. When you look behind the curtains to see what Vilsack was really doing at USDA from 2009 through 2017, it’s not pretty.”

Vilsack pushed through a corporate agribusiness agenda that began with his approval of newer genetically modified crops than any other Secretary, culminated in his shepherding of a bill to kill GMO labels through Congress, and included his racist firing of African American land trust hero Shirley Sherrod and his distortion of data to concealing decades of discrimination against black farmers. Between 2006 and 2016, the USDA was six times more likely to foreclose on a black farmer than a white farmer.

The American Prospect reports:

That Vilsack has had ‘a decades-long relationship with Joe Biden, going back to when he endorsed him for president while mayor of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, in 1988’.”

“Vilsack has remained very loyal to Biden. In the last year, he gave Biden more than $8,000 in campaign contributions (excluding money from his wife or to Democratic Party committees.”

Meanwhile, Bill Gates who in 2010, bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto, a leading producer of GMOs, has now been quietly snatching up 242,000 acres of farmland across the U.S. — enough to make him the top private farmland owner in America.

After years of reports that he was purchasing agricultural land in places like Florida and Washington, The Land Report revealed that Gates, who has a net worth of nearly $121 billion according to Forbes, has built up a massive farmland portfolio spanning 18 states. His largest holdings are in Louisiana (69,071 acres), Arkansas (47,927 acres) and Nebraska (20,588 acres). Additionally, he has a stake in 25,750 acres of transitional land on the west side of Phoenix, Arizona, which is being developed as a new suburb.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has further invested in the development and proliferation of “super crops” resistant to climate change and higher-yield dairy cows. Last year, the organization announced Gates Ag One, a nonprofit to advance those efforts.

There is some indication that the land could be used in a way that aligns with the foundation’s values. Cottonwood Ag Management, a subsidiary of Cascade, is a member of Leading Harvest, a nonprofit that promotes sustainable agriculture standards that prioritize protections of crops, soil and water resources.

Monsanto had paid out billions over a few years to plaintiffs who had been made permanently ill and maimed by them, or who were claiming on behalf of loved ones who hadn’t been that lucky. You’d expect a government to intervene and order them to clean up their act or face closure.  Instead, all things are forgiven and the people are not aware of what awaits them – or what might end up on their dinner table.

And now, as Gates nears orgasm as his dream of transforming the inner workings of the Homosapien to resemble that of one of his Windows programs so they will need permanent ‘updates’ via injections their arms, the same team is back to legislate his madness.

It is a case of commercially supported chemical warfare – and yet no one wishes to speak up and demand change.

We are about to see a wide-ranging shift to agroecology. The agroecological paradigm is not just about growing food; it involves reimagining our relationship with nature and science and how we can find alternative protein sources and GMO foods to feed the world.

Agroecology is based on food sovereignty, which encompasses the right to healthy and culturally appropriate food and the right of people to define their own food and agriculture systems.

For 10 years the plan has been to graduate the public into eating culturally inappropriate foods and unconventional protein sources which include the consuming of meal worms, crickets and other foods that poorer countries have been used to eating every day.

The European Union’s food safety agency put out a report two weeks ago saying that they have determined that worms are safe to eat.

The Pharma-based agency published a scientific opinion Wednesday on the safety of dried yellow meal worms and gave them a thumbs up. Researchers said the worms, either eaten whole or in powdered form, are a protein-rich snack or ingredient for other foods.

Allergic reactions may occur, especially depending on the type of feed given to the bugs, known officially as Tenebrio Molitor larva. But overall “the panel concludes that the (novel food) is safe under the proposed uses and use levels.”

Thus, the European Union has now thrown its weight behind worms in much the same way the United Nations has. The U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization in 2013 championed edible bugs as a low-fat, high-protein food for people, pets and livestock that are good for the environment and help feed the hungry.

Some see this as a breakthroughbut in reality, it is disruptive.

The Agenda 2030 proposals combined with the World Economic Forum are creating what can be called a “peasant class.” The peasant class unable to eat conventional foods will be forced to eat unconventional foods as their goal is to eliminate world hunger.

The goal however is to eliminate famine and food scarcity by providing sustainable agriculture that is carbon-free and “green-friendly.” This means that our future foods will include genetically modified plants to boost specific vitamin chemicals while having no idea of the long-term consequences of genetic pollution or cross-species genetic experiments carried out openly in a fragile ecosystem.

Other oddities that will be introduced into our foodstuffs are modified proteins from other sources.

Therefore, schemes are needed and are being actively pursued by Bill Gates, mercenary scientists, academia, and governments to collapse global food webs and replace them with alternative protein and vegetable foodstuffs.

In order to do this people, have to be groomed into eating such foods and if they don’t there are schemes in play that will engineer scarcity of common foods. Engineered global food web collapse affecting both ocean-based and land-based ecosystems can be achieved through geoengineering.

We are now seeing the engineered food web collapse of animal proteins and it is being done under the cover of COVID-19.

The global meat market is getting disrupted by animal free protein. Take a close look at the freezer shelves at the grocery store. Many of them are now lined with “meatless” meat products. Many fast-food restaurants are selling impossible meats as alternatives.

People have a deep microbiological connection to soils, food processing practices and fermentation processes which affect the gut microbiome – up to six pounds of bacteria, viruses and microbes akin to human soil. And as with actual soil, the microbiome can become degraded according to what we ingest (or fail to ingest).

Many nerve endings from major organs are located in the gut and the microbiome effectively nourishes them. There is ongoing research taking place into how the microbiome is disrupted by the modern globalized food production/processing system and the chemical bombardment it is subjected to.

Americans will be taking it in the gut – and it is important to realize the microbiome is what controls many things in the human body including mental health.

Here we are in a new era – building back better with a synthetic virus creating genuine chaos that has ushered in the push for a mysterious vaccine as groups like Monsanto make billionaires richer creating synthetic food with manipulated DNA.

Henry Kissinger once said, “control the food, control the people,” Bill Gates is now trying to hijack humanity as a race as well the global agriculture in order to create Frankenfood for the soon-to-be Frankenpeople.

He along with his pals at the World economic forum are hoping that you will participate in giving up some luxuries for sustainable living.

You will be told to comply or die—even if it is repulsive or repugnant. How long before you are forced to eat meats made from human cells or even human excrement – these things are being considered.

For the future we are to look at the wisdom of repugnance with regard to the new foods we will be forced or invited to eat. i am aware that some of yesterday’s repugnances are today calmly accepted though, one must add, not always for the better.

Eat like a peasant and you also run the risk of dying but that is beside the point.

In the book, Animal Farm, by George Orwell, Napoleon the Pig was a character that represented an oppressive dictator began the process of controlling the sheep.

His first act of control was to control the alimentary needs of the farm. He developed a plan to convince the other animals that the apples and the milk were not good for the health of the animals and that the pigs should have them instead. The sheep of course, abided by the plan until eventually, Napoleon used fear to get the sheep to give up more than food.

The pigs were given the best beds, the best foods, the best drugs, and alcohol. They were able to live their lives with an equal amount of power. The remaining animals were led to remain equal in their slavery. They were given confusing laws by the pigs. The controls of fear and pain kept the other animals from rebelling against Napoleon.

This is what is being proposed now – the elite expect you to give up things. You are to eat your bugs and grool and eat with your hands. You are to take the drugs only prescribed by experts who push “The science.”

Simply put, these scientists have signed a death warrant, for humanity and the gradual culling of those who do not wish to live like a peasant.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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