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Ron Patton | January 22, 2019
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Apocalyptic motifs have long been a part of the western literary tradition since the writing of the Book of Revelation, and millenarian and dominionist movements have been a recurring phenomenon of European history, in religious sects of the late Middle Ages to the radical political movements of the twentieth century.

Indeed, human beings have been fascinated by the concept of the end of the world as we know it.

The Blood Moon Sunday night has triggered a few things that I have been obsessing over – and I wish to present some very serious thoughts about what the future holds for all of us.

This is not something to take lightly and while some people may want to dismiss what I am saying as apocalyptic paranoia, I invite you to open your mind and your heart and understand that things are materializing in such an astounding way that you cannot argue that all of our lives are about to change.

I have said that apocalyptic signs affect people psychologically and it appears that what we see as trouble on the horizon is not abating.

Even though it has been out of the public narrative for a while, protests in cities across France this weekend for the ‘Acte X’ of the Yellow Vest movement were met with another round of heavy-handed reprisals from state security forces.

France has deployed of copious quantities of chemical weapons to disperse crowds. Of course, the attack of civilians with chemical weapons has been decried towards the likes of the Syrian government – France, of course, gets a pass.

This revolution against globalism is not being televised not truthfully anyway because of a serious risk for the “Powers That Be” that its ideas will inspire people in other countries like England and the United States.

This state of revolution and public upheaval is also apparent in the United Kingdom where ‘Brexit’ is clearly being manipulated to deliver “the right result.”

Meanwhile, here in the United States, President Trump really wants that Wall but instead, a political wall has gone up, again blocking the popular choice of the people.

The shutdown, if it continues could cause a food and resource riot as families without money will have to forge for food and fuel in a country that has been paralyzed by severe winter conditions, a product of geoengineering. The globalist agenda is now in the process of providing obstacles that are forcing the hand of the people.

The question is when will we wake up? In America, we are at war with ourselves while the rest of the world understands what the real threat is and that is a World Government that seems to be part of the apocalyptic narrative.

In these times you better start asking yourself serious questions about being prepared and contemplating what happens when the democratic will of the people has nowhere to go?

The “globalist class” doesn’t seem to understand that all its political gamesmanship, social engineering and brutal repression will lead to nowhere but their violent overthrow.

Where will you be when it all goes down?

Do you think the system can hold that which is pushing for its implosion?

Russia and Syria are again fighting against Israel – something that I figured would happen during the sign of the Blood Moon.

On Sunday, January 20, Israel made a point of striking Damascus Airport in the face of a Russian warning, while Syria launched a missile against Israeli Golan and Moscow issued bulletins on the state of what is happening.

This attack has again prompted latter-day scriptorians to look up the passage in Isaiah which speaks of the destruction of Damascus.

Welcome to the apocalyptic mayhem.

As I was contemplating the symbolism of the Blood Wolf Moon last night, I took a detour during my show into a thought process where I left behind the reports of werewolf psychosis and focused on the apocalyptic meaning and how an eclipsed moon represents scarcity, war and financial ruin.

I realized that in the end there is a parapsychological approach that I neglected to report in the beginning of my show. There are many moments in the aftermath of many shows when I say to myself, “Maybe I should have said this” or “why did I overlook that?”

I lamented the fact that very late into the night I started a momentum of thought which created an apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic narrative.

This narrative was based in my concerns about the overall psychological or parapsychological effects that are created after an apocalyptic symbol appears in the sky and the window of time where we begin to notice the breakdown of community, the reality of economic crisis, environmental catastrophe, collapse of civilization itself, and so on.

The Blood Moon Rising presentation began with listeners calling the program and describing nightmares of seeing something that was unknown, that had them cowering in terror and leaving them twisted in their blankets with a cold sweat.

There were two listeners that phoned into the show sharing the same dream. There were other calls on the line that had the same dream; in fact, four out of the twelve lines that were full – listeners claimed that an unknown force or entity was in their dreams and they really did not know what it was.

I could have just opened the lines to the dreamers and the description of night terrors, but I had a guest and after the great interview, the calls about the nightmares were gone.

I wondered the whole night about the dreamers; about the dreams, the nightmares, and the dark unknown entity.

I could not help but think about that passage in the Book of Acts in the Bible that reads:

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams.”

It appears my listeners are all dreaming dreams and I am attempting to give my vision of what is at stake – what is coming and how we should not be taking for granted the comfort that we have been having in this country.

The comfort is about to go away.

John F. Kennedy once said:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

The idea of a peaceful revolution or the ability to make positive changes in a peaceful manner is now an afterthought because America is now operating in an emotional and moral context that has been set by the viciousness of fanatical political bias.

As much as we are told by progressive thinkers that they embrace diversity, they are constantly pushing stereotypes that do not make any sense.

Today I witnessed a confrontation between a transit security officer and a group of white college students that failed to show him their fare tickets. One of the college students, the most vocal of the group was a white male with dreadlocks – he was complaining that he and his group were being discriminated against.

He actually called the Caucasian male security guard, a racist.

I thought to myself there was something that was off about the whole incident. I then saw a sweet old lady get on the train. She was using crutches – she had a beaming smile on her face. I actually commented that crutches are no fun and yet her smile was the most wonderful thing and that it made my day.

On one hand, I watched a young white man scream his entitlement to a white security officer when he was told to get off the train he called the man a racist.

Then came a woman on crutches that when facing adversity with her crutches was able to smile, making the ugly situation a brighter moment.

When I got into the office I got to thinking about that Covington Catholic High School fiasco in Washington D.C. and wanted to point out that the whole incident is a symptom of an even greater problem that our country faces and that is how a warped political perception of things is going to destroy this country and destabilize it into a socially retarded operation.

It will be more or less a country possessed by a demon or superior devil that uses technological programming in order to break down social stability.

The issue of the Covington Catholic High Scholl incident is evidence of a parapsychological virus that reveals the dark hearts of those who we see as the opposite social and political type from our own.

It triggered comments about how a MAGA hat is no different than a Ku Klux Klan Hood.

It was about finding and interpreting images that confirm your negative stereotypes about people you don’t know. It triggered assumptions about a young man who stood smiling while an old Native American man played a drum right into his face.

We have arrived at a point in our history where we have to deal with the nightmare of people reducing complex human life into viral memes and then banishing them into oblivion.

There is always judgment and no matter who is right or wrong we tend to dehumanize and seek to expunge people we don’t agree with.

I know it may sound cliché and I know that people are dying to give a political view on the topic but there is a very important lesson to be learned and that is this is actually a major sign of the apocalypse.

I remember my first broadcast of Ground zero and I stated the purpose of the show was that I wanted to use it as a mirror of business as usual in the apocalypse. That as we journey into this dark realm to Armageddon, we would see that while there will be plagues, famine, and pestilence, there will be a time where ideologies would clash and that we as a world would focus on the elimination of all who we perceive to be imperfect human beings.

I was referring to war and rumors of war – as we see the other as a group that is imperfect and an in need of being expunged permanently.

The crucial thing is that the nation’s culture is now enmeshed in a new technology that has taught us how to unfriend, delete, ban, and threaten from behind a screen.

Our thoughts in social media may be harmless right?

But they are becoming a form of grooming you into becoming an ugly and hypocritical individual that can be the beast that needs to find social prey to attack at will.

This leads to a famine of sorts and the scarcity of reason and discernment.

In order to be rewarded in the realm of social media, you have to generate page views — you have to incite people to respond. The way to do that is to reinforce the prejudices of people you agree with and attack those who you don’t agree with.

George Orwell gave the world a prophetic warning about how government and state control of culture could lead to a world where people gleefully participate in their own totalitarian enslavement. A world where everyone is afraid to speak whatever truth is on their own mind, and a world where the punishment for thinking outside of the box is rather severe.

The Covington incident reveals a shocking devolution in society, and now, as Orwell predicted, having the wrong expression on your face when the all-seeing eye of big government and the culture police look at you can have severe consequences, possibly even bringing physical harm or even death.

The question is at what time do these “negative thoughts” become active tuplas and when do they leap from the internet into real life attacks and threats that endanger people?

The technology gives us glimpses into a single moment. It does not give us the entire moment but of course, to those who consume soundbites and headlines, a glimpse of the moment is more important than a life story.

Social media gives you the opportunity to prove the world that your particular ideology is morally superior to the other type.

This is our technological nightmare – our psychological reactions from events that appear to be apocalyptic trigger responses that are peculiar.

For example, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attempted to tie Global Warming to the Civil Rights struggle led by Martin Luther King Jr. when she spoke to an audience yesterday.

Ocasio-Cortez has been seen as a controversial figure by both liberals and conservatives.

She states “I think that the part of it that is generational is that millennials, and Gen-Z, and all these folks that come after us, are looking up and we’re like, the world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change, and your biggest issue is, your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it?”

The audience applauded loudly at her statement.

Maybe the world will end in 12 years but technocrats continue to move the expiration date in order to program people into accepting the green economy and the United Nations Globalists agendas and to blame everything on Climate Change when the earth itself seems to unleash apocalyptic signs that have nothing to do with climate activity.

A recent wave of four Biblical plagues has many wondering if the remaining six are about to strike since, according to Jewish tradition, all of the plagues that struck Egypt will reappear before the final redemption.

Earlier this month, several cases of rivers turning blood-red were reported in different spots around the world, kicking off the New Year with Exodus aspirations.

The first plague that struck Biblical Egypt made several reappearances last week as rivers in Malawi Africa and in Indonesia turned blood-red.

The Linthipe River in Dedza, Africa turned blood red last Wednesday, shocking residents living along the river. The river is the center of life in the village and the women were the first to notice the phenomenon when they came to do laundry in the afternoon.

A plague of hail happened at the end of December into January.

Saudi Arabia was hit by baseball-sized ice balls, covering the sandy deserts. A short but intense hailstorm is Swaziland, South Africa killed a herd of cows. But even more shocking was the Biblical mixture of fire and ice that struck in Australia as ice storms were accompanied by lightning that set of bush fires.

Just last week, Saudi Arabia suffered a massive infestation of bugs, most notably locusts. In a case of divine irony, the bugs arrived in time for the weekly Torah reading that described their role in the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Though many natural causes were blamed for the insects’ appearance, images of the floor of the Great Mosque in Mecca covered in dead locusts evoked Biblical connotations.

The Full Blood Wolf Moon has also become a symbol of the plague of darkness; mainly of the soul and the way it influences the minds of people on a parapsychological level.

Rabbi Yekutiel Fish, known in Israel as the author of the Torah blog “Sod Ha’Chashmal” said, “Every aspect of our lives are from Hashem (God) but sometimes it is more obvious than others,” Rabbi Fish told Israeli news. “When nature does something unusual, like an eclipse, we should certainly pay heed.”

During the appearance of the Blood Wolf Moon, a large asteroid hit the moon and four powerful earthquakes shook Indonesia.

Is it all apocalyptic hype – or are we seeing the influence of this blood moon with the various plagues wars, earthquakes and the way we treat each other like in the case of the Covington Catholic High School fiasco?

I am here to remind you that apocalyptic narratives confront us with the fragility of human civilization, which is conveyed by such themes as the relationship between violence and boredom, neoliberal hegemony and subjectivity, resource depletion, and the inhuman condition that challenges the conventionally humanitarian values, all of which are manifested in connection with catastrophic events that render these various narratives the particular title of ‘apocalypse.’

It is all adding up and it is of our making – the earth responds to the hostility that we have created between each other and the plagues are an evil in the system which needs to somehow be exorcized.

Written by Ron Patton

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