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Clyde Lewis | January 28, 2021
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In the era of disposable Soda Pop culture, it can sometimes be difficult to find relevant events to report that raise a highly charged interest in categories that you find that are secretive in nature. Anymore, we see that the mainstream media has avoided their charge at being an informative fourth estate and has surrendered to being parrots to the State Department.

The filter that has been installed will block all information that would open the door to finding out the truth about many subjects that are considered taboo or even allegedly classified.

Since the media tends to tell you the truth is out there, they certainly are not in the business of telling you that some truths that were once elusive about fringe subjects have now been revealed and much of what has been declassified really has not been seen or heard by the typical individual.

I have an advantage over mainstream media and that is I look beyond political claptrap – and try to push through stories that you may not think matter to you but eventually they will and of course there are others who have wondered about fantastic stories of intrigue and have wondered if they are all just conspiracy quackery.

The other night, Tim Swartz laid the groundwork for the Cold War conspiracy theory about Nazi scientists reverse engineering alien technology to create the so-called Nazi Saucers. This was a necessary show because the CIA had dumped numerous documents about UFO’s and their backgrounds.

This was allegedly part of the 180-day data dump that was encouraged by Congress.

It was a story that I thought was important in order to reveal that the alphabet agencies have always had a hidden hand in these technologies and that perhaps many of the secrets of the Third Reich’s programs were brought here by Nazi scientists during the pipeline of Operation Paperclip.

The timing of this show could not have been better now that a story has surfaced that may prove that these Cold War myths have some reality attached to them

According to documents obtained by The War Zone, the US Navy performed experiments on far-fetched technologies including a “spacetime modification weapon” which, researchers claimed internally, could revolutionize power and propulsion systems.

The mysterious technologies were meant to take advantage of the “Pais Effect,” patented by American aerospace engineer Salvatore Cezar Pais and which could end up pushing  the boundaries of conventional science — if, that is, they are ever proven to actually work.

Pais says the tech could enable a propulsion system that defies gravity, as well as even more eccentric claims. In a January 2020 correspondence with The War Zone, Pais even laid out plans for a “hybrid aerospace-underwater craft” that he claimed was able to “engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level.”

Needless to say, these dubious theoretical devices have yet to be demonstrated in any meaningful way — but, at the same time, the fact that the US military is funding their development does lend them a veneer of credibility.

If these discoveries are credible then perhaps the reverse engineering of alien tech may be thrown out of the realms of conspiracy theory to that of scientific reality.

According to the newly obtained documents, the Navy took Pais’s ideas seriously enough to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into their development.

The “spacetime modification weapon,” based on a Pais patent for a “Plasma Compression Fusion Device,” is supposed to release “extremely high energy levels” and “make the Hydrogen bomb seem more like a firecracker, in comparison,” according to the documents.


The experiments sound inconclusive, though. The elusive Pais Effect was neither observed nor disproven, according to The War Zone.

In other words, it remains unclear whether the Navy still believes Pais is onto something — or whether his work is a neglected line item in the Defense Department’s vast budget.

In any case this may prove that the road to these patents and this revelation was a bumpy one for scientists that came before him –and others who worked on similar projects during World War II and the Cold War.

In 1979, the author Charles Berlitz and the ufologist, William L. Moore published The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility. Their book claimed to be a factual account of how a United States Navy experiment accidentally teleported the warship USS Eldridge. Chapter 10 of the book claimed Thomas Townsend Brown assisted with the experiment and that UFO’s used his propulsion method. The Book was allegedly discredited as was the research.

T. Townsend Brown was a mysterious man who allegedly created the bridge between electric fields and gravitation. he conducted experiments using levitating or floating discs.

This has lead to experiments in gravitational lasers, the dismantling of atomic structures and even teleportation.

However, there was much debate on this subject because the technology if proven to be true would be far more important than the hydrogen bomb.

There were conspiracy theorists that claimed that this technology was an alien technology –even though it was rumored that it was first introduced by Nikola Tesla and even Albert Einstein.

There is a general consensus that Thomas Townsend Brown may have been the first person to accidentally demonstrate the ‘ionic wind’. This could have been the same motive force Ethan Krauss and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology applied when powering their flying devices. It may even have been the technology that German scientists grabbed from the Vril –an alleged alien race that imparted knowledge to the Nazis about Saucer and Wunderwaffen technology.

Tim Swartz recently appeared on Ground Zero to discuss the Nazi technology that included propulsion systems that included that of a mysterious engine called “The Bell” or “Die Glocke.”

This technology again has been determined to be the subject of cold war mythmakers and yet this technology was allegedly seized after the end of World War II and taken to areas in New Mexico and a facility that was in the Carbazon Indian reservation in California.

There are some that speculate that Reagan’s Star Wars Program gave the green light for scientists to work on reverse engineering this technology and there was also a European group that also were working on the project.

Between 1982 and 1990, twenty-five British-based GEC-Marconi scientists and engineers who worked this project and other United States Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) related projects died under mysterious circumstances.

The first deaths that gained widespread attention and can be linked to the theory came in 1986-1987. In just about a year, six different scientists died in mysterious circumstances, three of whom had worked for the Marconi company, a subsidiary of the defense group General Electric. Most deaths were ruled suicides or accidents. One died after driving his car, which had been packed full of gas containers, into a building. Another tied a rope to his neck and a tree and then drove off in a car. A third died of carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage. No links were found between them. At the time, some opposition lawmakers in the British parliament called for an investigation into the deaths.

Proponents of the “brain drain” conspiracy theory blame the KGB, American spies, or even British spies The deaths appear to be linked because of the scientists working on the same few classified projects dealing with anti-gravity UFO like projects.

The projects were then allegedly moved to Area 51 — in Nevada.

In 1989 George Knapp, a well-known and respected journalist with KLAS, did a series of interviews with a man named “Dennis” who made a claim. “Dennis” claimed to have worked at a small test facility near Area 51. He said he was involved in research that included the testing and reverse engineering exotic craft.

The aircraft, a series of 9 disks ranging in shape form a small circular nicknamed the “sports model” to a larger “top hat” style, were housed at super-secret test facility code-named, “S4.”

A by-product of the black budget skunk works test program at Groom Lake, Papoose Lake or S4 was a smaller more concealed location.

After several interviews with Knapp in locations ranging from a studio to a van, the true identity of the man emerged as Robert Scott Lazar. Lazar, as it would turn out, is perhaps the key element in the “saucer tales” that have been circulating about Area 51.

Arguably, much of the conspiracy surrounding Area 51 and reverse engineered alien craft comes from Bob Lazar.

As an individual, Lazar’s credibility has been brought into question by a few UFO researchers. People tend to criticize Lazar primarily because of what appears to be lack of credentials and a lack of a personal history.

However, many times those same researchers have failed to truly explore his background. And to Lazar’s credit he has produced several key items which lend credibility to his identity. Lazar, very early on, produced a W2 form which stated he worked for Naval Intelligence during the time when he says he worked at S4.

From there the trail goes cold.

One thing about Lazar that seldom gets mentioned is that Lazar is straightforward in his ability to relate the story of his experiences. Polygraph and hypnosis tests have also impressed witnesses as well. Lazar has never really benefited from his story and does not seek to bank on his experience.

Lazar was the first man to tell us about advanced aerospace systems that were derived from possible extraterrestrial technology. If you believe Lazar and others the “smoking guns” have been locked up in the Nevada Desert.

However, a recent story published in the War Zone — again may have blown the lid off of these alleged technologies that have been the subject of cold war mythmakers for some time.

The elusive engineer behind several highly unusual patents, filed on behalf of the U.S. Navy, has broken his silence and finally spoken to the media. Salvatore Cezar Pais responded to emails sent by The War Zone, but his answers bring us no closer to how the technology behind the patents, which involve fusion power and other exotic tech, came about.

Salvatore Cezar Pais is the inventor behind several unusual technology patents. The patents seem to point to a method of transportation similar to UFOs.

Experts say Pais‘ claimed technologies require considerable proof to gain credibility.

Dr. Pais, formerly an aerospace engineer with Naval Air Systems Command/ Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division and now at the Navy’s Strategic Systems Programs, recently achieved notoriety with the publication of patents involving compact fusion reactor energy

The two technologies combined could theoretically create a “UFO”-like craft similar to the one seen by U.S. Navy pilots in 2004 and 2014-15. Although highly unusual, Naval Air Systems’ Chief Technology Officer James Sheehy assured the U.S. Patent Technology Office that the technology behind them was indeed real, and that some aspects were already undergoing testing.

Pais recently published a paper in EEE Transactions on Plasma Science titled, “The Plasma Compression Fusion Device—Enabling Nuclear Fusion Ignition.” The device is essentially a fusion reactor, the holy grail of energy research. Fusion reactors promise cheap, limitless energy without complications of nuclear power—particularly nuclear meltdowns and the generation of nuclear waste.

Pais’ email to The War Zone includes a great deal of technical jargon, but also seems to tread a very careful line of government secrecy. When the War Zone polled subject matter experts, they expressed their doubts, with one suggesting Pais has drunk the “Kool-Aid” of bad science and another remarking that the claims are extraordinary—and thus require extraordinary proof.

Could Pais’ work be an effort by the Navy to replicate technology seen by U.S. Navy Super Hornet pilots? Or is it entirely different and separate from those UFO sightings? Even more bizarrely, could the “UFOs” represent real-world tests of technology that a Navy representative assured the U.S. Patent Technology Office was taking place?

The only way to prove that these technologies exist is to demand that the government kick in the doors and reveal that perhaps we have had the knowledge about advanced systems since the 1940’s and events like Roswell were enough to force the United States government to set apart the Army from the Air Force and create security agencies like the CIA to head up investigations into exactly what went on in the decades leading to the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program where the Pentagon admitted that they have had an interest in UFO’s and wondered if they posed a threat to National Security.

What we may be seeing is that these new sightings of UFOs or UAP could very well be linked to the technology that escaped World War II and took nearly 70 years to perfect.

The question is whether or not it is our technology or the technology or an adversarial country that wishes to use this new weaponry – in Space, the new fighting domain.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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