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Clyde Lewis | January 29, 2021
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The Great Reset is beginning to show that it is serious about controlling the wealth of the world. Big money is turning its back on companies that are not conforming to one simple idea. Sustainability. And it’s fueling one of the biggest transfers of capital the world has ever seen.

In fact, within a year, 77% of institutional investors will stop buying into companies that are not, in some way, sustainable. This means that the Kings are making their moves to change the free market system.

The World Economic Forum saw the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to completely reset capitalism.

The Davos crowd recently convened in order to lay down their plan to take advantage of an economic disaster brought on my COVID-19.

From their website we read:

“COVID-19 lockdowns may be gradually easing, but anxiety about the world’s social and economic prospects is only intensifying. There is good reason to worry: A sharp economic downturn has already begun, and we could be facing the worst depression since the 1930s. But, while this outcome is likely, it is not unavoidable.

“To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.

Ever since the COVID-19 lockdowns millions of people across the world have lost their jobs, and trillions of dollars have been wiped off the value of stock markets. COVID-19 pushed many into poverty but brought huge benefits for some of the wealthiest people –as they saw increases in their fortunes making them billionaires in the process.

It is a case of the wealthy benefiting from tragedy, and people who were told they were non-essential watched as their stocks plummeted, and elitist businessmen made money off shorting the market.

A “short” is when you borrow a stock from a broker and sell it immediately at it’s current price. Then you hope the stock’s price falls such that you can buy the stock back at a lower price and return the shares you borrowed to your broker but keeping the difference.

Let us say I want to short company stock which has a current price of $10. I borrow 1 share and sell it immediately at $10. I have $10 now but I owe my broker the 1 share I borrowed. Then let’s say the price of the stock drops to $7. I now decide to “cover” (buy it back) my short position and buy 1 share at $7 and return the 1 borrowed share to my broker. I made $10 when I sold and only had to pay $7 to buy it back lower, so my profit is the $3 difference.

But now let’s say that instead of the stock price dropping to $7, it goes to $15. I still need to return the 1 borrowed share to my broker, except now it’s going to cost me a lot more to buy it back. If I buy it back at $15 so I can return the borrowed shares, my losses will be the $5 difference between selling at $10 and re-buying at $15. Since the price can rise indefinitely, my potential losses as a short seller are unlimited. At some point I have to buy it back to return the shares I borrowed. The more the price rises, the bigger my losses.

If you bet on a short –with a trending loss you win – if it all of a sudden spikes you take a huge loss—it is how the game is played.

But the poor who have been ravaged by lockdowns and business closures got smart and they declared a revolution without firing a shot.

History was made yesterday that has exposed the stock market and how its manipulations can shut down the little guy and show that the free market is a scam.

It was all initiated on a sub-group of Reddit known for its unorthodox interest in stock markets, video games, and vaguely populist politics. 

Purposely targeting the stock of a company that had long been written off by Wall Street and which short sellers had decided to ravage the video game retailer GameStop — these small investors, many apparently working class or debt-ridden, banded together to drive up the stock price of that company into the stratosphere, abruptly leaving the hedge fund short-sellers with billions of dollars in losses.

It is a case of ordinary people united to brilliantly beat Wall Street at its own game, thereby transferring plutocratic wealth back to the public. Oligarchs and their media spokespeople spent all day on CNBC and other pro-Wall-Street outlets expressing outrage and demanding government intervention to protect them from what they regard as this grave injustice.

I say that perhaps this is the best way to start a real revolution—a nonpartisan way to expose how Wall street operates – but it will unfortunately come at a cost and I am sure there is no strategy for a what next – only a huge what now from investors and a ploy from the elite that will expose them as the fascists controllers they are.

This is not between left vs right, conservative vs liberal. This time it’s political along the class line that separates Billionaire from the underclass, the rabble – the people who were never supposed to win may suddenly have at least a few billionaires on the run.

Finally, the poor have learned how to eat the rich which is a far cry from what we saw 10 years ago.

In September of 2011, the Occupy Wall Street movement emerged at Zuccotti Park in New York City’s financial district against the deepening global economic inequality following the Great Recession and the protests quickly spread to other cities and continents. In just a few months, the sit-in was expelled from Lower Manhattan and the anti-capitalist movement itself largely was diverted towards reformism and away from its original radical intentions.

There were some of the occupiers that realized that they had been lured into becoming useful idiots in a plan that was not effective at teaching the Wall Street elitists a lesson.

Later the scam began to unravel and the origins of the Occupy Wall Street movement was part of a huge marketing campaign traced to Adbusters – a media foundation that survived on grants from the Tides Foundation Progressive Policy Center which receives significant endowments from none other than George Soros and the Open Science framework group.

I was actually investigated the Occupy Movement in both Portland, Oregon and in Las Vegas. I also interviewed the leaders of the movement in Portland — these leaders eventually made off with a lot of money which left many idealistic protesters disenchanted.

The atmosphere at the park occupation was at best like that of a city dump, where drug addicts and vagrants found a place to just hang out. Sometimes violence would break out between occupiers and police.

It was a mess — it was obvious that whatever goals they had they were not met.

People were shocked that the movement had any success at all and wondered how so many people could band together for a protest of this magnitude.

It was simple really — Facebook was responsible.

Occupy groups recruited over 170,000 active Facebook users and more than 1.4 million “likes” in support of Occupations. By October 22, 2011 Facebook pages related to the Wall Street Occupation had accumulated more than 390,000 “likes”, while almost twice that number, more than 770,000, have been expressed for the 324 local sites. Most new Occupation pages were started between September 23rd and October 5th. On October 11th, occupy activity on Facebook peaked with 73,812 posts and comments to an occupy page in a day. By October 22nd, there had been 1,170,626 total posts or comments associated with Occupation pages.

This is how a movement can grow exponentially using the internet.

Ten years later the war against Wall Street has resurfaced and this time internet users have gotten smarter as they attempt to break the bull.

I am sure many of you that have been reading internet news or have been watching the mainstream news have been seeing the headlines about GameStop and the stock market.

The majority of people never play the stock market and those who do are maybe a little confused as to what is happening.

Well to put it simple terms – David slew Goliath, in a sense.

So, in order to explain this, I want to be thorough so that everyone can see how it all affects you —

In a nutshell, Hedge Fund billionaires took out a massive short position on the company, GameStop.

A group of some very smart computer nerds called redditors on a subreddit called “wall street bets” called their bluff.

They drove the stock up to the tune of thousands of a percentile in order to force those hedge fund elitists to liquidate billions of dollars in losses while the merry band of redditors got rich.

It was literally a war that was declared on the elite – which is far more productive than camping out in parks and whining about being stuck in the 1%,

This is the most effective way to occupy Wall Street.

Millions of stuck-at-home day-traders are using their US government stimulus checks and savings to coordinate market moves to push up the price of small stocks being heavily shorted by hedge funds, and even blowing the latter up in the process.

It is a case of the underemployed and the unemployed using the internet and new trading platforms like robin hood to destroy the kings of american finance.

This is what happens when tens of millions of people are locked down and given stimulus checks to play with. But it’s also what happens if tens of millions of people grow up seeing that outside of Wall Street (and Tech), there are no jobs that pay as well and tax as little as playing with asset prices; when TV is full of ads for stock-trading and how amazing it is to be rich– you get some smart people –who want to send a message — the message has been set and the elite do not like being kicked by the little guy.

I believe that this is the true revolution, not one gun was fired, and nobody stormed a government building or occupied a park. Nobody on Wall Street really cares about a crowd with signs outside an office building saying ‘Occupy Wall Street’, it seems: the system just carries on regardless.

This time things are going to change.

We are never going to go back to the old ways of doing business and wall street knows this and now what they are proposing is going to destroy the free market.

The Billionaire elites know that they do not have a monopoly on manipulating the market so they are going to do everything in their power to go after you and people like me who are not on the side of the billionaire elite.

What has happened is that the free market has been exposed as a myth.

If the average American suffers a loss, that’s a darn shame. If big players suffer a loss, shut everything down!

Ironically is the game has stopped — the system is exposed as rigged — it is the “Gamestop Rebellion.”

The system is structured so that Joe Public loses, and the Establishment always wins, even if they have to change the rules or endlessly move the goalposts to do it.

Wall Street only cares about the rules when they are attacked,

The elites are now angry, and they want to get their control back — they are crying out for the State to take control.

They want regulation — which simply put is the true form of fascism or a fascist economy. Looking at the slippery slope — if the elite decide to regulate the free market — you can bet that they will not stop there.

This all falls in line with what they have been striving for in this great reset — now they have an excuse. Now they have something they can exploit. They could go after bank accounts seize them or shut them down without notice.

We are now bearing witness to what happens when the people rebel — and the answer is old fashioned fascism — not the fascism that is defined purely by those who have a partisan agenda like Antifa– the real old fashioned kind defined by Italian fascist Benito Mussolini.

Mussolini held that liberalism (by which he meant freedom and free markets) had “reached the end of its historical function,” Mussolini wrote: “To Fascism the world is not this material world, as it appears on the surface, where Man is an individual separated from all others and left to himself…. Fascism affirms the State as the true reality of the individual.”

Fascist thought acknowledged the roles of private property and the profit motive as legitimate incentives for productivity—provided that they did not conflict with the interests of the state.

Mussolini’s fascism took another step with the advent of the Corporative State, a supposedly pragmatic arrangement under which economic decisions were made by councils composed of workers and employers who represented trades and industries. By this device the presumed economic rivalry between employers and employees was to be resolved, preventing the class struggle from undermining the national struggle. In the Corporative State, for example, strikes would be illegal and labor disputes would be mediated by a state agency.

WallStreetBets, the subreddit that started the GameStop Rebellion, has now been conveniently deplatformed by one group for “hate speech.”  and not the use of this group to sabotage Wall Street billionaires.

What a remarkable coincidence of timing that this subreddit’s “hate speech” suddenly crossed a line exactly as hedge fund managers were demanding their heads; the page continues, however, to appear on Reddit itself

This is one of the most interesting and potentially significant events — not just financially but culturally and politically — to happen in some time.

The little guy wins this round – but of course, it will most certainly end in tears.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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