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Clyde Lewis | January 4, 2021


We have all made that leap into the unknown that is 2021, but we may learn that the experience will be compared to what can be called falling carefully and gracefully off of a cliff. Every New Year I tend to forecast what comes next and what I am certain of is that in the first few months of the New Year we will be seeing the proverbial other shoe drop, the straw breaking the camel’s back and that one frayed nerve that the globalist oligarchs will tap dance on sending more and more people in the streets creating an air of revolution.

2021 will be the year of scores to be settled but that is only because, for the last ten years we have now been psychologically groomed to be compliant while others have been waiting for their moment to strike.

The right hand has been aware of what the left hand has been conjuring and we will learn that we create our own monsters and the powerful have conjured their own beast.

It is a system where many people will be integrated into a networked existence.

For the New Year’s weekend, I spent a lot of time watching celebrations on TV. Times Square was eerie as the streets were empty. Justin Bieber performed a streamed concert from the Beverly Hills Hilton and KISS performed a streamed concert at the Atlantis in Dubai to a crowd of 3000 people socially distancing and an even bigger crowd online trying to figure out how to Rock and Roll all night through a glitchy feed that would buffer occasionally.

But the real show was at the Space Needle in Seattle. I remember that in 2019 I had an opportunity to attend the Space Needle New Year’s Party but it was canceled due to high winds and torrential rain.

This year of course the annual fireworks party was cancelled due to COVID-19.  However, undaunted Seattle hired Terry Morgan, a virtual artist to create a spectacular virtual reality light show that could only be seen on TV. The end result was a breathtaking Virtual laser show that reminded me of many of the Planetarium shows that I have seen where either Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin provides the soundtrack.

In the first few minutes of this extravaganza there were images that were used that sent a very chilling message to me and I am sure many people probably did not realize that perhaps these artistic layered images sent a very clear message that 2021 will be the year of inaugural transhuman change.

In the presentation, the Space Needle looked like a syringe injecting the sky with some sort of cloudy elixir.

There were virtual fireworks and the sky appeared to be milky and it swirled around the needle and it disappeared, then several lines crawled up the tower and started branching out looking like a neural network for a computer.

Each nerve ending with a node. It looked as if these nodes were creating a virtual brain pattern in the sky.

It is then that the Space Needle looks as if it was penetrating a Leucine zipper or human Double-Helix DNA genome strand.  Outside of the double strand, twirling in sync, is another lighted single strand.

I thought this must represent the mRNA strand or messenger RNA that is claimed to be in the new COVID-19 vaccine, thus creating a third strand which will merge with the Double-Helix DNA genome strand, creating a Trans-human hybrid, containing a Triple-Helix DNA genome strand.

As the third strand becomes one with the double helix – the image changes to several geometric shapes. They eventually form a Unicursal Hexagram – or Aquarian Star.

This star is a symbol of Alchemy made famous by none other than Aleister Crowley. Alchemy is the ability to convert one element into another. It is the sorcery of transmutation. In humans it is the ability to create a golem or a new human form that does the bidding of its master.

The Space Needle then sends a shockwave through the sky and above it we see two cells dividing and then multiplying into several cells.

They come together to form a larva and then a cocoon or chrysalis.


The chrysalis opens and there is the image of a Monarch butterfly.

This presentation prompted many people to take to social media claiming that this presentation was so impressive that they compared the technology to what Sergei Monast called Project Blue Beam – a theory that technology could advance to the point where it could easily fake an alien invasion or the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The first few minutes of the presentation was very telling about human transmogrification – it was obvious to me that this was part of the agenda that would be sold to us in 2021.

When I have spoked before about what the proposed Great Reset entails this presentation clearly brings about what is called the revelation of the method.

While every aspect of the Great Reset involves technology, the Great Reset specifically entails “the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” or transhumanism, which includes the expansion of genomics, nanotechnology, and robotics and their penetration into human bodies and brains. Of course, the fourth Industrial Revolution involves the redundancy of human labor in increasing sectors, to be replaced by automation. However, the Father of the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab hails the use of nanotechnology and brain scans to predict and preempt human behavior.

The Great Reset means the issuance of medical passports, soon to be digitized, as well as the transparency of medical records inclusive of medical history, genetic makeup, and disease states. But it could include the implanting of microchips that would read and report on genetic makeup and brain states such that “[e]ven crossing a national border might one day involve a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk.”

On the genomic front, the Great Reset includes advances in genetic engineering and the fusion of genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics.

In military terms, the Great Reset entails the creation of new battle spaces including cyberspace and the human brain as a battle space.

In terms of governance, the Great Reset means increasingly centralized, coordinated, and expanded government and “governmentalities,” the convergence of corporations and states, and the digitalization of governmental functions, including, with the use of 5G and predictive algorithms, real-time tracking and surveillance of bodies in space or the “anticipatory governance” of human and systems behavior.

That being said, “the Great Reset” is but a coordinated propaganda campaign shrouded under a cloak of inevitability. Rather than a mere conspiracy theory, as the New York Times has suggested, the Great Reset is an attempt at a conspiracy, or the “wishful thinking” of socioeconomic planners to have corporate “stakeholders” and governments adopt the desiderata of the World Economic Forum.

This is what they call the New Normal — the NWO normal.  It is ironic that when we spell T-W-O we pronounce it as two– if N-W-O was a word it could be pronounced NEW.  Therefore in an ironic wordplay the NWO normal would be the New Normal.

In order to sell this package, the World Economic Forum mobilizes the warmed-over rhetoric of “economic equality,” “fairness,” “inclusion,” and “a shared destiny,” among other euphemisms. Together, such phrases represent the collectivist, socialist political and ideological component of the envisioned corporate socialism since economic socialism can never be enacted, it is always only political and ideological.

The media of course will continue to condition the populace in 2021 to believe that these qualities are being espoused by all, But one needs to be on guard with agency and discernment or else we will fall again to an invisible enemy being used to curtail freedoms and human dignity.

Recently it has been divulged that major news outlets like CNN, Fox and others have taken ‘private dinners’ and ‘special trips’ paid for by the Communist Chinese Government.  One thing is clear – you don’t see these facts being presented in the media, you see the opposite.

In 2021, you will see that culture will be under attack from all directions. Your safety will be at risk as government compliance to arbitrary science continues through 2021. Their so-called science is that of committee with financial interests over human lives.

There still seems to be a contingent of holdouts clinging to the idea that their own government would not intentionally put the wellbeing of its citizens at risk.  However, as we have revealed there are many people behind the vaccines and the gain of function exercises that are supported by companies and think tanks that support Eugenics programs.

In short, Eugenics is an ethnically biased selective breeding pseudoscience that originated in the United Kingdom and found prominence in the United States in the 20th century. Eugenics groups have wanted to breed out those who they feel are inferior – have suggested zero population growth and are responsible for encouraging abortions among minority groups.

The American Eugenics movement was even referenced during the post-World War II Nuremberg trials as having played a role in inspiring practices of the Holocaust. Though it has been largely whitewashed from modern American history books, Eugenics was openly accepted and practiced in America’s medical establishment for over 70 years, starting in 1909.

Having not only played a role in the segregationist policies of the Jim Crow era, but also resulting in the forced sterilization of tens of thousands of American citizens that werer told that they were unfit for breeding.

This was carried out not by some fringe group, but as signed and approved by government legislature, and supposedly trusted public health authorities as an openly accepted common practice of the American medical establishment for the better part of a century.

This was justified under the term “the science” which today sounds familiar as we hear of the science that tells us that a reduced population is better for a greener planet, and that vaccines are a panacea for those fearful of contracting a potentially deadly virus and can be used to reduce population according the Bill Gates.

It should have already been considered a crime against humanity decades ago that law makers were lobbied into passing legislation in which vaccine manufacturers cannot be held legally liable for any damage their products may cause. It was an act which established official protocols, such as the secret vaccine injury court to largely sweep under the rug any instances of such side effects.

The new vaccines for COVID-19 were rushed through production and it was reported that nanoparticles within the vaccine -basically to introduce mRNA have adhered themselves to polyethylene glycol molecules in the vaccine. Many people are having adverse reaction to these nano particles which the media denies their existence.

In a 2017 report called “Accountability of International NGOs: Human Rights Violations in Healthcare Provision in Developing Countries and the Effectiveness of Current Measures, we read about an incident where vaccines killed children and rendered young women sterile.

A review of healthcare programs funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation calls into question current accountability measures of NGOs in the healthcare sector and shines a light on weaknesses and potential areas of improvement in the current accountability regime for NGOs.

According to the report, ten years ago, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded experimental malaria and meningitis vaccine trials across Africa and HPV vaccine programs in India. All of these programs resulted in numerous deaths and injuries, with accounts of forced vaccinations and uninformed consent. Ultimately, these health campaigns, under the guise of saving lives, have relocated large scale clinical trials of untested or unapproved drugs to developing markets where administering drugs is less regulated and cheaper.

On October 11th, 2020, The Wall Street Journal published an article titled “People Harmed by Coronavirus Vaccines Will Have Little Recourse”. In it, they indicated that those possibly harmed by a Covid-19 vaccine will instead not have their claim heard by the The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, but rather the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Fund. A program even more disingenuous than the other.

The ethical struggle to maintain bodily autonomy and freedom of choice via informed consent may be the new battle in 2021. The New order wishes to inoculate you in order to make you part of the machine and they are willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives to do it.

Which leads us to what the Presidents elect are planning for you future. I used Presidents in the plural because it appears that President elect Biden will be counseled by Kamala Harris until he no longer can lead because of a health issue that he indicated could happen during his presidency.

Biden isn’t even in the Oval Office and he is already making declarative statements about more lockdowns and mandatory mask wearing. He says that this will happen in his first 100 days as President.

That is not all – you can expect him to make big, bold changes through executive action.

Expect bold moves about policing, climate, healthcare education, and gun violence.

This should not surprise anyone –what will be surprising is how swift it will be done and how the people will welcome it even if it is unconstitutional.

He will be bold in wiping out what he calls weapons of war in the United States. He will immediately ban the “manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Biden also plans to force all legal gun owners to register their firearms with the state, or be forced to turn them in, going so far as to issued an ultimatum.

Biden also plans on instituting legislation that will limit how many guns you can purchase. On top of that, he plans on telling you how you can purchase them by banning the “sale of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts online.”

Perhaps one of Biden’s most ominous moves in regard to controlling guns is his push for “smart gun technology” that will require biometrics to fire in an ostensible move to “prevent unauthorized use.” In reality, however, this paves the way for bad actors, including the state and hackers, to be able to control, hack, or essentially turn off your gun, making it a paperweight.

Biden also plans to pick up where Trump left off in regard to extreme risk laws, also called “red flag” laws. Under Biden’s plan, which is similar to the many plans implemented under Trump, family members or law enforcement officials will be able to make claims — many which involve no evidence — allowing a person’s guns to be temporarily taken until that person is declared fit enough to get them back.

Citizens who are targeted by these laws will be deemed guilty first and only after their guns are taken, will they have a chance to defend themselves in court. This is the de facto removal of due process.

Under the fifth and fourteenth amendments, due process clauses are in place to act as a safeguard from arbitrary denial of life, liberty, or property by the government outside the sanction of law.

I don’t know if you have noticed that the mainstream media has occasionally reported on gun crime increases and violence poorer neighborhoods.

Eight million Americans have joined the ranks of the poor since June of 2020. The enormous financial inequality may lead to mass conflicts in months ahead. And even the establishment is showing it’s afraid that things could suddenly get out of hand, because much more turbulence is about to emerge.

This indicates that this biggest lie ever told is that we are all in this together.

We have seen billionaires increase their net worth by 27%. We are witnessing again the compartmentalization of wealth to the 1% and we will see the elimination of the middle class. In 2021 you will either be in the breadline or you will be making bread. The media is keeping a lid on all of this so that they can release the grim aftermath COVID-19 and blame it on the Trump administration—the only plan left will be to “Build Back Better” which has been the globalist dream to create government in their own image—a system that doles out socialism and clings on to capitalism wealth for corporate interests.

It will be a happier and easier way to enable fascism. It is ‘the science” of authoritarian technocracy. We will see the end of legacy systems and the engineering of new control systems.

The biggest trick of the new machine culture will be false construction of reality. People have put too much faith in Hollywood and the media to give them their diet of information and history. False constructs are not Fake News – they are narrative fictions being reported as factual.  False or pseudo reality is created in order to be keen to the intellect and must present a plausible but deliberately wrong understanding of reality. They are cult “realities” in the sense that they are the way that members of cults experience and interpret the world — both social and material — around them.

 The entire country is being groomed – just like cult members are groomed into making decisions that can eventually harm them. It is currently being implemented through linguistic mind control but soon when we realize that the nano-bites that were introduced into our system through vaccines are control technologies – it will be a physical grooming as there will be a backdoor where body hackers and brain hackers can change the way you feel about certain issues.

Pseudo-realities are always social fictions, and now they are political as well. They are maintained not because they are true, in the sense that they correspond to reality, either material or human, but because a sufficient quantity of people in the society they attack either believe them or refuse to challenge them.

It is like I always ask why anyone trusts Bill Gates? He created a computer operating system that was vulnerable to viruses. Then there was antivirus software that you would put into the your computer. Every once in a while, you would have to update the system to prevent against viruses. Now, the same guy is proposing the same thing for your body. God gave you your operating system but Gates wants you to use a vaccine to manipulate your DNA so the technocracy has a backdoor to your thoughts. This will require an update or booster vaccine to keep those nano-bites updated—it is the only way they can construct a reality that you would usually reject.

In order for the New Reality or the New Normal to take hold it will take a great deal of power, coercion, manipulation, and eventually force to keep them in place. These programmable pseudo-realities do not attempt to describe reality as it is but rather as it “should be,” as determined by the relatively small fraction of the population who cannot bear living unless it is bent to enable their own psychopathologies, which will be projected upon their enemies, which means all people who resist.

Common sense is denigrated as bias or some kind of false consciousness, and science is replaced by a scientism or what is called “the science” that is being used as a tool of power itself.

Our culture of being too busy to care and flakiness, has enabled by technology, the ability to avoid questioning the information we take in.  The truth is subversive. Being informed is necessary to identify, expose, and explain the distortions of these constructed realities and juxtapose them with reality. It is also necessary to make use of the most decisive tool that exists against ideological pseudo-realities, which is the law of non-contradiction.

Pseudo-realities and their paralogical structures always contradict reality and themselves, and exposing these contradictions exposes their lies. Being courageous and forthright is necessary to believe in oneself and one’s (real) values and thus to withstand the paramoralizing attacks and social pressure they will generate, but they inspire more of the same and restore moral authority to those who are drained of it by these distortions.

Challenge a psychopath constructed reality and you will get a psychopathic response.

We need to get a backbone and stand up against the so-called new normal.

In 2021, we must make an extra effort to value information that is solid, honest, and true.































Written by Clyde Lewis

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