Last night as I was just beginning my show, I was sent an infrared mapping of the cyclone that was forming off the Atlantic. It was from an NOAA GOES 16 satellite and what I saw was a bit chilling.

As the intensity of the storm was growing, I began to see waves that were forming in the storm. In nature, meteorologists call these things Tropopause folds.

This is interesting because what we are seeing is something that is interfering with the stratospheric and tropospheric air that pushes what appear to be gravity waves within the cell.

They are not unheard of but it is argued that they seldom occur in storms over the Atlantic. Usually cyclones that from in the Bering Sea can show tropopause gravity waves and even then there are some people that claim that these waves are the result of force multiplying a storm in order to make it more powerful.

It can be as this phenomenon happens when circulation at the jet stream entrance runs out of synch with the front that is moving within the jet stream.

In other words it is being claimed by some people on the internet that this storm called a “cyclone bomb” is a force multiplied super cyclone with millibars of low pressure dropping fast like a bomb.


The very real scientific term describes a storm that suddenly intensifies following a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure. Bombing out, or “bombogenesis,” is when a cyclone’s central pressure drops 24 millibars or more in 24 hours, bringing furious winds that can quickly create blizzard conditions and coastal flooding.

Hurricane Harvey had a whopping 945 millibars of Low pressure when it hit the coast of Texas. This cyclone bomb named at its central pressure expected to bottom out near 950 millibars. This makes it among the strongest offshore storms in recent history.

It was already mind-numbingly cold in the U.S. and then it got even colder. It’s so cold Niagara Falls has partially frozen. Record lows in some regions may be shattered in the coming days as a string of weather patterns with intimidating names hits the U.S. East Coast.

Tallahassee, Florida saw snow and many parts of the south that never really see snowfall had to shovel the walks. Grayson is expected to explode up the East Coast between now and Friday, intensifying as it makes its way from Florida to Nova Scotia, blowing record snowfalls around at category 3 hurricane wind speeds.

Unlike hurricanes, which slow down as they head north and get away from the moist heat of the ocean, bomb cyclones tend to reach their peak intensity when they hit New England. That’s where the maximum temperature contrast usually is. It’s also where the third thing meteorologists look for a low pressure trough in the upper levels of the atmosphere happens to be occurring right now.

Blizzard warnings and states of emergency were in wide effect, and wind gusts hit more than 70 mph in some places. Eastern Massachusetts and most of Rhode Island braced for as much as 3 inches of snow per hour.

Four people were killed in North and South Carolina after their vehicles ran off snow-covered roads, authorities said. Another fatality was reported near Philadelphia when a car could not stop at the bottom of a steep, snow-covered hill and slammed into a commuter train. A passenger in the vehicle was killed. No one on the train was hurt.

You can always write something of as natural, because even though oddities happen they are not out of the question. That is why geoenegineering is always the silent and covert weather war weapon. This may not have anything to do with the weaponization of the weather but it wasn’t long ago that the CIA admitted that the programs for geoengineering were well underway, meaning they were already happening and that they were finally admitting it.

Former CIA Director John Brennan admitted at a meeting for the Council on Foreign Relations that Chemtrails, or as he put it, “Stratospheric Aerosol Injection,” is established geoengineering science used to fight global warming.

Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington says if the government is admitting it, the negative effects of spraying are too big to hide much longer. Wigington explains, “When CIA Director Brennan has to address it publicly, clearly it’s getting very difficult for them to hide this elephant in the room and the damage it has done, not only to the environment, but to us.”

Jim Richards, also associated with the CIA, says, “Climate change is a convenient platform for world money and world taxation. That’s one way the elites could sell their plans to the public. It’s inflation masquerading as “saving the planet,” “climate justice,” or what have you… If you have a global problem, then you can justify global solutions. A global tax plan to pay for global climate change infrastructure with world money is the end game.”

Richards also said, “Don’t think that climate change is unrelated to the international monetary system. (IMF head) Christine Lagarde almost never gives a speech on finance without mentioning climate change. The same is true for other monetary elites. They know that climate change is their path to global financial control.”

Last year when Hurricane Harvey was running its catastrophic course along the Texas Coast Politico ran a provocative article entitled “Harvey Is What Climate Change Looks Like.” The Guardian also ran an article stating that Harvey and Irma were the new normal thanks to climate change.

Rather than focus on the victims and offer solutions for speedy recovery, pundits and politicians in the wake of the sparking of hurricanes focused on saying that Harvey and Irma are reason to finally jail officials who “reject science.”

Going back to last year’s stories about massive storms you often see quotes like this and you have to wonder about the psychotic breaks these climate science people have when huge storms arrive.

In the wake of the shock and awe of major storms people believe a lot of things, and when their beliefs are backed by a political agenda and not real science I think it is important to challenge these misguided views.

On September 1st, 2017 Brian Merchant wrote an article for “The Outline” with the headline that “CLIMATE CHANGE DENIAL SHOULD BE A CRIME.”

In the article, Merchant states:

“We are not as often reminded that homes and lives may have been saved if officials and policymakers had incorporated the recommendations of sound science in their outlook and preparedness plans. Which is why we need to add a third response to our evolving national post-catastrophic storm mourning ritual: Identifying and investigating the negligent officials who put the public in harm’s way by repeatedly ignoring crucial data and scientific evidence that can help prevent disaster.”

Furthermore he stated emphatically in all caps:

Climate Change Denial Can And Will Leave People Dead.

In response, I have to say that climate change ignorance is equally dangerous – especially when these scare mongers continued to push their agendas about these storms even in the face of the findings of The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The IPCC released their scientific assessment of what happened last year and found that “No robust trends in annual numbers of tropical storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes … have been identified over the past 100 years in the North Atlantic basin,” and that there are “no significant observed trends in global tropical cyclone frequency.”

Further, “confidence in large-scale changes in the intensity of extreme extratropical cyclones [such as ‘Superstorm’ Sandy] since 1900 is low.

It is interesting to note that as we see the bomb cyclone form over the Atlantic and the massive deep freeze most of the country is in the media has now arrived at a more measured approach to the issue.

They are not saying that climate change is the cause of such a horrible storm, but every once in a while out of sheer habit, some commentators are saying that this storm may not be result of climate change, but that climate change is exacerbating these disasters.

When I heard this on a national news broadcast, I kept rewinding it on my DVR trying to figure out exactly what was meant by the assessment.

Today, I was reading that University of Washington climatologist Cliff Mass, who after examining precipitation levels in the Gulf found that “[t]here is no evidence that global warming is influencing Texas coastal precipitation in the long term and little evidence that warmer than normal temperatures had any real impact on the precipitation intensity from this storm.”

Mass went on to explicitly refute those who attribute Hurricane Harvey to climate change:

The bottom line in this analysis is that both observations of the past decades and models looking forward to the future do not suggest that one can explain the heavy rains of Harvey by global warming, and folks that are suggesting it are poorly informing the public and decision makers.

With all of this in mind, shouldn’t 2018 be the year that we finally be told about the reality about the geoengineering process and that these emotional knee jerk assumptions about major storms are nothing more than political ploys used to prey on those who stand for this unfounded climate justice myth?

Politicians seeking to exploit Harvey and Irma as reasons to act on climate change would only make a bad situation worse. Climate policies and regulations designed to prevent natural disasters and geoenegineering activities that allegedly slow the earth’s warming are not the cause of the storms but the reason why the storms force multiply and become more powerful.

If it is not broken, then why do geoengineers insist that what they are doing is benefitting a planet and helping it cool?

Isn’t it obvious that there are agendas being pushed by over reactive Climate extremists?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel once said “never let a crisis go to waste” and it is obvious that the climate extremists took their opportunity to exploit a crisis with their unfounded rants about how climate change is now responsible for everything from flat beer, to increased earthquake activity.

If anything, these so-called reporters that push climate change disinformation should be flagged and shut down.

Climate science reporters focus on doom and gloom, blame it on so-called irresponsible politicians and then ignore how we should all take the time to learn and implement the lessons in preparedness, response, and resilience.

If you ever wonder what is behind the climate psy-op, it is the controlling of the consensus.

Not very many people know that in science consensus is achieved when scientists stop arguing.

When a question is first asked, like ‘what would happen if we put a load more CO2 in the atmosphere?’There may be many hypotheses about cause and effect. Over a period of time, each idea is tested and retested the processes of the scientific method because all scientists know that reputation and kudos go to those who find the right answer (and everyone else becomes an irrelevant footnote in the history of science). Nearly all hypotheses will fall by the wayside during this testing period, because only one is going to answer the question properly, without leaving all kinds of odd dangling bits that don’t quite add up.

Bad theories are usually the ones that rebel against the overall consensus.

Scientists just give up arguing over the issue and the others that think the theories are outrageous are blacklisted and according to some authors and climate change extremists should be jailed or worse.

This is what convinces me that the immediate reaction to linking any bad storm to climate change is part of as massive psy-op and that if the technocrats want the geoenegineering theories to go away, they should look at the uncomfortable facts about what governments are up to and how they want control of the weather.

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