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Clyde Lewis | January 7, 2021


There is one aspect of conspiracy theory that rarely gets attention as it is considered the black sheep of Ufology and that is the MILABS conspiracy. MILAB is short for Military Abduction Theory. It is the proposal that human experimentation including human mutilation has been carried out by extraterrestrial intelligence working secretly with the Military Medical Complex.

MILABs also includes the idea that alien intelligence along with our military conducts second generation experimentation and Zoonosis where human diseases have a relationship with animals.

Much of this history can be found in what can be called “The Yellow Book” a book about treaties and “The Red Book,” written by the U.S. Government. It contains volumes of information we have gathered regarding our contacts with Extraterrestrial Life Forms. The first volume begins in 1947. The last volume was started in 2005.

According to conspiracy theorists, these books indicate that we have made many ongoing treaties with aliens since the 1950s.

In 2005, an anonymous source sent a series of emails to a UFO Discussion Group led by former U.S. Government employee, Victor Martinez. These emails detailed the existence of an Exchange Program between the U.S. Government and what were called the Ebens – alien beings from Serpo, a planet from the Zeta Reticuli Star System. The program was thus called, Project SERPO.

The deal was that our government would allow for human and animal experimentation by the aliens in exchange for advanced weapons technology.

There have been many people who have claimed that they have been abducted by both the military and aliens and claim that they work in collusion with each other.

There are others that claim that second generation experiments on animals include the mutilations including birds, sheep, horses and cattle.

On December 22nd, there was a report out of El Paso County Colorado that 30 head of cattle were found dead in a grizzly display of mutilated carcasses peppered across the rural landscape.

The swath of dead cattle were found not far from Schriever Air Force Base.


The animals were found off Highway 94 near North Curtis Road, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Jacqueline Kirby said. There was no outward evidence that they had been injured and no sign of criminal activity.

Kirby said a rural outreach deputy who responded said he’d “never seen anything like it.”

Dr. John Heikkila of Choice Veterinary Service examined the animals and said that elevated levels of nitrates were found in at least one bale of hay eaten by the cattle,

However the rancher, who was not identified, fed the cattle the same hay for two weeks without incident before their deaths on Dec. 22.

After examining some of the photos that were leaked on the internet it looked as if some of the cattle died violently.

Some of the cattle appeared to have been shredded. Some of the cows had brain tissue forced out of their nose onto the ground. with no blood coming out of the mouth. It was if the cows were squeezed or crushed — perhaps hurled form the sky to the ground.

El Paso County has been notorious for sightings of strange lights and unmarked military helicopters buzzing the skies over farms in the area.

Digging back into reports of the 1970’s this area of Colorado has seen ranchers sitting on their porches at night with shotguns, scanning the sky for unknown objects.

Reports of cattle mutilation peaked from late 1974 through 1975, with cases popping up everywhere from South Dakota to Texas. In every example, ranchers agreed mutilations were occurring with surgical precision, flesh removed cleanly from the bone in circular patterns, and that the culprits were targeting only sex organs and soft tissue. Where they couldn’t find common ground was in what caused the deaths.

From the beginning cattlemen all over the country were suspicious of a government cover up. The definite cause of death was not established in many of the cases.

Many veterinary practitioners attributed the phenomenon to scavenging following death by natural causes. Although this view is widely held in the veterinary profession, it has never been documented as a concern and there were many instances where necropsies were not performed on the cows —Only to say that organs of the cattle were surgically removed by some sort of directed energy tool.

Various structures, usually either genital organs or portions of the face and head, were missing in bovine found dead on the range.


This phenomenon was the subject of newspaper and magazine articles, television interviews, and television programs. Ranchers who were normally rational and critical, and otherwise analytical members of the media, were thinking the irrational. They were interested in the possibility that Satanic cults were involved but many of the ranchers and the media were actually reporting that pending no other rational explanation the cattle mutilations had to have been performed by extraterrestrial visitors.

Some ranchers were suspicious of the government finding a way to go in and cull the animals in order the bankrupt farmers and force them to give up their land to groups like the bureau of land management.

Many would report that not only were their cattle being killed but their farmland was being buzzed by unmarked black helicopters at night and some unknown aircraft that was silent and had bright blinding lights.

Again, this was highlighted as possible poof that there was an extraterrestrial element and that perhaps the FBI or the CIA was involved in the culling of the cattle.

In the Summer of 2019 well into the Winter of 2020, there were reports of cattle mutilations in the state of Oregon and Utah.

Authorities there are still baffled by the circumstances of the cattle mutilations. There were no wounds. No signs of a struggle. And the bulls’ genitals and tongues had been carefully removed.

The killing and mutilation of the 4 and 5-year-old Hereford bulls in the prime of their productive lives spurred a multi-agency investigation in Eastern Oregon, but detectives turned up no leads and again have not settled on a cause of death.


There’s no obvious reason someone would want those animal parts. They aren’t prime targets for black market sales, authorities said.

Another thing to ponder is that of course the rational observation would be that predators or scavengers attack the carcass but if predatory animals can uniformly select body parts, mainly the ones used in reproduction and excretion, and then remove all the blood from the carcass leaving the remaining good meat to rot what we are seeing is a meticulous animal doing the killings.

In ancient times when animals on farms would die may would see it a sign of famine and disease. The animals were seen as unclean and that the farms were cursed and that no flesh was to be consumed.

This would be a portent to famine.

In Old Testament writings it was common to read about how those who refused to listen to their spiritual nature would have curse brought upon them. In the book of Deuteronomy, I remember all of the curses that were predicated upon the wicked. The curse upon the people would be fewer children born, a bad harvest, and the death of the cattle.

It is important to note that cows were often cited in ancient texts as being sacred. The Oxen, Cows and bulls were often looked at as divine and their movements and health were always monitored because they were also oracles of what was to come. It was known that ancient Romans would perform a religious practice that included using the entrails of cows and sheep to predict the future. This is a practice known as Haruspex.

Many of the ancient Gods were often depicted as cows or bulls.

The primitive people would offer sacrifices in order to save the farms – there were animal sacrifices like the sheep and the cattle and in some cases, children were sacrificed.

There may have been a reason that cows were used for divination and that is because cattle are merely the four-legged canaries in the coal mine. They are the creatures we must look at for determining what is next in our biological runaway train ride into what appears to be the bio unfriendly future.

2021 is the year of the Metal OX or Bovine in the Chinese Zodiac. The year of the OX brings the weight of responsibility, reset, accomplishment and judgement.

The unexplained death of Oxen or Murrain was the fifth plague of Egypt and was the indication of mass hunger.

In Exodus we read “Behold, the hand of the LORD is upon thy cattle which is in the field, upon the horses, upon the asses, upon the camels, upon the oxen, and upon the sheep: there shall be a very grievous murrain.”

The Fifth Plague was called the murrain of beasts.

After the alleged mutilations reported in December, I was sent an e-mail that directed me to an interview that was conducted by Patrick Bet-David about the future of the cattle and meat industry. American cattle rancher Shad Sullivan from North Texas is interviewed by Bet-David about the future of the cattle and beef industry

Sullivan received an email from the USDA in April 2020, stating that it would help farmers to find alternative markets for their harvests, as COVID-19 caused meat processing plants to shut down

If alternative markets couldn’t be found, state veterinarians and government officials would assist with culls, or depopulation, of their herds.

Due to the allowance of acquisitions and mergers, four companies — Tyson, Cargill, JBS and National Beef, which is owned by Marfrig Global Foods — control 85% of the U.S. beef supply

There are now 727,906 beef farms and ranches in the U.S. In 1979, Sullivan says, there were 1.2 million to 1.3 million; he believes that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one-third of the remaining beef farms and ranches in the U.S. may disappear after 2020 — maybe more.

Sullivan says officials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture are also preparing farmers to depopulate cattle that are ready to harvest due to a “bottleneck created by the effects of COVID and the logistics therein..

Last year we reported that the World Economic Forum planned to  reset” of food and agriculture to include projects and strategic partnerships that favor genetically modified organisms, lab-made proteins and pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals as sustainable solutions to food and health issues.

For example, WEF has promoted and partnered with an organization called EAT Forum. EAT Forum describes itself as a “Davos for food” that plans to “add value to business and industry” and “set the political agenda.”

EAT was co-founded by Wellcome Trust, an organization established with funds from GlaxoSmithKline and which still has strategic partnerships with the drug maker and other pharmaceutical companies that are providing us with the COVID Vaccine..

In a recent investigative report, it was revealed that the developers of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine have previously undisclosed ties to the eugenics-linked Wellcome Trust.

Many of the antibodies used in these Vaccines were created from genetically modified cattle.

When the COVID-19 pandemic erupted, SAb Biotherapeutics, a lab in Sioux Falls,

South Dakota had already completed a clinical trial with cow-generated antibodies against Middle East respiratory syndrome, which is caused by a coronavirus related to SARS-CoV-2.

Before the animals start to release these antibodies into their blood, the cows received a starter immunization—a DNA vaccine based on a portion of the virus’ genome that preps their immune system. Then comes the injection that contains a piece of SARS-CoV-2’s spike protein, which serves as the virus’ passkey to cells.

Much like what we are told must happen to humans – a starter inoculation and then a booster 28 days later.

Wellcome Trust, MONSANTO/Bayer, and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation are the major groups involved with vaccine development and genetically modified food stuffs including lab meats.

According to Frederic Leroy, a food science and biotechnology professor at University of Brussels, The EAT network, Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda gates foundation interact closely with some of the biggest imitation meat companies, including Impossible Foods and other biotech companies, which aim to replace wholesome nutritious foods with genetically modified lab creations.

During the Democratic National Committee debates there were people planted in the audience asking questions about how new guidelines for the green economy would affect meat eating and what the candidates would do to curtail meat consumption. Most everyone who were behind the campaign to vilify meat eating were greatly exaggerating the studies linking meat eating to poor health. The studies vilifying the health effects of meat were based on observational epidemiology, which can’t show actual cause, only associations.

Remember this was all being brought up at the end of 2019 and the reason the meat was being vilified was because of what they were calling science –and that science was all about Climate Change and the coercing of the population into following the new green deals proposed by the United Nations at the 2030 Summit.

CNN decided to give it a marathon-length town hall: seven hours in which 10 top contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination shared their plans for cutting carbon emissions, dealing with potentially catastrophic weather, and saving the planet for the generations to come.

The conversation turned to the discussion of whether or not a person has a right to consume a cheeseburger.

While discussing red meats, dietary requirements, and beef production, it seemed they were debating whether the Democrats would uphold the right to backyard barbecues or require draconian enforcement of meat rationing to save the planet from greenhouse gasses.

Asked about climate activism and her stand on the beef and cheese industries, Amy Klobuchar, went out big. “I am hopeful that we’re going to be able to [cut carbon emissions] in a way—especially when I am president—that we can continue to have hamburgers and cheese.”

Kamala Harris, lest Americans think otherwise, conceded she loves cheeseburgers. She didn’t seem too proud of it—feigning her meat guilt in front of some militant climate change vegan.

But she went even bigger stating if she were president she would definitely change the dietary guidelines “to reduce red meat specifically or to ban its consumption all together.”

She then later stated that meat production has a detrimental impact on the environment and that there should be plans in place to curtail the consumption of meat so that it will improve the environmental impact.

Over the past month, President-elect Joe Biden has announced several key Cabinet member nominations, eliciting a range of reactions from his supporters and critics. Multiple sources disclosed that Biden plans to appoint Tom Vilsack, aka “Mr. Monsanto,” as the Secretary of Agriculture.

Many progressives were quick to argue that Vilsack’s ties to certain agricultural industries make him a complicated and regressive choice for this role.

While serving as Obama’s agriculture secretary, Vilsack made a few controversial moves regarding genetically-modified crops; for instance, he expedited the approval process for GMOs.

These decisions caused his critics to nickname him “Mr. Monsanto.

As you can see there appears to be a ;ot going on behind the scenes and there are many apparent cover-ups with regard to what we eat and what pharnecuticals we put in our bodies.

The issue of cattle mutilation for the sake of culling herds to create scarcity is just as important of the topic as the possibility of alien collusion. The co-conspiracy of the government using advanced technology to cull the herds—and the possibility of that technology being part of the extraterrestrial incursion is compelling –as the end result is the transhuman agenda.

Again we need to revisit the idea that cattle mutilations are bad omens. They are simply a pretext for disease and scarcity and that if the aliens or some other force is taking the body parts of birds, domestic animals and cattle it is because they wish to analyze them for the possibility of a future plague.

Bovine blood is also used in the bioweapons industry.

Bovine blood is also used to force multiply viruses that are weaponized in labs. It is also used in many vaccines.

We need to understand that cattle and other animals are exposed to all sorts of outside evils that find their way into the ecosystem. Much to the chagrin of vegan militants, the problem may be in the earth itself. Heavy metals and other contaminants end up in the soil and the watershed. It ends up in the plant life and then it is transmitted to animal life.

Other animals have demonstrated that they are being exposed to all kinds of pathogens, infectious diseases, and toxic gasses. The question is where is all of this coming from? Chickens carry influenza, mosquitoes have carried viral encephalitis and crows have shown that they can carry the West Nile Virus.

We can all attribute this to natural and common effect from nature and the environment but knowing the history of the military and their experimentations we may want to look at farm animals and their uses as lethal canaries in a coal mine.

Like in ancient times, the aliens were busy again—they stalk the Ox and in the process wish to tamper with our DNA.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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