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Clyde Lewis | October 1, 2019
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It has been unseasonably cold here in the Pacific Northwest and while southern locales are still basking in August type heat, the flu season has begun in the north. A week ago my wife came down with horrible flu-like symptoms, and while I lucked out and was vigilant in heading it off at the pass with rest and various supplements, there were other people around the office with hoarseness and cough.

One of my colleagues said that he got a flu shot and still was hit with the flu that kept him bedridden all weekend.

He said that he never got a flu shot in his life but his kids started getting the cough and sniffles and he wanted to avoid getting sick. He got sick last year and didn’t want to go through it again so he caved to the propaganda and go the jab. He regretted it.

I have heard this all before and when you try to tell people – they accuse you of being anti-science and that by you not getting a shot your putting your life in danger and the lives of others in danger.

This type of attitude aggravates me because it is obvious that those who say these things are merely parroting the propaganda and advertising that again treats a flu vaccine as if it comes with a side of fries and a milkshake.

Now, I want to point out that I am not anti-vaccine; I have had a pneumonia vaccine and a shot for tetanus. The pneumonia shot I fully admit made me feel very weak and when I received it I went into shock but a nurse talked me through it and eventually my body acclimated to it.

I received a tetanus shot after I hurt my leg in a minor accident – when I was asked by my nurse if I wanted one, I asked sheepishly “What will it do to me?” I almost said no but I thought, I have had one before – it has just been too long ago to remember what I felt afterward.

I guess the paranoia I have over vaccines and shots is a response to the debate over vaccinations and how most people are unaware of the risks associated with vaccinations.

Research studies, scientists and doctors worldwide recognize these dangers. Where the risk of injury or death is acknowledged, it appears to be ignored and rabid pro-vaccine militants are making vaccines mandatory in some states and this is certainly a problem for those who do have horrible side effects when given a shot.

The bottom line is I feel that there are people who would be more than happy to vaccinate and receive needed shots but there seems to be a lack of transparency that really needs to be addressed without the ridicule and outright lying that goes with the vaccine push.

There is something suspicious about a lobby that goes out of its way to discredit those who wish to point out that there have been many vaccine injuries, illnesses, and death due to different vaccines and from the toxins which are added to the vaccines.

The mainstream media and certain governmental agencies have a media blackout on anything that contradicts the unified stance that vaccines are safe, period.

Last year, the well-propagandized talking heads on TV and radio repeated over and over again how important it was to be fully vaccinated with the newest untried and unproven-for-effectiveness influenza vaccine, whose ingredients had been chosen 6 months earlier (in the Spring of 2017) by industry “experts” who were forced to guess which 3 or 4 influenza viruses from the southern hemisphere out of hundreds of potential viruses that were most likely to be circulating in the northern hemisphere by the next “flu season.”

Last year at this time, the Washington Post was pushing the flu vaccine propaganda to the point of ridiculousness.

In the article “Flu can be a killer, but some refuse to take a shot” the author gives the warning that people who choose not to be injected with the influenza vaccine are behaving irrationally. That they are anti-science or prone to conspiracy theory.

The author even likens not getting a flu shot to people who choose not to wear their seat belt while driving. There’s no reason not to just do it!

The underlying assumption being made here is that vaccination is a one-size-fits-all solution that is both safe and effective. We are supposed to believe that this is precisely what science tells us.

But that is unequivocally false.

It is a tiresome debate every year and those who get all angry at those who do not take flu shots should calm down and understand that for many years the flu shot has been the biggest health swindle that has ever be pushed on the American people.

Neither the CDC nor the media have any interest in properly informing the public about what science actually tells us about the influenza vaccine. Instead, they issue endless propaganda that only serves to misinform and avoids talking about how there are many people that get the shot that end up either sick, near-death or dead.

And yet the mainstream media and the so-called doctors encourage flu vaccinations while acting puzzled as to why people aren’t caving in and getting jabbed at the local pharmacy.

In expressing puzzlement over why people would choose not to get the flu shot, the mainstream media will report incredulously that the vaccine is “the most important way for everyone older than 6 months to protect against serious cases of the flu, according to the CDC.”

Note that once again, the word of the CDC is parroted as though credible. But what is the scientific basis for this claim? It appears that no one in the mainstream media bothers themselves to search for the answer to such questions. They don’t even raise the question.

What the CDC says is rather taken as gospel, and again we are told that the science is settled and that is that.

But where are the studies showing that getting an annual flu shot is more effective for preventing influenza illness than lifestyle choices to maintain a healthy, functioning immune system.

Where are the studies showing that vaccination is more effective than doing things like eating a nutritious diet, mitigating exposures to environmental toxins, washing hands and otherwise practicing good hygiene, exercising, and maintaining sufficiency of vitamin C and vitamin D?

The answer is that they don’t exist.

I can honestly say that the way I beat the severity of the bug I got was at the moment that I felt that tingling in the throat – I immediately started taking Zinc, Vitamin C. several other supplements and loaded up on an herbal tea supplement that cleaned the system. I added a little Manuka honey and lemon to my tea. I got plenty of rest, took a hot shower and had a Thai soup called Tom Kah and curry for two days – the worst thing I got was a few aches that were managed with Tylenol and a small cough.

That was it. I dodged the bullet.

The reality is that there is absolutely no scientific basis for the CDC’s assertion that the influenza vaccine is the most effective way to prevent the flu. But the media parrots it dogmatically anyway as though it was an unquestionable fact.

And those who dare to question public vaccine policy, insofar as the mainstream discourse about the practice of vaccination goes, are guilty of heresy.

But how can anyone be guilty of heresy when those who provide you with the vaccines have been telling you that they are ineffective? How can they in one sentence tell you that the shots they have won’t work and still have the audacity to say –“Don’t let that discourage you from getting a flu shot?”

Well this year it is the same old song and dance – an expert at the World Health Organization has now said that this year’s flu vaccine may have been mismatched and I am sure that even in the face of the mix up there will still be those who will tell you – get the shot anyway .

It is being reported that epidemiologists have called into question whether or not World Health Organization has chosen the correct influenza strains to target with this year’s vaccine. The WHO’s so-called strain-selection committee meets twice a year to study trends to determine which four varieties to include in the four-in-one shot based on global flu trends.

Danuta Skowronski, with the British Columbia Center for Disease Control in Vancouver, reported that this year the flu shot in the northern hemisphere contains a “mismatch.” Skowronski says the flu trends changed and the committee may have misjudged which strain would become dominant. “That H3N2 wave” that was responsible for the late-season wave of U.S. cases last year “was evolving at the time that they met in February,” Skowronski said of the selection panel. “And there was a diverse mix of H3 viruses. And it wasn’t clear to them, which strain would emerge the clear winner.”

But of course, the mainstream media will tell you that this should not discourage you from getting a flu shot – I mean it is kind of like the luck of the draw – you either win or you lose. I guess this is fine if you like playing Russian roulette with your health and wellbeing.

It’s never an easy business to predict which flu viruses will make people sick the following winter. And now two of the four choices that made last winter for this upcoming season’s vaccine are now off the mark.

The selections that officials made last week for the next Southern Hemisphere vaccine suggest that two of four viruses in the Northern Hemisphere vaccine that doctors and pharmacies are now pressing people to get may not be optimally protective this winter. Those two are influenza A/H3N2 and the influenza B/Victoria virus.

The strain selection committee concluded the H3N2 and B/Victoria viruses needed to be updated because the ones used in the Northern Hemisphere vaccine didn’t match the strains of those viruses that are now dominant.

Scott Hensley, an associate professor of microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania, agreed that the vaccine’s effectiveness will be nebulous. But Hensley cautioned that at this point it’s too soon to know what versions of the viruses will be circulating.

So again, there is just enough vagueness to make it okay to try your luck on the vaccine roulette wheel.

A report has circulated that indicates there has been lot of H3N2 activity the last few years. So it’s possible that this flu season in the Northern Hemisphere will be dominated by H1N1 viruses.

And if that’s the case then the H1N1 antigens that6 are in the vaccine will match types of H1N1 viruses that are circulating right now.

But again this is a big “If.”

You have a four-in-one or a three-in-one shot but the answer is whether or not their planning worked – it is an educated guess –and certainly the mainstream news will not allow for any discussion about this.

So the question is will H3N2 or H1N1 be the flu that arrives? — will it be of the influenza B viruses, B/Victoria and B/Yamagata.

Most flu vaccine is made with killed viruses, and most vaccine used in the United States is quadrivalent — four-in-one.

So if all four have been mismatched your vaccine.

There was great uncertainty around which version of H3N2 to choose for the Northern Hemisphere vaccine when the committee met last February — there was a lot of variation between the strain the U.S. was seeing and the H3N2 viruses sickening people in Canada and Europe. There was so much uncertainty, in fact, that the committee delayed making the choice of the H3N2 strain for a month to try to get a clearer picture.

In the end, the committee selected a version of the virus that was causing a wave of late-season illness in the United States. Canada also had a late-season surge of H3N2 activity but caused by a different version of the virus.

It appears the virus that was ultimately selected is not the H3N2 that dominated during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter 2019 season.

The variant of H3N2 viruses that just swept through the Southern Hemisphere is more likely to be the main cause of H3N2 infections for the Northern Hemisphere this winter than was the case in the U.S. late last winter and into the early spring.

But that version of H3N2 is difficult to grow in eggs, which is the way the vast majority of flu vaccines are made.

In recent years the H3N2 component has generally been the least effective part of the vaccine. If H3N2 viruses predominate this coming flu season, a vaccine mismatch could add to the severity of the season. But if those viruses play a smaller role this winter, the impact of a mismatch will be less significant, making it hard to predict if this choice is going to turn out to be a problem.

Flu circulation remains difficult to predict and flu viruses are constantly breaking the rules. However, if you run a search on Google for a balanced report on what is happening you will not get it because of the way search terms a skewed to push one side of the issue.

The bottom line is supplementation, healthy choices, washing hands and getting rest can’t hurt in preventing or reducing the severity of flu symptoms.

However, in a world of quick fixes and over the top propaganda – no matter how mismatched or even ineffective that vaccine may be there will not be a report that offers you choice – all reports in the mainstream encourage every vaccine to be mandatory regardless of its effectiveness.

The body of studies on the safety and effectiveness of the influenza vaccine are largely industry-funded, and industry funding has been shown in studies to be associated with findings that are significantly more favorable to the pharmaceutical industry’s bottom line.

So what we are seeing is not journalism but advocacy.

The mainstream media including Google engages in this kind of pro pharmaceutical advocacy routinely and systematically. This is far from properly informing the public so that individuals will have the knowledge they’ll need to make an informed choice whether or not to vaccinate for the flu.

This can be done either by mindlessly regurgitating government and industry propaganda or by simply making up whatever “facts” are necessary to lead people to the predetermined conclusion.

There is no research. There is not even any debate – so what we have is purely dogma.

The internet is the most aggravating as Google allows for the dogmatic sites to be seen first with rarely a rebuttal or even vital information about the doubts of effectiveness.’

There seems to only be attempts to characterize people who choose not to get the flu shot as being grossly misinformed, anti-science or tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists.

The mainstream media does not educate the public about the critically important issue of vaccines. Instead, they perform their usual statist function of manufacturing consent for government policies by issuing propaganda intended not to inform, but to deceive people into believing falsehoods so that they will obediently comply.

The problem in America is that we do not have health literacy that prevents diseases. We merely have a broken health care system that merely puts a very expensive band-aid on everything.

The World Health Organization believes that the issue of vaccine paranoia is “complex” and believes that the answer to successfully addressing the issue of mistrust and doubt is “effective communications,” which the organization considers to be the “key to dispelling fears, addressing concerns and promoting acceptance of vaccination.

But, let us use common sense here. Is the growing tendency of people around the world to hesitate when it comes to vaccines that complex? Is it simply a matter of communicating more effectively with people about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines? Is it all really just a misunderstanding?

Or, could it be that people have legitimate concerns about vaccines because what they are being told by doctors and public health officials does not match their own personal experience with vaccines, or it doesn’t square with what they have learned by reading articles in newspapers, magazines and on websites regarding injuries and deaths caused by vaccines?

Or, is it that if you are actually injured or suffer any complications from a vaccine you cannot sue the vaccine companies for damages. In 2011, the Supreme Court ruled that federal law prohibits lawsuits against drug makers over serious side effects from childhood vaccines. The court voted 6-2 against the parents of a child who sued the drug maker Wyeth in Pennsylvania state court, for the health problems they say their daughter, now 19, suffered from a vaccine she received in infancy.

Now, why would anyone trust that?

Isn’t it also a bit suspicious that at some drug stores and supermarkets pharmacies, if you purchase a certain amount of merchandise they will give you flu shot for free?

It is comparable to getting free chicken nuggets with the purchase of a Whopper and fries.

So much for complexity.

This keep-it-simple-stupid strategy for pushing vaccines appears to not care about facts, plays on emotionally laden, Coca-Cola style marketing and is also based on the assumption that these doubting and hesitant people or anti-vaxxers are uneducated.

Perhaps they are not as easily swayed by the kind of superficial commercial marketing that has been employed to successfully sell laundry detergent.

The militant vaxxer’s seem to want to condemn those that wish to do their own research, think for themselves, and draw their own conclusions

Written by Clyde Lewis

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