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Clyde Lewis | October 1, 2020
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I know that the month of October is upon us and the year 2020 has been a traumatic roller coaster ride. I suppose that it may be a cruel joke to remind everyone that this month is certainly the month of paranormal hijinks. Many that we observe in this month are forbearing the arrival of Halloween. It also gives me a reason to forego some of the political talk of the moment and dig deep into my library of occult books to somehow find stories of intrigue that remind you of the esoteric world and why this month is so intriguing.

When we speak of the occult and the paranormal what we are really talking about is how there is mirror-world within our own that lurks in the shadows and there are moments in our lives where the light shines into that dark mirror world and when it does we realize that we are not alone and that someone or something is there in another dimension watching us with hungry eyes and intent.

Various causes have been offered to explain the crisis that this planet is in now and how it is affecting the lives of people from the historical, socioeconomic political and cultural realms.

But there is that cause that certainly is overlooked and that is that in some quantum way we are being influenced on a more etheric level and that what sometimes is dismissed as superstition is what most certainly has us in its grip and that we cannot see the path that is set before us.

It can be said that what is happening is part of an occult war. It is being waged by the forces of global subversion and it is guided by those powers and principalities that have been talked about in the ancient writings of the prophets.

The occultic war is being fought in the context of moral dilemma and there are force unknown being against us from the multiverse that force this global subversion.

These forces and influences often act in a decisive manner and which more often than not cannot be reduced to what is merely human whether at an individual or collective level.

Today, I was reading material for a show that we are planning for Friday about Venus and I stumbled upon a signal that NASA had recorded from the Sun that was matter of fact surrounding Venus. Apparently, NASA is now saying that the sun is pulling out of its quiet cycle and soon we will be seeing more activity form it.

I thought it would be fun to record the signal and just listen to the anomaly. When I did Ron Patton and Wes Skotko my producers made a weird suggestion. They said that maybe we should use the White Circle technology we used with the crystal skull and while the sun signal was playing try and call out to the universe to see if something wanted to send us a message.

So we sat in the studio and with the Sun signal playing in the background we tuned on the devise that monitors low frequency cross talk and waited for something –anything that would come through.

For the first few moments we were getting nothing but undecipherable gibberish. There have been many times where we have used technologies such as these with the Black Cube and on Ghost hunts where it has been difficult to hear what is being said.

This time, there were some surprisingly bizarre clear messages being sent through the small speaker.

We had to share them with everyone.

The message sequence we got was:
(Static with someone yelling Hi) and then “Can you hear me?”
(More static) Then the word Jesus.
Then “Can you hear me Jesus?”
“Your name and movement marches now!
There will be chaos there will be a sign.”

We all were puzzled by the message and so I had to go through all of my books and find connections to the Sun, Venus, Jesus ancient writings and several other things in order to try and figure out what it all meant.

I was looking through a book that I had buried in my book case called “Man Among the Ruins” by Julius Evola. Which speaks of symbols and signs pertaining to the occult war and that Great War or movement between the righteous and the Dragon of prophecy.

The case is made that the traditional forces of good are being targeted by nontraditional chaotic forces that were controlled by the stars and the planets anciently.

This is called the tactic of inversion – it is a tactic where the reverse becomes the normal instead of the obverse.

Everything is contradictory to the traditional and so forth.

It would be an understatement to say that everything in the year has seemingly gone in reverse and that entropy has been the norm on earth.

Everything in retrograde – everything seemingly upside down.

Now as I said I was preparing for a show about Venus that we are goingto air tomorrow.

I realized that of all the planets in the Solar System, Venus is the only one in retrograde motion.

That’s surprising to say the least.

But it explained a lot as to why things seem to be out of synch. The announcement that there might be signs of life on Venus is interesting from a scientific view – but I have not addressed what this means on an esoteric level.

Depending on what you believe religiously Venus is a symbol of chaos and it goes by another name “Lucifer.”

Lucifer is the morning star, the light bringer and the herald to the greater light.


There is a theory that Lucifer was not always in the position it is in now – that perhaps it traveled the solar system from a place nearer to Saturn and when it moved through the sky it was seen as a comet – but a very big comet that changed colors form a hot white to a terrifying red.

It was seen by the ancients as a bearded Dragon and it was associated with plagues and war.

It is theorized that it was the pillar of fire seen by the Hebrews in Exodus.

All the calendars had 360 days before Venus passed by, then had 365 after. And a difference of 5 days would become extremely obvious to an agrarian society in less that one person’s life span. So it is unlikely to be an error. All the stories about a god fighting a dragon, lightning bolts, and huge walls of water can all be tied into this theory. Even the pole shift or mountains rising out of the sea and a huge flood could be explained by Venus. It was said that at the time the Lucifer or Venus crossed the sky it almost ripped the crust of the earth apart.

The planet was the god and its tail was the dragon. A show of lightning between the planet and the tail looked like gods fighting with lightning bolts. The tail was filled with carbon which was later confirmed in Venus’ extremely thick atmosphere; and this tail covered the earth and created rainfall consisting of basically food or manna to the Hebrews who were now wandering the desert following a huge pillar of fire and smoke.

Many of these theories were shared with me by David Talbot who was the head of The Thunderbolts Project, a group who focused on ancient signs and wonders in the heavens. They are responsible for the book and documentary “Symbols of an Alien Sky.”

Our focus on Venus now is also a focus on Lucifer the morning star and what it means to find life on its very hot surface. The idea of a fallen star and the signs of life from the dragon should not be ignored – there is methodical synchronicity as in the past many occult practitioners have connected Lucifer to the legendary planet Vulcan, Hercolubus, Planet X, Comets, Asteroids and prophecy.

The Bible is full of warnings of future comet or asteroid impacts, most importantly from Christ as found in the New Testament. Peter and Revelation that suggest a final cataclysmic event wherein the Earth is turned into a sea of fire and lava. Such a catastrophe seems to have befallen Venus a few million years ago.

Remember that celestial event like this was seen as a great pillar of fire, a flaming sword, or a bearded Dragon.

In the book, The Bible Code, by Michael Drosnin it is proposed that there are messages that are encoded in the Hebrew Bible. The messages are purported to be hidden in the Torah, and can be deciphered by placing the letters of various Torah passages at equal intervals in a text that has been formatted to fit inside a computer matrix.

No one has really talked about the book in the 21st century – but I have it and thought I would look through it and see what I could find about Venus and or Lucifer the Morning Star.

What I found was amazing and scary at the same time.

A computer was used to search for words in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal format. Skip sequence words are searched basically every other row or column is skipped and viable words are found. Many skip codes exist, like 4, 10, 50, etc. Words cross other words or are found in the matrix vicinity of other words. It is postulated that these word groups are related. Even the name given to the Sun’s dark star companion (Vulcan) is specifically mentioned in the Bible Code:

Morning Star, Dark Star – star/planet – star – Sun – companion – object – invisible/concealed – concealed – emerging – amalgamation – granular/nuclear – turmoil—fallen angel—fallen shepherd

Tsunami – Vulcan – planet/star – India – Indian – Athens – Greece– stony – flaming – gigantic – flame – obliterate – flabbergasted – leviathan – Dragon –oblivion – overwhelming – impact

Incoming Asteroid – Vulcan – blaze – brightness – whole Earth – USA – impact – billion – missile – nemesis/vengeance – disaster/holocaust

A variety of events are also revealed, including victories and defeats of political figures, assassinations, atomic holocausts, earthquakes and comet/asteroid strikes.

Pretty basic apocalyptic mayhem.

With all of the cross referencing it would be hard to decipher what it all means and whether or not this will be our fate.

However, what is most interesting is the comparisons of Venus to Vulcan and mentioning Lucifer as the fallen angel – or the fallen star of the morning. That Venus is the great Dragon that roses again in the future to bring about the war in heaven.

According to the book, Beyond Star Wars, William F. Dankenbring an apocalyptic minister writes that When Lucifer and his angels rebelled against God, there was a shudder – a paroxysm – in the fabric of the Universe! Destruction! Paroxysm! Chaos! For the first time, beings who had been “sons of light” turned to the “dark side” of the “force” – went astray in a massive but abortive rebellion!

Angels in the Bible are called “stars” (Rev.1:20). What happened in the rebellion of these “stars” was reflected in what happened to the literal “stars” – that is, the planets and heavenly bodies in our solar system! Wreckage! The massive tell-tale signs of awesome violence and catastrophe in the solar system reflects the debris and results from the initial WAR of the wicked angels in their first rebellion against God, and their subsequent attempts to thwart and destroy God’s plan on this earth for mankind!

The event which marked the rebellion of Lucifer was the creation of proto-Venus — a falling and cascading celestial body that left behind a tale appearing in the sky as a Great Dragon.

This Dragon drew with it other stars and the dust from the tail fell to the earth and other planets and brought with it wreckage and disease.

The apostle Jude also refers to the punishment that befell the angels “that did not keep their own position but left their proper dwelling” (Jude 6).

A much fuller account of the story is provided by the prophet Isaiah: … “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

In times of prophetic concern there must be an important dialogue about how Biblical anomalies can be explained by scientific means. The ancients saw signs in the sky as divine harbingers or symbols. In some cases, comets or bearded “crossing” stars and planets were seen as dragons in the night sky.

But of course this is not the only interpretation – it just seems that with our new interest in life on Venus we cannot overlook its relationship with Lucifer and how the ancients saw a miraculous event in heaven where the great Lucifer fell and brought with him other angels that share a place is hell with him.

The war in heaven is an event that we are told will repeat in the apocalypse and maybe Venus was the key all along.

Whatever this future might be, the echo of its thunder is rumbling into the present, causing us to think that the end times are approaching.

I always use caution when dealing with all myths and legends, but especially as they relate to ancient civilizations, intentionally convoluted history, and occult organizations, separating coded metaphors from actual physical events or even a mixture of the two is no easy task.

People may or may not understand the impact of a causal acquaintance where surprises touch us on an occult level.

It can be said that this Venus-Dragon-Lucifer interpretation is is at the heart of Satanist and hermetic theosophical new age philosophy but it can also be said that we are simply ignorant of our true heritage and that we have always been at the mercy of the stars and the planets and their activities.

But as I said before, being that it is October and that 2020 has been perilous for most of us – there always seems to be an occult explanation for everything.

It is a time where we prepare for our journey into the darkness of winter, which is beginning to look like a winter of our discontent.

There have been many times on my show where I have said that some sort of political priest craft is happening in the country and that subtle Luciferian doctrines and practices have certainly been revived and that they conjure examples of apocalyptic themes in order to create a Christian dogmatic dispute and schism.

We are at a time in history where we are multi-tasking our duality and sealing our fate. The social network has been busy dragging out the devil, while in the same breath praising the lord out loud in the market place. This is breeding an environment where the wolves are successfully fooling the sheep into believing anything as long as it is expedient and beneficial for the furthering of the leviathan globalist cult.

Leviathan of course is just one more way to describe the rise of the Dragon. The Dragon may also be a metaphor for the coming of the Antichrist.

We need to understand that those who refuse to awaken will stand and be fooled as the controlled demolition of all we have suffered and fought for will be evident.

Staged rebellion, and proficiently timed acts terror are now part of a darker agenda and a vulgar order that can be called, for lack of a better term Priest craft that practices a form of lower magic.

These processes are simple and do not require or demand the knowledge, persistence and dedication required for the complex operations of ritual magic.

In the epic poems found in The Aeneid by Virgil we find this tiny stanza that speaks loudly about where we are today and what is being accomplished by the mysterious agents of chaos that are carrying out the occult war. The small but powerful paragraph says:

“The gates of hell are open night and day;
Smooth the descent, and easy is the way:
But to return, and view the cheerful skies,
in this the task and mighty labor lies.”

All of what I have pieced together today may not mean anything to you but I am sure that the elite will know how to exploit these ideas in their blueprint for the eschaton.

Conspiracy history has its roots in Biblical overtures and ancient ritualism. World events are not simply circumstantial but the result of an organized campaign by an elite group of unseen and widely unknown world leaders. Their belief in ancient symbolism, secret societal occultism, and ritual magic affects us all regardless of religious beliefs or practices.






Written by Clyde Lewis

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