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Clyde Lewis | October 10, 2019
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Last night as I was heading home, I had a conversation with a Lyft driver about PG&E and how they intentionally cut the power in Northern California. The driver knew nothing about it and so I explained that it was being done because of the worries that high tension lines blowing in the powerful winds would spark and cause wildfires. I explained to him how the weather works in that area and how the hot winds can literally dry out the vegetation leaving it vulnerable to fire.

I also brought up the fact that it just is too cold for this time of year and that already the Midwest is about to get hit with a major weather system that is going to bury them in 2 or three feet of snow and we are still a little under two months before winter officially starts.

I explained that I believe that geoengineering is to blame – he had never heard of it and I said that the Russians and the Chinese have been using an ionospheric heater called SURA to heat the arctic in order to open a channel that they can use to move products easily through the arctic. I said that they have been so successful at heating the north that it is forcing the cold into the Midwest causing the Polar Vortex effect.

I also brought up that what is even more terrifying is that methane is now bubbling up from the seafloor as it is thawing – it looks like the sea is boiling – I am sure that the guy driving was thinking who is this madman in my backseat?

I told him who I was – it did not faze him – I said I do a talk show on these subjects; you know, things that are weird an unexplainable but of course he had an explanation for all of it.

The driver was young, and I wasn’t at all surprised when he started speaking about how he believed it was all attributed to Climate Change. I saw this as a learning moment and so I asked a probing question about how something that happens all the time in California has anything to do with Climate Change.

He couldn’t really give me an explanation and then tried to spin the conversation into the whole Co2 thing and how we need to reduce our carbon footprint. I tried not to get into an argument in the car – I didn’t even know the guy but I gave it my best to say that while climate changes over time, I just don’t see a reason why we have to turn the weather into something political and that I do not believe in a lot of what I am hearing from climate extremists.

So, he then said “I am confused – so you admitted to Climate Change and then you sound like a Climate Change denier.”

Again, I had to keep my cool because I despise the term, climate denier. I then explained that saying someone is a climate denier is a loaded statement as I do not deny that there is climate and I do not deny that it changes – I just understand the dangers of having a new science being mingled with politics. I said that history has shown us that it is not wise to politically push a flawed and incomplete scientific theory based on projected models that say that the planet is warming when it could be the opposite.

As I was speaking to him I was thinking about an old story from history about a German Astronomer or more like a refrigerator repairman named Hanns Horbiger who had this outrageous theory about how the earth and the stars were formed and the fate of the earth that eventually became accepted science pushed by the Nazi political machine.

I really didn’t have time to share it with the driver but I thought it was analogous to what is happening today with the never-ending political debate about Climate Change.

Horbiger’s theories were a bizarre combination of repulsion and attraction of fire and ice, formulated after a tremendous explosion witnessed when he dropped molten metal onto ice. The massive build-up of energy during the sudden phase change from ice to steam created a spectacular reaction.

Based on these observations Horbiger produced a model of the cosmos calling for immense hot bodies, millions of times larger than the sun, to collide with gigantic bodies of ice, initiating tremendous explosions millions of years ago. This sequence of violent reactions activated the birth of the planets of the Solar System.

The Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn are remnants of this ice and sunspots occur when ice falls from Jupiter and plunges into the superheated surface of the Sun. According to Horbiger’s bizarre theories, the Milky Way does not consist of millions of stars but is an enormous band of ice through which starlight appears to shine. This ice lies beyond the sun at three times the distance from Earth to Neptune. Each planet of the solar system performs a slowly shrinking spiral into the sun, to collide eventually with the 8un igniting another explosion in which the whole process of the creation of a new planetary system begins again.

Horbiger applied his theories with regard to catastrophism on the planet where he said all planets must go through the process of a rapidly warming climate followed by a flash freeze; something that was called WELTEISLEHRE or “World Ice Doctrine.”

His new cosmology captured the attention of Hitler’s henchmen as they thought that his theories matched with some of the Norse myths about Ragnaroc – or the end of the world.

Horbiger’s amalgam of Nordic mythology and pseudoscience reintroduced a tradition of beliefs held in prophecies, myths and legends that contradicted the tenets of what the Nazis called Jewish liberal science. Horbiger’s theory, corroborated by European mythology, lay in stark contradiction with academic astronomy and astrophysics.

However, German geologists presented evidence of a very strong disturbance in the climatic pattern before the International Geological Congress in Stockholm. They stated that there were catastrophic fluctuations that had been occurring with the earth’s climate in the past few thousand years.

When scientists in Germany and Austria attacked Horbiger’s theories about cosmology and climate, they received an ultimatum in the mail that read “The time has come for you to choose whether to be with us or against us. While Hitler is cleaning up politics, Hans Horbiger will sweep out of the way the bogus sciences. The doctrine of eternal ice will be a sign of the regeneration of the German people. Beware Come over to our side before it is too late.”

Horbiger lectured Adolf Hitler on his Welteislehre, telling him that Germany was being poisoned by Western sciences, such as psychoanalysis, serology, relativity, and conventional astronomy. Hitler loved what he was hearing as he believed that Germany needed to rebuild its agricultural stronghold in Europe. Hilter used his political influence to tell the German people about the fate of the climate and the future Ice Age. He felt that it would motivate Germans to care for the land because he warned: “you might not know how long the earth has before it succumbs to the heat and then freezes in the end.”

Horbiger’s ideas were not sitting too well with many scientists and so those that denied his theories were violently attacked and businesses were forced to comply by having employees take an oath to promote the theory of Eternal Ice. Hitler also used the Hitler Youth to spread the message to adults and many of them would speak in public schools in order to indoctrinate children into this idea of a world ice apocalypse.

Over the next few years, school textbooks were burned and many were replaced with theoretical writings about the World Ice doctrine. There were pamphlets being given out by the Hitler Youth and a monthly magazine that was published called “Key to the World.”

The reason why I am sharing this I think is obvious. While science is great and is needed, there are some people who come up with outrageous ideas and if they can convince enough people that their theories are correct then a consensus can be had and this generates more interest in something that is merely a theory with a number of scientists that have signed of because of political and or corporate nudging.

Whenever science gets entangled with powerful political causes or financial interests, or both, a healthy amount of skepticism is always a good idea.

This is how I see the political mob that has made Climate Change their platform.

There is a lot more at stake here than just 2 degrees of warming and the elimination of Co2.

In the case of Climate Change, a whole political generation has built its platform around the issue, plus there is a whole cottage industry of think tanks, government programs, state-sponsored initiatives, research programs, etc. that are funded because of Climate Change.

And then, there is the highly subsidized green tech and renewable energy sector. In total, the green energy industry is worth $1.5 trillion dollars. You would be naïve to think that, in this context, it’s all about bleeding heart environmentalism and the truth.

If new information came out tomorrow that the climate is not warming at all – do you think that all of these corporate and political elite would support something that would bankrupt them?

This is why the corporate and political support of the Climate Mob is not a good idea.

Anyone who thinks that what is happening is all about climate, you are oblivious to what has happened before in history with plans similar to those proposed by the World Ice doctrine of Horbiger.

This story is jute one of many where science has got it wrong and there was political and corporate backing to guarantee its success – and profit.
The phrase that begins with: “the overwhelming majority of scientists agrees that…” was historically applied to things like the superiority of the white race long before the Nazis, the unquestioned truth of historical materialism à la Karl Marx in the communist countries, and countless other, now obsolete, theories that were once en vogue like eugenics.

Horbiger’s Welteislehre also included thoughts on what the root races can do to prepare for the apocalypse. He claimed that there were superior and inferior races and that there would be a super race that would have to be created in order to adapt to the new ice age. Hitler claimed that the inferior races had to be eliminated through a culling process called sifting the human vermin. Hitler also believed that people would have to adapt to the future so he asked that the German diet be changed in order to fatten Germans for the cold that was coming.

He put Hermann Göring in charge, and then he developed a “German Fat Plan” to enable Germany to improve the efficiency of its domestic consumption of butter, milk, cream, lard, cheese, bacon, margarine, salad oils, detergents, candles, linoleum, and paints. The idea was to find substitutes for these oil- and fat-based products in case imported sources were cut off. There were other theories presented by Austrian Gunther Schwabb who basically believed that the earth only had anywhere between 50 to a hundred years before the new ice age, and so it was important that the process begins in order to claim resources for Hitler’s true men and true women.

There were also policies to conserve fuel and to observe and curtail the usage of electricity. Germans were urged to keep their homes cool to conserve coal and wood.

As you can pretty well figure out, all of this eerily rhymes with what is happening today with Climate Change proposals.

This is why the current wave of Climate Change hysteria has got me uneasy and when I saw the likes of Greta Thunberg rallying children and scolding her elders I could not help but think of the policies of Welteislehre and the recruiting of young people doing the bidding of political and corporate interests associated with the climate elite.

I am sure that many of you have had to deal with friends and colleagues about this issue and what is most troubling is that no one wants to step back and look at the subject in a rational manner.

The political platform push for mandatory changes in the American lifestyle is the reason why there is so much irrationality and confusion around the Climate Change issue – it’s not just about the scientific debate. Because no matter where you stand on the validity of the man-made global warming theory, there’s plenty of myths and problems with the Greta-inspired, Fridays For Future-style mania and yet when anyone tries to speak about the issue, they are told that they are attacking a young girl or that if you don’t play ball you are denier or a person who is a White nationalist that wishes to trash the planet.

Probably the biggest trap this whole climate movement fell into is the idea that “if we don’t act now, we are all going to die soon”: apocalyptic thinking. This shuts down calm, rational thought. But once you get out of that mindset, the issue simply becomes a problem among many.

How many of those protestors and activists are even able to tell you what the consequences of CO2 emissions are – even according to the ‘official science’ of the IPCC?

I would say, very little… it is because those who are caught up in the hysteria are letting the politicians and technocrats do the thinking for them. We just assume that the spikes in strange weather are all “climate change” based when it takes years to mark a trend.

But according to the IPCC’s press releases, Global Warming is the ‘official position’ in science and there is no other possibility that something else is happening like geoengineering or solar effects.

Their position could be summed up like this: “Yes, we do have a problem and we need to figure out a way to deal with it, but there’s a lot we don’t understand yet, and anyway, it will take many years until that problem manifests, which gives us enough time to solve it.”

At the very least, this shows that contrary to popular belief, there is much diversity even within mainstream science about the effects of Climate Change. This fact alone should make us immune to politicians and activists who want to rush through drastic measures and policies and ignore the likely unintended consequences, with the argument that if we don’t take these measures right now, we are all going to die.

Ask yourself and ask your kids – do we all believe that in 12 years that world is going to be destroyed by the effects of Climate Change?

If the answer is no, then why is this tolerated and not scorned or ridiculed?

If a cult leader was to shave his head and tell his followers that the world will be spayed under and that the only way out is to eat applesauce laced with barbiturates – we would be outraged but since climate doomsayers say we have a little over a decade to live and the only thing they demand socialism, clean energy and eat cricket meat, we are okay with that.

This is a major disconnect with reality.

Without getting into the scientific debate about Climate Change, it should be obvious to anyone with some common sense how ridiculous it is to make long-term predictions when it comes to human affairs. Just think about how people in 1900 imagined the world would look like in 1950. Or how those people in 1950 imagined the world in the year 2000. Heck, how different our world is in 2019 to everything people could have dreamed of even in the year 2000!

Just think, during the next few decades, we could have a world war that leads to massive de-industrialization. There might be a technological breakthrough that changes everything and renders climate alarmism moot. Think about how electricity or the combustion engine has changed the world.

We could have an economic recession that cuts the world’s CO2 emissions in half overnight. In other words, the very idea that our climate is ‘man-made’ means we cannot predict it, because everything in the human sphere is utterly unpredictable. And that’s not even taking into account black swan-type natural phenomena that could massively change our CO2 calculations: for example, a couple of volcanoes going off could immediately render all our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions irrelevant; in fact, with as many that have erupted this year I can’t believe that they haven’t had some effect on cooling the planet.

After all, winter seems to come on a lot earlier this year with major snows hitting the midwest – the first day of winter is December 21st but this is October and you can’t convince me that just weeks after the fall equinox that abrupt temperature falls and heavy snows are a normal part of fall; maybe some dusting of snow before Halloween but two feet of snow before Thanksgiving?

There is also the problem that climate scientists use models to make their predictions. But even the best models have an often large margin of error, which means that their accuracy declines rapidly with the time span of their prediction. This is another reason why long-term predictions should be taken with a huge grain maybe even a rock of salt.

Hysteria on a political level can only lead to catastrophe: if you are convinced that we are all going to die if we don’t take extreme measures now, then the end justifies every means.

Politicians know that they can use this climate hysteria to implement things like a meat tax, a renewable energy tax, an eco-tax on fuel, climate action tax – I could go on and on. If you think that being against tax increases is just a right-wing talking point, consider this: all such taxes simply make essential products like food, electricity or fuel more expensive, which disproportionately hurts the poor and disadvantaged. The rich don’t care about meat and fuel prices, but those struggling from paycheck to paycheck certainly do. But what can you say?

Remember, without these taxes, we are all going to die… the threat of death is the reason why they have cut power to Northern California. PG&E claims that the weather is creating a hazard for fires and those electric wires can trigger a deadly blaze. Of course, the Climate Mob are again saying that this is all about Climate Change where we all know that California has been built to burn.

In fact, even with the power shut down in 34 counties, a fire has broken out on San Bruno Mountain in California. It’s unclear if the electrical equipment near the blaze had been shut off but still we said that it could still happen.

If you accept the simplistic idea of an antagonism between ‘the majority of scientists’ and ‘climate deniers’, you won’t get far. But once the various and complex issues are addressed one by one, we might get closer to the truth.

But regardless of what science says, one thing is clear: there is so much irrationality and hysteria going on at the moment that it makes it difficult for people to think straight. If I can at least convince you that it’s a good idea to go back to clear, rational thinking, and maybe even to help your friends, relatives, and co-workers get more level-headed about this whole discussion then maybe we can all find some compromise so that we can argue about impeachment during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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