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Clyde Lewis | October 12, 2020


Over the weekend, I decided to watch a few B-movies because of the show we did on Friday. I watched 20 million miles to earth and Liam was grabbing something out of the fridge when he stopped and watched some of it with me. He was really into the stop motion animation of the Ymir and I told him of how I met the guy who created it Ray Herryhausen.

I was a roommate with a guy who dated his daughter and when he was in town I was given the chance to speak to him.

Liam was interested in the film but only for a little while; he of course, wanted to go back to his video game.

When the film was over the TV gave me some suggestions of other films I could watch and one of them was The Blob with Steve McQueen. I often thought The Blob was a silly film. After all, it was later parodied in the film Killer Klowns from Outer Space—one of my favorite cult films.

However, I was once asked to write a guest column for another fanzine called “Deep Red” and they asked me to do a comparison with The Blob and Killer Klowns and it was at that time I learned to my surprise that “The Blob” was based on a true story.

Not that a small town was attacked by blood thirsty Aspic  but there was a very strange story behind the movie.

In September of 1950, The Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article with the headline “Flying ‘Saucer’ Just Dissolves.” The night before, police officers John Collins and Joe Keenen swore that they’d watched a mysterious object fall from the sky.

The radioed in that they were going to travel out to the landing site.

When they arrived the stumbled upon a purple jelly like mass near the crash site.

Collins and Keenen immediately summoned two of their colleagues, who arrived just in time to watch the material evaporate without a trace. The FBI was contacted, a press conference was held, and the whole mess became a national laughing stock.

Seven years later, film producer Jack Harris was looking to make a creature feature, but he couldn’t come up with a decent premise. So he asked his friend, Irvine H. Millgate, to try come up with something that would scare teenagers at the Drive-in.

Harris old him that it had to be a Monster movie, he wanted it to be filmed in color instead of black and white and it has to be a cheapy creepy film.

He wanted it to have substance, characters that you can believe in it’s got to have some substance to it. It’s got to have characters you can believe in. And there has to be a unique monster—never been done before. And the method of killing the monster would have to be something that grandma could have cooked up on her stove. Millgate remembered the Philly incident and the rest is history.

The film was going to be called The Night of the Creeping Dread. The Glob that Girdled the Globe was also considered as possible title. Someone also suggested The Molten Meteor.

By the time Harris suggested The Blob, shooting was well underway. Hence, the script never refers to the gelatinous monster by that name—instead, it’s usually called a “mass.”

The Blob was actually based on some science as well – something called Star Jelly.

For hundreds of years, people have reported blobs of strange gelatinous substances on the ground that they presumed had fallen from the skies. Old texts dating as far back as the 14th century have described them as translucent or grayish-white slimy goo that tended to evaporate shortly after having “fallen.”

The unidentified gooey substance soon began to be associated with shooting stars and comets, as they often appeared after meteor showers. A 14th century Latin medical glossary has an entry that describes “a certain fatty substance emitted from the earth that is commonly called ‘a star which has fallen’”. These gooey globs were eventually called droppings got the name “star jelly”.

What exactly is star jelly is hard to determine. It certainly didn’t fall from the stars, and almost all samples that have been examined so far have turned out to be some sort of biological growth because if a sample is analyzed they contain it usually has biological components to it .

Needless to say, it is rare to find these gelatinous blobs but lately there have been news stories that have been published in science journals about these globs and some have been analyzed and they contains hazardous biological materials.

Exactly a year ago it was reported that a lunar rover sent up to the moon by China had discovered a whole bunch of the goo in an impact crater on the far side of the moon.

The Yutu-2 rover made the discovery when it rolled over a ‘sticky’ area at the bottom of a crater that was made from a recent impact.

China’s space agency has described the substance as a “gel with a mysterious lustre”.

The agency hasn’t revealed what this Moon jelly might be, leading other scientists to speculate.

It is hardly a concern when something gooey and gel like is found on the moon but when strange substances fall from the sky things become a bit Fortean.

When I was old enough to care about reading, 6 or 7 years old I was always attracted to books by Dr. Suess. There was always meter and rhyme that made it easier to remember words and phrases and soon I was learning about the Lorax, the Star Bellied Sneeches, and Sam I am.

One book that stood out in my mind as a kid was a little horror story that Suess devised and at the time I was unaware of its political overtones. “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” became one of my favorite books.

When I grew up I realized that the book was a political comment on biological warfare and in a lot of ways weather tampering

He was basically relating the story that sometimes the plagues, and horrors that attack a kingdom are carefully planned by someone with a great deal of power. The power to benefit themselves, and the power to convince others that what is happening will benefit the whole and not the few.

When these plans go horribly out of control, there are some people that go from door to door warning other people of the consequences. Trying to explain why the powerful may be out of control and that something needs to be done.

Those people are discredited by the power structure and by those who would find it deplorable to do anything to offend the King.

The story is simply about a King and one day decides that he wants control of the skies above his kingdom. He calls his magicians together and orders them to create something that will demonstrate that he has ultimate power.

They devise Oobleck, a green viscous liquid that drops from clouds like rain. At the King loves the creation. He loves the fact that now he has control of the skies. However it is realized by Bartholomew Cubbins that the King’s plan has gone completely awry. Oobleck turns out to be a toxic substance that gets into farm machinery, and covers people and animals stopping them cold in their tracks.

When Cubbins tells the King that Oobleck is dangerous and that it will eventually destroy the Kingdom, the King becomes acrimonious. This is where the King becomes dangerous. Because even though he sees that people of his kingdom are dying, he struts around his castle beating his chest and saying that Oobleck is good that it is a gift and he assumes that because he wants Oobleck to continue falling his subjects must want it too.

Regardless of the loss of life, the loss of productivity, and the loss of the kingdom’s farms and businesses.

The King can’t see that what he wanted so badly was literally ruining his kingdom, and that he could not see that something that he devised was actually a monster that was devouring his kingdom.

In the meantime, Bartholomew Cubbins runs through town telling people that a biological and environmental terror is falling from the sky. He runs to the royal bell ringer to sound the alarm. But the bell is covered in Oobleck and the bell won’t ring. The Royal Trumpeter has his fingers and lips glued to his trumpet and a snotty glop of green Oobleck finds its way into his horn and silences him.

Bartholomew then has to run from door to door, but in some cases it’s too late. Weary people are positioned like statues dripping with the gooey substance, unable to move. It is as if they are dead. Oobleck is a biological threat and actions of the King created this ecological catastrophe.

Cubbins has no choice but to rebuke the King and demands that he apologizes for what he has done. He demands that Oobleck be stopped and that if it continues to rain down The King will face the same fate as the people. Well eventually King is overcome by the Oobleck and loses his ability to govern. As the curtain is about to fall on the King , Suess writes:

“There he sat Old King Derwin, proud and mighty ruler of the Kingdom of Didd, trembling, shaking, helpless as a baby.”

You see, he too was affected by the toxic goo and he had to come to terms with the idea that this biological mistake had to be corrected.

I guess it goes without saying that this little story can be used as a metaphor for what his happening today.

Which brings us back to The Blob from 1958.

It is interesting to note that when the film The Blob was remade in 1988 – it went from being a space menace – to being a toxic biological weapon.

Still the plot was considered an outrageous premise until an event took place in 1994.

A bizarre sequence of events began to occur in the small town of Oakville, Washington. Gelatinous blobs of biological material began to rain down over an area of over 20 square miles during a storm.

It would happen six times in 1994 and continue periodically thereafter. The latest was during the third week of June 1997.”

The substance that fell had a mushy consistency and smelled like human waste. Members of the town became ill with flu-like symptoms when they came in contact with it. The substance was then sent to a lab for testing. The substance contained human white blood cells.

Lab technicians said that the sample had two types of bacteria, one of which could be found in the human digestive tract. The answer was clear; at least, it seemed clear enough. Authorities thought it had to be human waste from an airliner; however, FAA regulations require that waste matter dropped from aircraft be dyed blue. People of the area claim that before their town was hit with the substance there were strange aircraft and contrail activity over both Oakville and Everett, Washington.

The military had suggested that what fell from the sky was jellyfish remains that remained in suspension after war game drills were carried out and bombs were dropped into the ocean 20 miles away.

Now keep in mind this report happened long before there was a so-called chemtrail hysteria that has been reported for years.

To this day many people believe that what happened was a military gain of function exercise to test a depleted disease to see how the public would react.

It appears the often maligned chemtrail controversy is persistent as our milky skies have been since the late 1990s. This topic is becoming less of conspiracy theory, and more of a conspiracy led by environmental criminals and geoengineers. The reason it is going unreported is that most of the businesses involved and government agencies that have been gagged have the power and the money to keep us in the fog.

Recently there was a report of residents in Cheektowaga, New York that were complaining that there houses were pelted with purple gelatinous goo that smelled awful. They had never seen anything like that before and so they called authorities.

They worried that it might be an accidental toilet discharge from airplanes. Which often fly over the couple’s house on way to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport about a mile away.

The local media were joking that resident there were hit with a toxic Purple Rain.

With purple jello like splotches and residue everywhere, people worried about their health safety.

Especially with COVID-19 on everyone’s mind.

The FAA stated that planes are prohibited from dumping toilet waste while flying. They speculated that the problem was caused by flocks of birds that have eaten certain berries containing a high concentration of pigment.

The gelatinous quality of the Purple blotches later became creamy and then it eventually evaporated.

Residents were told that it was safe to clean up the mess.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) sent the following explanation:

“Based on the pictures and description that you provided, DEC’s Division of Wildlife suggests that the purple droplets observed are likely caused by the droppings of large flocks of starlings that migrate at this time of year. The purple hue is due to the wild grapes and buckthorn berries that these birds feed on.”

However, another incident took place in the Pacific Northwest where areas Washington State again was besieged with gelatinous globules appearing in the rain.

In Lewis County Washington in a place called Onalaska, heavy rainfall produced gelatinous blobs that fell over a wide area. It also was reported that the globs were also seen in Cowlitz County near Mount St. Helens.

No one knows where they came from and so far there are no reports of sickness as in the Oakville incident in 1994.

What is most troubling is that these gelatinous droplets have been known to trigger pro-inflammatory cytokines. What pro-inflammatory cytokines do is trigger malaise. It is simply the feeling that you have disease.

During the massive rain that fell over Washington and Oregon people were complaining of feeling depressed. I was noticing comments on Facebook of people saying they wanted to stay in.

This is especially unfortunate now because many people at the first sign of fatigue now believe that they may have COVID-19 and in their overwhelming hysteria are being tested for it. Many are surprised when they end up getting a negative result.

Every little cough or sneeze can throw you into a panic and send your body into overdrive, where it over compensates and creates inflammation.

Now this is simply corollary evidence that something is breaking us down but it would stand to reason that with, inflammation, fatigue and even COVID-19 we are seeing the breakdown of our immune systems due to a toxic environment.

While there is no real evidence that this goop is toxic or even a biological release, we know that gain fo function exercises exist and that there is no telling what can be dropped from aircraft to manipulate the weather or to continue spreading a pathogen to keep us in lockdown.

COVID-19 now seems to be lost somewhere in that metaphoric blob, a bio-weapon released and continuing to be spread for an agenda.

From the outset when the official response was a brief lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’ we knew that this was the beginning of our downward spiral to tyranny and authoritarianism.

We predicted there would be more lockdowns, increased policing, suspension of democracy, mandatory vaccines, a permanent ‘new normal’.

People need to start looking at the data. They need to read the recovery ratios as opposed to the fear porn where the media calls it a deadly virus. It is not deadly – it is potentially deadly.

The COVID hysterics have lost the argument but those in power cannot have it – they to need to rain hell from above to keep people just on the edge of their seat—like teenagers eating popcorn watching a horror film.







Written by Clyde Lewis


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  1. Natalie

    March 23, 2022 at 5:39 pm

    I’m really happy to see someone talking about this happening in Onalaska. I heard about it when it happened, saw the facebook post that’s in the screenshot above and haven’t heard anything else about it since! Thank you

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