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Ron Patton | October 15, 2018
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About a week ago as the show was drawing to a close, I was speaking about the Deep State and how we have been told by the mainstream press that it is an invention of Donald Trump.

What is most troubling about this accusation is that it certainly is a tactic being used to somehow discredit conspiracy theorists and others that the media feels are right-wing extremists pushing the ever-present persecution complex of the President.

The Deep State is not an American delusion or a political tactic – it is a worldwide phenomenon.

The Deep State on a global level is needed in order for the elites to establish what they call the “liberal international order” which is pure and simple, newspeak for the New World Order.

The conspiracy is not only trying to overthrow a U.S. President, but it is also attempting to meddle in the affairs of nations that are struggling to keep their sovereignty.

This is why there are a few oligarchs who are willing to buy up support for chaos in the world and this is why we are now seeing in our major cities gang violence, mob takeover and radicalized factions within separatist strongholds.

American division was created by the highest bidder and the severe division is a byproduct or strategically placed propaganda that people take as gospel without critical analysis.

The warning of a major collapse in the United States is not being heeded, because many of the radicalized factions are quick to blame each other for the problems in the country and not the bad actor’s on the world stage that wish to see American cities burn.

The truth is, there are many Americans that have been enticed by the secret hyper-power who wants to further the clutching, covetous seizing of world controls against the wishes of the majority.

The psychological damage that has been done to this country will take a generation or more to change; that is, if people will stop and realize that they have all been victims of mass hypnosis that is allowing for raw emotion to get in the way of ultimate truth.

The Deep State has always been a refuge for rogue intelligence operators that work for many of the countries that we have said to be our allies. They have succeeded in developing ways to heighten suggestibility and subservience.

The failure of the fourth estate and the controls that are now in place have been crucial in creating a warped climate of politically motivated violence, politically correct speech, political dismissive talking points, political fanaticism, manufactured racial tension for political gain, pseudo science for feared lack of global resources, and fear.

The global establishment has risen up against the People and the people have responded by radicalizing political ideology that is by all intents and purposes, eating America from the inside.

These cunning processes create a large number of people that wish to pressure others into believing the whims of the Deep State and create a coercive solution where people wish to suspend their individuality for the collective thoughts and agendas provided by an established secret government that wishes to pave the way for an allegiance to the New World Order.

The war on terror has been replaced with a war of ideologies, an exercise of seeing the enemy amongst fellow countrymen.

It can be said that the attacks of September 11th, 2001 triggered a never ending war that has imperiled rather than advanced American ideals by becoming about dominance rather than freedom.

The whole future was an open ended future of war without end and political division over the implementation of state socialism all over the world.

The September 18, 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force that confirmed its open-endedness, giving the president wide latitude to “use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons” he determined were responsible for 9/11.

Little thought was given to how finely stretched that single page would become to include a never-ending ground war in Afghanistan, multiple, unaccountable drone wars, extrajudicial killing of American citizens, omnipresent surveillance, and military deployment in some 37 countries.

The war on terrorism made the U.S. presidency a threat to its citizens and democracy. Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama drastically expanded executive powers by combining secrecy with new technologies to incarcerate and kill hundreds of people, including numerous Americans, with little public oversight.

This created the division that we are experiencing now because of propaganda that demanded that people choose a side – you are either with us or with the terrorists.

This is how we demanded engagement without question – we were told who the enemy was within minutes of the attack and then we were warned that anyone who engaged in conspiracy theory was jeopardizing freedoms.

How we engaged our enemies mattered enormously for how our society evolved. And now our society has grown more fragmented and unequal because that is how we have chosen to fight.

Freedom has become as empty as the concept of sacrifice in our current political rhetoric.

This is a product of a treacherous cabal that has no concern for you – they only have the concern to vaunt their empire and international order.

Now we have a President who wants to put America first and the established worldwide Deep State cabal won’t have it.

The world intelligence agencies have control of the world now and they will use any means necessary to cover their tracks that date back to the time when the “Project for the New American Century” was first drafted theorizing about a New Pearl Harbor to justify an open-ended war and to create chaos in a land whose freedom and liberty seemed unbreakable.

The truth is that the majority of Americans are unaware of the fragility of our country and its constitutional values.

I also think that they are unaware that there is no honor among the criminals that have made pacts with these foreign Deep State players and how if you are really paying attention you can see the writing on the wall.

The other day someone asked me what I thought of the Jamal Khashoggi mystery since I have been talking about journalists that disappear or wind up dead prior to a civil war.

I expressed that I did not feel that Khashoggi who was a well-known columnist for the Washington Post disappeared because of anything he said about the United States or some politician – I felt as though he was about to go public about deep state players on the world stage.

Jamal Khashoggi had an appointment at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to collect some documents he needed to marry his Turkish fiancée he needed a certificate showing that he was divorced from his first wife. He entered the consulate on Oct. 2 at 1:14 p.m., asking his fiancée to wait outside for him.

She did. Until 2 a.m.

He never came back.

A number of news outlets, citing Turkish sources, are reporting that Jamal Khashoggi, the former editor of a Saudi newspaper, regime critic and Washington Post contributor, was murdered.

The story made headlines around the world. Murder and possible dismemberment in a diplomatic facility will do that.

President Donald Trump, who has forged very close ties with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has described it as “a very sad situation.” Trump continued: “It’s a very bad situation. We cannot let this happen, to reporters, to anybody.”

However, inside knowledge indicates that Khashoggi was about the blow the lid off of Deep State players and their interaction with Saudi Arabia.

This bombshell would have collapsed Saudi influence around the world; however, if the Turks are correct and Khashoggi was murdered by the Saudi’s, President Trump said that there would be major consequences and one can only speculate that he could very well decide to stop backing the Saudis entirely.

There is also the report that Khashoggi may have gleaned highly sensitive inside information on what actually happened on 9/11.

Even more intriguing are US media reports now emerging that American intelligence had spied on and were aware of Saudi officials making plans to capture Khashoggi prior to his apparent disappearance at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last week.

If the Americans knew the journalist’s life was in danger, why didn’t they tip him off to avoid his death?

The Saudi royals knew that Khashoggi was criticizing the so-called reforms Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, but of more concern was what Khashoggi knew about darker, dirtier matters, not just the Saudis, but American Deep State actors as well.

Khashoggi went from interviewing Osama bin Laden in the 1980s to becoming one of the most prominent journalists in his country to living in self-imposed exile.

He was formerly a media aide to Prince Turki al Faisal, who is an eminence gris figure in Saudi intelligence, with its systematic relations to American and British counterparts. Prince Turki’s father, Faisal, was formerly the king of Saudi Arabia until his assassination in 1975 by a family rival. Faisal was a half-brother of the present king, Salman, and therefore Prince Turki is a cousin of the Crown Prince – albeit at 73 more than twice his age.

For nearly 23 years, from 1977 to 2001, Prince Turki was the director of the Mukhabarat, the Saudi state intelligence apparatus. He was instrumental in Saudi, American and British organization of the mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan to combat Soviet forces. Those militants in Afghanistan later evolved into the al Qaeda terror network, which has served as a cat’s paw in various US proxy wars across the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, including Russia’s backyard in the Caucasus.

Ten days before the 9/11 terror attacks on New York City, in which some 3,000 Americans died, Prince Turki retired from his post as head of Saudi intelligence. It was an abrupt departure, well before his tenure was due to expire.

There has previously been speculation in US media that this senior Saudi figure knew in advance that something major was going down on 9/11. At least 15 of the 19 Arabs who allegedly hijacked three commercial airplanes that day were Saudi nationals.

Prince Turki has subsequently been named in a 2002 lawsuit mounted by families of 9/11 victims. There is little suggestion he was wittingly involved in organizing the terror plot. Later public comments indicated that Prince Turki was horrified by the atrocity. But the question is: did he know of the impending incident, and did he alert US intelligence, which then did not take appropriate action to prevent it?

Jamal Khashoggi had long served as a trusted media advisor to Prince Turki, before the latter resigned from public office in 2007. Following 9/11, Turki was the Saudi ambassador to both the US and Britain.

The conspiracy theory here is that Khashoggi, in his close dealings with Prince Turki over the years, may have gleaned highly sensitive inside information on what actually happened on 9/11.

Were the Arab hijackers mere patsies used by the American CIA to facilitate an event which has since been used by American military planners to launch a global “war on terror” as a cover for illegal wars overseas?

There is a huge body of evidence that the 9/11 attacks were indeed a “false flag” event orchestrated by the US Deep State as a pretext for Middle East expansion.

Last year, agents of the monarchy were discovered surreptitiously funding a PR effort to derail a congressional bill permitting a 9/11 families group to sue the kingdom for damages. Last September, the family group filed a 17-page complaint with the Justice Department.

The apparent abduction and murder last week of Jamal Khashoggi seems such an astoundingly desperate move by the Saudi rulers. More evidence is emerging from Turkish sources that the journalist was indeed lured to the consulate in Istanbul where he was killed by a 15-member hit squad.

To carry out such a reckless act, the Saudis must have been alarmed by Khashoggi’s critical commentaries appearing in the Washington Post. The columns appeared to be delivering more and more damaging insights into the regime under the Crown Prince.

The Washington Post this week is reporting that US intelligence sources knew from telecom intercepts that the Saudis were planning to abduct Khashoggi. That implicates the House of Saud in a dastardly premeditated act of murder.

But furthermore, this same disclosure could also, unwittingly, implicate US intelligence. If the latter knew of a malicious intent towards Khashoggi, why didn’t US agents warn him about going to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul? Surely, he could have obtained the same personal documents from the Saudi embassy in Washington DC, a country where he was residing and would have been safer.

Jamal Khashoggi may have known too many dark secrets about the US and Saudi intel collusion, primarily related to the 9/11 terror attacks.

We may have an incident that was carried out by Saudi hitmen and the American CIA as facilitators.

I believe that Khashoggi’s murder that proves once again that the Deep State is global in scope and that it is not an invention of the Trump Presidency.

In fact, setting aside the British origins of the obscene “dossier” compiled by “ex”-MI6 agent Christopher Steele against the President, the murder of Khashoggi, the Skirpal poisonings, and other political murders and cover-ups are all Modus Operandi for world Deep State players.

Indeed, to anyone who’s been paying attention to the goings-on in the world, it is increasingly obvious that we’re already under a New World Order, and it is being brought to you by the Global-Industrial Deep State, a powerful cabal made up of international government agencies and corporations.

It is as yet unclear whether the American Police State answers to the Global-Industrial Deep State, or whether the Global-Industrial Deep State merely empowers the American Police State. However, there is no denying the extent to which they are intricately and symbiotically enmeshed and interlocked.

Written by Ron Patton

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