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Clyde Lewis | October 16, 2019
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Many times over the years, I have indicated that there seem to be attempts through psychological warfare and other means to plant images firmly in our consciousness. The idea of mind control through the use of electronics and visuals may or may not convince you that no matter what you do, your brain is like a magnet and it has to filter and file every single bit of information it receives.

The human brain is a complicated, creative information-processing system. It is a magnificent piece of organic machinery – we rely on it to make simple decisions, we use it to process entertainment and information. We abuse it with drugs and alcohol, and it is there to warn us of danger and possibly, impending death.

Information processing starts with input from the sensory organs, which transform physical stimuli such as touch, heat, sound waves, or photons of light into electrochemical signals.

The sensory information is repeatedly transformed by the algorithms of the brain in both bottom-up and top-down processing.

Our realities are being challenged every day and personal reality is changed at the speed of a television or radio transmission. The words and the visuals are flashing at us constantly and sometimes fantasy images can eventually make themselves very real with the aid of technology and chemistry. There are contrasts of perspectives and shocking revelations that have you re-evaluate your beliefs on a constant basis.

Attitudes change like yesterday’s underwear and some of us have trouble keeping up. In Alice in Wonderland, the Queen tells Alice how easy it is to believe impossible things as you get older and claims that she believed in six impossible things before breakfast.

Maybe it is definitely a metaphor where adults will tell you to believe in God and Satan yet will deny you the possibility of monsters or specters lurking in the shadows to take you away while you dream.

Finding the core of the subconscious mind where dreams are generated may yield some very interesting clues about past present and future. The difficulty is finding effective ways to harvest from the subconscious tangible metaphors and interpreting them effectively. It would be fascinating to find an oracle that accurately gives us a possible glimpse into tomorrow. The question is how it would affect us in the present.

We hear of oracles in fiction and mythology. A tool that can open doorways into the dimensions and show us that past present and future are happening all at once and all we see is now.

It may be confusing but we must understand that there is so much about us that we do not know. The dreamscape may have vital information about our being, how time is simultaneous and how we all feel and store images and sounds deep inside of us. We may even have stored in us past lives and possible pasts and futures that can be extracted.

The human brain is one of the most powerful receivers of all messages whether they be electronic or from some other source. Good or Evil, the messages exist in a realm of multi-verses that are as infinite as the stars in the sky. Sometimes you can be a conduit and a receiver of inspiration and the voice of inspiration comes to you without even breaking a sweat.

As we make our journey through life we learn from our experiences both good and bad. There are many people who make guesses through their life journey and they use all sorts of tools to make the best decision based on those life experiences.

There are the linear thinkers amongst us who do their entire decision making based on what they perceive to be scientific proofs. There are many that keep their focus on what is in front of them. They are not comfortable speculating on what might happen, they are happy with the here and now and sometimes they are not at all in any mood to think out of the box.

There are of course others who really don’t know much or think much and they rely heavily on modern innovations that do their thinking and work for them.

Computers, cell phones, and office assistants are often taken for granted and we always find ourselves looking at them for our guidance. However, wouldn’t it be a terrifying idea that somehow the supernatural somehow found its way into our cell phones and computers and we were somehow being harassed by darker forces that hijack our electronics and terrorize us?

Our cell phones can be seen as Black Mirrors. We gaze into them hypnotically as radiant seductive screens are the first thing we see when we get up and the last thing we see before we sleep. It can be said that we put our souls into these machines or it can be said it sucks our souls out of us. It is a form of technological possession.

We as a people are now in a cultural trance. We are being sent messages that are triggering our tendency to be angry and violent. The demonic spirit is being poured into the zeitgeist, which is being fed not only by social media but the increasingly dark programming being unloaded into the pop culture. It is a bit of an exchange – everything in our phones is an extension of the mind and everything we add into the internet stream of consciousness is active and it transcends all things and moves about like a ghost in the shell. We can say that we are sending part of our soul from our organic container to a technological well of souls.

I have spoken before about what can be called the “neuromagnetic ghost” and how we put our souls into our electronics and how perhaps computers and other things are accumulating spiritual data and that when it all gets broken down in to ones and zeros – something glitches and by some chilling coincidence you find yourself talking to the dead or getting messages from a demon or even a departed loved one.

The body, believe it or not, can sense when it is in the middle of some sort of glitch in the matrix — the body also senses when its environment is changing. Even in a subtle manner all of the electronic fields we are exposed to bring about significant changes.

We are integrating into a high-tech age and with it comes paranormal events that are actually created or recorded by our technology.

It’s essential to know that our bodies are literally covered with sensors – chemical, mechanical, visual, thermal, proprioceptive where we have a perception of the body, noniceptive where we feel or perceive pain. All of them inform the brain about the outside world this gives us exteroception.

They also inform the brain of the inner world or interoception, allowing it to regulate the body. The majority of our brain is actually dedicated to the processing of sensory information, and the largest part of that is devoted to visual information, occupying the entire occipital lobe and large parts of the temporal and parietal lobes. We are mostly visual beings who, incidentally, think.

We have tangible bodies that feel and it limits us in many ways. However spirits or ghosts have the ability to adapt within the magnetic construct—we are now realizing that spirits are electric and it takes a great deal of power to have that spirit manifest anywhere.

In some haunted locations, researchers have measured magnetic fields that are stronger than normal or exhibit unusual fluctuations.

Paranormal experiences and phenomena are considered “Trans-Communication.” We have all heard of EVP or electronic voice phenomena where ghosts communicate by leaving a message during a recording. If the experience occurs through an external mechanical device, it is considered Instrumental Trans-Communication.

This means that any electronic device can be manipulated or hijacked by a ghost.

Those who communicate with spirits through ITC methods are acting as Electronic Mediums. Psychic Mediums, on the other hand, use their personal energy to channel spirit communication. While generally safe, there are risks involved when working with spiritual energies.

Experienced Mediums are trained to deal with various situations that can arise and know how to protect themselves but when we are dealing with electronic devices – the experience of coming in contact with a troubled spirit through an electronic device somehow has a very deep impact since we trust that our electronic devices will never turn on us.

Electronic ghosts often remain an anonymous and mysterious threat. They appear to be a relatively new phenomenon, however, there have been many occasions where people have become startled when they pick up on a ghost in their back yard being seen on a security camera or receive a phone call where an evil whispering demon tries to communicate with you.

In Japan, it was reported that kids who were messing around with an old TV discovered something they had never seen before – analog static that used to be seen when you would tune to an open channel on a TV.

Now for many of us who lived in an era where analog TV existed, this is nothing new. New generations, however, have not seen TV analog static channels.

The kids have found that if they press a button on the TV remote they can discover something they call “suna arashi” or “sandstorm.” What is most astounding is that the children claim that when they watch “suna arashi” they can see dead loved ones or that they can talk to the dead.

They are saying that gazing into the analog static is becoming akin to the age-old game of Bloody Mary, where if you gaze into the mirror and chant Bloody Mary, a ghost of a woman appears in the reflection.

Ghost hunters used to use Analog static to try and conjure images of ghosts that may want to manipulate the television screen. The snow-like image seen on the TVs is simply a mixture of various waves of energy affecting the television and producing a random pattern of sounds and images.

It could be seen as a form of scrying.

Scrying was accomplished by looking into a mirror, fire or crystal ball to contact spirits for divination.

Today, it could be said that modern items can be used for divination, and staring into the screen of a computer or even a smartphone obviously has the same effect. Now, mind you, if you were to tell someone that staring into their phone, or spending too much time on a computer can be seen as a form of voluntary or progressive entrapment they would probably laugh at you.

However, the old mystical saying of “mirror, mirror on the wall” would bring forth a mystical being or shadow entity to answer the questions of anyone willing to ask.

As a matter of fact, the TV show Black Mirror gets its name from the black screen of the cell phone or the computer. In ancient times mediums used to scry on a black slate as scratches from the dead would send messages to the living.

Back in March, there was a story that was reported about the black screen of a baby monitor and how parents were watching helplessly as an entity was in a room moving towards their child.

A young couple in Michigan claims a ghost left three deep scratches on the face of their one-year-old daughter.

The family thought their daughter scratched herself, but when they held her hands up to the scratches, they didn’t match up. So they bought a baby camera and set it up in their daughter’s room. After looking at the footage, they saw a male figure walk quickly past the baby’s playpen and disappeared into thin air.

The family said the former owner of the home was an old lady who suffered a broken hip and died in the house. Her schizophrenic brother lived in the guest home and died a few years later. They had paranormal investigators out to the house who confirmed there is paranormal activity on the property.

32 year old Jack Froese died of a heart arrhythmia over six years ago, but loved ones have since received emails from him discussing private conversations and current events.

Tim Hart, who had been best friends with Jack for 17 years, was stunned when he opened his email to find a message entitled “I’m Watching” from “sender: Jack Froese”.

The email itself read: “Did you hear me? I’m at your house. Clean your f*****g attic!!!”

Shortly before Jack died, the pair had been chatting in Tim’s attic, when his friend joked about the mess and dust in it.

I have not shared with anyone about a meeting I had with Tracy Twyman months before she died. Tracy had called me to meet with her in a park. She told me that I would be the only one that would understand. She said she was ready to abandon the internet because she felt like she was actually becoming a targeted individual online. She said that she was being gaslighted electronically because she was getting e-mails with dates that were from the future and she also said she received a number of e-mails from someone who somehow was using her dead husband Brian’s e-mail.

She was getting e-mails from restless entities.

A Reddit user writes:

“I don’t know if this is the right sub for this, but I don’t really know where else to post this. So the other night I was talking to my boyfriend on Skype when I heard something that sounded faintly like a door slamming and child yelling on the other end. I originally assumed that my boyfriend was just watching a video, so I ignored it. However, the sounds started repeating and getting progressively louder and more frequent. I asked my boyfriend about it, and he said that he couldn’t hear it so I took a recording to show him.

The noises were always the exact same, almost as if an audio clip were being played over our call. I thought that it was my boyfriend messing with me, but he insisted and still insists that it wasn’t him. At some point, the sounds changed to more resemble a child yelling something, though my boyfriend and I still aren’t sure what exactly it’s saying. This happened pretty late at night, so my boyfriend and I were pretty freaked out, but now we’re just wondering what happened.”

Admittedly, it does sound like the same scream, however, the male on Skype apparently did not hear the baby but the female on Skype did.

The power to speak with discarnate beings has been spoken of in all histories and texts for centuries. Magicians, preachers, popes, and prophets all claim to have been influenced by spirits. Some claim the ability of automatic writing and scrying. The new medium of electronics offers us yet another frontier to explore – it is like electronic necromancy.

Radios and TVs have always been mirrors to the paranormal – people all over the world have seen something or heard something that has been odd or paranormal coming from their entertainment centers.

For example, KTWO 1030 AM in Casper, Wyoming experienced what only can be called a signal intrusion when the country station all of a sudden heard a very loud voice of what sounded like a preacher doing a revival. The intrusion happened at approximately 11:30 PM, (MST). On December 6th, 2010. The phantom broadcast was followed by the station ID, which occurred at roughly 11:57, leaving three minutes of dead air.

Another strange radio broadcast occurred On WKCR 89.9 New York that became some sort of paranormal event the incident was terrifying and one only needs to hear it to wonder how it happened.

It is all a mystery – we may be approaching an era where electronic devices may serve as oracles or even Ouija boards to contact the dead. In the meantime, we are now intercepting messages on our devices that are coming from places we can’t even find in a search engine.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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