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Clyde Lewis | October 16, 2020


In my life and in my experience, I have come to the conclusion that all things are in an intermediate state between extremes. In the fundamental sense the extremes are birth and death. All that is in between is intermediate. You can divide it all up and break it all down into an eternal state of extremes and realize that everything that you believe and read is what is fashionable for the time and not necessarily the truth. However, that does not mean that buried in all of it isn’t a little pinch of reality.

What is reality anyway? Can it be questioned? If questioning makes a person Paranoid then I wear my paranoid label with pride. I believe that being paranoid or at least aware of worst-case scenarios doesn’t make me crazy. I have found reason to distrust government far too often to not be paranoid, and I have found that carefully controlled paranoia is a real good way to evaluate circumstances for a possible doom and gloom outcome.

Then you can figure out that the reality is somewhere in between the worst-case scenario and faith or hope.

I can wax sarcastic about any conspiracy theory because they are meant for analyses – they are the ideas that spring investigations and buried in a lot conspiracy theories are truths and then from time to time they come back to haunt you.

When someone asks me, “Clyde, do you believe in conspiracies?” I say yes, of course, but the theories keep me up at night.

As Charles Fort once said when asked why he spoke about absurd mysteries and conspiracy theory he said – “I could be kidding, but I am very serious about what I kid about.”

Conspiracy theory is not history, it is theory. It appears negative and paranoid. Some of the negativity is unintentional but someone telling a lie was never considered a positive trait. Telling the truth can be equally as ugly. You just can’t tell who is telling the truth anymore. It’s enough to drive you crazy.

All governments believe in conspiracies. They have special agencies to look into bank swindles, they have reading rooms that monitor subversive ideas, they have satellites that monitor the Internet for key words.

Watchdog groups with the help of the Mayor’s office or the District Attorney’s offices, hunt down books that are considered evil and compiles a list of questionable books that should be taken from libraries—they are now banishing you tubers who push the andrenochrome Blood Libel theories from QAnon, and now anything that smacks of anti-vaccines is often banned blocked or censored.

It is happening so much that it has to be a conspiracy right?

Is it so wrong to acknowledge that perhaps there are people who may scheme behind our backs and use their influence to get more power and use this particular power to further enslave our minds while picking our pockets?

Look sat the mayors and the governors that insist on lockdowns with no proof that they confine the spread of COVID-19 – they all seem to be in on the conspiracy.

If Antifa storms into your neighborhood. Blocks traffic, topples statues and burns down office buildings and the morning news announces that this is merely a peaceful protest and not an ISIS like invasion would you give a sigh of relief saying, “Thank God these peaceful kids are here to teach me about civil rights and Black Lives Matter, otherwise, I wouldn’t have known that I am a racist with White privilege.

I am now aware that Antifa is just an ideology and that ideology broke all the windows in the building where I conduct business.

The news tells you that it’s really something that you shouldn’t worry about. They know more than you do. Or someone else shoots down a thought or an idea because they have the facts and all you have is Innuendo and paranoia.

As long as someone tells you that everything is not a conspiracy or as long as someone tells you that conspiratorialists are nut cases, you will choose to believe that everything you hear, read or watch is for your own good and that it’s the truth. That as long as the action wasn’t planned in some smoke filled underground bunker at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base its okay, there is nothing to fret over.

I refuse to think that everything in this world is taken care of. That nothing slips through the cracks. I also refuse to believe that there are no secrets. There are secrets and it has been proven time and time again that secrets can be taken to the grave.

The pejorative term, conspiracy theory gets plenty of traction in the Trump presidency. It seems like every day a new article or televised segment pops up in regards to the latest conspiracy inspired statements issuing from 45’s Twitter feed.

When a conspiracy theory is so controversial that it becomes a question at a Town Hall meeting with the President it becomes necessary to address it – not to confirm or deny it , but to show that the art of the shell game still exists and that it is certainly a powerful way of distracting and throwing everything in history into utter chaos.

As often we quote the words for George Orwell where he stated those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.

I was aware of a viral video the purports to have a whistleblower that allegedly confirms a very old conspiracy theory which claims that the Obama administration “had SEAL Team 6 killed” as part of a cover-up after a purportedly failed assassination of Osama bin Laden.

The controversy is that President Trump retweeted the conspiracy theory and was accused of being the “crazy uncle” that everyone smiles awkwardly at the family gathering who always has some strange story to tell.

Trump retweeted the following:

“Hiden Biden and Obama may have had SEAL Team 6 killed! EXPLOSIVE: CIA Whistleblower Exposes Biden’s Alleged Role with the Deaths of SEAL Team- Claims to have Documented Proof. RETWEET!!!”


The tweet linked to a story on a conservative commentary site about a supposed “whistleblower” who claims that former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was not actually killed in May 2011, and that the Obama administration had to pay Iran billions of dollars — and kill off Navy SEALs — as part of a cover-up.

The whistleblower in question is a man named Allan Harrow Parrot interviewed by Charles Woods and Nicholas Noe. The three talk about the blackmail /extortion of 152 Billion US dollars sent to Iran to cover up the deaths of SEAL Team 6 by the Obama/Biden administration. Parrot has extensive experience with the intelligence community.

He has allegedly delivered documents to Congress to back is claim and the media has not given the story any daylight.

This video surfaces on what the Trump campaign reminds us is the 8 year anniversary of when Democrat, Joe Biden lied in a debate about the security needs of the Americans in Benghazi.

Nicholas Noe suggested that the reason he ended up running into Parrot was that he was researching why it appeared as if the American Government wanted all of the people connected with Benghazi to die.

The internet is going to great lengths to scrub this story as well.

Many people remember and some may not remember that Extortion 17 and its 38 were killed on August 6, 2011. A Taliban fighter shot the helicopter out of the sky with a rocket-propelled grenade and all aboard were killed—the single greatest loss of American life in the Afghan war. Those killed ranked among the world’s most highly trained and experienced commandos, including 15 men from Gold Squadron of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, popularly called SEAL Team 6. Just three months earlier, members of a counterpart SEAL Team 6 squadron successfully raided a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and killed Osama bin Laden. In light of that raid’s success, the shootdown of Extortion 17 incited a flurry of conspiracy theories: The Taliban were tipped off; it was a trap; it was retribution for the killing.

This latest bombshell “whistleblower” account claims that botched bin Laden raid intertwines several real events: an attack on U.S. military members in 2011, the Benghazi terrorist attacks in 2012 and the Iran nuclear agreement in 2015.

What I often wonder is how some of these whistleblowers come from out of nowhere – talk to unassuming people and go viral without anyone knowing who these people are.

The two interviewers are virtual unknowns who just happened to corner some guy in a Turban with a beard that spreads an old conspiracy theory before an election.

I worry that those who are believing this without investigating it could be victims of COINTELPRO.

CONTELPRO was an operation carried out by the FBI in order to out certain groups of interest in the 1960’s that allegedly wanted to disrupt elections and other events.

While the FBI allegedly is no longer in the business of information subterfuge it is often used to single out extremists and those who push these stories in the media and now on social media.

The Deep State never sleeps and old conspiracy theories die hard, especially when the President is in the business of retweeting them.

This again feels like a shell game strategy. It is similar to the stories of Hitler surviving the war and living in South America and the Nazi pipeline in which notorious war criminals like Joseph Mengele were secretly being kept alive as an asset to the United States – much like the scientists who were brought here through Operation PAPERCLIP.

It is awfully coincidental that a retro-causal asset like Osama Bin laden again haunts an election where his actions and his alleged death in 2011 has put his name and what he stood for to rest.

However, like any specter of the Deep State, the bones can be hung on spike and shook at anyone and it is apparent that anyone can tell their ghost stories about him.

If you want the truth about this shell game, you may want to go back to reports form the mainstream media about how Osama bin Laden was dying or near death just after the 9/11 attacks. In all of our shock many people may have not heard that Osama bin Laden had been declared dead since 2001.

Long before 9/11 Americans and the world in general, through an ethos of “blind faith”, have made themselves vulnerable to orchestrated deceit.

Americans have been lured into following philosophies that have brought them into a maelstrom of problems. They continue to make the wrong choices and believe in consensus myth. Myths and lies that are created by government think tanks and encouraged by a media that refuses to challenge government tinkering and psychological engineering.

The biggest myth of all is Osama bin Laden. He is a construct and a straw man; he was a visual aid for the terror process a remarkable sock puppet for COINTELPRO operations and deep state misinformation.

From 2004 to 2007, the United States had been told countless times that all of the videos and photos of bin Laden were faked and fraudulent. Robert Baer, a celebrated former CIA field officer had stated that the record was doctored and that he believed that Osama bin Laden died in 2001.

By as early as December of 2001 The Bush administration had already said that Bin Laden was dead. He wasn’t a priority anymore and no one had interest in his whereabouts.

Hamid Karzai said in 2002 that he believed that Bin laden was dead as well. Just before she was assassinated, Benazir Bhutto claimed that Bin Laden was murdered n 2001.

On July 4th 2006 the CIA’s Alec Station a counter terrorist Organization had closed down and said there was no more need to look for bin Laden because evidence had pointed to his death at the hands of his colleagues in December of 2001.

It was also speculated and reported in 2009 that Barack Obama would be the President to tell the world that Bin laden would be captured and killed because Zbigniew Brzezinski had stated that the era of the Taliban and Al Qaeda was winding down and that Americans would end their concerns over the Taliban for concerns of Russia and China.

Here we are in 2020 and Zbignew Brzezinski was right.

Even though I am playing a cautious card on this latest controversy it does not make the Obama administration clean or transparent on matters of the bin Laden raid.

Many people will not recall that the Obama administration went out of its way to hide the official record of the raid.

The Pentagon sent all its records on the Osama bin Laden raid to the CIA, effectively sealing them into the “FOIA black hole” of government secrecy, a remarkable example of shell game cover up.

An accurate account of Operation Geronimo was completely muddled and obfuscated in the days after bin Laden’s death by what White House press secretary called the “fog of combat” and conflicting versions of events which falsely said that bin Laden was armed and even firing at the Seals, misidentified which of bin Laden’s sons was killed, and incorrectly said bin Laden’s wife died in the shootout.

Adm. William McRaven, the nation’s top secret special operations commander, ordered the Department of Defense to purge its computers of all files on the Navy Seals raid on bin Laden and send them to the CIA. This decision was only recently revealed in a draft report by the Pentagon’s inspector general –and expunged from the final version.

The almost-secret decision to transfer the files, ostensibly done to protect the identities of the Seals, was made under the pretense that the Seals were effectively working for the CIA while conducting the raid, and thus all the files were CIA records.

That’s the government’s take, anyway. What the transfer really did was ensure that the files would be placed in the CIA’s operational records, a records system that –due to the 1984 CIA Operational Files exemption— is not subject to the FOIA and is a black hole for anyone trying to access the files that are there. The move prevents the public from accessing the official record about the raid, and bypasses several important federal records keeping procedures in the process.

The question is always been why is everything so secret and why is this whole operation so mysterious and why is the public even surprised that it is coming back to haunt Joe Biden– it was ripe to come up a again like a tainted egg salad sandwich.

President Trump can arguably be the one who threw the switch on this – and he was probably meant to. It was obvious bait that the President took and was part of the COINTELPRO operation to expose groups like Q and others who promulgate conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories over the years have alleged that President Barack Obama and presumably then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and now Joe Biden — had somehow been responsible for the attack, supposedly in order to silence the Seals for something having to do with the bin Laden raid three months earlier.

Furthermore, according to the lore, due to the alleged Iran angle, the Iran nuclear agreement in 2015 was in fact a payoff to Iran for whatever role they played in the earlier conspiracy. The Benghazi attack in 2012 plays a part in some other versions of the story.

Again, as the media is now saying that these theories are false, what they aren’t taking into account is that the theories have “precedent.”

The media will tell you that Trump endorses the conspiracy theory when in all probability he finds it interesting and that it was that peaked interest that the Deep State COINTELPRO actors counted on.

Charlie Strange, the father of one of the men who died in the Extortion 17 crash believes that there certainly was a conspiracy. According to a 2013 Washington times report Strange claimed that “Somebody was leaking information to to the Taliban.

His son, Michael, allegedly intercepted communications as a Navy cryptologist. Strange said with confidence that “They knew. Somebody tipped them off. They were sitting there, waiting. And they sent our guys right into the middle.”

Another father of a man who perished, Doug Hamburger said that the CH-47D Chinook descended– it landed at a spot less than 150 yards from where armed Taliban fighters watched from a turret.

The thing that is most interesting is that there is also the controversy over whether not the Navy Seals that allegedly killed bin Laden were truly Seals and it was Joe Biden that somehow stirred the pot and gave conflicting reports.

Obama did not say it was the SEALs. In numerous television appearances, Obama’s counter-terrorism Chief John Brennan didn’t and his deputy national security adviser Denis McDonough didn’t. Despite the numerous news reports that named the SEALs, none of the anonymous briefers from the CIA and Pentagon would confirm it.

Again, all the whistles and bells ring conspiracy – and the theories are overwhelming.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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