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Clyde Lewis | October 2, 2020
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We were in the middle of our On Beyond Zero presentation on Facebook last night when we got the news that the President and First Lady both tested positive for COVID-19. When news like this breaks and you don’t have access to immediate information the best you can do is report it, give your concerns and wait for the fallout.

Many of the listeners chimed in about Dr. Heldore, the contact we made on the Ouija Board back in July.

Dr. Heldore concluded that there would be an onslaught of many blood diseases in the wings for the remainder of the year including West Nile Virus, Dengue fever and the Bubonic plague.

He also indicated that “old age” will be an issue with the Presidential candidates as both Biden and Trump will begin to show signs of illness or debilitation prior to the election.

There was actually an earlier Ouija Board session we conducted in October of 2019 that said that Trump would have a health problem. Weeks later he was rushed to Walter Reed Hospital with some unknown problem.

While the Ouija board predictions can send a chill up one’s spine – the reality of what is happening will probably not be reported because the media again has overlooked reports that in March the military were actually discussing a plan for the continuity of government if the President fell ill with COVID-19.

The Military was busy carrying out gain of function exercises – that at first were table top and it later it was also speculated that they would go real world if there was any danger to the continuity of government during the COVID-19 outbreak.

These exercises ran simulations that included, terrorist attacks, insurgency, assassination of government figures, the incapacitation of government officials due to the pandemic, and cyber-attacks affecting the grid.

The Electric Infrastructure Security Council created “The EARTH EX Black Sky Hazard Simulation Project.”

According to their website, The Earth Ex Black Sky Hazard Operation is a moderated exercise series – a facilitated environment to consider impact and recovery from severe Black Sky Hazards, addressing national power grids and other critical infrastructures. The project exercises resilience and response recommendations from EPRO and other government and corporate planning initiatives, serving both as a “laboratory” – validating, refining and supplementing recommendations; and as an educational tool – a resource to help utilities and their partners with communication, training and consensus building.

Back in January, I reported that various state legislatures were having secret meetings with the Department of Homeland Security about undisclosed security issues. Kansas Legislators were put on National Guard buses and briefed on an undisclosed topic. It was also Nebraska Legislature did the same thing, but they just tried to keep it quiet.

Other state legislatures were briefed about a possible major event by the Department of Homeland Security regarding the continuity of government.

Continuity of government and protection of the presidency began in the Eisenhower administration with the possibility emerging that Washington could be obliterated in an atomic attack. The need to plan for a nuclear decision-maker to survive even a direct attack led to the building of bunkers and a maze of secret procedures and exceptions, many of which are still followed to this day. Congress was also folded in – at least Congressional leadership – to ensure that there would always be a Constitutional successor. And then the Supreme Court was added.

Before 9/11, continuity and emergency programs were broadened beyond nuclear war preparedness, particularly as hurricanes began to have such devastating effects on modern urban society. And because of the advent of pandemics, broadly beginning with the Avian Influenza, civil agencies responsible for national security, such as the Department of Health and Human Services, which is the lead agency to respond to coronavirus, were also brought into continuity protection.

Most of the policies were leaning towards medical martial law – a secret military governing in times of pandemic where the infrastructure of the country was on the verge of collapse.

The military has laid out a clear plan of succession in case if the “executive branch or even Congress and the Supreme Court” members get wiped out or are unable to function during the COVID-19 pandemic

The plans were first discussed in a Newsweek report and were allegedly top secret, as they were considered core intelligence briefings about a what if scenario where the government would have to shut down or at least suspend operations due to leadership falling ill.

The plan is codenamed Octagon, Freejack, and Zodiac, and reveals that the US military is on the standby, ready to step in, in case, if there is a void in the leadership.

Octagon, Freejack, and Zodiac – “are the underground laws to ensure government continuity” during a multilevel doomsday event, in this case, coronavirus (COVID 19) that leads to a wipe of the top leadership and leaves the country vulnerable to attack.

It was revealed that as per the protocols necessitated in Octagon, Freejack, and Zodiac give US military extraordinary powers in the event of a “devolution” wherein normal Constitutional provisions would be circumvented to place a military commander in the oval office to direct affairs during an attack.

It is believed “combatant commander” in control of American in case of total collapse following COVID 19 spread would be General Lori J. Robinson In theory, she would be in charge of the US, if Washington ever collapsed. And she would remain as the commander, until a new civilian leader could be installed.

While the media is reporting that both POTUS and FLOTUS have tested positive with COVID-19 – the media is speculating if President Trump and other staff could be superspreaders literally crippling the leadership of this country.

I suspect that what is happening at this time is a test of operations that began when we first heard of the malware attacks on grids that shut down 911 service to 7 states, crippled air radar and shut down a major Medical system in the United States.

Octagon, Freejack, Zodiac could be underway, as plans for continuity of government is crucial.

While the President and the first lady go into quarantine, a real time exercise is also underway and there are many reasons to believe that this is so.

Octagon Freejack Zodiac include CONPLAN 3400 (homeland defense if the US itself is the battlefield), CONPLAN 3500 (defending civil authorities in an emergency), and CONPLAN 3600 (defending the National Capital Region from an attack). Mark T. Esper, has authorized NORTHCOM to “prepare to deploy” in support of these “potential extraordinary missions”. These include “the possibility of some form of martial law”, where military commanders would be given executive powers across the US until a new civilian leadership would emerge.

At the moment, these plans are on standby but it appears that the NORTHCOM is testing the waters in what would be a condition yellow exercise.

Around the time the news broke, plane spotters on social media reported two Boeing E-6B Mercury planes flying on either side of the US mainland’s coasts.

The Pentagon uses the E-6B as airborne nuclear mission-control, commanding a fleet of the Navy’s Ohio class nuclear-powered submarines, armed with nuclear ballistic missiles, in US waters and or around the world.

“There was speculation the airborne command posts were deployed as a warning to any of America’s enemies after news broke of Trump’s positive test for the novel coronavirus,” Fox News said.

Fox News continued, “While military planes generally turn off their transponders in order to avoid being tracked, the two E-6Bs in the air early Friday morning had left theirs on, with the assumption being that their crews want to be seen.”

The Navy has 16 of these planes, and it’s not uncommon for two to be flying at the same. However, the fact their transponders were on and that they were seen just prior the announcement speaks volumes.

There are also other things to consider with regard to how the President got COVID-19 or if he has it at all.

First of all, the media is reporting that that Hope Hicks, an advisor to the President tested positive for COVID-19, and that she was the one that had exposed President Trump and the first lady to the disease.

She tested positive on Thursday. The President returned to the White House on Thursday night. The media had reported that the President did not wear a facemask and that he would have infected many people in his immediate vicinity.

It was later reported that Utah Senator Mike Lee revealed that he’s tested positive for the coronavirus and “will remain isolated for the next 10 days. Fox Business reported earlier that Trump is weighing whether to deputize Pence. Reporters, including the NYT’s Maggie Haberman, confirmed that Pence filled in for Trump during a call today . Trump could invoke Section 3 of the 25th Amendment to make Pence his temporary deputy.

Pence has so far tested negative for COVID-19 – but that could change at any moment.

Many aides to the President were also tested before the Hope Hix story broke and none of them tested positive – all of this has happened so suddenly.

It was reported that President Trump is scheduled to spend the next several days at Walter Reed Military Hospital near D.C. as a precautionary measure, according to the White House.

He was seen walking to Marine one unassisted giving a thumbs up.

Trump’s physician, Sean Conley, said the president took a Regeneron antibody cocktail and was “fatigued but in good spirits.

So far President Trump will be able to handle presidential affairs in his medical suite.

Now that Trump has admitted to having contracted the coronavirus, the next obvious – if morbid- question shifts to what are Trump’s odds of successfully emerging on the other side. To answer that question, Cascend Strategy calculates this morning that the Covid mortality rate for a 74 year old man – such as Trump – is 2.68%, or roughly 1 in 37.

Which is roughly a 3% chance of death.

President Trump has no known pre-existing conditions.

However, with Trump’s BMI of 30 putting him on the verge of being morbidly obese, some research suggests he could be as much as 3x as susceptible to serious symptoms.

NYT White House reporter, Maggie Haberman shared reports that Trump seemed lethargic and may have been mildly symptomatic with cold-like symptoms on Thursday during a meeting with donors at his Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey. Some of her sources also claimed that Trump fell asleep on a flight back from the Minnesota rally, and may have been symptomatic as early as Wednesday.

All of the donors and senior White House staff who have been in contact with Trump, the First Lady, and Hope Hicks will now be contacted and tested as quickly as possible. Former FDA head Dr. Scott Gottlieb said he believes the administration will perform serial tests on the president, while bringing in the most sensitive testing equipment possible to monitor the donors and Trump’s staff.

VP Mike Pence will almost certainly need to quarantine given his close contact with Trump. That could create serious problems for the upcoming VP debate, while Trump’s quarantine period would also overlap with the second presidential debate vs. Joe Biden. Doctors are saying that Joe Biden should also get serial tested, which he almost certainly will be.

Again, all of this protocol falls in line with what has been discussed with Project Octagon, Freejack, Zodiac.

There are also other protocols being considered as well.

If Trump is incapacitated, or feels he soon might become incapacitated, the 25th Amendment would then come into play. It has two relevant sections: Section 3, and Section 4.

Already, Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Grassley – the first three individuals in the line of presidential succession – are likely being given additional protection. If Trump falls seriously ill, he could elect to temporarily deputize Pence to serve as commander-in-chief.

If the president is somehow incapacitated before that can happen, Pence and the members of Trump’s cabinet have another option: they could vote to initiate Section 4 of the 25th Amendment – remember, all the mainstream media speculation about Trump’s mental state was intended to strengthen the case for a Section 4 coup d’état.

Any insurrection of course would be met with a military response –any organized civilian upheaval would result in enacting shelter in place lockdowns and or wireless, internet shutdowns.

The Communications Act of 1934 gives the President or the military control of communications facilities in case of a national emergency,

Section 706 of this law allows the president to shut down or take control of “any facility or station for wire communication” if he proclaims “that there exists a state or threat of war involving the United States.” With respect to wireless communications, suspending service is permitted not only in a “war or a threat of war,” but merely if there is a presidential proclamation of a “state of public peril” or massive epidemic or simply a “disaster or other national emergency.” There is no requirement in the law for the president to provide any advance notice to Congress.

As we have experienced prior to the announcement of the President’s illness there have been various bad actors utilizing their hacking abilities to take down the grid and various others systems.

Are these part of a mock exercise like Earth EX or perhaps Octagon, Freejack, Zodiac?

I would say the argument is compelling because a positive COVID-19 test for the president, in itself, is not a cause for emergency action. Millions of people around the world have contracted the disease and have been asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic.

The president would likely be able to continue his everyday activities and manage the office either undisturbed or with mild challenges. A presidential diagnosis would create some challenges for those around him. The need for 24-hour Secret Service protection could put agents at risk for contracting it. But given modern technology, the president could quarantine and have remote or sufficiently distanced contact from most, if not all, aides, including the individual(s) who would be involved in the presidential daily brief.

There would need to be other precautions taken, even if the president were to be asymptomatic. First, those in the line of succession would need to be protected. It would be important to keep Vice President Pence, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Grassley (President Pro Tempore), and members of the cabinet isolated from the president. It would be especially important to ensure that the vice president have limited contact with individuals generally to reduce his chances of contracting the virus as well.

Second, it would be important for the president to continue to communicate with the American public, especially if he is mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic. Seeing the president on camera can restore faith in his wellness, calm nervous Americans, stabilize stock markets (that would surely see a dip in the event of a positive test), and project to the world that the president remains well enough to execute the office.

We’ve experienced something like this before. In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson suffered a serious stroke, and his wife kept even his closest advisers from seeing the president, likely out of fear that they would find him incapacitated and thus throwing the nation into a serious leadership crisis. Such a scenario (hiding the president’s condition) would not be possible today, but an extended absence of a president, especially during a pandemic, would raise serious questions and become a destabilizing force in politics, the economy, and the public.



Written by Clyde Lewis

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