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Clyde Lewis | October 20, 2020


Since the Lockdown, many of us have found ways to beat the boredom of staying home. I certainly have become more of a movie and TV binge kind of guy and I am getting to watch all of the science fiction and horror movies I can because it will be obvious that there will be a huge gap of time when there won’t be any new stuff to watch. For the most part, TV has been good and there have been some TV series that I have sought out that have that scary, monster mystery flair.

One particular show of interest is Lovecraft Country. It just wrapped up its season and while the ending left me wanting more one thing that stood out in the series is the monsters that show up from time to time.

These multi-eyed creatures with mouths that show row after row of sharp teeth are seemingly becoming a trend in many of the TV shows featuring monsters. In Stranger Things, the Demogorgon had a flapped flower type mouth that when opened showed rows of sharp teeth and I have noticed that there is a new movie that is ready for streaming called, Love and Monsters. These monsters seem to have a wide variety of looks but again the monsters they feature in the trailers tend to look like slugs with, you guessed it, rows of sharp teeth.

Toothy monsters seem to be the new trend in movies but to be honest the kind of monster that terrifies me the most is the monster that flies above you and attacks you without warning. A monster can have claws, it can have big teeth but give it wings and it takes on a whole new kind of terror for me.

For me creatures with wings with horns instead of thumbs still usually represent evil or at least a primarily predatory species, and even though these are creatures of my nightmares there have been encounters with these types of creatures in our reality as the Mothman, Chupacabra and the Jersey Devil are just some of the winged creatures that can very well be the demonoids that come from the bowls of hell to torment mankind.

Most monster lore is a product of wild imaginations, a little hysteria and a healthy dose of cultural mythology. Although it’s easy to dismiss such mutant beasts as purely fictional, it can be much more difficult to disprove the existence of these hidden animals, known as cryptids.

People know what they see –and when they see it they spend their whole lives trying to tell themselves that they were hallucinating or that their imaginations got the best of them.

For example, back in October of 2015, the Jersey Devil was sighted in the Little Egg Township of New Jersey.

Dave Black was driving home from his security guard job in Atlantic City when he saw what he thought was a llama running in and out of the trees lining the road. He drove further toward a golf course to get a better look.

What happened next is the bizarre part.

The creature elongated its neck spread out leathery wings and flew off over the golf course

The most important thing was that he was able to snap a couple of pictures but only one seemed to be clear enough. It looked like a brown horned creature with wings – more like a flying goat than a flying llama.

You can clearly see wings on the creatures back and horns on its head. Its feet are cloven and the fur is dark brown.

And it’s obviously off the ground.

But what is most creepy is the legend behind why this horned devil is seen in the New Jersey area. Apparently it is a demon child that a woman gave birth to. She could not afford to feed it and tried to kill it but I escaped and from time this furry goat headed demon takes flight in the night.

The most widely held belief about the origin of the Jersey Devil is that a woman named Mrs. Leeds, a resident of Estellville, was distraught when she learned she was expecting for the thirteenth time. In disgust, she cried out, “Let it be the devil!” The story continues that the child arrived and it was a baby devil. The creature then gave a screech unfolded its wings and flew out the window and into the adjacent swamp.

Countless stories have circulated describing the Devils escapades, raiding chicken coops and farms, destroying crops and killing animals. His presence has been seen and felt by many in at least fifty different towns when he emerges from his natural lair in the Pinelands and wanders throughout Southern New Jersey, sometimes intriguing and sometimes terrorizing the residents. Posses were constantly formed to apprehend the Devil, but to no avail and at one point, as much as $100,000 was offered for the capture of the Jersey Devil, dead or alive. Several reports of the Jersey Devil’s death also proved to be inconclusive and even the scientific community could not explain its existence.

Belief in the Jersey Devil is quite real and based on records of concrete occurrences. Reliable people, including police, government officials, businessmen and many others who so integrity is beyond question, have witnessed the Devil’s activities. To this day, people traveling down the Garden State Parkway or the Atlantic City Expressway reported sightings of “something” or tell stories of strange occurrences. Many continue to believe that the legendary being is still around disturbing the region and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Of course, it is said that the whole demon child story sound like an urban legend but the Jersey Devil is actually a familiar demon that continues to terrify people.

Designated in 1938 as the country’s only state demon, the Jersey Devil is described as a kangaroo-like creature with the face of a horse, the head of a dog, bat-like wings, horns and a tail. For more than 250 years this mysterious creature is said to prowl through the marshes of Southern New Jersey and emerge periodically to rampage through the towns and cities.

It was the Jersey Devil and its description that gave me a reason to believe that people were actually seeing a manifestation of the demon Pazuzu or the demon that is also summoned or at least conjured named Zozo.

Pazuzu is said to have had the body of a man, the head of a lion or dog, the talons of an eagle, two pairs of wings, and the tail of a scorpion.


Although the ancient peoples of the world were conscious of an entity called the Devil or Satan, as evident in the Sumerian Creation Epic and the rumored existences of the Cult of Set of the Egyptians—Pazuzu was a demon that would spread pestilence and plague and was quite literally one form of evil to conquer another form of evil.

Pazuzu was also considered a harbinger of doom. If he is seen or if he is conjured, it unleashes an evil that will plague mankind like an uncontrollable virus.

In the book, “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis, there is a quote that backs up the opinions of Archbishop Tony Pigott and Theologian and paranormal investigator Paul Eno about how evil can be seen as a parasite and how it can spread the like virus or pestilence.

C.S. Lewis wrote:

“And do you now begin to see why Christianity has always said that the devil is a fallen angel? That is not a mere story for the children. It is a real recognition of the fact that evil is a parasite, not the original thing.”

A parasite requires an independent life source in order to survive. In order for evil to spread like disease or a pestilence, it must feed independently off the good and kindness of human kind.

If we think about it, civilization been failing and it can said that some kind of parasitic attack has been constantly plaguing us from before time began. Satan led rebellious angels into a revolt. They were commissioned to fight and eventually destroy God and his creation.

Their influence spread like a pestilence on every sphere in the cosmos.

The fallen angel Shemyaza, another form of Azazel, is said by Enoch to have taught humans the magical art of enchantment; the fallen angel Armaros taught the banishing of enchantments; Baraqijal taught astrology; Kokabiel, the knowledge of the constellations Chazaqiel, the knowledge of divination, the clouds and the sky; Shamsiel, the signs of the sun; Sariel the courses of the moon and the lunar cycles used in horticulture and agriculture and the esoteric lunar mysteries.

Pazuzu was the demon featured in the film, The Exorcist – it was the demon that possessed the little girl Regan and the statue was seen when Father Marin find it in ancient Nineveh.

Pazuzu was known in North America to the Native Americans as Piasu. Piasu was described as a winged creature with a dog-like face, red eyes, and a serpent-like body that haunted the Ohio Valley.  Of course the Ohio valley is the known territory of the infamous Mothman.

When Mothman made his appearance in West Virginia in 1966, I am sure that no one who lived in the Ohio Valley was even aware of Pazuzu. The movie the Exorcist came out long after the disaster at the Silver Bridge and the reports of a winged man that terrorized the people of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The Exorcist showed the demonic image of Pazuzu and the second Exorcist film made clear what Pazuzu was capable of doing.

Pazuzu would possess warriors and would unleash swarms of locusts, great storms and drought.

According to ancient writings, Pazuzu arrived at the first Millennium and then would disappear for a time only to reappear at the turn of a decade, millennium or century to warn of a coming catastrophe.

It is interesting to also note that on the day of the first Mothman sighting, Walt Disney died. While this may not have significance to the average investigator it may come as a surprise to many people that the first real contemporary glimpse of a winged demon like Mothman and Pazuzu came from the Disney’s film, Fantasia from 1940.

The Chernabog appears in the segment “A Night on Bald Mountain” and has been called Disney’s best representation of pure evil. The huge, nocturnal and winged demon is based on the god of the night in Slavonic mythology. At Walpurgis Night, Chernabog emerges from the peak of Mount Triglaf, near Kiev in southern Russia, to summon all of his minions; he eventually throws them all into the mountain’s fiery pit.

The Pazuzu winged demon motif was also used in the movie, Jeepers Creepers. The “creeper” was able to regenerate and according to the creators of the film was human at one time. The creeper would feed every 23 years and was first seen as a
Scarecrow in the film. Crows of course are known as symbols of death.

In behind the scenes commentary, the producers of the film say that the Jeepers Creepers story is loosely-based on the Mothman legends.

Mothman for me is the most terrifying of all the legends of winged beings – because if you see him – then there will be major disaster or death that is due, Mothman gives fair warning like he did in Point Pleasant West Virginia before the Silver Bridge collapsed.

Believe it or not, Mothman has returned – this time the creature was sighted in Chicago.

On September 24th, 2020 Mothman appeared again near the USPS Sorting Facility at O’Hare Airport.

The witness is a 17-year veteran of the USPS and has worked at the O’Hare sorting facility for the last 15 years. She advised that on the night in question, she was walking toward her car after her shift had ended and was checking her text messages on her phone as she made the familiar walk to her vehicle.

As the witness walked to the car, she noticed what looked like a very tall man at the very far end of the parking lot that she reasonably thought was one of her fellow co-workers. As she walked toward the car, she deactivated the car alarm which automatically turned on the car headlights. The headlights illuminated the person at the other end of the parking lot and it turned toward her revealing a pair of bright red eyes and it spread what looked like a giant pair of wings. The woman estimated that they must have been between 10 to 12 feet across. The being then began making a series of clicking noises which she described as a cross between a click and a chirping sound. The being then let out a loud metallic screech that she described to sound like the brakes on a large truck or train.

The witness described how it began running toward her in these very long strides, at which point it took off into the air.

The sound described by the witness is similar to that reported by witnesses in Rockford, near Hedgewisch Park and on the southern end of Northerly Island in Chicago, and in another encounter near O’Hare. The witnesses in those incidents said they heard a sound like screeching brakes during or prior to their sightings.

O’Hare International Airport has been the epicenter of recent winged humanoid sightings in the Lake Michigan Mothman investigation, with at least 10 sightings coming from the airport itself since August of 2019, and many more reported in the surrounding communities.

This report constitutes the latest news in a string of ‘Mothman’ sightings from within a few hundred mile radius surrounding Lake Michigan, including every state bordering the Great Lakes.

These sightings ostensibly began in the spring of 2017, but more historical accounts are being reported as more people become aware of the phenomenon. They generally take place in the evening or at night, often in or near a park or natural area, and around water.

Witnesses consistently describe a large, gray or black, bat or bird-like creature—although in a small number of cases the creature was described as insect-like—sometimes with glowing or reflective red, yellow, green, or orange eyes, and humanoid features such as arms and legs are often reported. Some witnesses have reported feeling intense fear and an aura of evil emanating from the creature they encountered.

Some have even said they have smelled a very putrid odor like rotten eggs or sulfur.

These smells are also described by witnesses when they encounter the Chupacabra.

Again, the Chupacabra has been seen all over the United States and Latin America, it has a kangaroo type body, horns on its head, quills running down its back, wings and red eyes.

Many people recently have claimed to have either filmed the Chupacabra only to realize that they have seen and animal with mange or a wild dog that is either sick or malnourished.

Tales of the Chupacabra first emerged in Puerto Rico in the late 1990s. They described a bipedal creature four or five feet tall with large eyes, spikes down its back and long claws. This beast, people claimed, was responsible for killing and draining the blood of livestock, an act that earned it its name – which is Spanish for “goat-sucker”.

What is remarkable is how fast the story travelled. After more reported sightings, and links made subsequently in the media with livestock that had been found “drained of blood”, the legend of the Chupacabra spiraled out of control. First it spread around the island, then the rest of Latin America and into the southern US states.

Then, in the early 2000s, a different chupacabra arrived on the scene. This one shared some of the traits of earlier sightings but was a little less alien. This time it was described as a hairless, dog-like animal walking on four legs.

And unlike most monsters, this type is not based exclusively on sightings. Chupacabra bodies have reportedly been found.

I remember back in 1997 when I first heard of the creature the department of Agriculture in Puerto Rico told me that they had determined that the Chupacabra was a wild dog but a dog that they have never seen before.

The image however of the wings and eyes and quills many believe come from Catholic and imagery from Bujeria or folk voodoo.

Again, we can make connection to these demons that have been described anciently as appearing in times of disease and disorder.

Flying blood feeders and spreaders of disease go back to the legends of the vampires. The idea of flying vipers and snakes go all the way back to the times of Moses in the Old Testament.

However, in the case of the Chupacabra there are many Puerto Ricans who believe they are an indication of American exploitation and meddling; the result of top secret US scientific experiments taking place in El Yunque rainforest.

The Chupacabra may have been an experimental creature that has been unleashed. A Chimera that was bred to be an apex predator.

The original Chupacabra had spikes on its back, big eyes, then over the years the idea of what it was became bigger and bigger until you have any mangy dog being called a Chupacabra. Now, people go on Google and search ‘mysterious animal attacking things’. It’s self-perpetuating.

But what about those initial sightings? The demonoid blood feeder with the red eyes and the leather wings – flying from coop to coop attacking chickens and feeding on the blood of goats?

Many people can dismiss it as myth – but there have been reports of these creatures crawling out of wells and crawl spaces as far north as Russia and the Philippines.

Winged Mothmen have been seen before the Chernobyl Disaster and some say there was a winged black figure that flew over Pennsylvania and New York before the 911 attacks.

It goes to show, you can do all the rigorous analysis you want, all the investigation, all the science. At the end of the day, there are still those creatures that seem to crawl out of the deep bowels of the abyss and fly over your head watching for the moment to strike.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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