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Ron Patton | October 23, 2018
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Last night, I pondered about how the explanation of the Second Genesis seemed to be more difficult than I thought. It is not beyond the proper limits of thought to actually declare that there are life forms that are unrelated to the life we know because they are descendants of an independent origin of life.

Many scientists argue that there is no reason why a second genesis might not have taken place and no reason why its descendants should not still be living among us.

This would mean that there could be an alien form of life or dare I say, a form of life that exists whose main purpose is to invade a healthy host and proceed to rob it of its life force and its ability to think and function within the norms of society.

The same can be said for entities or even life forms that can inhabit a building, or perhaps a place where a murder or suicide took place. It can be said that these entities can be in your food or even can find their way into your home giving you the impression that perhaps your house is haunted by poltergeists.

I have been really into watching some very well produced horror TV shows lately. I have actually started to watch the Haunting of Hill House and I am really enjoying the way new Horror shows are more psychological and deal with the darker areas of the soul that tend to be exploited in times of trauma.

Trauma and dread seem to water down the soul and make it ripe for hysteria, fear and even possession.

Now, when I say possession, I could mean demonic possession or now you can also now put forward the new theories that are being presented and that is demonic possession is actually a parasitic condition that still remains undefined.

This keeps it in the realms of the paranormal, but it stops just short of being a parasitic infection that spreads because of blunt trauma to the consciousness.

This does explain to a certain degree why we perceive the world today as being hostile and in some cases in a state of otherworldly control.

With the prevailing eschatology and the predictions of the world apocalypse, we are witnessing a critical mass of individuals giving up or becoming antagonistic because all they hear about is how their future is going end in a biblical cataclysm.

One of the biggest lies people are telling themselves is that faith will pull them through an apocalypse when they are secretly dreading the advent of death or hell and of course a permanent end with no chance at rebirth or immortality.

Of course, these are promptings of chaotic thoughts — some will attribute them to the promptings of a devil or demon goes from a confidence trickster to the betrayer of those who gives in to the temptations that rob them of their virtue.

We are seeing that people who used to love life begin to lose their zest for life. We begin to see children thinking about suicide or even killing playmates.

We are hearing about children who sexually assault other children and we are hearing about bullying and how those who are bullied have an audience on YouTube saying goodbye and some taking their lives for all to see.

Social media has become a demon unto itself as unseen algorithms are guiding people into becoming ruthless to each other, hiding behind the shield of a keyboard.

The dark side apparently is winning over many people and we wonder if it is evidence of the magnum opus of Satan or that something is breeding a new psychopathic ideology where the end result will be our own destruction.

Scientists would call it a disease and yet the disease has not been detected under a microscope and so the technocrats have to dig a little deeper.

Their quest is defining and sequencing the consciousness of human beings, both the reverent and humble parts and the parts that are darker and chaotic.

Over the course of written history, there have been questions of how to define different scientific ideas, how to reach the answers, how to conduct experiments, and who or what to conduct them on.

Usually, when tests are conducted they are often centered on particular groups of people, no one has been spared. Many young scientists today who have no idea about these studies, or their findings, or how they are being applied today, or that many abridged versions are being told in schools.

From the torturous experiments of Josef Mengele to the CIA experiments of Louis Jolly West there have been many documented cases of rogue experiments that are meant to unlock the darker aspects of consciousness.

When we talk about having a “dark side,” we’re generally calling attention to our most aggressive, or lustful, anti-social instincts or the mean-spirited, bloodthirsty belligerence presumably lurking deep within us.

Monsters hiding behind the human mask act out on impulses that would disrupt others’ lives—if not outright decimate them. They are the chief perpetrators of Rape; mutilation; murder; unconscionable acts of thievery, betrayal, treachery, sadism, masochism; unbounded greed; incest; and so on.

In the words of the famous apologist, C.S. Lewis:

“Christianity asserts that God is good; that He made all things good and for the sake of their goodness; that one of the good things He made, namely, the free will of rational creatures, by its very nature included the possibility of evil; and that creatures, availing themselves of this possibility, have become evil.”

The emphasis of availing one’s self to that which is chaotic and opening up to the abyss will most certainly result in some psychotic reaction. In some cases, it may even lead to what some people call demonic possession.

The difference between a mental disorder and a possession is not always obvious, especially in cases, where medicine claims the right to spiritual matters. Every case takes intuition and a separation of a psychiatrist’s and an exorcist’s competence.

There is that fine line we have to critically analyze.

Insanity or psychosis is the diagnosis or the psychologist and possession of the devil is the analysis of the spiritual advisor.

Both events can easily be parasitic infections of consciousness. This is what science intends to dig out of the human psyche.

I was thumbing through my movie choices for Halloween and decided to watch the film, Deliver Us From Evil. I remembered how terrifying the movie was mainly because the film was based on accounts of a claimed demonologist Ralph Sarchie.

Ralph Sarchie worked out of the 46th Precinct in New York’s South Bronx. He apparently had seen some very horrifying things while on duty and if the movie is to be believed he also was able to apprehend suspects that appear to have been possessed. When a person is possessed or appears to be out of control they appear to act more like monsters. It is reported that they show signs of superhuman strength, they growl and in some cases, they are known to either eat their victims or even mutilate and eat their own body parts.

The movie demonstrates this as it shows just how hideous a possession can be and how there is something beastly that exists deep down in all of us.

Sarchie’s claims can be found in diaries and books; however, it is hard to be objective to his experiences because he has such a dogmatic view of the devil.

I am of the opinion that dogma is what is keeping us from finding the true nature of what evil is and who or what is responsible for it.

Dogma is not what is motivating the scientific interest in pansychism, nor is it responsible for digging up the ghosts buried deep on human consciousness.

The old beliefs of spirits, demons and devils possessing, impregnating, and even killing their victims can be compared today to modern science with our medical knowledge of microbes, viruses, and worms which kill humans by the billions.

Many ancient cultures had believed in both what we call demons or angels possessing humans, and the science of worms being the cause of almost all human disease and sickness. These similarities between the demons of mythology with the scientific facts of the various worms and parasites of today is not a coincidence, but evidence that this science has been known for millennia.

This age-old game of the races of worms competing for the bodies, blood, and minds of one another can be found all over the world in the form of serpents, demons, and various blood drinking and human flesh devouring animals. For example, in Ancient Egypt and the East, they had worshipped serpents who represented a demon who had brought life, wisdom, and death into the world through its destructive dominion over men.

Human sacrifices were offered to the serpent demon who was a “murderer from the beginning. “These are demons depicted in part of the interior of an Egyptian tomb, at Biban al Melook; “before an enormous serpent, three men are represented on their knees, with their heads just struck off by the executioner, “while the serpent erects his crest to a level with their throats, ready to drink the stream of life as it gurgles from their veins.”

Blood is the life – the contamination of the bloodline was the work of the devil.

The contamination of the bloodline is the disease of the serpent and is suppressed by the conqueror worm.

Of course, the conqueror worms were the maggots that infested the dead.

The ancient mythologies of demon possession are connected to the modern science of infestation and parasites controlling the minds of their victims.

In Dante’s Inferno, he calls the Devil “the great worm,” and King Solomon had summoned the King of Demons, Asmodeus to bring him the mighty little worm named Shamir to help him build Solomon’s Temple. Shamir did so and it was said not a pick or axe could be heard. In the old Spiritual Writings of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, he made it clear of this relationship between man and worms when he said, ‘Man is nothing but fetid sperm, a bag of dung and food for worms.

After man comes the worm, and after the worm, stench and horror. And thus, is every man’s fate.

There is a song on the album, Pink Floyd’s, The Wall, that speaks of the descent into madness called, “Waiting for the Worms.”

It speaks about how the worms enter into the mind and that they have led to things like the final solution, the strengthening of the strain of parasitic evil where we wait for the word to turn on the showers and fire the ovens.

The darkness prevails as the worms manifest in the mind.

When a person intentionally tries to destroy the body or the mind, it tends to open a pathway that invites a possession or a mental breakdown.

It is known that demons perversely desire to destroy the bodies they inhabit.

The Testament of Solomon is a great book for learning about demons and their abilities and traits. As you read the text you begin to notice that certain “reptilian” behaviors are described for every demon or Djinn that is mentioned.

Aeshma-Daeva, the Persian counterpart of Set, is also known in demonology as Asmodai or Asmodeus. Asmodeus is identified with Ursa Major. The seven demons of Sumer, and later of Babylon and Assyria, were identified with Ursa Major and the Constellation Draco as well. Idpa, Namtar, Utuk, Alal, Gigim, Relal and Uruku.

All of these demons were associated with the seven heads of the archetypal Dragon. The Seven-Headed Dragon of Egypt has been identified with Tiamat, the Great Dragon of Sumer, slain by Marduk.

In ancient writings about all of the so-called “gods”, their dealings with mankind seem to follow a certain blueprint. Many of their dealings are horrific, and feature many people taking their lives and the lives of others to try and please these demonic gods.

The knowledge of these beings has been suppressed and the churches have corrupted the histories and accounts of these entities. Religion has covered up the various stories that conclude that we are not alone and that we are at the mercy of beings that have no bias or regard for what we may consider to be morality.

Many American charismatic religions fail to understand that God and Satan have certain rules that they play by. It isn’t all possession and banishment for the sake of quota.

It is important to realize that even Satan has to play by the rules. However, now we are realizing that there are powerful entities that have been conjured or that have appeared that know nothing of a Satan or even a Jesus, which makes for a more challenging exorcism.

It is because now human beings have chosen to rely on demons and even conjure demons from a Tulpa or a meme which is a thought that is fueled by intent.

In ritual books and even in the infamous Catholic witch-hunters guide, The Malleus Maleficarum, it is the human that possesses the demon, not the demon possessing the human.

There are far more real powers to contend with that are possessing people and unfortunately in some cases, creates a vicious cycle of psychological abuse.

Written by Ron Patton

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