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Clyde Lewis | October 23, 2020
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After Chris Everard appeared on the show to give us a rundown on some of the very real vampires in laces of power, we decided to put into our library a book that talked about the Lesser Keys of Solomon and the Goetic demons or evil spirits.

Someone commented about the offer saying “People dabbling in black magic is the source of so many of our woes on this planet.

Why should we want to be like them? Don’t you find any danger in reading it?”

I replied that there is no harm in understanding both the dark and the light. It is best that you put the light into practice – the darkness is rarely understood and this is why it appears to be winning.

Just because I read about poison, or things that are toxic to the body does not mean that I want to does myself with it.

I even stated that some of the best material about the dark side comes from the Bible. I know that many Christians may disagree but as I am challenged countless times to prove that aliens, vampires or even werewolves are in the Bible – I have become quite versed in the history of the paranormal within scripture.

For example if you go to the fourth Chapter in Daniel you read a story about King Nebuchadnezzar and how it appears that he was a shapeshifter and that quite possibly the King had changed into a werewolf.

For seven years, strange rumors had been heard throughout the Babylonian empire that there was some type of significant trouble in the highest levels of government concerning the king himself. Some were suggesting that the king had lost his mind, he would fly into rages, and was living out in the fields with the cattle. Other stories were going around as well and nobody really knew the truth as to whether the king was alive, or dead, or what was going on.

Nebuchadnezzar was “transformed” into a wild beast living in the fields for seven years, away from humanity, eating grass as cattle do. Was this a bout of insanity, the earliest recorded case of the clinical psychiatric delusion now commonly referred to as lycanthropy?

In the Bible it reads:

“The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar: and he was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven, till his hairs were grown like eagles, and his nails like birds.”

So he lived in the bush like a madman. For seven years he did not bathe and his hair grew and became so matted that it appeared as feathers or fur. His nails through the filth of mud and the wild became like talons. Adding the sun beating on his body and the callouses and abrasions which formed on him throughout that length of time, these all certainly gave him the appearance of a beast which was animated from the psychosis of his mind.

The king was about 45 years old at this time. It sounds as though he became a Lycanthrope.

The term lycanthropy, derived from the Greek lykos = wolf and anthropos = human, specifically refers to the supposed transformation of a human into a wolf – that is, a werewolf. In the modern psychiatric literature lycanthropy generically refers to the delusion that one can undergo metamorphosis into an animal, be it a wolf or some other beast (also referred to as therianthropy or zoanthropy. In the psychiatric literature various patients have thought themselves transformed not only into a wolf or werewolf, but also into a dog, cat, tiger, or even a reptile.

People can say that there are no such things as vile beings, reptilian shapeshifters, or even werewolves, however, historical accounts are everywhere.

We also find in the Bible, the story of the 12 spies trips through Hebron is fascinating if not downright frightening.

The spies reported to Moses that the area of Hebron near Canaan was a vile place where giant man wolves and man cats lived. They were GIANTS who, when they talked, sounded like panthers. They were large, ate human flesh, and had bones made of “iron”. They were also reported to have double rows of teeth, and to be seen eating animals women and children.

Traditionally, in folklore and mythology, some humans are said to have been physically transformed into animals. Certainly this strains modern credulity and is open to serious question.

In December 2017, Hamrullah, an archaeologist on an Indonesian government survey, was exploring a cave system in Sulawesi, a large island in central Indonesia. He noticed a tantalizing opening in the ceiling above him. A skilled spelunker, Hamrullah (who only uses one name, like many Indonesians) climbed through the gap into an uncharted chamber. There, he laid eyes on a painting that is upending our understanding of prehistoric humans.

The dramatic panel of art, dating back at least 43,900 years, is “the oldest pictorial record of storytelling and the earliest figurative artwork in the world,” a group of scientists said in a paper that was published earlier this month in the journal, Nature.

In the story told in the scene, eight figures approach wild pigs and dwarf buffaloes native to Sulawesi.

However, these figures represented much more than ordinary human hunters. One appears to have a large beak, muzzle or snout while another has an appendage resembling a tail.

In the language of archaeology, these are therianthropes or characters that embody a mix of human and animal characteristics.

There is a book called, “A Book of the Laws of Pluto,” which speaks of monstrous generations, which were not produced according to the Laws of Nature. It talks about the unholy union of mixed things and how through divine natural magic can there be a generation of creatures that can shapeshift at will.

The book speaks of strange spells and tinctures that can produce therianthropes.

The term “therianthropy” comes from the Greek theríon meaning “wild animal” or “beast” implicitly mammalian, and anthrōpos meaning “human being”.

Shapeshifting in folklore, mythology, and anthropology generally refers to the alteration of physical appearance from that of a human to that of another species.

According to one version of an ancient Greek myth mentioned by Hesiod around the 8th–7th century BC and retold by later writers, Lycaon ,the king of Arcadia killed and cooked one of his own sons, serving the resulting dish to Zeus in order to test the god’s true divinity. As punishment for such impiety, and the horrific act carried out, Zeus turned Lycaon into a wolf. Of course this is only a myth, and not to be taken literally, or should it?

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most enduring children’s tales in existence. Childhood memorabilia can hold many fond memories, whether it’s the favorite teddy or the fluffy, irreplaceable blanket that we once snuggled with at bedtime. However, the most powerful reminders of our younger years can be the fairy tales we were told. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, and numerous others have shaped our imagination and even worked as moral lessons filtered through the playful characters.

Yet when these fairy tales’ origins are researched, a deeper and darker tone is found in many of them. One such tale is the “Little Red Riding Hood.”

When you can see the true meaning of the folk tale you begin to realize that the meme of the shape shifter is being reinforced and that there are people to whom you give your trust that can hide a very dark secret.  A secret that they are in fact, possessed with the ability to shift their personae to that of a beast.

The story of Little Red Riding Hood appears to be a story of an exorcism being given to a shape shifter that prefers the form of a wolf.  It is quite literally the account of a person turning into a werewolf.

The shape changing wolf appears as Grandma, lying in the bed awaiting the arrival of the young virgin girl with the red hood. The girl offers wine and bread. It is symbolic of trying to get the shape-shifting creature to partake of the holy sacrament.

The entity must shift before it attacks, and so the young girl begins to notice the big teeth and large eyes protruding from Grandma’s skull. In an exchange with her “grandmother” the girl with the red hood points out how you can tell that you are in the presence of a vile creature.

There are bigger eyes that can see you, bigger hands that can hold you down and bigger teeth that can devour you.

Another question is whether or not the little red riding cap or hood belonged to a girl, or an earnest clergyman doing the work of the church in delivering a soul from the clutches of the devil?

As early as the tenth century a member of the Catholic clergy would wear a red biretta. Historically, the biretta was used by all ranks of the clergy from cardinals to deacons and priests. If we are to believe that these unholy monsters exist, then people would tend to believe it would take a man of God to take on the evil of a shape shifting demon that fornicates with the dead and eats their remains.

We can blame Hollywood for how the Werewolf has been portrayed. The magical nature of the man turning into a wolf has been illustrated through some remarkable special effects. But throughout history some of the more barbaric killers have shown just how much they mimic the traits of the psychological werewolf inside.

There have been several murderers in the modern age that may have been in fact werewolves or Lycanthropes . When we look metaphorically at the acts of Jeffery Dahmer and Ed Gein one needs to question if the spirit of the wolf possessed them.
It was said that Gein preserved his mother’s skin. He confessed that he often dressed up in it, wore his mother’s clothes, and ran outside the farmhouse to dance in the moonlight. He also wore belts of human nipples and would make furniture of human skin.

Dahmer of course was legendary for eating his victims which also is a trait of the man wolf.   This view generally would be ridiculed as pure hokum however if we read of cases of Lycanthropy we see that the symptoms and actions are always similar and tend to be consistent.

It was a dog man that spoke to Son Of Sam Killer David Berkowitz and told him to kill –and Ted Bundy stalked his prey in the woods near The Evergreen State college in Olympia Washington.

People can say that there are no such things as vile beings, shape shifters, or even werewolves—but there are things that lurk in the dark –and they are still being seen today – much to the horror of the witnesses who see them.

Back in April, there was a story that appeared in Inexplicata, a website devoted to unexplained phenomena in Mexico in Latin America about town in the state of Chiapas that was being terrorized by werewolves.

The citizens of Coita (total population, less than 40,000 inhabitants) were not able to get any sleep due to the sound of ‘howling’ they hear at night along with shots fired into the air. The fear among the public great that the local parishioner asked the people to calm down and to light a candle outside their homes for spiritual protection.

Some of the locals who have claimed seeing the creature say it’s over 7 feet tall and endowed with great agility. A Facebook page “Coita Milenario” posted the account that a man living in the El Caracol neighborhood saw the purported werewolf going over a fence of around 9 feet high with a single jump. Other witnesses allegedly fired upon the being but, as it would be the case with these sorts of stories, the bullets didn’t have any effect on it. The reports also mention a “putrid smell” emanating from the supposed lycan.

There was one resident that was able to video 5 seconds of darkness and got a chilling sound of the creature.

Among the townsfolk there are those who are convinced this entity was originally a man living in a nearby village Ocuilapa who was a ‘Nahual’ –a ‘brujo’ or shaman capable of transforming his body into that of a wolf or a coyote; those who adhere to this folkloric interpretation, also believe the ‘nahual’ lost his ability to return into his discarded human skin, because someone cursed it by pouring salt over it.

José María Rincón, a content creator associated with the Facebook page, Coita Milenario, who has uploaded some videos about the werewolf story –including one recorded in a location near mount Meyapac close to the El Caracol neighborhood, where the neighbors pointed Rincón to some large prints they had found the night before when they went in search of the beast– is a part-time astrologer, and as such he sides with a more ‘metaphysical’ interpretation of the phenomenon plaguing his community: he thinks the reason the creature’s activity seems to be centered around the Villa de Allende area –a supposedly protected forest reserve which has suffered its function for natural conservation, due to the invasion of illegal trespassers over the years– is because mankind is destroying Nature. He therefore views the so-called werewolf as a forest elemental.

A more prosaic explanation has been offered by psychotherapists who are saying that the people are in a state of hysteria because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gestalt psychotherapist Dulce Bonifaz, claims that the people of Coita are in such a high state of tension, she said, that they are noticing noises in the night which would have been overlooked under normal circumstances. She also considers it is easier for the human psyche to fear a visible threat –say, a supernatural monster– than an invisible one such as the COVID-19 coronavirus. Which is all well and good, but how to explain the tracks found by Rincón at the Meyepac mount, or the strange recordings and testimony by local police?

As recently as July of this year Rn Rice a resident of Lake Geneva Wisconsin. Ron travels to the Town of Lyons for work, where he drops off fertilizer at a farm on Highway 36 just west of Church Road.

Rice was on a routine drop-off in broad daylight, sitting in his truck.

He looked into the distance, about 150 feet, and saw a trenge figure that looked like an upright walking dog.

It was over 7-feet tall, according to Rice –iIt was brown and hairy with coarse hair. It walked out and picked something up, then turned around and went back into the woods.”

Two weeks later, Rice said, he saw the beast again, and again it walked out of the woods and quickly returned.

According to Wikipedia, the beast is a werewolf-like creature, and the creature was first reported in 1936.A rash of claimed sightings in the late 1980s and early 1990s prompted a local newspaper, the Walworth County Week, to assign areporter cover the story and the lore grew from there.—That reporter was the world renowned, Linda Godfrey.

Godfrey, has published 18 books in the past 16 years about the improbable creatures and stranger things possibly stalking the Midwest. Some titles include “American Monsters,” “Monsters Among Us,” “Hunting the American Werewolf” and “The Michigan Dogman.”

Her latest is “I Know What I Saw: Modern Day Encounters with Monsters of New Urban legend and Ancient Lore.

Throughout the history of English folklore and interest in the natural world, the wolf has been associated with a variety of socially unacceptable traits. Again the histories written about how to apprehend and kill a werewolf if it cannot be saved through baptism are all over if you care to study them.

The hunters of witches, warlocks. Vampires and werewolves would write about how they were able to shapeshift and demonstrate features of unbridled cruelty, bestial ferocity, and ravening hunger.

The man wolf or the she beast is the symbol of Night and Dark Winter, of Stress and Storm, the dark and mysterious harbinger of Death. Their animalistic violence is clearly, according to medieval authors, something to be feared because it was irrational and could strike out at anyone. Human violence, in contrast, was believed to be logical violence deriving from clearly discernible, and socially logical, causes such as vengeance or drunkenness. Since the same writers established that the distinguishing trait for humans as opposed to animals was the capacity for rational, logical thought—despite evidence that animal violence could be caused by excessive hunger, being cornered, or mistreatment—this distinction held sway for most of the medieval period.

Cold and starvation of the Dark Winter could change men into ravenous human eaters.

In fact, even many men that hanged from the gallows in some areas of northern Europe, were known as werewolves because they were considered seen as an anti-social outsiders.

This characterization comes into common use in spite of the demonstrable fact that wolves are naturally social within their own species and that other canines, when domesticated, are highly social beings. The idea that wolves were antisocial explains a great deal of the folklore and stories surrounding both literary wolves and their cousin, the werewolf.

Again perhaps the Bible gives us the traits of the werewolf when we read that the wolf appears as a sign of “treachery, savagery, and blood thirstiness as well as being associated with heretics.”

For example, Jeremiah 5.6 states: “Therefore a lion from the forest shall slay them, a wolf from the desert shall destroy them because their transgressions are many, their apostasies are great.”

Ezekiel 22.27 adds: “Her princes in the midst of her are like wolves tearing the prey, shedding blood, destroying lives to get dishonest gain.” This heretical connection displays another appearance of anti-social wolves, those who remove themselves not only from the Christian community but also from the collective formed by Roman Catholic Hierarchy.

In the seventh Chapter of Mathew it states:

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s
Clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

Are we to believe that the Werewolf has always been associated with heresy and apostasy?

If this is the case, then perhaps we should beware of Weird Wolves at High Moon as the Full Moon arrives on October 31st 2020 — Halloween.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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