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Clyde Lewis | October 24, 2019
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Have you ever felt that you are genuinely experiencing something beyond your comprehension and you just can’t nail down exactly what you are experiencing? You tell yourself that perhaps you are losing your mind until you find someone else who shares that same paranormal experience.

Our thoughts and conjectures about life and the universe are often based on assumptions, unproven theories, hearsay, rumors, and misinformation. Decisions we make in life may be based on ancient attitudes and archaic practices. Mythologies, astrology, prophecy both biblical and non-biblical shape the way we see the world.

Some of us hear voices that prompt us into avoiding accidents or give us guidance when we are in a conundrum.

Beyond the voices are the visions of precognitive and retro-cognitive dreams. In the ether of the subconscious, we replay all of the experiences we have had, and at other moments we have dreams that are precognitive that sometimes warn us of great danger.

Those visions that leap from the ether into our dimensional reality are apparitions, discarnate spirits, or telepathic or telekinetic impressions.

I am sure that someone you know or perhaps you yourself have had an experience you can’t quite describe accurately as it is so bizarre it defies explanation. We have covered stories dealing with ghosts and demons and all of the things that can keep you awake at night.

People find that haunts and ghost encounters usually happened in confined spaces. They usually experience poltergeist activity in homes or in abandoned buildings but there is one particular space where people have terrifying encounters and that is on the road.

When I was a kid I remember the scary story of the vanishing hitchhiker. It was one of those stories of a friend that knew a friend that picked up some strange hitchhiker who disappears. Later, the driver finds out that the hitchhiker had died in some horrible way.

Then there is the story of the couple who decided to make out on lover’s lane. But that moment is cut short when they hear a report on the car radio about an escaped killer who has a hook for a hand in the vicinity. The girl insists on being driven home immediately; upon arrival at her house, the boy discovers a bloody hook hanging from the passenger-side car door handle.

Cue the screams and the terror – these were the stories we told each other about strange encounters on the road — a mysterious “dead on collision” with the strange and paranormal.

Many people feel safe in their cars but on the open road at night or even in the day time motorists have had encounters or have seen things while driving that have terrified them.

The road is an open public space that literally anyone can access. It’s mandatory to use if you want to get from point A to point B which means that you’re probably going to see some interesting things outside your window or right in front of you.

Perhaps you have seen something in a rearview mirror where everything is closer than it appears. Maybe you have stopped to help a car accident victim but can’t find a car anywhere and then when you look away for just a moment, the victim disappears.

There are stories about people who taken a wrong turn somewhere and have gotten lost – some have taken the wrong turn into a time vortex. This allegedly happened near the ghost town of Modena located in Gadianton Canyon Utah in 1972.

Four girls came from a rodeo in Pioche, Nevada back to their dorm in Cedar City, which is part of Southern Utah University. They came through Highway 56 at about 10 p.m. The region is known to be haunted by phantoms that do not resemble anything of this earth. There are weird tales of demonic-looking beings that appear to be like animals. They have been mostly described as “lion people” or wolves. Some say that they may be Native American Shaman that disguise themselves and change the surroundings in order to harass anyone in the area.

While driving, the black asphalt with the white center line instantly turned into bright cement.

While trying to figure out what happened, the scenery suddenly changed. The original red canyon walls were opening up to an entirely new environment. “Instead of moonlit desert, they saw grainfields on the right and Ponderosa Pine, on the left.” which are said to not be common in that area of the state. The girls then drove to a parking lot at a tavern on the side of the road. One of the girls wanted to ask for help and another was curious if any of the men were “cute.” A few men came out of the building. But as soon as they came out, the girl screamed and told the girl driving to floor it and get out as fast as she can. Soon, the girls found themselves being chased by “tri-wheeled, egg-shaped vehicles.”

It turns out that the girl screamed because she claimed what she saw was in fact not even human. The story has evolved over the years, however when I heard about it, when I was much younger, I was told that the men looked like dogs or wolfmen wearing clothing.

If these girls somehow got lost in a dimensional rift then perhaps the idea of seeing “beastly beings” may be an indication of how evolution might have been in that parallel universe. That is if you believe in such things.

Many people are unaware that horrifying stories from road trips are not all that rare – in fact people have been known to file police reports on all sorts of things that appear in the shadows on the road.

Most cops will tell you they’ve seen it all. It’s the nature of the job to be exposed to virtually everything people have to offer, from the weird to the hilarious to the disturbing, however it is the disturbing that seems to be the norm.

Every town has it’s legends about the lady in the white dress walking aimlessly down a country road. The story goes that she was a bride that was rejected – or had lost her newlywed husband in a car crash.

There is also the story of the area in town where it appears you are going downhill – however when you put the car in neutral the car actually goes in reverse taking you back up the hill.

In Lewisville, Pennsylvania there is a place near the train tracks. If you park there and pour flour or cornstarch on the trunk of your car and ghost children from a doomed school bus crash will push your car while it is in neutral. You can go back and look at the trunk and some people say they see the impressions of little hands on the trunk.

When I lived in Salt Lake City, we had a haunted hill where some force pulled you back. It was near City Creek Canyon just north of the state capital.

This area was also well known for the appearance of the vanishing Bride Ghost where a couple of friends and I actually saw what appears to be a strange image of a woman standing near a tree holding something.

In Virginia, there has been the terrifying urban legend of the ghost of a serial killer named Bunny man. The Bunny man Sightings originated from two incidents in Fairfax County, Virginia, in 1970, but has been spread throughout the Washington, D.C., area.

Stories about Bunny man sightings have many variations; most involve a man wearing a rabbit costume who attacks people with an ax or hatchet.
Most of the stories occur around Colchester Overpass, a Southern Railway overpass spanning Colchester Road near Clifton, Virginia, sometimes referred to as “Bunny Man Bridge”.

Versions of the legend vary in the Bunny Man’s name, motives, weapons, victims, description of the bunny costume—some say it is just a white suit that was usually worn by inmates as a mental institution. Stories about various murders and mutilated bodies have been attributed to Bunny Man – or copy cat killers. Bunny Man allegedly died and so his ghost has been seen around the time he allegedly died.

Needless to say, roads are unpredictable and literally, anything can happen.

There are many terrifying road stories where celebrities have been killed in horrible ways, meaning that the accidents have been suspicious and have led to paranormal legends about curses and other strangeness.

I was once asked to appear on a cable car show to talk about the cursed car of James Dean. I gave what little I knew of the sports car he called “the little bastard.”

Dean had a Porsche 550 Spyder and was testing it out on his way to some car races in Salinas, California.

While traveling at a speed of 85 mph, James had a collision with another vehicle. And as many of us know, James Dean died on September 30, 1955.

The car was a loss and many parts of it were salvaged and actually put in other cars.

Decades later, some people are wondering if it’s a coincidence that some of the cars that received the Little Bastard’s parts were involved in numerous misfortunes, injuries, and even death.

Another macabre story dealing with cars and curses features none other than the well-known blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield.

Jayne Mansfield flirted with Satanism and her death is shrouded in mystery if not terror.

Jane Mansfield was fascinated by Satan and the occult and would call LaVey for spiritual counseling.

LaVey did not approve of her seeing her then-boyfriend, Lawyer Sam Brody. Apparently, Brody disrespected a statue at LaVey’s home and LaVey took offense. He warned Mansfield that Brody would die in a horrible car crash and that she should not spend time with him. LaVey had told her that he took a piece of paper with Brody’s name on it and set fire to it in his hand.

In 1967 Brody, Mansfield, her three children, and her dogs were in a car driving in Mississippi. There was low visibility and she had to be at a television interview the next morning. The car was speeding down a winding road and slammed into the back of a tanker truck carrying pesticide. The driver, Brody, and Mansfield were killed instantly. Mansfield was nearly decapitated. The children survived.

LaVey claims that prior to her death he accidentally clipped an article out of the newspaper featuring Mansfield and accidentally cut the newspaper photo, removing her head.

There have been terrifying legends surrounding the case – one legend says that when paramedics arrived on the scene Mansfield’ head was nearly taken off of her neck and that when she was found she was attempting to talk and that she was blinking. Others say that she actually screamed out with what little air she could push through her damaged vocal cords.

Police over time have been involved in reporting some of the most bizarre and absurd cases that seldom get reported in the mainstream news. A few years ago the Colorado State Patrol were called to the scene of an overturned car in a ditch. The woman who was driving the vehicle managed to escape. The woman told the Colorado State Patrol that she saw the vampire in front of her car so she put her SUV into reverse and went into the canal in Mesa County.

State Patrol said it did not believe drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash and the woman was not charged.

Back in 2015, you may remember the news story that made the national mainstream news about four officers that recall hearing a “mysterious voice” that they say led them to find a baby girl trapped inside an overturned car.

According to local news outlets in Utah County, four police officers from the Spanish Fork Police Department all say that they heard a voice calling to them — a female voice that cried “help me.” The strange sounds were heard coming from a vehicle that had gone into a river with a 30-40 degree temperature.

As they approached the car, the officers said they heard the voice, and rushed to see if there was anyone inside the car that needed rescuing.

Much to their surprise, 18-month-old Lily Groesback was in her child seat, passed out, but alive. Her 25-year-old mother was also in the car, but she had passed away. The coroner estimated that the mother died 14 hours before the rescuers arrived.

The mystery voice that helped locate the Utah baby was heard by all of the officers who approached the car, and at one point, one of the men answered the cry for help.

According to ABC News, the voice is something that no one can explain. Since the woman was dead, and the child was passed out, there wasn’t a clear explanation. Many believe that the voice was otherworldly and that the fact that Lily survived is truly a miracle.

There have been many paranormal investigators that have pointed out that just prior to any paranormal or paradigm-changing event the human mind slows down the impulses and there seems to be a calming or an environmental change.

The officers were already on the scene mentally preparing for a rescue and so their minds and their senses together were generating a greater frequency. The energy levels were probably at a fever pitch allowing all four to share the experience of hearing the mother of the baby speaking to them audibly.

This type of activity has also been reported by ghost hunters that have explored several areas that have been energized through trauma and tragedy. It is recommended that these sites be avoided. However, there are a few paranormal investigators who go to these areas and have picked up voices saying “help me” or picking up screaming, police radios, ambulance conversations and also sounds of crashes.

It is a story that is very hard to debunk. First, you have four officers’ police and firefighters. They are credible witnesses in the fact that most officers and paramedics are paid to work a case in great detail and are supposed to be counted on to file reports with credibility.

The woman in the car was dead, submerged upside down in the water for 14 hours. The little baby Lily was dangling just above the water in the backseat. It is believed that the cold water created hypothermia that literally kept the baby from dying.

A female, adult voice very clearly told these first responders exactly where to go in order to rescue the little girl. The witnesses agree that the voice came from inside the car.

Now the question is, did the three police officers and the firefighter accidentally hear the voice of an onlooker to the crash? The answer is no. The crash was heard by neighbors in the area and many went out o investigate. They were unable to find any sign of a crash or an automobile.

The automobile itself went over a cement embankment under a bridge and what is truly unbelievable no one noticed for 14 hours. That was until the car probably moved from under the bridge to an area where it could be spotted. Spanish Fork is a rural area of Utah County and so there probably weren’t too many onlookers on the scene.

Did the officer hear a form of EVP in the rushing water? Was it something that sounded like a female voice that prompted them to answer and rush to the vehicle finding the baby miraculously alive?

This is still a remarkable case – there have been no further details on the whereabouts or the health of the baby.

There are many paranormal incidents experienced by those in law enforcement but some of the most intriguing UFO reports come from police officers that have either been called to investigate them or have chased them into the night.

In the year 2001, I filed a report for UFO Magazine called “The Secret Eye of the Triangle.” In the story, I was familiar with a UFO encounter with police officers in Millstadt, Illinois and Highland, Illinois.

On January 5, 2000, at approximately 4:29 am Police officer Craig Stevens heard on his radio that the Highland Police Department had a report of a large object flying in the air. Several Police agencies were called in to investigate a huge Bright light that eventually came closer and was reportedly a three-story Flying Triangle.

Whatever was spotted that early morning in January 2000 over Milstadt / Highland, this much is true: It was mysterious enough to capture the imaginations of Metro East residents and police officers.

Officers say that whatever it was it was huge.

Another in St. Helens, Oregon in 1981 was equally chilling.

It was misty and very cold in the early morning hours of March 17, 1981, as Sergeant Russell Yokum of the Saint Helens, Oregon Police Department patrolled Highway 30 west of the Columbia River. Saint Helens is a small town about 20 miles northwest of Portland.

At 4:03 a.m., Yokum’s attention was drawn to a bright light that was moving up the river, easterly, toward the Portland Airport 20 miles away. Aircraft pass over that area regularly on their way to the airport. But this light was extraordinarily bright, lighting up the river like daylight. Yokum was immediately convinced that the light was not from an aircraft. He radioed headquarters and drove on to Saint Helens to look at the light from the county courthouse on the banks of the Columbia River, which afforded a clear view.

Other law enforcement officers, Ricky Cade and Tom McCartney of the Oregon State Police, and a few citizens met Yokum at the county courthouse.

By this time, Yokum was in radio contact with Donald Askins, who had the CB handle “Lucky 13.” Askins, who was located in a house across the river Ridgefield Washington, southeast of Saint Helens, had picked up the police radio traffic. He said that he had also seen the light, and was seeing it now. The light was stationary over the river turning the whole area into daylight.

There was initial confusion as the officers in Saint Helens described the light to Askins. They claimed it was bobbing up and down. Askins insisted that the light he saw was stationary. Later, it was proved that the light the officers saw during the first moments of the sighting from the courthouse was an industrial light on Sauvie Island across the river.

The fog was creating a bobbing effect.

Finally, understanding their confusion, the officers turned and looked to the south. There they saw the light that Askins was watching!

It was low and standing out starkly over the river where there were few, and only then, faint lights.

Askins had heard the light emitting an eerie, extremely loud sound, and the officers set up a portable tape recorder 18 inches from their police radio to record their conversation and the sound, should it recur.

Askins volunteered to dangle his CB microphone out of the window of the rented house he was in so that he could transmit the sound to the officers. The police drove to a nearby high bluff that gave them an excellent view.

Yokum and Cade said the light was spherical, showing no structure. Cade said it was orange-red in color; Yokum, light orange. The round light had hovered 80 to 100 feet above the river, reflecting light off the water. The estimated size of the light was 30 feet in diameter.

With the reflection of low lying fog and the water of the Columbia River, it looked as if the Sun was rising at 4:29 in the morning.

The officers had commented that it was too early for the sun to be coming up. The Light was bright enough to cut through the fog and the sound it produced was something not heard on this earth from any machine. The officers described the noise as similar to a power plant’s turbine engines whining.

Other police reports from the road become more chilling the more you dig deep into the unknown files.

An unidentified officer was called to a residence on a call referred to as a “5150,” which is assigned to a psychiatric problem of some kind. When the officer arrived, an elderly woman who turned out to be the homeowner greeted him to tell him that her son had taken drugs and was convinced that when he entered his room he could see an old man in a WWII uniform hanging on a noose from the ceiling. When the officer spoke to the son directly, the strung-out man claimed that he had been told not to enter the room by the spirit dwelling within because it was the angry spirit’s father who was supposedly hanging from the ceiling.

The officer entered the room and found nobody hanging from the ceiling by a noose as claimed, and it was at that time that a veteran officer purportedly arrived on the scene, who told the other officer that he had been called to that very same residence years before to investigate a case of an older man who had hung himself there in that exact same bedroom. Apparently the victim had been a WWII veteran and had fully decked himself out in his old uniform before ending his own life on the noose. It was certainly unsettling for the younger officer, who had had no knowledge at all of such a depressing past case and began to wonder if there was something strange at work on the premises.

Again, this story has all the makings of an urban legend, which of course is debatable and could very well have happened.

Ghostly tales from the highway are remarkable if not chilling especially when they seem to put you in a dead-on collision on the highway to hell.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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