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Clyde Lewis | October 25, 2019
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I know that for some people it is hard to believe that things like hauntings and even demon possessions exist. For some time, there were really no reports to talk about. There were only historical accounts of such things that eventually become embellished and legendary. Many of the stories become fodder for Hollywood movie scripts.

The supernatural world view is changing and two thirds or maybe more of the American people give respectful consideration to the paranormal and many of the things that were once dismissed as hallucinations, or mental abnormalities are now being accepted as unexplainable phenomena that seem to replicate or increase.

Cultural anthropologists no longer dismiss these experiences as mere mental illnesses. In fact, there has been a consistent appearance throughout history of various satanic panics. Granted, many of these panics are connected to mass hysteria and groupthink. There are now actions and intentions where antiquated ritual and intent have been involved in creating the social trance needed to conjure various demons and entities.

Cultural anthropologists have a term for the intentional ratcheting up of opposition to an idea or an experience, it is called schismogenesis. In fact, cultural anthropologists have acknowledged that the paranormal experience is part of the human experience and is far more normal than paranormal and should not be dismissed as some psychological disorder.

It can be said that Americans now have been forced into a sort of schismogenesis in all matters. We are divided politically, religiously and even with matters of paranormal activity. It is like there is this ongoing battle for superiority and conflict which breeds the same toxic environment of confusion and by some sick irony, the environment is a hive for all kinds of chaotic and misguided thought. The same environment that true believers say demons dwell in.

We can’t simply draw lines in the sand and say that the human experience is not full of unexplained or supernatural activity. Everyone has an experience that they can’t explain. Some deny it and others embrace it.


Here we are at the renaissance of science and technology and the most complex system, that is the human brain, is the only system that is able to receive the signals that we see as logical and the others that we still do not know exactly where they come from and why they show up in the first place.

The idea of monsters, possessions, and the sightings of demons has leaped from mere campfire stories to real experiences that are happening with greater frequency today than ever before.

There are plenty of witnesses that say that the real nightmares are happening in the real world and that destructive spirits and unexplainable activity have increased.

YouGov asked Americans about their belief in various paranormal entities. According to their polls, more than four in 10 Americans believe that ghosts, demons, and other supernatural beings exist.

More than one in five (22%) say that demons “definitely exist” while slightly more (24%) believe that they “probably exist.” The numbers are similar when Americans are asked about ghosts: 20 percent say they “definitely exist” and 25 percent say they “probably exist.”

Far less common is the belief that vampires live among us. Only 13 percent of Americans say that vampires definitely or probably exist.

I know they exist because sometimes you see them walk the streets and they look like Salvation Army thrift store fashion victims.

With 45 percent of Americans expressing a belief in ghosts, perhaps it’s unsurprising that many Americans also believe that ghosts and spirits can come back to haunt certain places on Earth. About four in 10 (43%) US adults say they think ghosts can come back and haunt people or places. Women (51%) are more likely than men (35%) to hold this belief.

More than one-third of Americans (36%) say that they have personally felt the presence of a spirit or ghost. Once again, women (41%) are more likely than men (31%) to say that this has happened to them. Just over one in ten (13%) Americans say that they have communicated directly with a ghost or spirit of someone who has died.

This is a major change as the awareness in all things paranormal has reached an all-time high and those who have had experiences are not afraid to share what happens to them.

The only question I have is whether or not people are aware of just how the paranormal presents itself.

Most Americans gauge their experiences by what they see in the movies or in the various paranormal TV shows.

As of late, there have been many movies that have been made that are allegedly about real paranormal events.

‘The Conjuring‘ is a terrifying film about the true story that was originally reported by demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. The story is about Carolyn and Roger Perron and how their family was terrorized by restless spirits in their Rhode Island home. Ed and Lorraine Warren also investigated many other demon-haunted homes and have documented every case.

Another fascinating story involving the Warrens is the story of Deborah Moffitt. Deborah’s story has been featured in the new book “A Deadly Haunting” by Joie Albrecht. The Moffitts were terrorized by an entity that was left behind in their home. The demonic entity was actually the result of an occult ritual that was performed in the home.

The Moffit case is an interesting one because it brings into the light a subtle form of poltergeist activity where spirits or angry demons are able to take things from a house or a location or bring back things from the spirit world or some other dimension into this world.

These are known as Apports – that is when an entity brings with it something from another realm or a deport where something disappears form a location without an explanation.

During the show where we talked about haunting on the road, Dean a caller from Washington state claimed that he inherited a haunted car. He bought a car from an older woman that named the car for some reason. He said that after he bought the car he noticed that strange objects that he never saw before were being left on the front seat—he said they also were seen on the back seat. He also mentioned that this had gone on for some time up until the point the car nearly killed him.

As he was talking about the strange objects I was at a loss to tell him about how it is possible that the poltergeist of even demonic activity can produce apport and deport events.

In the case of the Moffit haunting, a terrifying and harassing demon actually started taking things from the home and then at one time left behind broken crossed and rosary beads left around the home.

There was also another apport that was left behind was an ornate spear that was brought into the house and the entity that produced it had left a message that it should be used in a death ritual.

Not long after it appeared, the Moffitts took the spear to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles to be examined. Amazingly, the spear was identified as an artifact from the Belgian Congo and was said to be over 200 years old.

It was not a weapon designed for hunting, but rather it served as a shaman’s tool for use in various rituals.

Apports are usually the result of a conjuring ritual where artifacts are brought over from the other side. There are also deports where objects disappear from our world and are sent into the spirit world. Apports can be anything from small artifacts to plants and animals that come from the other side.

Apports are usually small objects like charms, crosses, coins, watches – sometimes nails or pins.

Deports, on the other hand, can be attributed to paranormal activity known as “Disappearing Object Phenomena.”

Typically, it involves an object that the person had just been using or that they invariably keep in one particular place. When they go to use the object, it is gone. The person looks high and low for the object, often getting others involved in the search, but it cannot be found. A short time later, or perhaps the next day, the person is surprised to find the object returned to the spot where it is always kept or in some other obvious place where the search should have found it.

You put your set of keys or your cell phone down in the place you always put it. You turn around a minute later and it’s gone. You and your family search high and low for it, but it cannot be found. Later, sometimes days later or longer, the object mysteriously reappears in the very place you always put it. Or, more bizarrely, you later find it in a ridiculous place, like high on a bookshelf, in a shoebox in the closet or some other spot where you’d never put it in a million years.

It happens to people all the time but if it becomes a nuisance then perhaps it needs to be investigated because believe it or not, it is actually a subtle hint that major poltergeist or ghost activity is about to take place.

Now, believe me, there have been times where I have lost things that I attribute to absent-mindedness but usually after I participate in ghost hunts and even Ouija board sessions, I tend to see things disappear and then reappear in the place where I remember leaving them last.

When disappearing object phenomena or Deports of objects occur, a lot of people blame a poltergeist, if only half-seriously. A poltergeist is usually defined as a mischievous or noisy spirit. Poltergeist activity often includes unexplained noises, music, smells, and movement of objects.

If a person finds that objects are “disappearing” or being moved on a regular basis, or if there are other phenomena, such as unexplained smells and noises that the person can associate with the missing item then perhaps one might have to consider that the items have become paranormal deports.

Sometimes the particular item has a history that gives the person the idea that a spirit is involved. For instance, a watch that belonged to a grandfather might be found to be moved to a certain place on its own—the sort of place that grandfather usually kept it. Or like the case of some of grandmother’s jewelry missing and then reappearing somewhere else.

Sometimes spirits attach themselves to objects and so they either disappear or even are moved by a ghost or a poltergeist.

Determining the difference between poltergeist activity and ghosts or haunting activity can be difficult. While ghost and haunting activity is the result of spirit energy, poltergeist activity, also known as “recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis” is the result of psychic energy generated usually unconsciously by a person, referred to as an agent.

But how do you know there might be poltergeist activity in your home? Most often, you’ll know if you have it because it is out of the ordinary and pretty obvious: sounds, movements, and odors of unknown origin.

You should always seek logical explanations before jumping to the conclusion that it is poltergeist activity. True poltergeist activity, although it is a well-documented phenomenon with many real cases, is relatively rare.

Various kinds of stresses can be the cause of this activity, including emotional, physical, psychological, and even hormonal stresses—people who are prone to seizures actually can have this activity happen to them.

Various kinds of stresses can be the cause of this activity, including emotional, physical, psychological, and even hormonal stresses.

Poltergeist cases also may involve those who are in their teenage years. However, there are people who are going through tense moments in their lives that may attract poltergeist activity.

The Doris Bither case, also known as the Entity Haunting, was an alleged haunting that occurred in 1974 in Culver City, California where a woman named Doris Bither alleged the ghosts of three men were raping her. It was determined that Bither had a history of physical and substance abuse along with a traumatic childhood. Investigators also noticed there was a poor relationship between Doris and her four sons. Their home was likewise in severe disrepair having been condemned twice. Bither alleged she was attacked and raped by an invisible entity. Later she reported the spirits of three men assaulted her.

This was originally thought to be a case of spectral rape.

Dr. Barry Taff, one of the chief investigators of the case photographed a variety of luminous anomalies while investigating Bither.

Taff claimed to have photographed orbs and said the frequency and intensity of attacks decreased with time.

Taff concluded that Bither was the victim of poltergeist activity.

It should be noted that Doris’s middle son, Brian, maintains that the spectral rape occurred, having himself witnessed it.

To date, the case remains unexplained.

Novelist Frank De Felitta fictionalized the events surrounding Doris Bither and her family in his 1978 novel The Entity. The movie version, also called The Entity and written by De Felitta, was released in 1982. Barbara Hershey played the character patterned after Doris.

Many believe that the poltergeists have unfinished business that involves a lot more than just ritualizing them to a great light in the afterlife. They are literally souls made of anger, often murdered and forgotten. They can materialize, but only for very short periods of time, they are very unstable beings. They can be attacked by exorcists and the clergy, but usually, are not compelled to leave by ritual alone but by persuasion and barter.

Usually, it is a matter of give-and-take as apports and deports are certainly a kind of dead entity theft.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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