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Clyde Lewis | October 28, 2020
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Our thoughts and conjectures about life and the universe are often based on assumptions, unproven theories, hearsay, rumors, and misinformation. Decisions we make in life may be based on ancient attitudes and archaic practices. Mythologies, astrology, prophecy, both biblical and non-biblical, shape the way we see the world.

Beyond the voices are the visions of precognitive and retro-cognitive experiences. In the ether of the subconscious, we replay all of the experiences we have had, and at other moments, we have dreams that are precognitive that sometimes warn us of great danger.

Those visions that leap from the ether into our dimensional reality are apparitions.

Many people are now having these experiences – they are not as rare as they used to be and so there are scores of TV shows and investigation groups that are all over your cable channels. These groups are out to prove that you are hallucinating or they are actually trying to uncover the hidden realms where these monsters and demons hide.

Thirty years ago, no one would even think of seeking ghosts or even using all sorts of electronics to try and catch them – times have changed.

There have been many ghost hunters who have been veterans in the field, for example “The Conjuring” film has reacquainted us with Ed and Lorraine Warren, real-life married demonologists who claimed their Catholic faith helped them fend off the forces of evil.

Ed Warren was a self-taught ghost hunter, while Lorraine put herself forward as a medium who could communicate with spirits. The Warrens didn’t take fees for their work.

There is also a new TV series based on the works of Hanz Holzer, whose forty year exploration into disturbing hauntings like the Amityville Horror house helped spawn legions of supernatural enthusiasts, more than 120 books and even inspired Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis to write “Ghostbusters.”

There was a time and it wasn’t very long ago that we lived in a linear world; everything happened in pretty much a straight line one change at a time.

Back then it seemed easy to keep up with all of the changes that happen every day.

The option of burying your head in the sand is not going to be an option any more, millions of people are going to have to retool, re-educate and even think heavy about their future and what threats that are looming in the shadows.

The world is changing faster than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t being acclimated to it. It’s truly a testament to the ability of humans to adapt to just about any circumstance. We have more food, wealth, and life-saving technologies than anyone in our history. We have a nearly unlimited stream of entertainment and information. Yet, we take it all for granted.

Because we’re so acclimated to this world, we often forget how strange it is compared to previous eras.

The paradigm is shifting, the veil is lifting and events are baffling. We all seem to concede that all of the massive change can be attributed to God, angels, demons or ghosts.

Which, of course, is a great way to delve into ghostly subject matter as we see an early chill for an already prophesied Dark Winter.

As we edge closer to Halloween, we tend to forget that the holiday of course has its pagan roots. Many will argue that it is a Satanic holiday as it has been associated with horror, but we must not forget that Halloween with all of the blood, gore and skeletons rattling in the Graveyard – Halloween is a holiday set aside to reflect upon the spirits of the dead.

Halloween is purely a holiday set aside to honor and remember the dead. It is the night here the veil is lifted and all spirits activate. It is a holiday set aside for waking the dead, communicating with the dead and some magicians see it as a time for necromancy – or using the dead or the ghosts of the dead to tell them the future.

It is often said that there are more people alive today than have ever lived and this “fact” has raised its head again since the UN announcement about the planet’s population reaching a new high.

The idea helps fuel fears that the population is expanding too fast.

It is true that if you delve back into the mists of time, the population of Earth was tiny in comparison to today and logically it might seem plausible that the living outnumber the dead.

It is agreed by most demographers that the UN figure for the number alive today is reasonably accurate. The problem is, how do you calculate how many have ever lived, and where do you start?

Let’s just say that experts must make an educated guess.

There are currently seven billion people alive today and the Population Reference Bureau estimates that about 107 billion people have ever lived.

This means that we are nowhere near close to having more alive than dead. In fact, there are 15 dead people for every person living. We surpassed seven billion dead way back between 8000BC and AD1.

Fans of Arthur C. Clarke may remember the quote from 2001: A Space Odyssey where we read that “Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living.”

That was in 1968.

There were maybe 3.5 billion people currently living on earth so if you use our method, that would be one living person to 29 dead.”

And will we ever reach a point where there are more alive than dead?

This would imply a very high rate of population growth.

And with the death tolls we keep hearing about associated with COVID-19 we may want to reexamine our reluctance to learn more about what is beyond the veil.

People fear communicating with the dead however the dead are always trying to communicate with us.

This goes beyond the proverbial ghost chase – the dead seem to be manifesting in spirit more so now than ever before and for some people it is like living in their own private horror film.

Ghosts become part of the apocalyptic drama as they scream from their graves warning us of what is to come.

Apocalyptic subject matter has always been tossed around since the 1950’s, however, we are now seeing the Apocalypse loom large in the public’s imagination.

With apocalyptic thoughts come apocalyptic imagery, and the manifestation of apocalyptic monsters and events which by the looks of the headlines are happening right on schedule.

When I was a kid and would watch horror movies around Halloween—I realized that the season would not be right if I didn’t pull out a George Romero Horror film. Romero gave us “Night of the Living Dead” but there was a line in “Dawn of the Dead” That I will never forget and that is “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”

I often wondered about that infamous line and it was for me very nightmarish to think about a time where the dead would outnumber the living over time and with our population growing there would be a time where the souls of the long dead would have to materialize and walk the earth because both Hell, Purgatory and Heaven would be full.

Another Apocalyptic horror film explores this concept – and that is the film “The Seventh Sign.”

In the film, Demi Moore plays a woman who is pregnant. During a get together with a strange man named David, she is told of an ancient Talmudic legend of the “guf.” The guf is simply a treasury, so to speak of souls needing to be born. The Talmud teaches that the Messiah will not come until the guf is emptied of all its souls.

According to Jewish legends the guf is like a huge nest of souls. The souls of the unborn children are carried by birds. The birds are the ones who carry the souls from heaven to the newborn babies. When the guf is empty, the world is ending.

It seems that lately there have been a mountain of stories where we read of birds falling from the sky – birds that die in unnatural ways.

Three weeks ago, Philadelphia experienced something that looked like it was taken right out of an Alfred Hitchcock film. It was reported that an estimated more than 1,500 birds flew into buildings within a three-block radius in Center City in a single night—the birds slammed into the buildings and died.

Hundreds of thousands of birds have been found dead since the beginning of September, according to wildlife experts in New Mexico and Colorado, where some of the most have been reported.

Biologists are still performing necropsies to determine a cause, but all says all signs point to an early onset of cold weather at the beginning of September that brought snow and freezing temperatures to parts of the Midwest and Southwest.

It is the onset of a cold cruel winter which is in perfect synch with reports of the dead and dying, and, ghost stories that never see an end.

Many people probably are unaware of the Jewish mysticism found in the Talmud and with the Kaballah but can we imagine the metaphor that is all of the birds dying and all of those lost souls of children never to be born. It is a symbol of the mass culling of our future generations.

Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Raven, explores death. More specifically, this poem explores the effects of death on the living, such as grief, mourning, and memories of the deceased, as well as a question that so often torments those who have lost loved ones to death: whether there is an afterlife in which they will be reunited with the dead.

Before the Raven’s arrival, the narrator hears three knocks at the door of his room, and after finding no one there calls out to his dead love one.

Following the Raven’s arrival, he eventually asks the bird if there is “balm in Gilead,” implying a hope that he might see his dearly departed once more in heaven.  Thus quote the Raven –“Nevermore” giving the narrator the idea that there is no hope for the dead or the living or even a reuniting of loved ones on the other side.

But of course, it appears with advancements in technology we are finding that perhaps the dead are living somewhere in the either and that we are becoming more aware of ghosts and the spirit world.

The more we make contact with the dead and the more they try and contact us we are learning more about the complex spiritual extremes and the concept of quantum immortality.

We are learning that the conflicts of human and spiritual life do not derive from a simple, two-sided war between good and evil. Simply understood that on a spiritual level we learn that good is the middle way between opposing extremes. That ghosts have traits that are seen as good and ambivalent, however, there are those spirits that walk the earth because hell is indeed full and the population of the infernal spirits seems to be expanding into our world that we believe is protected but it only have protection is a world where light disinfects the darkness.

The Earth and the matrix in which we live is very much a product of chaos and have been formed as a perfect living space for man. However, through the work of the chaotic Master Earth, has become the home to fallen angels and they now watch the earth and shake the Earth through acts of catastrophe.

Humankind has gone from time of Genesis or the time of the genetic Isis (The era of water), to the time of genetic gnosis, the time of the fire of knowledge, illumination (the Apocalypse) and palingenesis, a term used to describe the transmigration of consciousness or soul from one body to another. In mythology, parthenogenesis is often associated with the Return of the Phoenix.

This is all witnessed by the eye of the great god of chaos. The all-seeing eye now has new meaning for those who do not know the line of thinking handed down from the Illuminati.

The great secret of the ages is that Lucifer is the god of this world.

What is most unfortunate is that research has shown that over time, there are populist religious rebellions against dogma that fails to satisfy the needs of those seeking confirmation within their spirituality. They either rebel with extremism or they can subvert established dogma and act as creative spiritual subjects despite the fact that practicing such spirituality can be seen as cult like or satanic.

That is why I always say that those who seek ghosts should not use their interest as a replacement for true spirituality – because it leads to voluntary spiritual entrapment.

Lurking in the margins of our lives are experiences that cannot be explained. It can be theorized that these experiences remain in the margins in most part because they shock us, confound us, and play with the mind in such a way that it makes us question mortality and why we were given the experience in the first place.

When paranormal experiences happen and we are witness to them, it can be argued that it expands our sense of who we imagine we are and transforming our intimate relationship with ourselves.

These experiences are unmediated manifestations of the dream-like nature of reality; we know that we are awake, but the experience can be compared to a dream or a nightmare.

For me, they are genuine wake up calls to the fact that there is more to learn about the quantum entanglements which exist in the matrix we have constructed and there sometimes isn’t an explanation for everything.

Many people who have had these experiences in their lives have told me the paranormal event they were involved in has changed them to the very core.

After all, when you see or experience the unknown you can say that you no longer live in a disenchanted universe.

Many paranormal events are like whispers. They speak to us through EVP, telepathy, spiritual intuitiveness and synchronistic events. A synchronistic event occurs when we recognize that two or more causally unrelated events resemble each other and catch our attention.

Clairaudience is receiving messages in thought form from another frequency or realm. It is considered a form of channeling. The human body has always been known as a transmitter and it certainly has a frequency. Sometimes though, like the tuning of a radio we can find an open channel that sends a message loud and clear.

Most of the time, the voices and movements of ghostly entities are harmless. They may be shocking at first, but for those who brave the haunted realms it all becomes routine. That is of course, until they have to fight a spirit that is feral or considered evil or demonic. Make no mistake – there are those entities that decide that you have invaded your domain. They will turn violent and show anger.

This does not necessarily mean they are evil, but there are certain characteristics of some these beings that force us to conclude that there is something demonic about them. I think that soon we may accidentally unlock the secrets of what exists beyond what we see.

All we need is a true investigation where both the spiritual and the scientific meet giving us a clue about the past and our history – I truly believe that ghosts have a message and it is time listen.







Written by Clyde Lewis

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