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Clyde Lewis | October 29, 2019
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I know the witchy season of Halloween gives us the opportunity to share with each other hair-raising urban legends and spooky encounters that have happened and believe me, there are plenty of stories that are told where average people from all walks of life have been haunted and terrified by some unexplained phenomena.

For many years, I have heard stories from people who are not at all afraid of sharing their experiences. In most cases, the more frightening stories have been held inside because those who have experienced these paranormal events are afraid that someone might think they are crazy or perhaps delusional.

Ask anyone who has sat up in their beds in a dark room. There is something that startles them and they look around to see if the dog or the cat has somehow found its way on to the bed.

This happened to me Sunday night after Janine and a crew of ghost hunters spent the night at a haunted lodge that used to be a Masonic infirmary for the aged, sick and mentally ill.

The place is registered as one of the most haunted places in rural Oregon. There is even a ghost log that you can check out in order to see where patrons have had encounters – the most haunted place is the Grand Suite. Janine had booked the Grand Suite to set up ghost operations and our main center for video monitoring of every room we were investigating.

We were mainly using night vision cameras, ghost box radios for EVP, recorders and electromagnetic monitors that were simply registering a lot of activity in the grand suite.

It was interesting to watch all of the cameras and the electronic monitors reacting to the ghostly activity. We did not sense an evil presence in the room but there was one aggressive moment when near the fireplace there was a small can that was there to put ash in. During a call out to the ghosts, the can was actually kicked by an unseen entity.

We did not know what caused it; in fact, we were trying to see if maybe something fell on the can like a cord or something else and we were unable to duplicate what had happened.

We also heard what we thought was someone in the bathroom – we actually thought it was one of the guests that were with us because he was missing. However, he was not even in the room – he was downstairs taking care of some other matters.

So needless to say, there were some interesting events in the room.

A few of the ghost hunters decided that they wanted to go up to the third floor and investigate an attic loft room. I was left in the room with a couple of cameramen.

It was getting late and many of the ghost hunters were tired. I wanted to get some sleep because I had to work and so Janine and other hunters investigated other rooms. Janine decided that she would let me sleep in the Grand Suite while she wanted to sleep in an empty room that was not being used on the third floor.

So there I was, alone in one of the most haunted rooms in the lodge. I was too tired to be scared or to worry about being attacked by a ghost.

I crawled into bed in the large cold room. The minute my head hit the pillow I was asleep.

However, about an hour after I fell asleep, I felt someone or something crawling into bed with me. I first thought it was Janine but I took a sleepy glance to the other side of the bed. It was not her. I was still alone. Drifting back to sleep I felt the sensation that the blankets and the sheets were actually weighing down on me – I was thinking that I was home and that the cat was climbing on the bed.

Well of course in the sleepy state, I forgot that I was not at home.

It was at that time I felt something tugging on my little toe.

I sat up in bed, startled – and thought, do I want to stay in this room? Then I thought what the alternative is? The whole place was haunted. I was awake for a few minutes and then went back to sleep.

Nothing bothered me after that, at least that I remembered. I really didn’t get good rest and was caffeinated most of the day while at work.

You know the feeling – your body is dead tired but your brain is artificially alert and you are just trying to take life hour by hour.

I was very happy to be back home to get good rest but I started to think about those night terrors and those nights when you get no rest and no peace.

We all have that darker kind that dwells in our subconscious. They always seem to show up in our dreams and sometimes they manifest in our rooms and even though science is saying that these are waking dreams or sleep paralysis – I can honestly say that what happened to me had nothing do with any of that.

However, there are still references and explanations as to how we have these nightly encounters with entities from the darker realms of existence.

Carl Jung had expressed that all humans have inherited a set of primordial images that are buried deep in the collective unconscious. These are called archetypes and they tend to remain buried within the unconscious mind. Deep down we respond to them and they are programmed into us through religion, art, literature, and films. The shadow archetype is the most dangerous one of all. Shadow archetypes have a tendency to invade thoughts and when those shadowy thoughts become “groupthink” there is the possibility that through some quantum trick a manifestation can take place.

The shadow archetype becomes a real breathing entity fortified with the groupthink that prolongs its life and its image can be a harbinger to some other event that will eventually cause hardship.

Dr. Carol S. Pearson who has developed her own archetypical methods has stated that shadow archetypes surface at times when we as a collective are worried about the future.

It seems that shadow archetypes are here to carry out our destruction and if they become autonomous egregores we must pay attention to them and try to eliminate or at least protect ourselves from their influences.

According to Pearson each and every person has a death wish that can ultimately hurt them and the much larger society. Pearson further adds, “Even the healthiest individual will do or say things that hurt other people.

Ultimately, the trickster can become the destroyer and turns into a villain – the destroying entity turns up from time to time to remind us that everyone dies, everyone needs to surrender to their fates.

My father once shared with me an experience he had where he woke up in his room and that there were three hags hovering over his bed. He said that they were terrifying to look at. He stated that one had a needle and thread and another had knitting needles. He said the other was measuring him with a tailor’s tape measure.

He believed that the woman was measuring him for a coffin and that the others were there to knit him an outfit for his corpse.

I explained to him that while the experience was terrifying – it could have been that these were archetypes that represented what are called the “furies” or “fates.”

In mythology, the fates were the three goddesses of fate who personified the inescapable destiny of man. They assigned to every person his or her fate or share in the scheme of things.

Three old hags in your room – measuring and knitting would be unnerving. It would be more terrifying to realize that they are measuring you for your funeral.

They have been called the “old women”, “grey ones”, or “grey witches.”

Dream interpreters would say that dreaming of the fates means that you are unsure of your destiny. He died a year later of pulmonary edema.

The fates as they appear in dreams are more or less harbingers of what is about to change, whether it be good or bad depends on how the thread spins.

They represent the rhythms of the ebb and flow of Energy, Matter, and Meaning-the three basic components of the universe. They were here first; they will stay to the last. Everyone’s story is in the Fates’ web the weave. They are one; they are three; they are nine, three times three. Their mystery cannot be totally understood.

The fates in dreams represent memento mori—or that everyone dies.

This archetype of destiny is embedded deep in the Indo-European psyche. From India across the European continent all the way to the North Sea and the British Isles, cultures big and small have stories, symbols, and ceremonies for the forces that make destiny.

Some of these overlap, some diverge, but they agree on the fundamental conduit.

There are three sisters who rule our fates.

The three weird sisters are working women. They are spinners, weavers, cutters of the thread; they are writers of the Book of Life. They are blessers, birthers, deathers, dressed in white and red and black. They are fortunetellers. They are casters of the lots. They are gamblers and luck-givers.

They are the hags that sit in your doorstep – the women who sit on your chest and hold you to your bed. The Hag effect is something that many people have experienced in the throes of sleep paralysis.

Most people experience isolated sleep paralysis [ISP] at least once in their lives. This peculiar conscious vision state occurs at the boundaries of sleep, when we feel aware and awake. Sudden feelings of paralysis in bed — can’t move, can’t scream — give way to a terrifying encounter with a shadowy figure in the bedroom. Sometimes the figure materializes — the stranger who may sit on the side of the bed or on your chest, and breathe its putrid breath into your face as it glares with glowing red eyes. This phenomenon is known around the world by different names. The Hag Effect. Ghost oppression. Supernatural assault. The Succubus.

It is estimated that somewhere around 1 in 5 isolated sleep paralysis experiences are accompanied by dream-like hallucinations, almost always manifesting in negative or frightening forms, projected on the hallucinater’s actual physical surroundings.

Witches, demons, thieves, and rapists occupy the room with the paralyzed individuals, sometimes speaking to them, threatening them, or even touching them in extraordinarily life-like manners.

One can perhaps imagine very few things more terrifying than being completely unable to move, talk, or even scream while an intruder, whether human, demon, alien or some other nefarious menace roams about your room while you’re awake.

People often report feeling a pressure weighing down on them and they sometimes state that these encounters with an old Hag or a woman seem to happen in a dreamlike state.

When the living encounters this kind of spirit they often report a feeling that they have been caressed, sat upon or even violated for the purpose of sexual gratification.

There also have been cases that have resulted in death.

In December of 1981, the Centers for Disease Control published a report detailing sudden, unexpected deaths during sleep among mostly young, male, Southeast Asian refugees in the United States. Thirty-three of those who died were from Laos, four were from Vietnam, and one was from Cambodia.

“The abruptness of the deaths reported here is compatible with cardiac dysrhythmia,” the report stated, “but the underlying mechanism remains unclear.” Proposed explanations included stress from immigration and resettlement, sleep abnormalities, undiagnosed heart defects, and dietary deficiencies, but nothing could be proven. So it began to be called sudden unexplained death syndrome, or SUDS, and was quickly recognized as a leading cause of death among young men from Southeast Asia.

This syndrome, it turns out, had bedeviled Southeast Asians for generations. In the Philippines, it was called “bangungot,” the Tagalog word for nightmare. “Such ‘deadly dreams’ are well known among the lay people,” a Philippine medical journal noted as far back as 1917, “many of whom view them with sullen respect, if not frank terror.” In Thailand, it was called lai-tai; in Japan, pokkuri. Whatever the name, the syndrome was the same: sudden death of apparently healthy young men, often at night.

Shelley Adler wrote a book about these men who died in their sleep.

In the book Sleep Paralysis: Night-mares, Nocebos, and the Mind-Body Connection, Adler, who is a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, comes to a stunning conclusion: In a sense, the men were killed by their beliefs in the spirit world, even if the mechanism of their deaths was likely an obscure genetic cardiac arrhythmia.

They died of night terrors associated with Old Hag or Crone Effect.

There were similar inexplicable symptoms that were encountered in 1986 by men all around the world.

One strange case is that of the Southside rapist. A series of brutal rapes in St. Louis went unsolved for many years, eventually, authorities had their man. What was weird about this case is that I was consulted about what I knew about sleep paralysis and the incubus and succubus.

While the case has probably been erased from the minds of the general public today, it most certainly is a strange case because the accused rapist Dennis Rabbitt claimed that the reason he picked out women to rape at random was that he was being visited by a naked woman who he claimed raped him in his sleep.

Rabbitt, plead guilty to his rapes and murders and received five consecutive life sentences, claimed that the visits started happening when he was 12 or 13 years old and that it had changed his life.

He made his confession to officers about the macabre encounter.

He claimed that he could see everything on the woman except that she had no head. According to his account, he awoke terrified, got up and took a shower and went back to bed, and the woman came back to rape him again. He also claims that the trauma caused by the abuse of this headless woman produced an uncontrollable urge to attack women he picked at random.

St. Louis police sex crimes detective Mark Kennedy explained to Rabbitt that what he may have experienced was a visit form a succubus, a female demon who visits men in their sleep to lie with them and have sexual intercourse. The man who is a victim to a succubus rape will not awaken during the act but will experience it in a dream.

There was also a connection to The Crone Hag succubus phenomenon in claims that were provided by the Lutz family who were featured in the Amityville Horror story of 1975. The Lutz’s claimed that, on their last night spent in the house, their beds levitated while they were sleeping, and they saw what looked like a demonic hooded figure appearing at their bedside.

George Lutz the father claimed that he once witnessed his wife Kathy’s face transmogrify into that of a 90-year-old crone in bed.

The hags, witches, and entities that wear black robes, can grin through their deathly pale faces as they watch over us in paralyzed sleep. These darker beings are what are now common in human collective thought.

The human collective generates a massive amount of powerful thoughts and anxieties. They sometimes show up in dreams – they are tailor-made nightmares sewn into the fabric or our subconscious minds.

Many people do not realize that we live in a world of Tulpas and with all of the theories, interpretations and the worlds that exist with our world Tulpas, or if you will, thought forms transform and mutate their way into becoming words, actions, and manifestations that we did not expect to show up in our reality.

Thoughts resonate at a frequency – they can be exchanged in many ways and when a thought-form is all-consuming with the consensus we begin to see peculiarities take shape. If the consensus can agree that peace and tranquility are all around us and they can picture puppies chasing, balls, ballerinas and cartwheeling clowns then the world would eventually transform into a fun fair.

There are many people who say that they desire peace, love, and tranquility and they never achieve it to their satisfaction.

It is because they don’t realize that desires are only part of what it takes to see them manifest. I struggle with these things myself. We all do. We are trying to regain our personal powers as we are being bombarded with attitudes and programming that stifle that power.

The world is not only populated by upright-walking human beings and animals. It is populated and under the control of various thought-forms. There is within those thoughts a great deal of resonant noise and if you listen carefully to the noise there is always something that finds a way to surface, manifest and renders consequence.

That is why as Carl Jung had warned, we must strive to avoid those “shadow archetypes” that creep into our collective unconscious. They undermine everything
we set out to accomplish. How we see ourselves is how we see the world and if the collective unconscious is sending you a warning you must pay attention and be vigilant.

When a shadow archetype manifests it confronts us with the truth about ourselves.

At times it seems more convenient to just go back to sleep and hit the snooze bar repeatedly until we no longer have the will to open our eyes.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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