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Clyde Lewis | October 30, 2020
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Today as I was leaving my house, I looked at my wife and asked “Are we going to have a boring Halloween?’

“I guess so” she replied.

She even bought a costume this year. I bought what I thought was a realistic mask online but when I got it – it was just a cheap stupid mask that couldn’t fit my big head.

I said that maybe we could pop some popcorns and watch horror movies.

Halloween – at least a darker version, has been happening in our reality since last March and now people are more into the election, than they are in dressing up and going to parties.

We have been warned that it will promote the spread.

Trick or treating, while not officially banned is being discouraged.

People were horrified to learn that the Peanuts Halloween special, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” would not be airing on broadcast TV this year as usual. … “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is an autumn staple for many people, usually airing on network TV throughout the month of October.

It is now streaming exclusively on Apple TV and is being used as a way to get people to subscribe to their new platform.

Today, we had planned on having Diabolus Rex as a guest as we have traditionally had him for years but he called to tell us that he had a conflict in his schedule and so he will not be on with us this year.

So as I was contemplating what to do or what to say this year, I thought that maybe I would leave everyone with what I call my Halloween message.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are leaders, politicians and even radio talk show hosts that love to give you that message of thanks or the Christmas message of good cheer. There are plenty of historical looks at the first Thanksgiving and now the Hallmark Channel isn’t even waiting of the frost on the pumpkin—it has been Christmas for weeks on that network.

There really hasn’t been a moment where someone gives a Halloween message. I mean I have been spinning some really scary paranormal shows for the holiday but in reality, there is no real special message that is given for All Hallows Eve.

So without the help of a Great Pumpkin, tricks or treats, or a magister of a dark brotherhood, I am going to give you my Halloween message.

I promise you that as I was reading over my notes, I realized how dark it is, it may be scary for some – but it needs to be said because this Sunday the days will be darker as we add one more hour to an already horrible 2020.

There are many fundamental questions we ask ourselves throughout our lives as we travel from one extreme to the next. The alchemist always asks the initiate “who are you, who do you think you are?” Another is “why are you here? What do you think you will accomplish, what is your destiny?” The final question is “where are you going to go when your journey on this planet is through? “

The answer as we see during this time of year is simple – you become a grinning skull. Memento Mori – that old Latin saying that tells you that everything dies in its own time and now this Halloween, and the day of the dead that follows the grinning skull has new meaning as we are constantly reminded of our mortality in the midst of the plague.

When you are bombarded with the threat that death will come knocking you either live your life to its fullest or you wither away in your lack of humanity.

It appears that it is hard to fathom the true, irrefutable essence of our being and, by translating it into infinite forms, we yearn for those transcendent truths that lie beyond all concepts.

We are learning the hard way that everything is connected to everything and merges into and the other.

This may sound Zen and who knows it just might be a message that cuts through the Eberus or the creeping Darkness we have allowed into our existence – but again we all end up with a grinning skull as our reward –all humans and animals apart from their amorphous consciousness have this in common all are one and one are all and we are all equal in the end.

It used to be said that you get six feet of comfort for six decades of adventure and all that is left is an empire of dirt covering your grinning skull – your ghost is your eternal mark on this world –and the memory of your life remains with those what are living – the poor man’s version of eternity.

I am everything and everything is one: Omnia ab uno et in unum omnia.

We have had years of trying to understand how we could have the upper hand against the hidden hand and we always suspected that the hidden hand we fight against would be the one that motions toward the left handed path—however we live in a world where the left handed path has been cleaned up –and it has been made to look as a safe and easy way to avoid being trapped but maybe we have let our guard down enough to accept this path. We never thought of taking the road less traveled because we were told it was dangerous.

However, now we are thinking it is not as bad as we thought and with death always around the corner we are reminded that we are fragile, vulnerable and frightened children ready to follow the pipers call to our own demise.

Maybe we need to admit that for a lot of people the Devil has already won.

It is like Bill Bean said on our show about exorcism – the evil has now been allowed to rise and hopefully we learn our lesson when it burns us when it chains us to our damned souls and we are not even inclined to repent or ask for mercy.

Sometimes, the wrong people are in the right place. Sometimes, the best foot is not put forward. Sometimes, those who step into the light and first greet their new neighbors are not diplomats. Sometimes, they bear a grinning skull.

Many people understand that when I do paranormal shows and tell my paranormal parables, there are some that I create that demand that you read between the lines. I know that for some that is hard to do but the nuances of the esoteric are just as important as frank and blatant talk about the dark underbelly of our existence.

No one wants to be the one to bring the room down with ugly truths and sometimes it is necessary but we all live in what Charles Fort called a damned world condemned to following the whims of the cosmic trickster.


The cosmic trickster for those who do not know is an evil clown – one that plays cruel jokes on you. He is the ultimate grinning man – the one I have talked about in my nightmares – the one that has us vexed with the image of the Joker. The makeup and theatrics of this character is certainly a façade for the grinning skull.

We have all been lured into what is called the doctrinal bluff – the big lie and in our hypnotic states we are forced into political ritualism in hopes that it will somehow stop the violence, the criminality, and the pestilence.

But will it? Not now, not as we have surrendered to the creeping darkness.

I wish there is a magic wand that we can use to eliminate the way we are being marched into our own metaphorical concentration camps. I know that the barbed wire is not there , that the cinderblocks are not creating walls – but we have made them in our own minds have we have relegated to house arrest and the Acedia that it breeds.

Freedom – we can no longer say we are a land that is united in the concept of freedom.

Some people still parade around the idea of the value of freedom without fighting for it. They merely load it up with all the values that have been superstitiously and unconsciously attributed to it.

It is as if the vocal extremists are offended by the very word freedom.

They will say that they are fighters for justice but there is none of it being doled out and all of the destruction and violence is just another excuse to destroy and kill something without repercussions for the violent acts that are committed under cover of the night.

Our so-called progressive leaders permit their own terrorism but condemn the terrorism of those they disagree with. They give it an excuse to thrive.

Can it be that what we are seeing is something that can be considered Satanic? It is the allowing of chaos in the streets – as the governors and mayors pretend to be kings and queens wearing their crowns and halos of flies.

Isn’t that the Lord of Chaos telling us that if we incite chaos, we can and should rearrange and replace what is on the wane with something that is of a higher caliber?

Look around the empty promises of the demonological parapolitical teams are keeping everything in a state of flux.

What good is happening? With all of the promises that are being made at the rallies for our self-appointed monarchs.

Voting for the ruddy tinted man whose bellicose charm reflects a new enraged America or placing your vote for the man who simply looks like a pale withering grinning skull.

Many say that we are leaning towards the grinning skull—not surprising as people are wanting to hear more about how they are doomed and how they can have an ineffective savior to send them to an early grave.

I am sorry to say that this is the new truth in the new normal that many have embraced. This is the threshold of our counterfeit liberation: It is the end of faith and the world’s emancipation from God. No “heaven” will hover over the land, no hell below. Gone will be “providence”, “reason”, “good”, and “evil”.

Just masks for the terrified, pallid escapes for pallid souls. The mask is now your cross, your holy water to fend off those invisible vampires that lurk in asymptomatic zombies. All are one and one are all — we are told we all could have it which is a convenient lie to rob us of our humanity.

The entire political process eschews God.

Who can deny that their basic doctrines of “scientific humanism” or “atheistic humanism” currently dominate public education in America? This, more than any other factor, has relentlessly changed our “Christian consensus” into a “secular consensus,” producing the moral meltdown that is rapidly destroying our people and our nation’s freedoms, integrity, happiness, and even safety.

I don’t want you to think that I am some pious zealot. I am not demanding that prayer be put in the public school, or that we need to have a biblical world view or that our government should recognize religion—it is just that all of this focus on the science and not the faith I believe opens us up for Erebus – the creeping darkness.

We are all participating in a ritual that destroys our dignity and humanity.

The lockdowns, the masks, the “social distancing,” and other so-called “emergency measures,” the Orwellian propaganda, the censorship of dissent, the corporate media finally transforming into a full-blown Goebbels like mouthpiece for the globalists, the goon squads raiding people’s homes, the cult-like, totalitarian conformity … it’s just a taste of what’s to come.

This was always in the cards, of course. It was just a matter of time until we got here. But we went willingly — the devil never forces his way in — you have to be a participant and then once possessed, it will take a great deal of work to exorcise what damage has been done.

We are at an important cross roads in history. We have been witnesses to a strategy of ‘creative destruction’ that has served to benefit the dark synarchy.

We have been witnesses to cynical methods of social control that have assumed a different level in 2020 with constant death propaganda being pumped out on a daily basis. It is been the tailor made nightmare that has swallowed our summer and now is occupying our Dark Winter.

We continue to see the rolling out of near-endless restrictions and tiered lockdowns across the country based on questionable testing and the welcoming of mad science.

Of course we are told that we should follow the science no matter how mad it is – or how dangerous it can become left in the hands of greedy investors of vaccines.

We now see the designation of healthy, asymptomatic people as ‘cases’. The narrative has shifted from COVID deaths and ‘flattening the curve’ to an obsession with ‘cases’ as the curve became flattened and COVID-related deaths bottomed out.

We are no longer a culture of life but a culture of death. Under yet another strategy of creative destruction, millions of livelihoods across the world continue to be destroyed. The encouragement of identity politics, narcissism, apathy and consumerism’s irretrievable materialism, among other things, have undermined ordinary people’s capacity for action.

We are all under the dark spell of the grinning skulls – we all know that eventually things die – our thoughts of death and the afterlife are what separates us from the apes.

People deny death and want to avoid conversations about it as much as possible in a host of ways. Most people prefer life over death, and when death does approach and can no longer be denied, most hope for immortality in some way, shape, or form.

Yes, there are those who assert this isn’t true for them, and there is no reason to doubt their sincerity.

Doctors are now even considering LSD to be administered to patients that know that death is coming—this way, they can go through what is left of their lives without anxiety.

The technocrats have now gone out of their way to deny the human condition and dismiss the spiritual dimension, the irrational, and the demonic and in the process they open the door to madness, as is happening today with the push by the world’s economic elite to convince people that they are machines and that their machine dreams will conquer death.

For those who love life, there is always some form of perpetuation and redemption of an individual’s life in the face and fear of death. But somehow that is elusive in this world of plague and disease. In the 21st century we still cannot find a way to avoid the fate of the grinning skull or the conquering worm.

We think of an afterlife, we seek fame, we have heirs, monuments, we leave behind money to our children. History is quite clear that people have always sought some way of transcending their physical fates.

These days, it’s Halloween all year round in the land of the free and the home of the brave where the fear of death is handed out like poisoned candy. The metaphor is not lost on all of us as we are like children that go to the door and are required to wear masks in order to get our treat.

Our treat is the promise of health if we only wear our masks like good little kids and when we open our bags we get a wrapped dollop of fear, handed to us by politicians and billionaires that cackle behind our backs.

Everywhere you look these days, people are doubly masked. The paper kind and by definition, since the word person, being derived from the Latin, persona, means mask, while there is another Latin word, larva, that also means mask or ghost or evil spirit.  Clearly, there is a dance contest underway, a dance macabre.  And who will win nobody knows.

A cynic will tell you who always wins – the trickster – that grinning man; the grinning skull – the symbol of the day that is set aside for the dead.





Written by Clyde Lewis

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