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Ron Patton | October 4, 2018
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When October rolls around and my thoughts are turned into the images and stories that make up the Halloween season, I often think to myself that in my world every day is April Fool’s Day and every night is Halloween if you have a Fortean mind. You can’t always overwhelm people with things they don’t understand because they would certainly develop a bit of fatigue as their anxieties and paranoia engulf them.

Since September, I have been warning people about a number of things that would certainly be signs and symbols that something sinister was afoot and while most of the things I have said have come to pass – I have not been completely honest about how I know or have an inkling as to what is happening and why I talk about the final blow and why you should be prepared for anything.

Many Ground Zero listeners have picked up on my subtle hints such as references to numbers like 9 and 11, plagues, biological terror and the evil dust that Julian Assange so brilliantly describes as being put everywhere for the surveillance apparatus.

There is the metaphor that is not lost on some of you and the Twilight Language that has been used not only by me but by the media. Twilight Language is the language of symbols numbers and hints that point to a supernatural or paranormal explanation as to why strange things happen in the world.

Many of you who know me, understand that I see the world in patterns. I am a person who often detects symbolic language, actions, and the number that renders the mind waiting for a kind of synchronicity to unfold.

When you share this type of thinking with people, they are not always receptive and tend to think that you are prone to magical thinking.

I can assure you that it is not magical thinking – it is merely pattern seeking and acknowledging that a lot of coincidence is meaningful and that it can be the result of calling upon a confidence trickster.

It can be intentional or unintentional; however, I can see that the confidence trickster we all know has been summoned and the devil comes quickly with wrath because as the bible has said, “his time is short.”

He must act quickly when summoned and when he is, we begin to see the aftermath of his machinations.

Follow me now – this is about to get weird.

On September 26th 2018, the Institute for Digital Archaeology unveiled a replica of Palmyra, Syria’s iconic Triumphal Arch dedicated to the horned God, Baal on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

The following day, Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about sexual assault allegations stemming from their time in high school.

Now keep in mind that those who supported this arch say that it represents freedom and peace; however, the truth is that it is a replica of an Arch that was a gateway to hell, as it was the entry to the temple dedicated to the god of power, sexual virility and child sacrifice.

The rule of Baal personifies the rule of the Antichrist.

Baal is a demon or a “Lord of the Air” associated with irreverent worship and ritual. A derivative of Baal is Beelzebub, which like Lucifer is another common name for Satan. Beelzebub means literally “Lord of the Flies” but it is suggested this spelling is a derogatory play on the name, Baal’zebul, which means “Lord of the High Places” or “Exalted One.”

Baal was also known to the Ammonites as Molech, the Moabites as Chemosh, and the Edomites as Dushara. Baal’s female counterpart is Ashtoreth, a.k.a. Astarte or Asherah. Astarte was identified with the Assyrian fertility goddess Ishtar (pronounced Easter – this is where we get the pagan fertility symbols of the rabbit and the egg) who identified with the planet Venus (the bright and morning star).

In ancient times, adults would gather around the altar of Baal. Infants would then be burned alive as a sacrificial offering to the deity. Amid horrific screams and the stench of charred human flesh, men and women alike would engage in bisexual orgies. The ritual of convenience was intended to produce economic prosperity by prompting Baal to bring rain for the fertility of “Mother Earth.”

Many secret societies and occult groups have stated that someday Baal will be “resurrected” and will once again take his place as the ruler of the world. Christian scholars are entirely convinced there is some sort of connection between the ancient demon and the coming of the Antichrist.

Throughout every passage of scripture, whether Muslim, Jewish, and Christian, there is a story about an empire that will appear to serve God but in reality will be an ecumenical trap or a state religion. This has been called the New World Order. Christians believe that it is the empire of the Antichrist.

We know the story so well that it is a “program,” a program that has an obvious response whenever we see or hear of something that sounds apocalyptic.

The idea that we are “wired” for this and our DNA is responding to the trauma of our forbearers is quite intriguing.

Now, to observers that do not know the background or the arch, it would be seen as only a coincidence.

On September 27, 2018, the testimony delivered by Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate Judiciary Committee took a turn that was unexpected and quite perverse.

Sheldon Whitehouse, the senator from Rhode Island, used a portion of his allotted questioning time to ask the Supreme Court nominee about the definition of the “Devil’s Triangle.”

For most Americans who came of age in the same years as Brett Kavanaugh, may know that the term is slang for a threesome or a Ménage à Trois. Kavanaugh told the committee that his definition of the term was different. “Devil’s Triangle,” he insisted, was merely a drinking game.

“Three glasses in a triangle,” Kavanaugh said. Like quarters.

However, the Devil’s Triangle is often referred to a sexual threesome where two men would have sex with a woman and not touch one another otherwise it would be considered a homosexual act.

No matter what the definition whether it was personalized by Kavanaugh or proudly repeated by Sheldon Whitehouse – the Devil was uttered in a way that somehow describes who is control of the powers in Washington D.C.

What the Arch of Baal represents is everything that the saga of the Ford/ Kavanaugh saga is revealing, specifically accusations of sexual perversion, the fight for power, and the cause against child sacrifice in the form of abortion.

In the end, the debate over whether or not to confirm Brett Kavanaugh boils down to the issue of sexual misconduct, rape, abortion, and how his confirmation in the Senate is going to have tremendous implications for the future of our country.

Groups like Planned Parenthood see the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as a potential threat to what they call reproductive freedom. However, the focus on Kavanaugh’s confirmation has been primarily on the multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him dating back to his high school and undergraduate years.

Is this a coincidence or are there darker forces at play?

Today, the mainstream news reported that a suspect was arrested in the biological terrorist attack on the President, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson, and the campaign offices of Ted Cruz.

It was reported Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 that Department of Defense officials confirmed that packages containing Ricin were intercepted at the Pentagon. However, two members of Ted Cruz staff had to be hospitalized for exposure to the poison that is made from ground Castor beans.

William Clyde Allen, a Logan Utah man, confessed to sending letters laced with the poison Ricin and Castor beans to President Trump and the Pentagon.

It is a peculiar coincidence to note that on the day the package was sent right before daybreak the Moon was seen in front the constellation Gemini. Two of Gemini’s brightest stars are Pollux and Castor. Castor and Pollux are the twins from different mothers.

It must be noted that the horned God, Baal is often depicted in the stance of the giant Orion and wearing the crown of Gemini.

The symbolism and the connections are uncanny.

Another creepy coincidence is that it was reported on the day that the FBI report was submitted for review in the Kavanaugh case and that the Ricin suspect was apprehended that ten goats were found beheaded floating down the Chattahoochee River in Georgia.

Not only has this spawned worries of contaminated drinking water, but it also has stirred up paranoia about some sort of mass Satanic ritual happening in the area.

While Baal has been considered a bull-horned god, many also associate him with the goat-horned god or the ram’s head.

The Post Modernist philosopher Jean Baudrillard often wrote about signs and symbols and how they affected society. He claimed that we are affected by symbols and signs more so than we care to think and that these symbols and signs create a subconscious response which influences what we do.

He often remarked about how the symbolism of culture and media constructs perceived reality, the acquired understanding by which our lives and shared existence is and are rendered legible.

The symbols and signs are simply signposts in our journey through life. Some of the symbols we use like hearts and roses are symbolic of love and a cross is a symbol of Christ. A Swastika has been a sacred sign to eastern philosophy and yet it has been hijacked and manipulated to represent a terrifying and tyrannical philosophy that attempted to mesmerize and take over the world.

For over the last three centuries, Europeans and Americans, in particular, have shaped anxiety and paranoia into the mythic symbols associated with dark magic or Satanism. This symbology represents the embodiment of fear, disorder, and abnormality.

Of course, humans have always been afraid. But while the fears of the demonic and the diabolical characterized medieval times, the changes wrought by the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution created a whole new set of fears tied to advancements in science and technology and an increasingly crowded and complex world.

While people fear the coming of the singularity more so than the invasion of aliens – the deepest darker fears of humankind still remain in the realms of death and the nature of the damned soul.

People will often seek deliverance from dark and demonic possession and will certainly back away from anything that represents the darker powers from the underworld.

There is no doubt that in this world there are darker powers at play and the thought of a demonic plague or tsunami of darkness is not out of the question as we see our way of life deteriorate.

We have seen ritualistic intent and dark magic being used to force the hand of a dark and ancient force that has been known to create enough chaos to rip the world apart. This could very well be the reason we have now been programmed into having an acute awareness for a judgment day scenario where all elements can be employed to secure a possible apocalyptic crescendo. This would fuel a remarkable mental transformation leading well-meaning souls to believe that biblical prophecy is being fulfilled.

In the Book of Deuteronomy, we are told that a nation that loses its morality will be cursed and will have to show intellectual humility and repentance before we are lifted from the curse.

However, curses were not only one of the mysteries of God but also the result of workings and conjurings of men and who indulge in the profane essences of witchcraft and priestcraft.

The magical workings are jointly produced with elements of all of the religions. The ancient writings of such workings can be found in the Talmud, the Koran, the Book of the Dead, The Bible, The Kabala and the ancient books of Enoch. All powers are to be considered and all magic has relevance and power.

Rituals and traumatic events have either been conjured or orchestrated by Intelligence cabals in order to create a crisis as an object lesson to test the faith of the people. The people are left with no choice but to bow before the holder of the keys of power. They will bow before the entity which possesses the tools to combat that which is persecuting them.

The entity can be a God or a Demon, it makes no difference. The people will fearfully accept the conditions presented by the invader.

Wrath takes no prisoners.

In Biblical times, when leaving Gentile cities, pious Jews often shook the dust from their feet to show their separation from Gentile practices. It was a symbolic gesture. In the times of Jesus, if the disciples shook the dust of a Jewish town from their feet, it would show their separation from Jews who rejected their Messiah. The gesture was to show the people that they were making a wrong choice. It often resulted in horrific consequences. The process was carried out to seal up the intended target for a day of wrath with God. It was a curse that would deliver non-believers into the hands of “God the Destroyer.”

In most cases, the cities were left to plague, draught and in some cases, cataclysmic destruction. It is the occult version of tough love. It was a curse that would unleash the conquering winds of Moriah, the quaking of the earth, the power of darkness and the whirlwind of death to convert the nonbeliever. It was a shocking way to bring about change.

Martin Luther believed that the practice would take away any guilt and that those who saw a place unworthy should be struck and those that strike the area are innocent of shedding blood.

There are many rituals to bring about different results. Each one has a different effect on people. There are theories that the United States has been lured into many trauma based rituals that have been “organized” and staged to bring about the New World Order.

The practices at Bohemian Grove where our leaders meet to perform the Cremation of Care is a ritual where are leaders gather at an owl representing the Phoenician god Baal. An effigy of a burnt offering is given to the statue and the people who are assembled are told that they do not have to worry about dull care when they act upon aggressive urges against countries and people. Thus they seem to be justified in their bloodthirsty rituals and crusades against an invisible enemy.

There are a great number of secret organizations which all practice death rituals or make death oaths and many of these groups are part of an octopus whose tentacles reach into organizations, religions, and governments.

However, as I have pointed out, building your own idols and replicas dedicated to horned gods and child sacrifice has been known to attract complex entities. No matter what label they put on it – things like the Arch of Baal are not about peace. They are symbols of when a civilization turned away from God.

Once people create their own truth, they can overrule everything, call good evil and evil good, but they cannot escape the inevitability of attracting the powers that the symbols represent.

Written by Ron Patton

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