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Ron Patton | October 9, 2018
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The mainstream press on Monday engaged in a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking after Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed to take his place in the Supreme Court. I watched the vote on my cell phone and was on edge the whole morning because I was waiting for the ugliness to occur and while some people who were unaffected by the violence being demonstrated in Washington, I was affected by the violence and rage that was going on in my part of the country.

As I was watching the vote on my phone, I was shaking my head at all of the screaming and yelling talking place in the Senate chambers and how many time Vice President Pence had to call security to bring to order the hearings.

Granted the situation did not warrant the calling of martial law; however, the peculiarity of human behavior through this whole affair leading up to the midterm elections should be examined.

There is a group of both liberals and conservatives in this country that are borderline psychotic and they have resorted to screaming and clawing at the doors like animals or better yet like zombies trying to get into government buildings as verdicts are read and confirmations are voted upon.

Actions that were once motivated by sheer emotion have are now motivated by fearless rage.

This is getting dangerous and while it would be prudent to tell people that perhaps it’s time to heal and choose our battles – no one will listen as there are vendettas to be settled and revenge is a dish that is best served cold in America.

Whenever I speak of civil war in America, I often get told that it will never get that bad and that I am fear mongering for the sake of click or ratings. I always say back that it is certainly cynics in order to keep telling yourself that in America we are still United; however, it appears that ship has sailed and that living through a civil war in South America can teach you what to expect and it is a surreal experience.

I want to make it clear that during a civil war in a modern city like Buenos Aries life was quite normal, except for little things that would make you wonder if you would make it through the day doing routine things.

I can imagine that in the United States a civil war would be similar.

The outbreak of that civil war wouldn’t look all that different from what the normal news cycle would regularly report at first. It begins with something like a politically motivated mass shooting. Another example would be a biological attack either in a major city – or directed at Congress or the President.

It would be something like the anthrax attack in 2001 after the 911 attacks or the Ricin attack that happened just before the Kavanaugh vote.

These are simple politically motivated attacks. These attacks are actually supposed to not only change directions politically but they are also there to generate copycat attacks.

These can be both domestic terror attacks and foreign attacks whose sole purpose is generating a backlash. They are simply done in order to provoke a response.

If the response is overwhelming and police departments cannot keep up with the politically sectarian violence then we will see the next phase of civil warfare.

If there is an insurgence and the domino effect is in play a U.S. military crackdown on any kind of insurgency will be inevitable – this will be your Martial Law scenario except it will either the military working with an already militarized police or the police working against the military.

There will always be restraint to start with however if there is an insurgency, military weapons and martial law will then have to be applied to the situation.

There is also a misconception that in a modern civil war there will be two sides, after all, we look back in history and all we know is that the Union believed in less slavery and the Confederation believed in more slavery. Most people are thinking right now that if there was a civil war in the United States it would be a two-sided war as well.

Like for example republican against democrat or conservative against liberal.

This is not the case.

Modern civil war would have many so-called “sides.”

In the Dirty War of South America there were several sides that were fighting. There were the Peronists, the Radicals, the Communists, the Nazis, the Catholic Church, the Jews, the Junta, the police, the Madres of the Plaza, and so on and so on.

Each group would have their own band of terrorists carrying out executions, abductions and torture.

In America, we could have a left-wing group incite violence or insurgency that would spark a response from Black Lives Matter or #Metoo; however, all eyes would be on Antifa as they are usually behind violent attacks.

Over the weekend, there was a vigil in Portland, Oregon for Patrick Kimmons, a black man who was shot by police. Afterwards, members of Antifa blocked streets, directed traffic, and harassed drivers and other people. The police looked on and allowed the harassment to happen.

An elderly man who made the mistake of not following orders of Antifa was called a racist and Nazi among other things and then was chased down by an angry mob where they proceeded to use batons and other weapons to damage his vehicle.

The driver says he was following two other cars that made a right-hand turn when one protester stepped in front of his car and others surrounded it.

The man was outnumbered, probably scared and did not know what he did wrong.

The truth is, he did nothing wrong and it could have wound up with him being beaten or shot.

Once again, the police looked on without intervening.

Once again if a civil war breaks out there would not be two sides fighting, we could see hundreds of sides with hundreds of agendas yearning and fighting for independence.

There are other separatist groups in America, Militia groups, Oath Keepers, Stormfront, Patriot Prayer, Proud boys, Christian sects and Muslim groups that could fuel the flames for war.

Other insurgency candidates could be criminal gangs like MS-13, black nationalist groups, white nationalists, sovereign citizens and generally any armed, organized group with some kind of history to it.

Now, with the internet we would see more organized insurgency through social networking.

On August 15th, 2014 the mainstream news was reporting on the events that were happening in Ferguson, Missouri. For the first time since the L.A. Riots in 1991 the United States was watching what appeared to be a scene from the movie The Siege where peaceful protesters appeared to be enemies of the state as a militarized police force gathered and demonstrated what can only be described as intimidating overreach.

Meanwhile, there was something else that was happening in The United States that got very little press but was being tweeted all over the internet and that was a “Purge” was about to take place in Louisville, Kentucky.

When news of the Louisville Purge first struck, police officials indicated they were preparing for any potential disturbance.

A heightened police presence was witnessed throughout the metro area and neighboring regions, with similar safeguards enacted in Clarksville, TN, and Jeffersonville, IN. A St. Xavier High School football scrimmage was also postponed for Saturday morning, as a precautionary measure.

There are many people who are unaware of why the meme of The Purge was so terrifying and why police responded to what appeared to be a social network prank.

Even though it was a prank you can see the panic that it caused and if there was a real purge it would have had its origins on the internet.

In Portland, Oregon last Friday, stores at a local Mall were ordered closed because there was a notice on social media that there would be a “gang truce” to protest Police violence by raiding mall stores is what was called a massive “Flash rob.”

My wife Janine was also a victim of police brutality when she and a friend were at a local McDonalds witnessing the arrest of a man who was screaming in agony. Janine told me that the man had his face in the dirt hand handcuffed behind his back. The man was pleading with the officers not to arrest him.

Janine approached an officer and asked if an ambulance or EMTs had been dispatched to help the man. The officer responded to her with a forearm to the chest, hitting her where she had her mastectomy. She could not believe that this officer did this to her but she was heartbroken over trying to do the right thing and was met with violence by the officer.

She intends to press charges.

Janine expressed to me how she felt that not only was it attack against her home and her community but a misogynist attack against women in a time where the division against men and women are now big news stories.

It’s going to get worse. Virtually, every major American institution is being radicalized — or being reshaped by the radicalization of our public lives.

Since the president’s election, reporters on both sides of the political aisle, and from markets big and small, have shown less restraint on social media when it comes to their personal political viewpoints.

Just this past week, a Minnesota journalist was fired from a local NBC station for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat while covering Trump rally. A longtime Palm Springs anchor was forced to resign after defending Kavanaugh from sexual assault allegations. The New York Times conceded it made a mistake when the news story about a Kavanaugh bar fight at Yale was co-bylined by a writer who had tweeted her disapproval of the nomination.

You see this on social media, especially Facebook, where the algorithm pumps endless partisan, emotional garbage into our faces all day, every day. People then jump to Twitter to duke it out.

Every event in this country is socially radicalized by the mainstream and social media.

If there is a school shooting the tragedy is then radicalized as a gun debate.

Deadly fires and hurricanes are not so much about loss of property and life – but is an opportunity to rally the troops about Climate Change.

TV shows get radicalized – Roseanne becomes a political football, football players kneeling becomes a major political issue, Robert DeNiro says “F-Trump” during an awards ceremony. Late night talk shows do nothing but push the liberal resistance, and Saturday Night Live take liberal editorializing to mere reenacting news stories with special guest stars to get a clap or a laugh – the comedy is never thought provoking or satire, it is merely cruelty for cruelty’s sake.

Every political decision, every political event has the potential to be a triggering event.

The question is what would happen if the Republicans maintaining the House of Representatives following the mid-term elections?

We have seen what the left has done with the Kavanaugh fiasco — we got a new justice but no peace.

We saw what happened after Trump was elected – the question is what is next, what could happen? Are we at tipping point?

It’s easy to imagine that a second civil war might proceed like the first: two institutionalized factions wielding state militaries against each other along prescribed strategic fronts. Generals would choose a side, those with the most troops and firepower at their disposal would claim victory. The outcome, we imagine, would likely be a winner-take-all restructuring of the United States.

But that’s not really how wars are fought in the 21st century.

To neglect this distinction risks missing the signs of coordinated disruption and violence. If we keep thinking in terms of opposed armies, we’ll fail to develop effective strategies for recognizing and containing networked, hybrid asymmetrical warfare.

It is time to stop saying that just because it doesn’t affect you directly that it is not happening – it is happening, the media is playing into it, social media is playing into it – and just because it hasn’t been declared we can say that it isn’t happening here.

It is happening here.

The civil war we are in now can be identified as a patchwork of affiliated insurgency groups and their counterparts engaging in light skirmishes along the overlapping edges of their networks, mixed with occasional high-value terror attacks against soft and hard targets.

Nobody is asking you to join a side because it is self-composing and there is no official war to be called – the aftermath is identified by the writer of history, not the ones making history.

As in Charlottesville, Berkeley, Las Vegas, and Portland, the fronts are less territorial than ideological.

The reason this is apparent is because so many people ask me just whose side are you on? Sure, I can give them some ideological lie by saying lean to one side or the other but that is not how journalists are supposed to be.

Just as we risk missing the signs of networked violence, thinking in terms of a classic civil war can blind us to the many actors working to disrupt the U.S. from within and beyond our borders.

Behind the extremists are often additional layers of benefactors and provocateurs: oligarchs, plutocrats, transnational criminal networks, and foreign powers wielding them on both sides towards their strategic goals.

This is why we always hear that perhaps Russia may be provoking anger on the internet or that George Soros has funded protestors to disrupt a rally or even create violence.

With these characteristics in mind, we can envision what a modern U.S. civil war might look like. More sporadic and unexpected conflicts but with fewer deaths. Factions sprouting like mushrooms, taking different forms but coordinated across invisible networks. Waves of information warfare. Chaos and an accelerated bazaar of violence with a healthy immune response from the local and national authorities.

The goal of this civil war is not deaths, but the fragmentation of the Republic. The goal of the globalists is to whittle America down to manageable collectives.

This would easily harden the resolve of an increasingly authoritarian world government and would provide more reason to implement smart city infrastructure in order to maintain full spectrum control.

Written by Ron Patton

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