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11/11/19: SOUNDS OF SURA

Clyde Lewis | November 11, 2019
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A few weeks ago, there were swarms of earthquakes that rattled Missouri and areas of Kansas and Oklahoma. Missourians are accustomed to receiving alerts telling them to expect a tornado, thunderstorm, flood or another dangerous weather situation. Now it appears that authorities have asked for people to be prepared if the “Big One” happens.

Some people are commenting that perhaps the authorities are overreacting and the media is using the mini quakes to somehow beef up ratings using fear and paranoia about a major earthquake in the region.

Last time a major quake was felt in the region was the 1800s.

The bottom line is that anything is possible and preparedness is not a bad idea, however, there seems to be some cynicism about what is triggering these quakes.

Researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey suspect that hydraulic fracturing, a process in which water is used to remove oil from rocks deep underground may be the reason that these areas are seeing an increase of earthquakes, however, there are others that think that something else is at play.

While earthquakes are becoming normal, there is also some concern that many of these areas have also become ground zero for severe weather patterns, which has triggered a new interest in an old idea that the government is back to conducting tests at the HAARP facility in Alaska.

While most people familiar with conspiracy theory know of the HAARP project; many are unaware that another more dangerous ionospheric heater exists in Russia called the SURA project.

Three plasma perturbations induced by SURA HF (high‐frequency) heating have been selected and analyzed in detail with the DEMETER satellite observing data by instruments of Langmuir probe and ion analyzer.

DEMETER stands for the Detection of Electromagnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Region. It was launched in June of 2004 and ceased operation in December 2010. However, data has now been analyzed and the information has been made available through AGU 100 Advancing Earth and Space Science.

Since that time analysis has shown many types of ionospheric heating experiments have been carried out, and many interesting phenomena in electromagnetic field and plasma parameters have been observed in the topside ionosphere by the satellite, typically from High‐Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and SURA heating facility.

Plasma bursts are being detected coming from the SURA facility located near the small town of Vasilsursk about 100 km east of Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, would have the same effects as HAARP, and can cause seismic movements in non-seismic areas – it also may be causing triggered mini quakes in the Midwest as well.

SURA is capable of radiating about 190 MW, effective radiated power (PRE) on shortwave. It is currently being operated by the Research Institute of Radio NIRFI in Nizhny Novgorod.

Current DEMETER‐SURA information that has been made available to the public shows that plasma density increases in the night hours, reaching 25–35% in amplitude, and during the morning or late evening hours the growth of plasma density in ducts was not higher than 1%. It was found that the mean size of the ducts along satellite pass was of 80–110 km.

The heating experiments also were observed the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program in order to evaluate weather effects from the ionospheric heating.

It analyzed 100 experiments induced by HAARP heating, but these results exhibited a weaker relationship between large‐scale density plasma perturbations and HF heating induced by the SURA program.

It is well known that the electromagnetic wave from a powerful ionospheric heater propagates into the ionosphere along the magnetic field lines and gets absorbed in the lower ionosphere, driving ion outflows and leading to the formation of density ducts in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric ducting is a mode of propagation of electromagnetic radiation, usually in the lower layers of Earth’s atmosphere, where the waves are bent by atmospheric refraction.

Not only is the SURA program in operation, much of the plasma bursts from the project are affecting areas of the planet seismically and meteorologically.

It may even be responsible for the abnormal heating of the Arctic regions and the movement of low-pressure systems from Siberia into the United States.

Last January, the Polar Vortex unleashed a record cold snap across much of the U.S., but at least for the first part of winter; however, the same effects of the Polar Vortex has arrived early to many parts of the United States.

The cold air has unexplainably moved directly from Siberia rather than straight from the North Pole, which is causing temperatures to dip anomalously normal for early November.

The Siberian Express that usually shows up in December is expected to break at least 200 records with extremely low temperatures according to the National Weather Service.

The cold front rolled through the upper Midwest November 10th, 2019 before heading south towards Texas, where forecasters said temperatures nearly 30 degrees Fahrenheit below typical November averages would be felt beginning on Tuesday, November 12th, 2019.

Record lows would then be felt from the Gulf Coast to Chicago, according to the National Weather Service’s digital forecast database.

The January-like temperatures are far from common at this time of year in the southeastern US.

This is also affecting parts of Europe as well. Temperatures have been dropping earlier than expected and Southeastern France had recorded an unusual 5.4 earthquake on Sunday.

A physicist at a geophysics institute the IPGP said that quakes of this strength are rare in that region, but warned of possible aftershocks and said people should leave fragile buildings.

The strange quake was felt over a 93-mile area between the cities of Lyon and Montelimar the national seismological office said.

Erratic and unprecedented weather is radically increasing all over the world.

It is obvious however that this is beyond the idea of mere climate change – this is earth disruption due to environmental hacking.

Weather warfare has been waged against populations all over the globe for decades, this includes the US population. Engineered winter weather events are now the norm. Though US media has done its best to sweep the subject of weather warfare under the rug in recent decades, there is a great deal of historical coverage. The hard part is trying to figure out if Projects like SURA have been targeting parts of the United States or are receiving the cold end of weather and seismic butterfly effect from ionospheric topside plasma that has been detected by satellite studies.

Current mainstream media sources have done their best to convince populations that it is not possible to manipulate the weather or trigger earthquakes. This lie is used to compel the majority of the public to ignore the blatant plasma experiments and the Stratospheric Aerosol Injections they see over their heads on an almost daily basis.

Not only is global weather and manipulation possible today, but it has also been going on for nearly 7 decades.

What is also disconcerting is that while our military has been involved with the HAARP plasma project – there is also an effort to downplay the effects of what our government allows to happen while trying to cover it up by attributing it to anthropogenic climate change.

The cloud of disinformation and deception surrounding the ongoing climate engineering insanity is massive beyond true comprehension.

The entirety of the climate science communities have participated in this deception, whether willingly (for a paycheck and a pension), or due to threats like the recent “gag order” placed on all National Weather Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration employees by our government. Corporate media has, of course, done all they could to perpetuate the lies and deception; this is what they are paid to do.

However, our situation is far more complex than a political maneuver to try and save us all from climate peril.

It should be obvious to those with common sense that something is not normal and that attributing weather spikes or anomalies to only fossil fuel usage shows that there is an agenda to ignore weather warfare so that new jobs and alternative energy can be filled.

Weather effects lead to population control, all it takes is climate alteration and the Butterfly Effect kicks into motion. You can literally force weather to alter and manipulate geology and landmass. What is there to stop it from climate from killing populations?

Global climate engineering is nothing short of weather warfare and biological warfare that has been going on in plain sight for decades. The mounting consequences rebooting or manipulating nature are becoming all but impossible to keep from public awareness. Countless organizations are discussing geoengineering but not yet openly admitting it has long since been a lethal reality with disastrous and deadly results.

For example, many people do not know that the barren Salton Sea was accidentally created in 1905 by engineers attempting to divert/control the inflow of water from the Colorado River, for Agricultural needs. It is now a desert of the toxic soup that is killing or killed fish, birds from botulism and is highly toxic to the environment.

In 1970, Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, advocated the covert use of weather attacks, such as long periods of drought or storm, to force a nation into compliance.

According to Brzezinski, weather warfare and other high-tech weapons would be available to the leaders of some countries to launch covert weather attacks against other nations. He also specifically mentioned the use of “Directed Energy Weapons” for conducting what he described as secret warfare.

Directed Energy Weapons were used by US forces in the Middle East to knock out electronics, induce psychological passivity, and possibly even melt people and vehicles. Much of the details regarding usage remain under tight military security.

The military had announced their High Energy Laser and Integrated Optical-dazzler with Surveillance or HELIOS program. The name HELIOS as an acronym is a very powerful one considering that HELIOS was a God that represented the power derived from the sun.

There are some fringe analysts that are speculating that many of the wildfires in California have been sparked by Directed Energy Weapons.

HELIOS would be one of the first Department of Defense (DoD) contracts to mount an integrated laser cannon onto the U.S. Navy’s destroyers and possibly satellites to hit targets from space.

The Department of Defense awarded Lockheed Martin a $150 million contract, with options for an additional $942.8 million, to manufacture multiple HELIOS units with a completion date of 2020.

The 150 kilowatts laser cannon would be the most powerful directed energy weapon that will be used for war.

HELIOS is a prime candidate to replace the MK-15 Phalanx Close-in Weapons System (CIWS) and the RIM-116 missile system on warships.

The HELIOS has a comparable range to the RIM-116 (about five nautical miles), while the missile system holds 11 or 21 missiles, the laser cannon has an unlimited amount of ammo, dependent on an adequate supply of electricity.

The Russian defense industry reportedly has developed a directed-energy weapon that can destroy or disable sophisticated electronic guidance and navigation systems in manned and unmanned aircraft and precision-guided missiles.

Russia and China have also developed “destructive counter-space weapons” which according to defense intelligence report are active and can be used on targets from space.

The Director of National Intelligence’s report, which is based on information gathering by the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency, says recent military reforms in both China and Russia “indicate an increased focus on establishing operational forces designed to integrate attacks against space systems, weather system, ecosystems and ground targets.

This not only contributes to weather modification and seismic disruption, but it also includes environmental modification as well.

The United Nations Weather Weapons Treaty of May 1977 warned that scientific and technical developments may open new possibilities with respect to modification of the environment and that the hostile use of these techniques could have effects extremely harmful to human welfare.

The US Air Force mentioned that the UN’s weather modification treaty, which prohibits the hostile use of weather modification, is not applicable because their attacks will not be large scale (encompassing several hundred km), long-lasting (several months in length), or result in serious injury to human life.

Regarding the deception which will be used to mislead the enemy and create conditions of deniability, the US Air Force said that the enemy’s information systems would be spoofed so they’d make wrong decisions.

The spoofing would also allow them to disguise their weather attacks, which they said would be indistinguishable from naturally occurring weather. The Naval Law Review’s 1998 article, A Primer on the Employment of Non-Lethal Weapons, stated that weather modification could be used as a Non Lethal weapon.

However, force-multiplying storms are even causing a cold air mass from the arctic to drop earlier in the year certainly can have bad effects and cause climate alarmists to win arguments about weather and climate that has created property damage and loss of human life.

The man-made climate change argument is good for political posturing but revealing high powered plasma operations would not be a topic that would wind up on some mainstream news report.

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio attempted to ban weapons such as HAARP in October of 2001 by introducing the Space Preservation Act of 2001. This would have prohibited all land-based directed-energy weapons capable of manipulating the ionosphere to change the weather or attack people. Specific references were made to weapons capable of information war, mood management, and mind control.

However, nothing happened; in fact, ionospheric heaters have popped up all over the globe.

Alaska has another one near Fairbanks known as the High Power Auroral Stimulation (HIPAS). A facility called the European Incoherent Scatter Radar (EISCAT) exists near Tromso in Norway. Other countries that have these “research” facilities include Peru, Ukraine, and Tadzhikistan.

There is also the portable MIRAGE system that can power up almost anywhere.

Officially, Science and Global Security do not mention SURA specifically or any other array site a contributor to earthquakes or any other weather anomalies, however, they do specifically state that ELF waves can trigger earthquakes and minor weather anomalies under certain conditions.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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