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Clyde Lewis | November 12, 2019
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I try to catch a film at least once a week, especially films that certainly challenge my thinking and that inspire me to expand on it and perhaps use it for a future topic.

While there are many films I see that are just for entertainment, there are others that unexpectedly grab me and surprise me. What I am getting at is that I saw a film which I thought would be a comedy and wound up being touching and in my opinion, a film that made me feel sad.

The film was Jo Jo Rabbit.

I know that many people may not know about this film but its’ kind of like if the writers of Hogan’s Heroes teamed up with Monty Python to write the Diary of Anne Frank and wound up with a film that made you feel the way you did after Schindler’s List – that sums up Jo Jo Rabbit.

The film while funny in many parts has a lot to say about Germany and the way the Jews were treated like they were devils and how those who aided them were also targeted for death.

The question has always been, how were the Germans were so efficient in finding Jews, gypsies, and others in order to eliminate them in the camps?

When Hitler came to power, a central Nazi goal was to identify and destroy Germany’s 600,000 Jews. To Nazis, Jews were not just those who practiced Judaism, but those of Jewish blood, regardless of their assimilation, intermarriage, religious activity, or even conversion to Christianity.

Only after Jews were identified could they be targeted for asset confiscation, ghettoization, deportation, and ultimately extermination. To search generations of communal, church, and governmental records all across Germany-and later throughout Europe-was a cross-indexing task so monumental, it called for a computer.

But in 1933, no computers existed.

When the Final Solution sought to efficiently transport Jews out of European ghettos along railroad lines and into death camps, with timing so precise the victims were able to walk right out of the boxcar and into a waiting gas chamber, the coordination was so complex a task, and yet there was this precision and uniformity that would need the use of a computer that would have data on every Jew and immigrant they wanted to hunt down and kill.

But again this was 1933 and there was no technology available to work with that much efficiency.

However, another invention did exist: the IBM punch card and card sorting system-a precursor to the computer.

IBM, primarily through its German subsidiary, made Hitler’s program of Jewish destruction a technologic mission the company pursued with chilling success. IBM Germany, using its own staff and equipment, designed, executed, and supplied the indispensable technologic assistance Hitler’s Third Reich needed to accomplish what had never been done before-the automation of human destruction.

It was an efficient death list that initialized a card sorting operation that would create lists of Jews and immigrants that needed to be disposed of.

More than 2,000 such multi-machine sets were dispatched throughout Germany and thousands more throughout German-dominated Europe. Card sorting operations were established in every major concentration camp. People were moved from place to place, systematically worked to death, and their remains cataloged with this primitive icy automation.

IBM Germany, known in those days as Dehomag, did not simply sell the Reich machines and then walk away. IBM’s subsidiary, with the knowledge of its New York headquarters, enthusiastically custom-designed the complex devices and specialized applications as an official corporate undertaking.

Dehomag’s top management was comprised of openly rabid Nazis who were arrested after the war for their party affiliation. IBM-NY always understood from the outset in 1933, which was courting and doing business with the upper echelon of the Nazi Party.

The company leveraged its Nazi Party connections to continuously enhance its business relationship with Hitler’s Reich, in Germany and throughout Nazi-dominated Europe.

Dehomag and other IBM subsidiaries custom-designed the applications. Its technicians sent mock-ups of punch cards back and forth to Reich offices until the data columns were acceptable, much as any software designer would today.

Punch cards could only be designed, printed, and purchased from one source: IBM. The machines were not sold; they were leased, and regularly maintained and upgraded by IBM.

IBM subsidiaries trained the Nazi officers and their surrogates throughout Europe, set up branch offices and local dealerships throughout Nazi Europe staffed by a revolving door of IBM employees, and scoured paper mills to produce as many as 1.5 billion punch cards a year in Germany alone.

Moreover, the fragile machines were serviced on site about once per month, even when that site was in or near a concentration camp. IBM Germany’s headquarters in Berlin maintained duplicates of many code books, much as any IBM service bureau today would maintain data backups for computers.

The Germans always seemed to have accurate lists and records of Jews.

Suddenly, a squadron of grim-faced SS would burst into a city square and post a notice demanding those listed assemble the next day at the train station for deportation to the concentration camps.


Having punch card machines as a precursor to the computer database was an efficient way to track down and execute those who did not comply with the draconian laws of the Third Reich.

I am sure we live in times where we believe that this type of inhumanity could never happen again.

However, what most of us do not understand is a little something called conversion theory. We are in that process of conversion into despotism and a new form of government that bases its platform on extreme green policies that are aimed at creating a world government model based on state Socialism.

Despotism is so alien to the American Mind that we foolishly believe we have banned it and outgrown it, and that, like slavery, horse-drawn carriages, and smallpox, it is a forgotten relic of the distant past never to be seen again.

But though it is contrary to our national mythology to say so, despotism is everywhere in human relations, if not uniform. It can appear in the workplace, in relationships, and in family situations. We are so used to it than when it appears in our government we tend to accept it as a “necessary evil.” However, allowing it to continue creates a whole group of problems. Many of them are now appearing in the mainstream. The inaction of the people is unprecedented.

The reason no one wants to believe that America is plunging towards despotism is because we have “image and action parameters” that determine whether or not we are in a Democracy or Despotism. We all have an image of Dictators and the horrible things they have done.

Websites of various fringes report on several compelling theories and many of them are dismissed until the mainstream news latches on to them and turns them into a whacky countdown or op-ed piece that gets thrown into the memory hole. One ongoing subject that seems to turn up on these so-called fringe sites is the idea of an agenda where the elite are planning to cull the population in order to save the planet. This, of course, is a very harsh way of describing something known as global sustainability.

The “sustainable development” of the globe consists of a number of suggestions to improve the impact on our environment. First on the agenda is to establish a group consensus of crises and solutions that include separating the people and eventually culling or removing them.

This style of commentary was realized in Mein Kampf where Hitler stated that it is important to “sift the human material” for those who support decisions of the leaders and those who do not support these decisions. He also believed in culling those who were a burden on society.

The agenda of “sifting human material” is also found hidden in the policies of global sustainability proposals. The global sustainability proposals include politicized science that is already proposing eugenics directives, zero population growth.

According to a new study published by the Alliance of World Scientists 11,000 scientists have signed onto an article declaring that “the world population must be stabilized and, ideally, gradually reduced,” because a “climate emergency” threatens “the fate of humanity.”

Simply put, these scientists have signed a death warrant.

The extensive paper has been published in Bioethics and states that due to a so-called Climate Emergency there needs to be a way to reduce population growth.

“Still increasing by roughly 80 million people per year or more than 200,000 per day…the world population must be stabilized and, ideally, gradually reduced within a framework that ensures social integrity.”

The world population must be stabilized with lowering fertility rates and somehow removing or gradually reducing the population without arousing any suspicion, like perhaps having a secret pogrom that was run with the same efficiency as what was seen in 1933 with the IBM punch card system?

The question is where to begin and how to do such a thing without alarming anyone or making it look like it is being done for the benefit of the people.

Well, today I was reading a story that triggered a chilling comparison between the punch card efficiency of IBM in 1933’s Germany and the vast database that can be used to track down those who may be sick, or perhaps genetically deficient, or maybe even someone who is not on board with the new green plan of population reduction.

A “bombshell” new report from The Wall Street Journal describes a secret project from Google and healthcare giant Ascension to store data on millions of Americans, a move that critics of the tech conglomerate decried as another example of overreach.

Google is engaged with one of the U.S.’s largest health-care systems on a project to collect and crunch the detailed personal-health information of millions of people across 21 states.

The initiative, code-named “Project Nightingale,” appears to be the biggest effort yet by a Silicon Valley giant to gain a toehold in the health-care industry through the handling of patients’ medical data. Inc., Apple Inc., and Microsoft Corp. are also aggressively pushing into health care, though they haven’t yet struck deals of this scope. Google began Project Nightingale in secret last year with St. Louis-based Ascension, a Catholic chain of 2,600 hospitals, doctors’ offices and other facilities, with the data sharing accelerating since summer, according to internal documents.

Google, in this case, is using the data, in part, to design new software, underpinned by advanced Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, that zeroes in on individual patients to suggest changes to their care. Staffers across Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent, have access to the patient information, documents show, including some employees of Google Brain, a research science division credited with some of the company’s biggest breakthroughs.

The Journal reported that Nightingale’s scope “pertains to lab results, doctor diagnoses and hospitalization records, among other categories, and amounts to a complete health history, including patient names and dates of birth.”

Neither patients nor doctors have been notified. At least 150 Google employees already have access to much of the data on tens of millions of patients, according to a person familiar with the matter and documents. The project is legal under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, though some staffers at Ascension are reportedly concerned over the ethics of the collection.

Now, to refresh your memory Google is also in the DNA collecting business with its company’s subsidiary 23andMe.

23andMe has amassed more than 4 million genetic profiles from customers who’ve consented to be studied, one of the biggest genetic research resources in the US. And because most of those people fill out lots of surveys, each genetic profile comes attached to about 300 phenotypic data points — like how many cigarettes you’ve smoked during your lifetime or if anyone in your family has ever been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment.

While the company has doubled in size over the last two years, growing rapidly to mine that data for scientific discoveries, the sheer volume is too much for it to tackle on its own.

That’s why 23andMe has also been ramping up its research collaborations with outside academics and they are expanding their DNA database worldwide.

They are now into the analysis business, not just the collecting business and now it is being revealed that this was the plan all along.

Now, the company would like to extend their hand at encouraging people of color to use their kits. Like almost every other genetic database in the world, 23andMe is overwhelmingly white.

That means that its ancestry reports vary in quality depending on the color of your skin. People of color won’t buy the kits because the results don’t tell them much, and the results won’t tell them much until more people of color have profiles in the database.

23andMe has recently begun subsidizing research projects that could fill in those gaps.

The latest is its Populations Collaborations Program, through which the company gives researchers free genotyping and DNA analysis services and up to $10,000.

They are moving into unsequenced places like Mongolia, Micronesia, and pretty much all of Africa and the Middle East. In return, 23andMe gets to add all that DNA to its database. The researchers don’t have to necessarily be geneticists to take the DNA from these individuals.

So not only are these companies analyzing DNA, they are now beginning bioharvesting operations in these countries.


Bioharvesting and bioprospecting are two terms. I never would have even guessed would be used in my lifetime.

Harvesting DNA from people in other countries sounds like some precursor to Hilter’s Final Solution. Having a health database on 50 million people makes me wonder if Google trains and internment camps are the next steps.

It isn’t an IBM punch card machine – it is thousands of times more efficient.

Google already knows everything about you online, so once they link your DNA to your online Google profile along with your medical records you can be targeted and taken away or placed in a camp until they decide what they do with you to avert a climate emergency and eliminate your carbon footprint.

It’s just like how the Nazis removed the carbon footprints of 6 million Jews.

Imagine what they can do with climate deniers, or imagine what they can do with drugs or biological weapons that can target certain DNA traits.

New and emerging diseases seem to generate some underlying panic brought on by political and economic design. The plagues, pandemics and even the proposed mass inoculations are connected to money-generating operations. These plagues seem to be self-induced. Reported for the fear factor, and resolved by the government by creating more laws, and more provisions that will take away your freedoms.

Hitler once said that tyranny succeeds because the victims become “willing executioners” in the absence of better choices. Hitler said that the general breakdown of a system begins with trauma comes fear and anger, and later comes the bargaining for protection.

How would you feel if they were to collect all unvaccinated children and put them in camps in order inoculated at gunpoint?

This happens in Africa all the time and with the added efficiency of a massive database, this can happen anywhere, even here in the United States.

Red Flag laws are being used to evaluate mental illness and whether or not a person should own a firearm – this can be expanded to include many things including the right to own property, have children or even be with someone you love and care about.

The mental breakdown is obvious in this country. First, we see denial, then bargaining, anger, depression, and then cynical acceptance. We can also see that many of the disasters we are seeing are by design. That many people have tried to warn us that something devastating is in the works that will change our lives even our government.

The idea of change is subjective. There are many things that have been introduced into our lives that were at first presented as being valuable and vital to our existence. This indicates to us that the so-called change and how it is perceived is dependent upon the individual and their physical/mental/emotional circumstances.

The older we get, we may forget that the generations that have come after us, never knew of a time where things that were first seen as harmless, were actually precursors to something that would most certainly bring harm to many people especially those who are singled out as scapegoats.

The media mouthpiece is a vehicle for creating the visual and linguistic “proof” that philosophically we have converted to an accepted despotism, with no national goals to improve, only concerns about the next school shooting or environmental catastrophe.

We see the aftermath of all of these tragedies and forget that all of the changes that were proposed were being implemented to prevent such problems. We have somehow accepted paramilitary procedures as normal and not the exception. The left-wing and right-wing are encouraging extremist behavior.

This is a plot that is being created in order to guarantee a two-fisted militarized assault on the people and the demand for wealth extractions to equalize the financial status of Americans.

This is all for the sake of proving a flawed world that is in need of converting to the new system of control.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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