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Clyde Lewis | November 12, 2020


Last night after the show, I went home and was unable to sleep. I had nothing meaningful to watch on TV and I was certainly not going to watch the Mandalorian again but I thought that maybe I could take in a Star wars movie before I go to bed. Of all the moves I decided to watch, I sat down to watch the Phantom Menace. I really am not a big fan of the prequel Star Wars films and after watching the Phantom Menace, I realized why. The prequels are arguable political films – not really space war films. I like Star Wars when it takes on the identity of a Space western, or a full on war epic. This is what was lacking in latter films – I was not sharing in the struggle of a millennial who wanted to destroy everything and start over nor was I impressed with the politically correct nature of a female protagonist that somehow deserved to have everything handed to her in order to be the savior of the Jedi – I did not really like Solo a Star Wars story, but I very much liked Rogue One and the others like A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

They were war movies.

However, watching the Phantom Menace gave me new incite to what I have been describing as predictive programming. The Phantom Menace and the other two prequels are political films that I think I can identify with more now than I did when it first showed up in theaters.

I have to say that the excitement of seeing it in the 1990’s was not the same as seeing it today – the prequels never really did measure up and getting past Jar Jar Binks was a little much to be desired but from a political perspective I realized that what was happening in the film — how the democracy of the Republic was unraveling in the film. I couldn’t help but think about what we are in the middle of now.

In some bizarre way, The Phantom Menace a 20 year old film anticipates every major sociopolitical and cultural movement of the 21st century, something that only becomes more obvious with the two movies that follow it Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. I have written or blogged about Star Wars many times in articles like, The Sith Sense and Our Wars and Star Wars where I speak of war as opposed to political comparisons.

The phantom menace deals with what can only be seen as political complacency. the lack of meaningful civil discourse and ignorance of the people and how they simply do not know how planned failures within – failures that breed hostility are what bring about take overs from entities from beyond — namely, the evil Galactic Empire.

In the prequels there is the “Republic.” However, individual planets have their own local governments and there’s a democratically elected Senate. That is a fairly easy matrix to comprehend. But the thing that is always puzzling is the Jedi Council, an collection of spiritual warriors whose s own righteousness largely renders them oblivious to a massive threat growing right under their noses. The Sith are rising, and the Jedi either don’t know or don’t care.

They detect the disturbance in the force and I am now led to believe that it wasn’t any one particular evil – it was the incivility brewing in government and with the people of the Republic. There is a line that explains it all and it was delivered by the very man who later becomes the Emperor, Sheeve Palpatine.

He says to the young Queen Amadala “There is no civility, only politics. The Republic is not what it once was. The senate is full of greedy, squabbling delegates. There is no interest in the common good.” he then speaks of Chancellor Valorum who is allegedly the Republics last hope for a true leader –one that can fend off the organizing of the Sith against the Republic– Palpatine tells Amadalla– “If I may say so, Your Majesty, the chancellor has little real power. He is mired by baseless accusations of corruption. The bureaucrats are in charge now.”

I thought, wow! Valorum sounds a lot like Donald Trump right now — a failed leader that was pretty much totaled by those who sought to overthrow him in order to establish a fascist plot where bureaucrats decide the fate of the republic and generate enough mistrust among the people that incivility erupts which opens the citizens to the idea of the of government lead by a darker power — one that claims that it will bring order to all of the chaos.

They never say anything about a Great Reset — that comes later from a troubled Kylo Ren and by then it is just a reboot of the Empire that was established that led to a civil war and a final blow by the good guys.

We must keep in mind that the very person who identifies the incivility in the Star Wars universe is the very man behind it all and he eventually becomes the supreme leader of an empire that keeps planetary systems in a state of fear in order to lead.

In the real world the division today was cynically stoked and nurtured for this current operation to effect this exact same result as what we see I the prequels of Star Wars.

The division and incivility cuts deep enough to ensure an America permanently weakened, will be ripe for a complete reset into a hellish place. There is a full-court press on right now across the world to attack sovereignty of important states whose populations are dissident to the Davos World Economic Forum’s Great Reset — notably the U.K., the U.S., Poland and Russia.

Trump’s fight is their fight. His supporters and sovereignists of all stripes are to be ritualistically humiliated by every headline, every utterance, every Tweet and every newscast between now and when the State Legislatures meet to select slates of Electors in December.

The media will never concede they were wrong, will never report on anything fairly. They are in on the grift. Looking for them to admit anything is a waste of energy and time. This is a psychological war now, designed to rob you of your reason and sap your willingness to fight by creating an overwhelming picture of Trump as the bad guy, maniacally clinging to power we’re being told he’s already lost.

When one adds the advent of social media and the 24/7 media circus to the equation, the likelihood of a thriving civil discourse becomes even less likely. In the pre-Twitter/Facebook political world, most Americans engaged in somewhat cordial political discussions on a face-to-face basis. In today’s digitally dominant discourse, it is far easier to engage in incivility when one is posting (anonymously) online.

In other words, in-person interactions (which are becoming more the exception than the norm) breed more civility than posts on a digital bulletin board.

However, this is not to say that the problem of incivility is primarily due to the advent of impersonal technological communications advancements. Could this political incivility also be a reflection of a greater cultural coarseness that has overtaken many American institutions? One could make a very valid argument that indeed this is the case.

Anecdotally, in my lifetime, I can unequivocally say that I absolutely believe this to be true. In almost every facet of American culture and society, the zeitgeist is moving from cordiality to coarseness.

Is it possible to turn the tide on the tsunami of incivility that threatens to wash away and drown out civility in American politics? Of course, nothing is 100% predetermined — at least not in the topsy-turvy realm of American politics.

In fact, there are many ways that our civility schism can be bridged. For instance, if the federal government’s power is reduced and power is returned to the local level (where it rightfully belongs), the odds of a bitterly divided and uncivil political discourse is less likely.

This what was attempted in Star Wars — having the various planets and systems come together on issues but of course Senator Palpatine was busy generating doubt in the Senate in order to bring down the Republic.

How does this corruption flourish? Well within the battle of the haves and the have nots – the idea that in a socialist stronghold problems arise and the people become distraught.

In the Phantom Menace universe, we see economic inequality and political instability. Those in power have more than enough, and they feel secure in their affluent status because everybody else has just enough, right? But “just enough” gets harder and harder to come by, and the top of the economic ladder gets shakier and shakier.

I remember that when I was in Chicago I attended “The Story of Star Wars” exhibit at the Filed Museum. I was all for looking into the Joseph Campbell explanation of the mythology of Star Wars but instead, I walked away with the idea that Star Wars is basically about a bunch of space Nazis, and Lucas parallels the Empire’s rise in the prequels with the Nazi Party’s rise in Germany. But for as stilted and affectless as the films can be, they’re tapped into something raw and real about how often seemingly stable societies collapse into fascism, into revolution, into political upheaval.

I can’t help but think that Star Wars is a lot like Greek tragedy. Characters have lost their ability to control their destinies and they rely heavily on prophecies which may or may not jeopardize their fate. You see, the Jedi Knights believed in their prophecy of the “chosen one”, putting all of their faith in a messianic king that would bring balance to the force. This seemed to be their undoing. It demonstrates that misinterpreted prophecy and foolish projections can fool even the elect.

We are seeing this now as those who place themselves in the positions of spiritual leaders have made pigs into messiahs and no man in the chaotic realms of government deserves the position Savior as he just may be that budding Darth Vader or in our case an antichrist.

If you think you are seeing coincidences in Star Wars movies with what is happening now you may want to understand that the themes go far deeper in meaning than just political sour grapes.

Star Wars movies seem to paint a picture of balance through a system of meritocracy, which in this instance is the “good” force. This form of government gives a person a chance to rise to the top on the basis of individual merits. It is a great fantasy, to be sure, because we eventually see that the decay of a republic begins when ultimate power is sought by its leaders who disregard the individual and ignores his merits.

The Republic presented in the Star Wars films is portrayed as an initially suitable form of democracy, yet a fragile one which demonstrates an almost inherent tendency to fall into a state of decay, a process which eventually leads to a dictatorship. We see a pattern that has repeated throughout history. Any republic will crumble under the weight of ultimate power, and perpetual war will is stimulated by public fear of that which we cannot see, but that we are told exists and is out to destroy us.

If you look back at history, you can directly compare the fall of the republic in Star Wars to the fall of the German Weimar Republic, a fragile democracy which was destroyed by the cancer of Nazism .Many compare the Weimar republic to our own republic now, noting how Nazi ideologies have crept back into our national psyche.  However the ones who claim that there are Nazi’s among us are acting very much like the true Nazis themselves. They loosely define a fascist as someone who they don’t like rather than use tie true definition where the bureaucrats and the corporations take over government in a planned coup.

All of the progressive governorships have done damage to their cities by allowing them to be destroyed. When questioned they become wannabe dictators holding on to what little control they have right now.

Their actions, or rather lack thereof in most cases, speak for themselves. There is no forgiveness for what they have done and what they continue to maintain. Thirty years ago a Governor or a mayor would be afraid if they let their cities be destroyed – but now they make excuses and create scapegoats like President Trump.

The future that America is facing resembles the distinctly fascist one set up by the Sith lord, Darth Sidious.

Nevertheless, despite the outcome of this struggle presently being uncertain, it’s worthwhile exploring the worst-case scenario of what might happen if our own Sith Lords the “deep state” succeed.

We may see patriots peacefully resist and possibly change the course of American History In the event that Biden is inaugurated on 20 January like they plan to have happen, then the first thing to point out is that he’d simply be a puppet of the wannabe separatists that compromise the Democrat Party and their “deep state” backers. He himself is nothing other than a placeholder for the so-called “powers that be” who are pulling his strings behind the scenes. This is visibly evident from the fact that his mental senility is on full display practically every time that he speaks. It’s entirely possible that he’ll even be formally replaced by Kamala Harris through the 25th Amendment either on legitimate health pretexts.

The power structure that decided upon making Biden their public face will do everything to ensure that one-party rule by their Democrat proxies becomes the defining feature of American politics for the indefinite future.

All their plans that will soon be described are driven by this insatiable desire, which must be kept in mind when analyzing everything that will follow.

Remember those magic words “Unity, Empathy and Science.” Think of the manipulation that leads to Doublethink. We hear about how they are trying to unify – but they want you to conform.

They’ll continue disguising their intentions with high-sounding rhetoric about “peace”, “love”, and “equality” in order to facilitate their “perception managers’” gaslighting operations of misportraying opponents to their policies as being in support of “violence”, “hate”, and “racism”.

Nothing will change – it will all be a remarkable psy-op to prepare everyone for the new Empire.

The chaos is not going to end anytime soon.

Chaos can reign for months and the balance tipped by the slimmest of margins. But in the end it always comes down to the willingness of the people to decide their future.

Because taking down the U.S. is such a monumental undertaking they had to create a problem global in scale, COVID-19.

The U.S. has everything against it in this situation. The oligarchy and its quislings are firmly in command of the narrative. There are real, deep divisions to keep people fighting each other while the oligarchs proceed with their plans.

This is our Phantom Menace—or the menace if you decide to accept that it is there hiding in the darkness – light is the greatest disinfectant and yes there needs to be some deep cleaning to sensitize and eventually pulverize the Deep State.

The threat of Empire is still out there and it is slouching towards Washington.


Written by Clyde Lewis

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