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Clyde Lewis | November 13, 2019
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Today, I come to everyone with a sympathetic ear. I hear you when you tell me that you tune into my show to escape the regular scheduled political clown show. I know that many people can’t differentiate between political commentary and apolitical conspiracy theory or even apolitical Deep State conspiracies. However, much of what I do is all based on trying to expose the treachery that comes with a conspiracy, especially a conspiracy against the constitution, or the people or a sitting president.

No matter how you feel about impeachment, whether pro-Trump or anti-Trump, there is as coined by Hillary Clinton a vast conspiracy whether it be right or left the issue here is not the impeachment per se but how the narrative is framed.

The reason is simple – just like a bad “B-movie” that is projected on the screen; the impeachment proceedings of President Trump will have a predictable ending.

It should come with a spoiler alert – and here it is.

In all likelihood Trump will be impeached by the House of Representatives, but not removed by the Senate.

Now that this ending of the manufactured saga is out of the way, I can continue with the conspiracy yarn and the framing war that is plaguing the country and this president.

There has always been a difference between theories of conspiracy and the fact that a conspiracy exists.

It is obvious that there is most certainly a conspiracy against this administration and because of the fact that many people hate President Trump – the intricacies of the complex web that is being weaved will be lost on most people except for those who listen or read what I am saying at this time.

The fact is that most people will say “Who cares if there is a conspiracy, as long as we get rid of that clown.”

Well, history has shown that the best way to remove a President from office is to vote him out.

Turning to the past to try and make heads or tails of this moment is understandable: A presidential impeachment cries out for historical context. The past is supposed to offer a map of sorts through what feels like an unfamiliar and treacherous adventure. But as historians, ironically, are sometimes the first ones to point out history isn’t actually a very good guide here because there have been so many twists and turns – there is no certain point in this impeachment fiasco where we can draw a concrete comparison.

However, there is some rhyming that will again put the country at odds, after all, is said and undone.

Every impeachment poses two discrete sets of questions for the House and Senate to consider. First, there are constitutional questions: Are impeachment and conviction justified? Second, there are political questions: Are impeachment and conviction possible?

No impeachment case in U.S. history yet has offered a perfect precedent. In fact, each one has reshaped our thinking about impeachment in the years afterward.

When I first heard that impeachment proceedings were underway, the question I had was: Is this going to do the country more harm than good? And while looking back on my thoughts about the Clinton impeachment, I concluded that this will do more harm because of the overall political climate in the country right now.

The ill-advised impeachment of Johnson played a part in discouraging Congress from trying it again for more than 100 years. The successful revival of the impeachment process to use against Nixon, conversely, emboldened Republicans to try it against Clinton. And the impeachment process against Clinton has now somehow emboldened the Deep State to use the process to negate and sabotage the votes of the American people.

The proceedings against Trump will open the floodgates to ever-more promiscuous use of impeachment – or it will create such a schism in the country that we will find ourselves not wanting to participate in a system that has for some time been accused of being rigged against the people.

This is why conspiracy theory exists – it is not there to extol the virtues of one party or the other; it is there to remind you that the game is rigged and in the end, the house always wins.

In today’s world, the phrase “conspiracy theory” is pejorative and has a negative connotation. To many people, a conspiracy theory is an irrational, over-imaginative idea endorsed by people looking for attention and not supported by the mainstream media or government.

History shows, though, that there have been many times when governments or individuals have participated in conspiracies. It would be naïve to think that intelligence agencies, militaries, government officials, and politicians don’t sometimes cooperate in covert, secretive ways.

Even FDR said at one time that the game is fixed in Washington DC: politicians come and go, but the bureaucracy chugs along protecting and advancing its own interests. Who maintains the bureaucracy in D.C.? Who maintains the chaos and constitutional crises?

Well, of course, that would be the Deep State or the shadow government if you prefer.

The term “Deep State” is now highly charged politically. The right takes it as a given, the left sometimes denies its existence and believes that it is a myth that was created by Donald Trump.

Those who make the latter claim know nothing about conspiracy history and probably think Oswald acted alone in the Kennedy assassination.

The Deep State is often affiliated with what can be called the “criminal” or “mob” element in Washington but while some of the criminal activity is evident, much of what we see in the Deep State is far more stealth and passive.

Most people who are deep state operatives are those that believe their judgment and continual service in the background makes them better suited to run the country than elected officials or political appointees.

There are plenty of these characters that still renew their memberships at the Bohemian Grove or Bilderberg meetings.

Their names always seem to pop up in political conversations even though they are not representatives of the people.

While they may not openly organize into political action committees, their hold on federal levers of power dangerously skews the government’s actions and inactions toward the preferences of the political extremist left.

Any mention of this is immediately discounted and attacked by the media as conspiracy theory because they have a symbiotic relationship with these unelected officials in the intelligence community.

They are the sources for most of the leaks that are the lifeblood of the political press, and exposing that is in neither group’s interest.

They belittle and deride all challenges to their so-called facts as conspiracy theory and continue to use it to serve their joint purpose of advancing an extreme leftist agenda globally. They do this regardless of which party has political control of government, although their cooperation with a few pawns in the Democratic party are now in the process of undermining of Republicans but of course it is how the narrative is framed and of course all of the players will certainly adjust their methods of control depending on what members of any political parties they can count on to undermine the substantive processes of running a constitutional republic.

What we have been witnessing is a framing war of narratives that survive in an echo chamber of cognitive bias.

Round one in the framing war was of the conspiracy theory of Russian collusion. While it was not officially said by the media, that framing of the narrative failed.

It was nothing but conspiracy theory and when real conspiracy analyst pointed it out it became a type of Tu Quoque as the media doubled down by saying that what they are reporting is fact and that conspiracy theorists are wrong.

Claiming the argument is flawed by pointing out that the one making the argument is not acting consistently with the claims of the argument make it an appeal for hypocrisy or a Tu Quoque – those who would decry conspiracy theory were spinning conspiracy theory, something that a so-called credible news source was not supposed to do.

But they did it anyway.

When former special counsel Robert Mueller found zero collusion, the Deep State held on for dear life, throwing up all sorts of objections until it became futile and embarrassing for them.

The Deep State elevated more policy disagreements and sniffed around until they could find someone to blow the whistle on something that would divide the nation even more.

Now we are dealing with framing war strategy number two.

It’s doubtful they’ll succeed in actually removing the president, because even if the clown circus show in the House results in a vote to impeach the president, there is near zero chance the Senate will convict. They will be able to call all the witnesses and ask all the questions that ringmaster. Adam Schiff is forbidden in the House.

That is why the press has called this a Schiff show as a very appropriate play on words to explain how this is not only a waste of time but a waste of taxpayer money.

The whole impeachment circus may backfire when the American people see start to realize the full extent of what the unelected, self-selected Deep State has tried to do to a duly elected U.S. president.

It should certainly serve as a warning of the danger posed when the permanent bureaucracy chooses a side. It should be even more apparent that when the so-called organized resistance hijacks the pop culture – the country ceases to progress and soon all of the so-called splinter groups that have organized will take it upon themselves to demand that their policies and ideas should be what the whole country practices.

Some have argued that it is already happening and this is what will bring us to the brink of civil war, not the bickering and sabotage brought on by the Deep State and the uninformed sheep of the left and right.

In a perfect world, the government should be cognizant of the desires of the people as indicated by the leaders that we have voted in.

What we are seeing are the partisan goals of the Deep State.

This again is serving the alternative view that government in its chaotic right-wing state needs to be remedied with emergency Marxism or whatever ism is being fomented by radical extremists that feel that America as we know it has had a good run.

If the impeachment is successful will make extremist leftists feel vindicated in their insane behavior the past few years. It will reward them and inspire them to act even crazier.

The right, on the other hand, could be pushed over the edge into direct action, but unfortunately, if this direct action is aimed haphazardly at the political left and democrats, conservatives will have been conned.

The globalists want us to fight over a puppet. They want us to direct our anger at the Democrats instead of at them.

This can easily lead to the United Nations or some other foreign entity to move in and bring peace with their boots on the ground and we know that this is exactly what they have planned in their summit 2030 meetings in 2015.

It is s hard to say which option the globalists will use. It is vital, though, that we remember that the impeachment is targeting the American people not Trump.

Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are betting that public opinion will move toward impeachment and removal once more information is made public. To try to shape public opinion they are relying on a law-and-order frame that tells Americans that the impeachment inquiry is legitimate and legally justified and that the President in “not above the law.”

Again this is a nice sound bite that is used and it has been used before and yet somehow the same result often happens and that is impeachment is not a disinfectant against any wrongdoing that the President may or may not have done.

Democrats are positioning themselves as the only ones willing to uphold the rule of law and the Constitution. But as we can already conclude the rabid left within that party love to cherry-pick the constitution to conveniently implement that which they see is a vital insurance policy to their cause. They also have used the conspiracy theory frame in order to prove collusion. So the question is, if they spun conspiracy theory number 1, is the whole Ukraine controversy just another Red Herring?

Republicans, led by President Trump, are counting on their power to frame reality to prevent the public from moving toward impeachment.

The Republican Party is relying on a conspiracy frame that tells Americans that the impeachment inquiry is illegitimate and part of a plot to destroy America. Republicans are positioning themselves as the only ones who are not involved in the plot against Trump and America.

Trump’s own conspiracy theory frame relies upon Tu Quoque, which invokes hypocrisy, effectively saying “they do it too.” Trump and the Republicans have used Tu Quoque to try to discredit Democrats, individual witnesses, and the entire investigation.

Framing the Constitutional investigation in the language of conspiracy theory Trump calls it a witch hunt and a hoax.

The Republicans’ dominant attack is that Democrats aren’t following the rule of law when they claim to be upholding the rule of law – they are hypocrites.

Like conspiracy, an appeal to hypocrisy centers on the question of trust. It argues that we cannot trust the opposition because their motives or actions are impure. It’s a strategy designed to deny legitimacy by attacking the credibility of the opposition.

So using both sides as spinners of false narratives the only conclusion we can come to is that this is a no-win and that they should call the circus off or just get to the point of Impeaching Trump in the House, losing any hopes for impeachment in the senate and have him finish his term –and then the rabid Republicans will vote him in again, much to the dismay of all of the fanatics and angry democrats who know nothing about how all of this plays out.

Those who do understand what is happening should be angry that taxpayer money is being wasted on an already fruitless endeavor.

When it is all said and done Americans will be asked to understand the impeachment process as both a defense of law and order and a conspiracy to remove the president.

Voters in 2020 will have to decide how to make sense of that contradiction and when confused Americans do nothing – they just go with what they know. I guess there should be a word of warning – if this impeachment backfires we will have another four years of civil disagreements and more framing of the narrative that points to a diabolical conspiracy.

It will again be business as usual in the apocalypse and business will be good.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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