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Ron Patton | November 14, 2018
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Back in 2017, I declared that it would be the year of some sort of alien or UFO confirmation. I figured that as many years we have speculated about the errant lights in the sky or the curious triangles and the saucers above us, there would be a breakthrough story where undeniable and documented proof would be reported in the mainstream to somehow tranquilize what is called the snicker factor in traditional science circles.

It happened in the New York Times; a story appeared to literally expose the Pentagon and its investigation into the threat of unidentified aerial phenomena and whether or not it posed a threat to national security.

Anomalies were seen and reported by the military and to avoid being called UFO ENCOUNTERS the military classified these events “Queried Unverified Event under Evaluation” or Q.U.E.U.E.

Christopher Mellon, a former intelligence official who served under the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, wrote a Washington Post op-ed about why the government should care more about these sightings.

He said videos that have been analyzed by military brass ‘appear to provide evidence of the existence of aircraft far superior to anything possessed by the United States or its allies.

The Defense Department officials who analyze the relevant intelligence about such sightings and events confirm more than a dozen incidents off the East Coast alone since 2015. All incidents have been documented as sightings of what appear to be UFO fleets that have become aggressive towards other aircraft. Pilots have said that the craft does not look like anything produced by any military both foreign and domestic.

It has been reported that UFO sightings by civilians have diminished, however military reports have increased and so have reports that have been filed by commercial and private pilots.

At this time, reports from different services and agencies appear to be largely ignored and unevaluated inside their respective bureaucratic stovepipes. However, the truth is that the military is back in the business of classifying newly reported UFO’s and the appearance of fleets of the objects threatening the Air Force and commercial jets.

At this moment, there is no official Pentagon process for synthesizing all the observations the military is making.

Nearly two years after the Threat assessment provided by the Pentagon officials are now claiming that they wish not to be associated with threat assessment studies of UFO’s, UAP’s and Queried Unverified Event under Evaluation scenarios where Navy pilots have engaged UFO’s and commercial pilots have reported that they are now aggressively invading the airspace of the United States.

They are either avoiding the issue or they are now afraid to admit that UFO’s are now aggressively engaging aircraft all over the world.

Back in May of this year, it was reported that certain members of the British Ministry of defense and the United States defense department were concerned about these encounters and demanded that all investigations be shut down.

There were concerns that perhaps the military was chasing after divine or satanic artifacts.

A former intelligence officer reported that that Pentagon pushback against the UFO research was in part due to the religious belief of some of those involved.

UFO investigations were being hampered because some people’s belief in God meant that they either didn’t believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life or that they regarded UFOs and extraterrestrials as demonic. ‘The fact that some people regard UFOs as demonic seems to have its roots in the biblical description of Satan as being ‘the prince of the power of the air’ from Ephesians 2:2.

The idea of aliens being demonic has been a recent accusation as some religious groups see aliens as a threat to the worship of God. Some religious figures have even claimed that aliens demand our worship.

Aliens or perhaps extraterrestrial intelligence and their craft have been part of our history since ancient times as they have been seen and written about for thousands of years.

While puzzling over the appearance of curious things overhead may be a constant, how we have done so has changed over time, as the people doing the puzzling change. In every instance of reporting UFOs, observers have called on their personal experiences and prevailing knowledge of world events to make sense of these nebulous apparitions. In other words, affairs here on earth have consistently colored our perceptions of what is going on over our heads.

Reports of weird, wondrous, and worrying objects in the skies date to ancient times. Well into the 17th century, marvels such as comets and meteors were viewed through the prism of religion—as portents from the gods and, as such, interpreted as holy communications.

Religious metaphors have always been used to describe extraterrestrial events and their vehicles have been described as chariots of fire, Merkaba, wheels within wheels. and fiery shields.

But during the first two decades of the 20th century, things changed. As European powers expanded their militaries and nationalist movements sparked unrest, the likelihood of war prompted anxiety about invasion. We immediately were seeing UFO’s that were easily described as advanced flying machines capable of maneuvers that conventional aircraft could not make.

Roughly two years ago, the CIA published online, a trove of declassified documents. The documents included reports from as far back as the 1940s on topics like the Cold War and thousands of pages of daily briefings from two presidential administrations and eerie, unexplained UFO sightings. Roughly 930,000 documents, more than 12 million pages in all, were posted in The CIA reading room. The CIA actually provided a searchable database of the documents that were previously only available to the public at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.

Users who enter “UFO” into the database can find more than 1,738 results, with publication dates spanning from 1942 through 2009.

There are just too many documents to actually read in one setting and each one has its own story that at times has redaction after redaction.

The CIA had disseminated historical declassified documents to its CIA Records Search Tool (CREST) and agency officials said the new searchable documents reflected the CIA’s commitment to increased accessibility.

The documents certainly prove that intelligence agencies have been looking into UFO phenomena since the late 1930’s and have also been scanning the skies with telescopes identifying structures and large objects that have been seen near the moon, Mars, and Venus. There were also large planet size spheres that were also observed near the Sun.

Perceptive observers of the UFO scene over the last two thirds of 20th century have noted a tell-tale feature of the evolution of reports – their nature has been changing, keeping uncanny pace with the progress in human observation and detection technologies.

In the 21st century, the UFOs and whatever is piloting them are now showing up on radar and are being reported in various parts of the world by pilots and military personnel.

It should be noted that both pilots and military personnel should be able to identify various aerial phenomena as they see it all the time. It would be easy for pilots or other personnel to identify various drone aircraft, missiles, and space debris or space reentry vehicles.

However, what is being seen now seems to baffle personnel involved and white lights streaking across the sky have returned and in greater numbers.

According to the Warzone website:

In the pre-dawn hours on Nov. 9, 2018, about 45 minutes before sunrise, at least three different airliners flying over or off the coast of southwestern Ireland reported seeing multiple unidentified objects flying near them at incredible speed. Authorities in Ireland confirmed they were looking into the situation on Nov. 12, 2018, but offered no additional information.

The Irish Aviation authority explained that “Following reports from a small number of aircraft on Friday, November 9, of unusual air activity the IAA has filed a report. This report will be investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process.”

Publicly available audio of conversations between the passenger planes and Shannon Flight Information Region air traffic controllers offer more detail about what happened. At 6:47 AM local time, a British Airways 787, using the call sign Speedbird 94, radioed in to ask if there were any military exercises going on in the area, which there were not.

The pilot explained that the object had appeared as a “very bright light” and had flown along the left side of their 787 before it “rapidly veered to the north” and then “disappeared at very high speed.” There is no indication of concerns about a possible collision.

A second pilot, flying a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 and using the call sign Virgin 76, then joined the radio conversation to say that they too had seen more than one bright light or even “multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory.” He repeated the details about the objects being very bright and moving at extremely high speeds, likening their appearance to an object re-entering the earth’s atmosphere from space.

Pilots estimated that these objects were traveling at Mach II or twice the speed of sound.

The details are similar in some respects to reported sightings of unidentified flying objects over Oregon, Arizona, and New York.

The Belfast Examiner reported that late shift worker caught on his dashcam the strange lights that may have been what the pilots saw.

However, leave it to sloppy journalists in the United States who have to satisfy their editors by trying to downplay the event as something as trivial as a meteor.

The Washington Post published an article on November 13th, 2018 which stated that:

“The Aircraft experts told the Irish Examiner that the lights were probably meteorites entering Earth at a low angle. “

That, of course, is misinformation.

Actually, if we look at the Irish Examiner article from November 12th that’s being referenced it was a single ‘expert’ actually a pop science writer who focuses g on the aerospace industry and a bit of astronomy.

The Irish Examiner article which, it should be noted, was written by a contributor listed as a Health Correspondent has this:

“Aviation journalist Gerry Byrne said: “In all probability they were meteorites and it’s not uncommon for meteorites to come in at a low angle, a low trajectory into the Earth’s atmosphere.”

While objects regularly enter the earth’s atmosphere and some are quite spectacular looking if they make it to lower altitudes, they do not fly up alongside aircraft, make hard lateral maneuvers, and then accelerate away at high speed.

This is pretty much business as usual for mainstream journalists to grab some so called expert that knows nothing about UFO’s and military unknowns – but needs to kill any speculation about aliens or anything else that does not fill the traditional agenda of deny, deny, deny .

For some reason the Washington Post decided to go with the questionable contemporary practice of drawing on tertiary sources for an article obviously this isn’t the best choice for mature or accurate reporting.

It is unfortunate that some news outlets still treat UFO stories like they would report Santa Claus sightings on Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, more UFO sightings were reported in areas of the Northwest; namely, St. Helens, Oregon. Michelle Gabrielli, a resident of St. Helens Oregon said that she spotted 15 lights around her home and that they seemed to fly apart then back together.

One of the best documented encounters of a UFO in St. Helens dates back to March 17th, 1981.

Sergeant Russell Yokum of the Saint Helens, Oregon, Police Department patrolled Highway 30 west of the Columbia River. Saint Helens is a small town about 20 miles northwest of Portland.

At 4:03 a.m., Yokum’s attention was drawn to a bright light that was moving up the river, easterly, toward the Portland Airport 20 miles away. Aircraft pass over that area regularly on their way to the airport. But this light was extraordinarily bright, lighting up the river like daylight. Yokum was immediately convinced that the light was not from an aircraft. He radioed headquarters, and drove on to Saint Helens to look at the light from the county courthouse on the banks of the Columbia River, which afforded a clear view.

Other law enforcement officers, Ricky Cade and Tom McCartney of the Oregon State Police, and a few citizens met Yokum at the county courthouse.

By this time, Yokum was in radio contact with Donald Askins, who had the CB handle “Lucky 13.” Askins, who was located in a house across the river Ridgefield Washington, southeast of Saint Helens, had picked up the police radio traffic. He said that he had also seen the light, and was seeing it now. The light was stationary over the river turning the whole area into daylight.

There was initial confusion as the officers in Saint Helens described the light to Askins. They claimed it was bobbing up and down. Askins insisted that the light he saw was stationary. Later, it was proved that the light the officers saw during the first moments of the sighting from the courthouse was an industrial light on Sauvie Island across the river.

The fog was creating the bobbing effect.

Finally, understanding their confusion, the officers turned and looked to the south. There they saw the light that Askins was watching!

It was low and standing out starkly over the river where there were few, and only then, faint lights.

Askins had heard the light emitting an eerie, extremely loud sound, and the officers set up a portable tape recorder 18 inches from their police radio to record their conversation and the sound, should it recur.

Askins volunteered to dangle his CB microphone out of the window of the rented house he was in so that he could transmit the sound to the officers. The police drove to a nearby high bluff that gave them an excellent view.

Yokum and Cade said the light was spherical, showing no structure. Cade said it was orange-red in color; Yokum, light orange. The round light had hovered 80 to 100 feet above the river, reflecting light off the water. The estimated size of the light was 30 feet in diameter.

With the reflection of low lying fog and the water of the Columbia River it looked as if the Sun was rising at 4:29 in the morning.

The officers had commented that it was too early for the sun to be coming up. The Light was bright enough to cut through the fog and the sound it produced was something not heard on this earth from any machine. The officers described the noise as similar to a power plant’s turbine engines whining.

We can say that for many years year old descriptions of UFOs fade away just before the advent of new technologies come online, to be replaced by a new type of ‘anomalies’ that precisely match the limits of vision of new technologies.

We must make the argument that the current UFO phenomenon today cannot be derived from some stand-alone phenomenon or mandatory explanation that is connected to aliens alone.

Anytime something is called a UFO in social media, anytime there is a mention of some blip in a video that is called a UFO – there will be cries of fakery and the notion that every UFO that is filmed by some normal observer is the product of someone who just happens to be a CGI expert.

The truth is they all can’t all be CGI but the word UFO brings out the worst in trolls and flamers – and it certainly makes for frustrating research.

I don’t mind the debunk fest of many UFO’s on Facebook or YouTube but I prefer reading the opinions of those who make their observations based on recognition of what is common and natural.

However, not all sightings are natural.

As an observer-based phenomenon, its apparent existence derives from the range and limits of human perception. That perception and its limits are real; everything else is up for rational interpretation and beyond the rational is the sensational.

Extraterrestrial technology could very well be seen as we are questioning many things these days pertaining to life out there but we need to remember that ETI explanations for UFO’s are not always mandatory — to think otherwise can be dangerous to our well being.

Written by Ron Patton

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