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Ron Patton | November 15, 2018
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Today, I woke up feeling as if I smoked a carton of cigarettes. Looking out my window, I noticed a gray haze that settled like fog on my street. It wasn’t fog – it was smoke that was carried from California to the Pacific Northwest.

Our air quality was said to be borderline dangerous to people with lung ailments.

I had lunch with a friend and he commented that this is what an Apocalypse looks like. I laughed awkwardly and said that it sure looks that way. Eventually, there was a little breeze that blew through and an abnormally orange sun was able to push through the sooty clouds and for the moment I enjoyed the warmth and the reassurance that the smoky air was lifting.

In times like these, I don’t know if anyone stops and ponders the fragility of life and the equal fragility of the ecosystem that sustains the life we all have.

We can all safely realize that in the end, we along with many of the species on this planet are products of history and chance.

I know that I would not be doing my job if I did not address the strangeness of having a wildfire out of control in California in a time where most wildfires are unheard of, that being the late fall early winter months.

But as you recall when the fires were burning in the early summer, California Governor Jerry Brown doubled down on what he called the new normal and that is wildfires caused by Climate Change.

The situation on planet Earth has been changing for hundreds of years, long before anyone started speaking about anthropogenic global warming.

Of course, Climate Change has always been the straw man “go to” argument for people that wish to exploit a tragedy politically. Not all catastrophes are caused by Climate Change and last time I checked the autumn and winter months have been chilling down everything on schedule.

I can hear all the argumentative banter over weather versus climate—but none of the rhetoric gives consolation to the families that have lost loved one or property in these fires and to think that after Californians had suffered through what would be the peak time for fires in their state – they would have to deal with an even more destructive fire before the holiday season.

We are told by official sources that the catastrophic wildfires are being caused by a lack of so-called “forest management”. But does such a narrative hold up to the facts Or does this official explanation actually serve to cover the tracks of the climate engineering operations and possible weaponizing of the planet with technologies that can be taken directly from science fiction horror stories?

It is obvious that with the catastrophes we are witnessing, the planet is speaking to us and it appears to be responding to geoengineering, where the planet is being weaponized to trigger unimaginable upheaval.

Though there are countless forms of human activity damaging the biosphere, illegal global climate engineering / solar radiation management operations are a primary causal factor fueling catastrophic wildfires all over the globe, which official sources are not disclosing.

Climate engineering is completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, triggering increasing dry lightning, destroying the ozone layer, contaminating soils, and covering everything at ground level with an incendiary dust (due to the fallout from atmosphere chemtrail spraying programs.

The “Camp Fire” is now officially the most destructive wildfire in California history. Fire season is now a year-round threat in so many parts of the world, while constant deluge is occurring elsewhere. So much that once was, now is no more.

Though many are still unaware or willfully blind, the changes that are unfolding are already impacting us all. It looks like that these calamities will continue to accelerate with many factors already far past the breaking point.

Whether you realize it or not, this is how a city of 27,000 people gets erased. This is how Paradise is lost.

The images of melting cars and the charred remains of those who were once breathing souls now litter the landscape that has all of the apocalyptic trappings of a fiery Armageddon on the wrath of God.

It is as if the power of a thousand suns scorched selected areas – like the finger of God came down and with all the power of the sun melted cars and devastated homes and in some very peculiar cases left trees unscorched and the land surrounding the wreckage unscathed.

It is very peculiar and people are noticing – it is leaving many wondering if this area of the world has been under attack by Directed Energy Weapons.

There are technologies that are being used today that have highly misunderstood effects or effects not known to most of us in society at large. With so many new innovations it is certainly hard to keep up with all of them.

However, apart from the possibility that these weapons are being tested and causing these fires either by a rogue element of our government or perhaps Russia or China, there is also a hidden element to the story that just adds to the nightmare that we are seeing on the nightly news.

Many people are unaware that 500 miles south of the Camp Fire is the “Woolsey” fire which started “near” the Santa Susana Field Laboratory or Rocketdyne labs, but it appears that the fire began on the Rocketdyne property itself. Cal Fire identifies the fire location as E Street and Alfa Road, a location that is in fact on Rocketdyne property.

It is believed that the fire started some 1,000 yards away from the site of the 1959 partial nuclear meltdown of the Sodium Reactor Experiment reactor.

The substation had been built in part to provide electricity from the reactor, which was the first reactor to produce commercial electricity for the commercial grid, before it became the first such commercial reactor to suffer a partial meltdown.

Decades of nuclear and rocket-engine testing activity, including nuclear reactor accidents and other toxic spills and releases, have resulted in widespread contamination throughout Santa Susana Field Laboratory 2,850 acre facility. Federally-funded studies indicate higher cancer incidents associated with proximity to the site.

The California Dept. of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), which has regulatory oversight over the parties responsible for cleaning up the contamination – the Dept. of Energy, NASA, and the Boeing Company – signed legally binding agreements to fully clean up the contamination by 2017. However, the cleanup has not even begun and DTSC is considering vastly weaker cleanup plans.

The Woolsey Fire likely released and spread radiological and chemical contamination that was in Rocketdyne property’s soil and vegetation via smoke and ash.

A statement released by The California Dept. of Toxic Substances Control approximately 10 hours after the fire began said the agency doesn’t believe the fire caused the release of hazardous substances.

Imagine that – the group responsible for the Hazardous cleanup is saying there is no danger from the hazardous smoke and ash that has released harsh chemicals and radioactive material into the atmosphere.

Authorities searching through the blackened aftermath of California’s deadliest wildfire Wednesday released the names of some 130 people who are unaccounted for, including many in their 80s and 90s, and said dozens more could still be missing.

Officials in Northern California said Tuesday that search crews had found six more bodies, bringing the death toll from the so-called Camp Fire to 56 and the statewide total to 59.

As the names of the missing were made public, more crews joined the search.

An alleged arsonist of one fire has been arrested, and other fires blamed on PG&E because of an electrical fire from a high powered line.

The Woolsey Fire has been the most talked about fire because of its ties to the Rocketdyne site and that many people on the internet have looked at pictures from the aftermath and have determined that it all appears to be the result of directed energy weapons.

A lot of what has been seen has been compared to the destruction in the Middle East where it was reported that DEW’s were used there.

Directed Energy Weapons were used by US forces in the Middle East to knock out electronics, induce psychological passivity, and possibly even melt people and vehicles. Much of the details of the usage remain under tight military security.

However, back in March, the military had announced their High Energy Laser and Integrated Optical-dazzler with Surveillance or HELIOS program. The name HELIOS as an acronym is a very powerful one considering that HELIOS was a God that represented the power derived from the sun.

When we reported about the Sun Spot Observatory closure in September – Sam an unknown caller who claims to have worked for DARPA notified us that the HAARP program along with HAMMER and SMACC were being used to harness power from the sun in order to control the weather. These programs would harness power from the sun and use that energy to create artificial lightning to disrupt the weather systems all over the planet.

I requested an immediate explanation as to what these programs are and what they are used for. I received a number of documents about Project Stormfury and the High Altitude Meteorological Manipulation Energy Research (HAMMER) project and its ties to HAARP the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. There was also a separate program that was also used for weather warfare called the Solar Magnetic Amplification and Causative Configurator or SMACC.

Activity was so promising and disturbing with HAARP that DARPA/USAF found it necessary to ‘appear’ to dump it for a lack of success. In 2013 the University of Alaska in Fairbanks was ‘bestowed’ with the project. However, the NAVY is using HAARP as the primary transmitting site for Scalar and other waveform transmissions. Mysteriously, the NAVY has received ‘grant funding’ sufficient to complete an expansion of antenna surface and hardware of over 40% over the next two years.

According to SAM, the High Altitude Meteorological Manipulation Energy Research project began operations in 2000; this program was opened with DARPA and with NASA’s cooperation.

This project has worked more as a signal source and manipulation service for those signals sent to and through HAARP array.

While HAARP projects the ionospheric signals, they originate from HAMMER.

Solar Magnetic Amplification and Causative Configurator was a project that was established in 2002. It allegedly uses the power of the sun in providing massive amounts of energy necessary, and in the right form, to power the HAARP transmitters.

The ‘quality’, ‘quantity’, and overall integrity of waveform and value are critical to the success of the entire operation and projects beneath its umbrella. Funding for this and its subordinate projects comes from unknown sources. However one of the groups involved with the project is IARPA – the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity group which is a government agency nicknamed “The Office.”

Now HELIOS would be one of the first Department of Defense (DoD) contracts to mount an integrated laser cannon onto the U.S. Navy’s destroyers and possibly satellites to hit targets from space.

The Department of Defense awarded Lockheed Martin a $150 million contract, with options for an additional $942.8 million, to manufacture multiple HELIOS units with a completion date of 2020.

The 150 kilowatts laser cannon would be the most powerful directed energy weapon that will be used for war.

HELIOS is a prime candidate to replace the MK-15 Phalanx Close-in Weapons System (CIWS) and the RIM-116 missile system on warships.

The HELIOS has a comparable range to the RIM-116 (about five nautical miles), while the missile system holds 11 or 21 missiles, the laser cannon has an unlimited amount of ammo, dependent on an adequate supply of electricity.

The Russian defense industry reportedly has developed a directed-energy weapon that can destroy or disable sophisticated electronic guidance and navigation systems in manned and unmanned aircraft and precision-guided missiles.

Russia and China have also developed “destructive counter space weapons” which according to defense intelligence report are active and can be used on targets from space.

The Director of National Intelligence’s report, which is based on information gathering by the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency, says recent military reforms in both China and Russia “indicate an increased focus on establishing operational forces designed to integrate attacks against space systems and ground targets.

The document states: “We assess that, if a future conflict were to occur involving Russia or China, either country would justify attacks against US and allied satellites as necessary to offset any perceived US military advantage derived from military, civil, or commercial space systems.”

According to US intelligence, China has already begun initial testing for counter-space weapons, and has formed specific military units to operate ground-based anti-satellite ballistic missiles.

“Russia probably has a similar class of system in development,” the report says.

In addition, the US believes China and Russia are building “directed-energy weapons” which would include lasers.

The question is whether or not that technology is being tested and if it can be at all responsible for the wildfires in California.

Skeptics say it is highly unlikely –and yet here we are talking about the most destructive widespread fires in California History in the fall of 2018.

While certain powerful constituencies are well aware of the extremely powerful forces that can be unleashed through the use of directed energy weapons and lasers, these same groups would like to keep the general public unaware of these technologies and programs.

There are many other groups that wish hide the fact that these fires continue to burn hotter and faster than normal and have been known to release scores of contaminants that will definitely take their toll in the human lives lost because of the exposure to these deadly pathogens.

I suspect any competent journalist could and would do some fact checking and realize that Climate change propaganda explains nothing, political claptrap does nothing and no one can even explain the peculiarity of what is happening.

We all stand transfixed at the enormity of change that is happening in our self-made apocalypse.

Written by Ron Patton

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