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Ron Patton | November 19, 2018
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Anywhere you go in America, you see the sorriest urban scene of homeless encampments on sidewalks, under freeways, and along the stretches of rivers and rail lines.

It is actually difficult to count just how many homeless people there are in this country –but estimates say that homeless rates have skyrocketed 75% in the last six years.

Three out of four homeless people live in cars, campers, tents, and lean-tos.

Near my home in Portland there always seems to be an encampment that springs up in the lot that is just down from my door. I have seen all kinds of people pitch tents, park their disheveled RV’s and one man pulled a tarp over his truck bed in order to make a shelter from the cold.

Near the various viaducts and bridges, there is the pungent odor of urine that can be smelled as you pass on the highway and there have been instances where people who have passed by these encampments have been stabbed or attacked.

Here where I live a man was stabbed in the lungs, stomach, back, mouth, eye and the back of his head, after he told a homeless man that he could not camp in an open lot near a neighborhood.

Our Mayor said he increased funding for more homeless services and offered sympathy to the victim.

There is an area in the lower income district where they warehouse people in abandoned stores – and efforts are underway to provide beds, but it still isn’t enough.

I often see people walk the streets in the elements like ghosts panhandling for food and necessities, eating out of trash cans.

These people are rarely mentioned on TV unless they want to pull at your heartstrings around holidays.

Even as the problem exists there comes a paranormal element to all of this and one that I am sure some of us have experienced.

A few weeks ago I was up late watching television. I just got home from work and the wind was blowing hard. I hear a light tapping on my door. Now mind you it is about 1:30 in the morning and you don’t think at first that someone is at your door. However, there was the tapping. It was a light tapping and I suspected that maybe it was our cats playing upstairs – or maybe the wind was blowing and a branch was rubbing on the windows.

Then my biggest fear was realized – it was my door and I thought a knock at the door at 1:30 AM does not mean good news. Now mind you I have heard knocks on my door at night before, one night I heard a knock and opened my door and even walked outside and saw nothing in the night. I once spoke of these experiences and the idea that three knocks at the door late at night does not mean any good news.

Needless to say, I got up and grabbed the cane I use when my knee acts up and cracked the door.

It was a young kid, in his teens wearing a hoodie. He asked me if he could come in and I told him no. He then said, “Oh I must have the wrong door.” I said, “Obviously” and then asked me for a cigarette. I told him no and good night.

The kid left, but he was wandering around our apartment complex aimlessly and I thought that perhaps I should call 911. Then an old model black Lincoln Continental picked him up and drove away.

This last weekend my wife and I had a serious talk about the homeless and how there seemed to be a small population camping out near our home. I really didn’t bring up the kid that knocked at the door.

I just didn’t want to alarm her, there was actually a shooting that happened at a bar not even a block away from where we lived. We have been discussing moving out of the neighborhood.

Today, I came into the office early and went through my email and the various messages on my Facebook page.

I got a curious message from a listener named Shad.

He was asking about a story he read recently about the Black Eyed Kids. He said that there was a news report about homeless kids going door to door asking for cigarettes. He said that people were describing them as having weird smiles and void eyes.

There was also a story out of Michigan where police in Clayton Township reported that strangers would go door to door in the middle of the night. Police say that in one instance a woman came to the door of a resident and asked if they ordered a pizza. She had no pizza box in her hands. She was picked up by a black Chevy Tahoe.

Other residents have said midnight strangers have knocked on the door and asked to use the phone or asked what the address of the house was.

The police say that the strangers are asking questions that don’t make any sense – and I got to thinking that these accounts sounded an awful lot like the strange stories of the Black Eyed Children.

Now mind you, the young kid that came to my door was wearing a hoodie and it was too dark to tell if he had those eyes with no whites in them, but now I shudder to think that sightings of these midnight strangers are on the rise.

Like the so-called killer, clown scares a few years ago – the black eyed kids have made their return and some are saying that it is because of the homeless epidemic.

This strange trend was first reported by journalist Brian Bethel on January 16, 1998. According to Bethel, two boys approached him while he was sitting in his parked car. Bethel described the kids as olive-skinned boys wearing typical teenaged clothing.

The boys asked for a ride home explaining that they were on their way to the movies, but had forgotten their money.

Bethel claimed that he felt uneasy about talking to them and started to feel his stomach churn in a sort of “fight-or-flight” response, but was nevertheless tempted to allow the boys entrance into the vehicle. He gathered enough courage to tell the boys, no. the boys became agitated and were more adamant about getting into the car.

It was then that Bethel finally noticed their “coal black” eyes, whereupon he was momentarily paralyzed with fear. The eyes were not bruised, but had no sclera, as if pupils were enlarged filling the iris of the eye.

The black-eyed beings seemed to realize that their window of opportunity was closing and their demands reached a fever pitch, at which point Bethel collected himself and promptly exited the scene.

They are creepy unnerving, threatening, sinister even inhuman. These are words that people have used to describe these adolescent children. There have also been encounters reported of adults that have been seen weeping looking for something.

They are pale or olive skinned with black eyes.

Sightings of these black-eyed beings have been reported all over the world, but believe it or not, the best place to find a black eyed child or adult is Portland, Oregon.

According to reporter Stephen Wagner, there was a report of a young man trying to get an apartment in Portland and asked manager named Tee if she could come in and speak.

“He was young boy of about 17 or 18, approximately,” Tee says. “He asked me about an open apartment for rent. I remember feeling very scared and shaken by his appearance. He did not look weird by his dress or such. It was his eyes. I remember feeling the hair on my neck stand up, and I was shaking just from looking in his eyes.” “I could not look him straight in the eyes,” she says. “I felt like I was about to die.

According to the Black Vault report, there was a story about another appearance of the Black Eyed Children in Portland.

In August of 2000, an unnamed man posted in the Black Vault about an experience he had with the black eyed kids.

He said it happened on NW Glisan in Portland Oregon at a hostel at about 2:30 in the morning. At about 2:30 AM, he and his girlfriend suddenly realized that there was no more beer left and no one wanted to call it a night yet. His girlfriend reminded him that he had bought a couple of bottles of Pinot Noir from a little place called the City Market earlier in the day, but they were still in the trunk of her car. He took the keys and went to the car to get the wine.

There was a misty rain falling and the car had been parked far down the block. As he opened the trunk to get the wine he heard a young voice say “hey mister”- the witness commented that he was scared to death. He looked and saw a young kid in a hooded sweatshirt with blue jeans standing in the rain.

His hair was black and his skin was tan. He had a Mediterranean look about him. It was then that he noticed that his eyes were all black. His first thought was that he was on LSD but this kid didn’t seem to be on a drug, he seemed very calm and confident. The kid said, without looking away, “I’m lost and scared, do you think you could give me a ride to my mom’s house?” But according to the account, this kid didn’t look scared at all. In fact, the man claimed that the young man started shapeshifting into what he said looked like a wolf.

He described the eyes as being deep pools of black reflecting the street lights.

I another incident Transit Police in Portland had to investigate what sounded like a paranormal attack at a Max train station. Police say a man randomly attacked a group of people at the train stop. One of the victims named Heather said to the police that the assailant struck her as being non-human.

“I saw his eyes and something wasn’t right. He seemed unhuman, unemotional,” explained Heather. “There was nothing in his eyes like you could see right through him. It was stone cold.”

Once again it was an event that sounded like an encounter with someone who had black eyes.

Back in 2012, author David Weatherly actually wrote a book chronicling the appearances of these black eyed creatures. He then released a revised edition much later.

In his book, David not only provides us with numerous eyewitness reports of encounters with the Black Eyed Children, but also theories for what they might be. Those theories that David takes a look at include Changelings, Hungry Ghosts, the Djinn, Alien-Human Hybrids, Tricksters and more.

I believe that the timing of the return of the Black Eyed Children could be a tulpa associated with the plight of the homeless and the overall guilt that is associated with it during the holidays.

We know that it is a problem in our community and the politicians give nothing more than platitudes.

In the Charles Dickens Christmas story, the Ghost of Christmas Present lifts his robes to show Ebenezer Scrooge an emaciated boy and girl. Both have white pale skin and dark eyes. He is told to look upon the children and he names them Ignorance and Want.

Ignorance is a boy who is shown to grow up to become a dangerous thug that ends up imprisoned. Want is a girl who is shown to grow up to become a cackling hag that is thrown into an insane asylum.

It is implied that if people have been impoverished at childhood, they would either die at an early age or grow up and have a corrupt adulthood.

Earlier in the story, Scrooge mentioned that he supports prisons and workhouses, believing that anyone badly off financially should go there. Should any of them rather die, Scrooge believed that “they had better do it and decrease the surplus population”.

Are the homeless Black Eyed Children a tulpa or thought form that is warning us of an evil future where the surplus population will be culled because they are impoverished?

It can be that these Black Eyed Children are a metaphor for Ignorance and want.

All it can take is a major debt, created by an illness of loss that can put us in a position where we are living on the street. The fact that we are paycheck away from starving or living in a hovel tells us that there is something evil that is lurking on the horizon.

Many associate evil with the lack of joy, or a time of suffering. Many consider their suffering to be an affront to them, but to others, it is becoming more apparent that human suffering on a larger scale is accepted as a part of life. If we see someone else suffer we breathe a sigh of relief and decide collectively that it is best that they suffer and die so that we do not have to.

Waiting in the darkness are the heartbeats and eyes of a darker and ominous threat that remains unseen but is felt, much like a wind of death waiting for you to open your door. A hole opens up in the heavens, and the sun darkens as the enemy descends upon the earth. Draped and hooded with pale skin, they appear at your bedside watching and waiting for the moment to strike.

Their screams are heard only for that split second as your last breath is drawn and their dark eyes reflect your terrified visage.

When the shades of the underworld declare war, the veil will be thinned down and Hell’s overflow will begin as a trickle, and then the deluge of spiritual chaos will arrive where the phantoms shall seek refuge in the homes of every one of us.

The question is – will you let them in when they knock?

Written by Ron Patton

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