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Clyde Lewis | November 2, 2020
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With the election looming the mainstream media seems to be acting like a kid at Christmas thinking about the new video game or bicycle they are going to get but realizing that they may end up with more socks and underwear. The whole show is being treated like the Super Bowl only without all of the funny commercials.

I do not recall at any time in my life where the National Guard was on call to restore order if the extremists decide to negate the vote by burning down our cities. Stores, businesses and banks have now boarded up their windows anticipating violence.

The internet has also decided to control our free speech. Well, not all of it – we can still post pictures of cats, what we made for dinner, stupid memes, and pictures of what we did for our vacations last year.

You just can’t post your favorite conspiracy theory or anything about Hunter Biden, or anything the Deep State flags as forbidden. We especially can’t question the medical tyrants who own and control what they call the “science.” We could get banned for that! Questioning state authority, talking about your favorite QAnon entry, or any headline that the thought police say is misleading or deceiving—that is what they see as inconvenient to their agenda.

Warned, banned, delete – repeat.

This is now what they call free speech in America.

You are now no longer capable of criticizing the state on a social media platform.

Censorship has become commonplace and growing steadily worse in the United States and all over the world. We know that the reason these social media groups do this because of pressure form advertisers and money talks and so does relationships with other countries, especially China which is actually in charge of the internet more so than you think.

No one knows how to respond because they can’t respond—they are told to like it or lump it and most people realize that the way to breakaway completely form this relationship has been hard or nonexistent.

Many Americans accept getting silenced as a new reality.

However, there is a different American I want to speak to – a different American that I want to expose or talk about and that is the American that has been ignored. The silent majority whose lives revolve around their families, jobs, friends, and community, not the media, publicity, polls, or politics. They’re sick of elections well before they’ve seen their hundredth campaign ad, received their hundredth mailer, or ignored their hundredth telephone call. They know that politicians are phony and corrupt and make jokes about them, but hope that their rulers don’t screw things up too badly, cross their fingers, and vote for the perceived lesser of two evils.

I want to speak to those Americans that don’t have the best grades, or the mucky muck college degrees, or the padded resumes.

I want to appeal toward hard knock wisdom and common sense Americans that the media wants to ignore, or mock because to the mainstream media and to social media your opinion, or speculation, or even your emotional appeals to common good don’t matter.

I want to speak to those Americans who have been called radicals because they tend to cling to their guns and their religious beliefs.

I want to speak about the condescending attitude that the media has been giving you.

I want to speak to those who are spending time in Facebook jail.

I want to say that I know that you are out there and I want to warn those that think that they don’t vote – and the media’s biggest mistake was that they ignored them, avoided then and tried to silence them.

They may send a clear message at the polls and when they do there will a paradox to contend with.

The election will become contradictory to the media, to the polls and I just feel that we will again need the Supreme Court to vote in favor of a corruptocracy no matter which side wins.

But I want to emphasize that the voters who make up the silent majority remember that for the last four years there has been an attempt by the media and by the education system to instill among the population a hatred of America, the Conservative voter and the president, to present them both as a criminal and to try to overthrow them.

In any event, has been an attempted bloodless coup d’état against a duly elected president. If institutions of democracy — the state, the judiciary, opposition parties and the free press — suppress verifiable information instead of informing the public about it these institutions of democracy instead become vehicles to sabotage a democracy.

One of the biggest delusions the media has is that everyone out there buying their lies. Over time people see through the propaganda and narrative management. The lies fool the rulers more than the ruled and are essential psychological support for this predatory and parasitic class.

The reason why there has been censorship levied against the alternative media is because the alternative media’s thousands of sites have eclipsed the mainstream media, which exists in a bubble of its own creation. It’s a hugely underreported trend — without fanfare, millions of people rejecting the mainstream, reading, researching, and coming to their own conclusions. There’s 330 million Americans and a silent majority of them are neither stupid nor duped.

It’s just that nobody pays attention to them. The media takes a cut of the minimal percentile that is in the streets chanting “Black Lives Matter or’ “The Jew will not replace us” and paints with a wide brush labels that indicate hate, or equality when most Americans share an attitude of ambivalence.

They have been forced into double think when we should all see ourselves as Americans and leave the extremism in the ugly hole where it belongs.

If you take a look at social models and history you can always see that extreme nationalism and Socialism is always used as a tool to motivate people in times of crisis, and the greater the hardships on a people the more we see nationalist, socialist and state socialist movements become violent and cancerous. Leaders in history have used Hegelian methods to insure that the people move themselves into accepting philosophies and Ideas that they first thought were deplorable.

Now, in the 21st century, Hegelian-Marxist thinking affects our entire social and political structure. The Hegelian Dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. If we do not understand how the Hegelian Dialectic shapes our perceptions of the world, then we do not know how we are helping to implement the vision. When we remain locked into dialectical thinking, we cannot see out of the box.

Hegel’s Dialectic is the tool which manipulates us into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action. The dialectic is active in every political issue that encourages taking sides.

No matter what the issue, the stealth dialectic aims to control both the conflict and the resolution of differences, and leads everyone involved into a new cycle of conflicts.

The solutions to these problems don’t come from any politician. They come from those who can’t step out of the dialectic. They come from many years of programming and button pushing. The Republic becomes the puppet and the puppeteers can make anyone dance if they play the right tune.

Every time we fight for or defend against an ideology we are playing a necessary role in Marx and Engels’ grand design to advance humanity into a dictatorship of the proletariat. A Marxist model emerges from the ashes. However, this model is stealth and people don’t realize that they are asking for it. The public inadvertently demands the Marxist model to be implemented.

Although Marxism may have killed 100 million people during the 20th century and failed in every single society in which it has ever been tried out, it seems that a new form of this agenda is being implemented and the New Global Order will be part of the substantive process of “Global Sustainability.” Beware of those who wish to destroy the Republic and replace it with a Global Reset.

The media bubble is pushing the global super state while in the same breath are telling you that they are promoting Democracy.

The media bubble envelopes the government-centered corruptocracy and allows those within to preserve the self-deception of personal worth.

Nothing has changed over the last four years, except that the ranks of disaffected have swollen. Trump gave voice to them in 2016 and he is doing it again. This is not a pro Trump stance – this is a fact.

He again is saying that he is the outsider against the government shill insiders. He plays the same tune and the tune apparently has not worn out his base. This should send a message to the left that they should not be counting their votes before they come in –and it equally should be a lesson to Trump that he should not be a part of some “Dewey Defeats Truman” pose either.

The “reputable” pollsters have become another arm of the entrenched powers’ narrative management. Like everything else the corruptocrats have tried, this effort will prove inept. 2016 showed us that double-digit poll leads for a Trump opponent will motivate, not discourage, his voters.

By every other indicator — voter registrations, growing black and Hispanic support, the crumbling entertainment and sports complex, the crumbling mainstream media, the ascendant alternative media, millions of new gun owners, backlash against the riots, slowly fading coronavirus hysteria, and off-the-charts attendance and enthusiasm at Trump rallies should send a message that there is an enthusiasm gap.

Even Saturday night live in their opening skit this week showed that they also had their doubts about a Biden Love Fest.

Jim Carey is now playing Biden in their skits and this week was Halloween and Biden was there to read a spooky story about the election and how it can go in a scary direction.

Carrey’s Biden reminded the audience that Tuesday is Election Day and that most Americans are excited to vote and “very, very worried about the outcome.”

Carey’s Biden then said “But don’t worry! They say I’m eight points ahead. Poll numbers like that can only go wrong once in a Blue Moon,” he then looking out his window and he sees a giant Blue Moon.

Even the liberal comedians have to admit that after Russiagate, the impeachment, the coronavirus power-grab, the destructive riots, and endless media-driven tempests in teapots, the somethings in this country are far more contemptuous of the nothings who presume to rule them and farcically, have designs on the whole world than they were four years ago.

If all goes according to history – these comedians and late night hosts will have to write jokes about average American life instead of having one man take rent inside their heads.

Incumbent presidents usually win. Since 1912, elected incumbents are 11-3 when seeking a second term. On average, the 14 saw their popular vote percentage increase 3.4 percentage points from their first election, however, the disadvantage Trump has is based on the economy – if the voters blame Trump for the economy post COVID-19, he may just serve one term.

Many prognosticators do blame Trump for the post COVID-19 economy and they think the voters will blame him for COVID-19. But Average Americans knew of the booming economy before COVID-19 and wonder if it this plague goes away – Trump will bounce back and bring the economy back –despite the World Economic Forum’s Ideas of take over.

It is all about the roll of the dice and voting for the devil we know instead of a new devil with no real plan – only a Trump sucks strategy.

As for Trump if he wins, he needs to put up or shut up. What I mean is that contrary to what his base will tell you he has not drained the swamp like he said he would.

Not a drop of swamp has been drained, and if nothing happens the next four years, if Trump is elected Trump’s tenure will be nothing more than a feel-good fantasy for his fans. That is been my biggest pet peeve about the Trump camp, there are his supporters, his detractors and then his fans… his fans think that he has done all of these miraculous things—the realists however are expecting better and in reality may want to give him a chance again only because they have borne witness to the persecution and think that he has tried to be the president but has been cut at the knees at every move he has made.

Trump will have to make good on those indictments QAnon keeps talking about or he certainly will breed a sense of voter’s remorse from his base.

The swamp is the inevitable backwash of a government that has arrogated unlimited power to itself, has first claim on everything produced within the United States, issues debt without limit, and maintains a confederated global empire. There is a one in a trillion chance that Trump or any other ostensible outsider changes any of this, and a one in a quadrillion chance that the system reforms itself.

Trump or no Trump, the disaffected will get more disaffected, at least until the system collapses, which it will. The failing of all governments is that they can’t produce, only coerce.

Let’s face facts, Davos hates the United States but loves its resources.

Tyranny, even if it is established under the hollow excuse of the betterment of humanity, will most certainly spark a new world war. Take a look at Europe and how it is reacting to tyranny – the United States is next and you have to decide what leadership you want to take on the encroachment of world government.

Don’t expect a major global event to insure the open dialogue for New World Order to happen spontaneously. We have seen throughout history that false flag events trigger these movements toward tyranny and the surrender of human rights.

It is already being planned. You can bet on it and you should expect it.

History shows that it echoes over and over again in transit.

As political and social divisions have widened in America, more people ask about the possibility of a civil war within our borders.  It is obvious that we are already having a war based on clashing values.

The political machinery that we inherited from the Founders remains powerful, but requires our energy to make it work. That is something we no longer appear willing to give. Perhaps we should wonder about our right to complain about the system when we do so little to make it work.

We have become consumers, clients of the government, instead of citizens. This deprives the Constitution of its power source and its ability to be used as a cornerstone of law– it is not to bet cherry picked for your favorite amendment to quote when you are told to shut up or put away your gun.

“Consent of the governed” to the Constitution became a meaningless formula with the passing of time. It becomes a founding myth, like the foundation of all traditional governments. Now we see ourselves as passengers of America, not its owners – we now are owned and are willing to hand over the very thing that courageous and brave people have fought for.

What is happening now is what happens when the young forget history and the old forget to not repeat it.

History shows that rebellions against internal elites are rare.

Most societies won’t rebel if they still feel a sense of comfort in transition.

This is the test – will there be comfort in a transition of power or are average Americans afraid that they are losing their Republic to the globalist oligarchs?

Many are not oblivious to the crumbling of local government.

With the crumbling of governments will come the crumbling of current political institutions and boundaries. The planned controlled demolition of the doomed old order presents the opportunity for the establishment of new orders. What seems inconceivable now may occur with astonishing speed. A year ago, who envisioned what’s transpired so far in 2020?

Millions down to earth common sense Americans have watched in horror as their country has imploded from lockdown insanity and riots. There’s an exodus from urban hellholes to safer and saner locales. The response to those who say breakdown can’t happen is that it’s already begun.

When you vote, you should vote for freedom, not one man or a female replacement is going to make us all feel better and fuzzy – we have passed a point of no return and there are still those out there that have bided their time and are still ready to strike but most importantly those same people vote and they do so with a vengeance.




Written by Clyde Lewis

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