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Clyde Lewis | November 20, 2020


A day or two ago, I was doing some reading and I stumbled upon some new research that at first I read and moved on and then I had an epiphany and thought of the paranormal ramifications of the story. Apparently, a group of scientists have been doing research on dinosaurs and how perhaps science has been wrong about how they believed they were on the way out before and asteroid took them out.

After emerging during the Triassic period some 230 million years ago, dinosaurs occupied every continent and were dominant in most terrestrial ecosystems, until they were rendered extinct by the asteroid impact 66 million years ago.

Some scientists believe the creatures were beginning to lose their edge and were already heading for extinction when the asteroid hit Earth at the end of the late Cretaceous period.

But researchers from the UK’s University of Bath are hoping to put this theory to bed. Gathering diverse and up-to-date data, researchers used statistical analysis to assess whether the dinosaurs were still able to produce new species up until their untimely demise.

According to the research, dinosaurs were doing well and could have continued to dominate Planet Earth if they had not been wiped out by an asteroid which gives some credence to those who have speculated for some time that some dinosaurs may have evolved into upright bi pedal saurian beings.

Joe Bonsor, PhD student at London’s Natural History Museum and the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath and first author of the study, states that “If the asteroid impact had never happened then they might not have died out and they would have continued after the Cretaceous period.

During their more than 150 million years on earth, dinosaurs evolved to take many shapes and forms — some dinosaurs were tiny, while others measured over 100 feet. Experts think diversity was the key to their dominance on Earth, with some boasting armors, crests, teeth and even feathers.

But were there species of reptile that could be seen as upright and bipedal?

The other questions have been whether they have been with us form the beginning that they all of a sudden disappeared or they have found ways to blend in with human beings.

I am sure this sets off alarms about theories that made David Icke famous but there is now precedent for would be theorists to make connections in history as there is literature that has indicated that perhaps there has been a connection between human history and saurian hybrids that have set out to dehumanize mankind.

Going back to biblical history, it has been noted that from the Garden of Eden to the times of Nephilim, the objective of the adversaries were to corrupt the bloodline of God.

The demons or serpent beings described by biblical texts and ancient scrolls of Nag Hammadi are simply put, re shapeshifting agents of chaos that act without thinking of consequence. They conduct their activities for the betterment of evolution regardless if we, as humans, assess it as good or evil.

The interpretations of paradise seldom point out that some of the inhabitants of the biblical Eden were in fact, upright walking “shiny” creatures that had a grayish copper color. They were known as the Nachash an upright reptilian creature that did not speak but spoke to the mind or whispered to the mind on mankind knowledge.

It is written in many biblical commentaries that the Nachash had the ability to possess the souls of man and force them into doing things against their will. Many were taken away and brought back with the inability to speak. Others were found on alters as sacrifices to the Gods.

This is where many believe the stories of Cain, Abel, Abraham and Isaac came from. Tradition has always been that the lesser Gods, the shiny beings, all demand blood sacrifice in order to be appeased.

According to pre-Adamic literature, there were other upright and walking reptilian beings in the creation that were under control of a master shepherd.

In the Sefer Bahir, it is Samael that rebels against God and tempts Adam through the serpent known as Choronzon that walks upright and appears to be an agent that is capable of throwing God’s creation into chaos and blight.

Now we all know that the Biblical story says that the serpent was later condemned to crawl on his belly and eat dust the rest of his life.

According to the Jewish, Breshit Rabbah, not only was the reptilian condemned with the task of crawling on his belly, but angels came down and cut off his arms and legs.

Angels were summoned to remove the horrid infiltration from Eden. The horrid alien form was banished and Adam summoned God for assistance. Adam built an altar and called upon God to bring forth angels to trap the reptilian infiltration and banish it.

“When the Holy One Blessed be He said, “On your belly you shall crawl”, the ministering angels descended and cut off his hands and legs, and his voice traveled from one end of the earth to the other. – ( Torah) Genesis 3:14

The more different interpretations we read, the more we begin to understand the schism between the entities of divinity and profanity. We understand that the so-called beginning of man or the creation is really the rebuilding and reorganization of a world that had been destroyed and later claimed by different entities that needed some sort of slave race to rebuild.

These creatures were at the mercy of these Gods and many of the inhabitants feared them. In the ancient writings it was forbidden to have knowledge because tampering or mocking such entities became a dangerous game.

These unknowns would come down and tinker with the evolutionary process. These unknown beings were alien to the planet and were known to infiltrate and subdue the women and harm the children. The changes that followed the infiltration of these alien forms put a lot of torment on mankind.

Man entered a material existence for a purpose known only by these entities, and these entities intervene in the affairs of man. The intercessions of entities both good and evil are permitted by one being, the being that controls all entities that have affairs with man and the planet Earth.

This being of course has many names in the ancient texts—Samael, Shatan, and Satan.

Now, I am sure that many people were unaware that there is a pre-Adamic history and that there is a mythology surrounding monsters and upright walking reptiles on the planet before mankind came and was created.

Old Earth creationism theories suggest that the six-yom or day creation period, as described in the Book of Genesis, involved six literal 24-hour days, but that there was a gap of time between two distinct creations in the first and the second verses of Genesis, which the theory states explains many scientific observations, including the age of the Earth.

There are theories that within the caps, the creator actually experimented with other life forms and then destroyed them, opening the door for other creatures. The experiments concluded with man, but some of the other creatures remained and some of them mingled their DNA and blood with mankind.

The Old Earth Creation stories are considered to be pre-Adamic and apocryphal however what isn’t accepted as part of the creation myths – may be seen as a reality as scientists are now looking into the possibility of creatures that were upright walking reptilian creatures that were very advanced.

Science has been catching up to what can be called pre-Adamic or pre-Genesis creatures that existed in the chaotic and hostile conditions that existed on planet earth before the so called biblical creation story.

There is a theory called “The Silurian Hypothesis,” a reference to an ancient race of brainy reptiles featured in the British science fiction show “Doctor Who” — scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the University of Rochester take a critical look at the scientific evidence that ours is not the only advanced civilization ever to have existed on our planet. That perhaps there was a pre-industrial species that was more reptile than mammalian.

It is proposed that these species were very advanced and were able to develop advanced technologies and that their advancement may have wiped out most of their population. But there were some that remained and eventually interacted with mankind.

There was also the early gnostic group called the Sethians. The Sethians flourished in the Mediterranean region at the time of nascent Christianity. It is probably older than the first Christian churches. Predominantly Judaic in foundation. There is also a groups rumored to be called the neo-sethians –who actually were believed to be shapeshifters. They appeared to be human but were able to shift into a reptilian horny form. Their faces appeared to look like horned toads.

It is believed that the “neo-Sethians” were often called “reptilian shape-shifters” due to a possible mutation that causes the physical disability of dimensional-slipping, or “shape-shifting.”

The neo-Sethians would appear human but during times of excitement or ceremonial entrancement would appear to have cat like eyes and pocked or scaled skin. It is believed that a few of the neo-Sethians exist today and are looking for the second coming of Seth. The theory is that neo-Sethians are preparing mankind for a trans human existence.

The resurrection of Seth is forged in the idea of creating a third personality of man that adopts the capacity to live as gods through the aid of technological shifting.

Shape-shifting into an immortal through scientific means. The more we arrange ourselves into a technological shift –the less human we become.

The framework for this emergence has already been set, however, within your own system of probabilities. The emergence of this third personality will directly affect the original historical drama of how man came to be.

Think of how we are now at a moment in history where a virus has frightened us into tapping into the reptilian mind. The reptilian mind is the base mind where we hunger, thirst, need sexual pleasure and are programmed into routines. The reptilian mind is territorial as well.

Our neomammalian brains and, in particular, our frontal lobes, govern our behavior, inhibiting the primitive drives from our reptilian brain when they are not socially appropriate.  However, those primitive drives can take over and thus we can say that there is a shapeshifting of the thought processes.

Given that there have been 10 million years of evolution developing our neocortex — our neomammalian brain — why does it seem to fail so often in normal individuals? Why do we so often hear about politicians and celebrities acting on their primitive drives and urges and committing horrendous acts?

Could it be that they are reptilian? That they are like neo-Sethian shapeshifters?

Think about what is happening now in 2020.  Western societies have moved from a state where people could be reasonably confident that what they were being told by Governments and the media had at least some basis in reality, to one where we now live in.

The reality itself was being shape-shifted and manipulated to such an extent that it is now largely impossible to be sure of what is and isn’t real in the civic sphere any longer. World of Unreality, where truth is buried and obscured by a quite obscene mountain of lies and deception.

Although the average person knows at some level that they’re being constantly lied to, the lies and deceptions are so great that most people actually find it more comfortable to go along with them than to consider the deeply uncomfortable truth about the nature of the society they now live in. Comfortable lies are easier to cope with than uncomfortable truths – that is if you are using your reptilian reasoning.

And therein lies the problem.

The real shape-shifters are shape-shifting reality, and in a paranormal sense, we may have to revisit the possibility that the proposals that we are hearing from those who wish to reset our reality may be coming from those neo-Sethians whose answers to all of our problems can be found with atheistic and dehumanizing transhumanism.

Remember that in the Bible these reptilian creatures were often accused of trying to thwart the creation of God—they did so in the Garden and they attempted the same in the times of Noah.

And here we are in 2020 watching our entire year becoming a test for a psychological operation that is grooming us to accept a transhuman solution. A tattoo with miro-needles or quantum dots – a microchip or a nanoparticle that when introduced to our bodies makes us one with the beast. It makes us edge closer to becoming shape shifters that evolve into hybrid machines- with less humanity than god gave us.

We have already begun to displace certain attributes typically characterized as human into all of our technology. Our memories have been on the decline since the invention of writing when remembering whole stories became unnecessary. Now, our memory has been almost entirely displaced onto our smartphone calendars and search engines like Google.

Transhumanism is killing us emotionally and psychologically – it is like death from 1000 paper cuts.

The emotional rollercoaster that technology gives us, especially social platforms, is taking its toll on us psychologically.

Society has recently become so aware of emotional well-being and how to achieve it. We are constantly surrounded by campaigns that encourage us to take a break from work, clear our heads, and purify our minds to relax.

We are coerced in developing an online identity – pick a side politically, share your religious beliefs and your sexual orientation. Then there are hashtag activists that bombard you with causes to joining and petitions to sign.

It truly is taxing on our brains.

Technology does not portray emotion or intent clearly, yet society puts an emphasis on emotional awareness.

It is a technological paradox that brings with it a new type of anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

We become tired and physically ill – we feel our immunity slip as we shapeshift into programmed and fearful pawns. This is the neo-Sethian agenda to make everyone shapeshift into becoming territorial, fearful, sick and ravenous. They are capable of holding death over you and then they provide the solution – the marriage between man and the machine – man and the system of the beast.

Think of the suppressions placed upon the people, under the absurd claim that we can control viruses.

Those who were aware and vigilant knew that this was bound to be far longer lasting than we were being told, since coronaviruses don’t just disappear. And because they don’t disappear, the changes to the social, economic and psychological state of people, families, communities and whole nations were bound to be seismic and even epochal in nature. And so it is turning out to be.

2020 is not just another year; it is the start of a new era, and a sinister start no less.

We can only assume that there will be seekers of the truth amidst these lies, but there are many ignorant souls that will be left floundering as they continually attempt to subject yesterday’s narrative to scrutiny, while the reality shape-shifters have pulled the rug from under their feet by moving the narrative onto tomorrow’s barefaced lies.

We have been warned from the times of Adam to Noah that there is conspiracy to thwart the creation of God – to destroy his bloodline and his inheritance. To change his planet in order to pave the way for the rise of the reptilian thought form.

Could it be that there are vipers among us, looking upon Gods’ creation with envy and making their diabolical plans to destroy us and make us more like machines?

The success of these human infiltrators or these “reality creators” these “shape-shifters” is entirely reliant on one thing: that the number of people judiciously studying their actions remains small. If it does, they can continue playing their sick game of treating people like human cattle with impunity, labelling those who are studying and questioning their actions as cranks and conspiracy lunatics. Only if a critical mass of people start questioning theory actions and their ability to get people to be less human then their despotic and demonic project can be undermined as they now find themselves subject to critical scrutiny by people with their eyes wide open, their neomammalian cells engaged, and sufficient numbers to expose their agendas.





Written by Clyde Lewis

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