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Clyde Lewis | November 22, 2019
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Every year around this time I say the same thing – I always make the claim that on the day we remember the Kennedy assassination, I will do my last show on the subject. Well here we are again on the anniversary on that fateful day in Dallas – and again I found another reason for doing a show on the assassination of our 35th president.

Actually, this show was recommended by a listener as she was telling me about the old school conspiracy theory about how John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln across the gulf of time were wrapped in a weird web of synchronspiracy.

However, there is much more to the story of presidential comparisons and intrigue that many people don’t realize can be alien or quantum in nature.

Now what I am about to illustrate may sound like tin foil hat quackery but it is compelling none the less and with the research involved it gets pretty bizarre when you look at Lincoln and Kennedy comparisons on a much broader quantum level.

Now one of my favorite Science Fiction writers is Phillip K. Dick. One of his rarely remembered works is a story called Radio Free Albemuth.

In the book, an alternate history exists after JFK is assassinated in which aliens are controlling the minds of various people in the government.

The new evil President Ferris F. Fremont’s rise to power in this universe is implied to be a direct result of an alien conspiracy that may have begun with JFK’s death.

But, this book isn’t even the most interesting detail about JFK’s death as it relates to Philip K. Dick. Famously, Dick was a huge believer in using the I-Ching to predict the future. And in his letters, Dick reveals that he and his wife were informed by the I-Ching that Kennedy would be killed:

He and his wife owned a 4,000-year-old oracle called the I-Ching just before Kennedy’s election they asked it what sort of President Kennedy would make. It’s answer: no kind since he would be assassinated.

His wife wanted to write Mrs. Kennedy and warn her, but Dick persuaded his wife that not to because they would think that they were a couple of nuts and ought to forget it. Dick’s beliefs were often stranger than his science fiction, but in this case, if he was telling the truth, also eerily prescient.

There have been those persistent rumors in conspiracy circles that Kennedy had knowledge about aliens from outer space and how they were involved with earthly affairs.

Many believe that this is what got him killed.

The whole idea of some alien presence involved with Kennedy’s assassination sounded completely nutty even to most conspiracy theorists – that is until a document surfaced that somehow indicated that there was probably some truth to not only an alien presence but time travel and other quantum entanglements that Kennedy was allegedly involved with.

There was a document called the “burnt memo” that was allegedly written by Allen Dulles.

The memo was eyes only or classified at the time it was written. The document surfaced in the 1990s and it states that “Lancer” the secret service nickname for Kennedy was inquiring about aliens and UFOs and possible connections with time travel and also was curious if the Kremlin was aware of the activity.

Kennedy was killed one month later in Dallas, Texas.

Now, the fact that there was a UFO and alien inquiry and even talk of time travel actually sounds a lot like a Philip K. Dick novel.

If an alien force was behind the Kennedy assassination and that it was part of some quantum conspiracy, what proof would we have of this activity?

Well, there have been many authors that have written theories about how the Kennedy assassination was some sort of ritual to appease some strange demonic force.

There is an intriguing theory based on coincidence that many historic events that take place are quite literally “pagan dramas” carried out by the elite. Many are ritualistic and take place in places that are seen as sacred because of their location or position on the planet.

When I speak of these major historical events, I mean events that result in mass death, societal upheaval or other changes that affect world consciousness. There seems to be a mystical connection to the number 33 and the areas that are located on the earth on the 33rd parallel north.

Many occult scholars have created the notion that, in the realm of dark forces, a bloody sacrificial ritual performed at the 33rd parallel has more power than rituals performed elsewhere. Throughout history, the 33rd degree parallel has been the place for what can be called “sacrifices” of human life.

The Atom Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima Japan. It is situated very close to the intersection of 33°30′E longitude and 33°30′N latitude. Nagasaki is near the 33°30′N, as is the White Sands Testing Range New Mexico, where the atom bomb was first tested and detonated. Many wars that we have fought in the Middle East have begun with bombs that have been detonated at the 33 degree parallel. President Bush ordered the launch of American missiles to officially begin the drive to Baghdad.

Bush had claimed that this city, which anciently was known as Babylon, would be the first target in order to force the “regime change.” Baghdad sits directly on the 33rd parallel.

When John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, numerologists and occultists have pointed out that he was shot on the 11th month, the 22nd day. The 11 and 22 are considered master numbers and add up to 33. The other occult signature was sealed with Kennedy being gunned down near the 33 degrees parallel.

Countless scholars of the occult have written about secret societies, chiefly the Illuminati and their rituals that involve blood sacrifice and numeric calculations. There have been countless wars, provocations to war, and murder happening along or close to the northern 33rd degree of latitude.

Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 near the 33rd parallel.

The Waco compound where the Branch Davidians were murdered was near the 33rd parallel. David Koresh died at age 33 on that site.

The space shuttle Columbia broke up over the 33rd parallel.

The “Heaven’s Gate” cult committed suicide from almost exactly the 33°30’N latitude in “Rancho Santa Fe,” north of San Diego. They did this after they claimed that a UFO was seen over Phoenix, Arizona on the 33rd degree parallel, and a comet called Hale-Bopp was a signal from the Evolutionary level above human to shed their human containers in a mass suicide.

In the 16th Chapter of the Book of Revelation, Megiddo or Armageddon is identified as the site of where the last great battle will be fought before the advent of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

In fact, the Land of Megiddo sits on the 33rd degree parallel. If this is the beginning of what biblical revelators call Armageddon, it could be the slaughter of the ages and will validate the Christian view of what has been foretold. Christians believe that the greatest and bloodiest battle will be fought in the areas near Iraq.

The 33rd parallel is certainly a magic line for the Illuminati, perhaps a magical or powerful line recognized by occultists.

The 33rd parallel is also the location of where the Roswell crash took place, the very event that Kennedy was investigating before he died.

In the manuscript ‘King Kill 33′ by James Shelby Downard and Michael A. Hoffman II, a ‘King Kill’ ritual took place in Dallas, Texas when Kennedy was shot and his death televised for all of the world to see. It was similar to the crucifixion of Christ as an entire nation watched; he was labeled a martyr, the prince of Camelot, a Christ-like figure whose assailant died later, similar to Judas. Downard says in his essay that:

“The entire left wing-right wing scenario is a chess game where various pawns are motivated by emotions to follow the orders of “Kings and Queens” whose allegiance is to psychological control objectives and propaganda is one of the ways that psychological control is established.

They control us through imagery and information and they are not above conducting a ritual in order to send a message to the masses. It is also not beyond the possibility that governments use astrology and other chaos magic techniques in order to ensure that whatever it is that they do can affect critical mass deep into their core belief system.

The shadow government, or cryptocracy, seems to use many tools of psychological warfare to set the mood for the revelation of the method. When someone tries to decode the cryptocracy, they are always met with militant skepticism and rejection because it is assumed that our men and women in positions of power have no need for the occult because the public trusts that they’re god-fearing and moral, Protestant Christians or Jews.

However, to ignore the esoteric connections to historical events is myopic in nature. We must accept that there are mysterious beliefs and myths that shape our lives and the lives of the elite.

What happened to Kennedy could be seen as ritual magic performed by alien forces within a synarchy which is a government ruled by some occult alien or divine force.

In a similar way, there was a secret cabal that was involved with the assassination of President Lincoln. Lincoln’s wife Mary Todd was into the occult. The Todd’s are descended from the Collins family and were considered by the Illuminati as part of the Collins bloodline.

The Collins family is one of the top Illuminati families that have managed to remain low key. It is believed that the Collins family has been kept secret because they wield more power than the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, or the Onassis’s.

The family has been connected to witchcraft since they arrived in New England in the 1630s, and may well have practiced it centuries prior to that.

Abraham Lincoln was a Rosicrucian and in fact, he was a member of the Order of the Lily’s Council of Three.

It is believed that the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was also a powerful ritual — one that certainly affected the timeline which in turn, created an echo in transit to Dallas, Texas on the magical 33rd degree parallel.

There have been lists that have compared coincidental moments between the two presidents separated by 100 years’ time.

Now, these ideas are part of our collective past and upon review, it looks as if there was some type of quantum clean up that took place where both men were somehow removed from the timeline in order to make way for something or someone else.

Both Lincoln and Kennedy’s historic assassinations can be seen in the quantum timeline as a scratch in the echo that transits a dimensional frequency.

For example – during the Obama administration there was certainly the thought that Barack Obama was seen as a mono mythical hero. This terminology comes from Joseph Campbell’s myth of the Hero.

Regardless of what you may think of him as a President – he was touted as a cultural icon and for some an external savior. Much like the superheroes found in comics, not much was known about his origins or his father.

This dark and absent father trope exists throughout history and also appears in comic books.

When Barack Obama was President, he filled a void that many people missed. That was the void left behind by John F. Kennedy.

Barack Obama has inspired many a comparison to John F Kennedy in fact there were some rumors around Washington that at times Obama was referred to as Black Jack or Black Jack Kennedy because like Kennedy he was a young senator that promised that he would bring change, had a young and attractive family and a rock star or royal image to the presidency.

There are certainly synchronicities that can be found between Obama, Lincoln, and Kennedy as well.

Kennedy, believe it or not, maybe the key to at least one proof that Obama may have been born in Hawaii and it all goes back to something Kennedy did before Barack Obama was even born. If it weren’t for Kennedy there never would have been a Barack Obama. In some strange Frank Capra, Charles Dickens type story there is this synchronistic connection and bond that John F. Kennedy does have with Barack Obama.

The bond began with Kenyan labor leader Tom Mboya, an advocate for African nationalism who helped his country gain independence in 1963. In the late 1950s, Mboya was seeking support for a scholarship program that would send Kenyan students to US colleges – similar to other exchanges the US-backed in developing nations during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Mboya appealed to the state department. When that trail went cold, he turned to then-senator John F.Kennedy. Kennedy, who chaired the Senate subcommittee on Africa, arranged a $100,000 grant through his family’s foundation to help Mboya keep the program running.

One of the first students airlifted to America was Barack Obama Sr, who married Stanley Ann Dunham during his US studies. The result was the 1961 birth of Barack Obama Jr.

Barack Obama made this claim in2007, in a speech Obama delivered from the pulpit of the historic Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church in Selma, Alabama. There is however some dispute over whether or not the statement is true or if Obama had made it all up.

It is still part of the legendary rumors that there is some sort of 6 degrees of separation between Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy. There are some who will dispute that Obama Sr. was on any of the three subsequently chartered airplanes in what became known as the “second airlift” organized by Mboya in 1960.

During Obama’s first campaign the mainstream media was always comparing Barack Obama to both Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. On infomercials, we are bombarded with collector coin ads of Obama’s face painted over both Lincoln’s face on the penny and JFK’s on the half dollar. It becomes a peculiar combination however it seems that as the zeitgeist evolves it is becoming clear that someone wants us to view Obama as a modern-day Lincoln and an answer to John F. Kennedy.

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President, a Republican, self-educated, from the state of Illinois and assassinated on Apr. 14, 1865, while still in office. John F. Kennedy was the 35th President, a Democrat, Harvard educated, a war hero, became president at age 43, from the state of Massachusetts and assassinated on November 22, 1963, while still in office.

Barack Hussein Obama is 44th President and will serve a second term as President, he is a Democrat, Harvard educated, from the State of Illinois and 47 years old at the time of the election. Obama and Lincoln are both from the state of Illinois and are both tall in stature. Both are considered two of our tallest Presidents. Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy were both in their 40s when they took office, both are Harvard Educated and both charismatic.

We can also get into the age-old connections between Lincoln and Kennedy that when we were kids wound up in the back of comic books or in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.

John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.

John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.

Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.

Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.

Both Presidents were shot in the head.

Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy. Kennedy’s Secretary was named Lincoln.

Both were assassinated by Southerners.

Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson.

Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.

Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839.

Lee Harvey Oswald, who was reported to have assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939.

Lincoln was shot in Ford’s theater while Kennedy was shot in a Ford Lincoln Continental.

After Lincoln was shot, his assassin John Wilkes Booth ran and hid in a warehouse.

Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his Lee Harvey Oswald was apprehended in a theater.

Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.

All of these facts are weird synchronicities that somehow happened on some cosmic scale and they eerily seem to have a pattern.

For example:

I want for you to picture in your mind a president that is a serial philanderer who is compulsively unfaithful to his wife. One of the women he cheated with is an actress that is seen as a sexual icon.

He suffers from undisclosed medical problems, which he and his staff are concealing from the press. One of his mistresses is allegedly romantically involved with a notorious gangster.

He has established a secret back-channel which he intends to use in times of crisis to communicate secretly with the Kremlin. He is willing to risk nuclear war. And he has no objection to the assassination of political enemies and coups against allied governments.

He is a populist that believes that western culture and sovereignty are the truest ways to establish a well oiled democracy.

Now, how many of you thought of Donald Trump?

I just described the traits of John F. Kennedy.

John F. Kennedy occupies a unique position in American collective memory. In a Gallup poll conducted in November 2013, 74 percent of Americans rated him as an outstanding or above-average president, compared with 61 percent for Ronald Reagan and 49 percent for Dwight Eisenhower. In a 2011 poll, 11 percent of Americans named Kennedy as the greatest of all U.S. presidents. His reputation is not wholly a consequence of his assassination on November 22, 1963, greatly though that event continues to fascinate the public. He continues to be remembered fondly, for his good looks as much as the idealistic rhetoric of his speeches.

Yet here is one contemporary verdict on the Kennedy administration, written before the president’s death. It had “demoralized the bureaucracy and much of the military.” It had engaged in “government by improvisation and manipulation.” It relied on “public relations gimmicks.” It had “no respect for personal dignity and . . . treated people as tools.” It had “brutalized our allies within NATO.” It was undermining the US reputation for reliability — “the most important asset any nation has.” The State Department was “a shambles, demoralized by the weakness of the secretary of state and the interference of the White House.” Its foreign policy was “essentially a house of cards.” Thus wrote the young Henry Kissinger.

How is it that what was said about Kennedy in his day, can be compared to what is being said about Trump today?

No one impeached Kennedy but he was gunned down in Dallas by the Deep State.

The fortunes of the Kennedy and Trump families were made in similarly disreputable ways. Kennedy and Trump alike used family members as political proxies.

Perhaps, if Kennedy had been a Republican, he would have been treated with the same ferocious animosity that Donald Trump is treated today, for acts much less heinous than those of John F. Kennedy.

However, time and presence in the timeline indicate that perhaps fate guides our mono mythic heroes –and that quantum mechanics provide the right type of alien-like synchronicity that binds our leaders in some dark syncretism.

For example, comparisons to other presidents are one thing but both Kennedy and Lincoln had successors that were both named Johnson.

Andrew Johnson was the Vice President to President Lincoln. He was from the South in his mid-fifties who was older than the President.

Lyndon Johnson was the Vice President to President Kennedy. He was from the South in his mid-fifties who was older than the President. Lyndon Johnson was the first Vice-President from the South since Andrew Johnson, 100 years later.

Andrew Johnson was born in 1808 not far from Johnson City, Tennessee, into a poor family. Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908 not far from Johnson City, Texas, into a poor family.

Andrew Johnson’s father worked as a janitor at the State Bank of North Carolina in Raleigh. Lyndon Johnson’s father worked as a janitor at Southwest Texas State Teachers College.

Andrew Johnson opposed efforts to abolish slavery throughout the 1840s and 1850s.

Lyndon Johnson opposed black civil rights legislation throughout the 1940s and 1950s.

Andrew Johnson was initiated as an Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft in Freemasonry. On May 5, 1851, Johnson was initiated at the Greeneville Masonic Lodge No. 119, in Greenville, Tennessee. After becoming president, Johnson became as Master Mason. In 1859, Johnson joined the Nashville York Rite Commandery of Knights Templar No. 1. In 1867, Johnson received the Scottish Rite degrees in a ceremony at the White House.

Lyndon Johnson was initiated as an Entered Apprentice in Freemasonry. On October 30, 1937, Johnson was initiated at the Johnson City Masonic Lodge No. 561, in Johnson City, Texas. But a week after his initiation, he won an election as a Representative in Congress and his congressional duties took so much of his time he was unable to pursue advanced Masonic degrees.

Lincoln chose Andrew Johnson as a running mate with the goal of bringing more widespread appeal to his campaign – called ticket balance. Lincoln, a Northern abolitionist Republican, chose Johnson for his running mate mostly to appeal to Southern, Abolitionist, and Democrats.

Kennedy chose Lyndon Johnson as a running mate with the goal of bringing more widespread appeal to his campaign – called ticket balance. Kennedy, a Northern liberal Catholic Democrat, chose Johnson for his running mate to appeal to Southern, Protestant, and Democrats.

Andrew Johnson became President, not by election, but because of the assassination of his predecessor. Johnson’s Presidency was overshadowed from the very beginning in comparison to one of the most impressive presidents in American history – Abraham Lincoln.

Andrew Johnson became President, not by election, but because of the assassination of his predecessor. Johnson’s Presidency was overshadowed from the very beginning in comparison to one of the most impressive presidents in American history – John F. Kennedy.

These comparisons make a good argument for the idea that history rhymes rather than repeats itself.

Lyndon Johnson had a volatile presidency culminating with the unpopularity of his Vietnam policies and chose not to run for re-election in ’68 leaving the presidency in disgrace. Yet historians regard him as among the “most colorful” of American Presidents.

So did Andrew Johnson—he had a volatile presidency culminating with impeachment and chose not to run for re-election in 1868 leaving the presidency in disgrace. Yet historians regard him as among the “most colorful” of American Presidents.

Here we are now in this era with a leader who has had a volatile Presidency that may lead to his impeachment – Donald Trump may go down in history as yet another colorful president.

Today there seems to be a conceptual cosmic relationship with events and the collective unconscious is responding to them. It seems that in ritual and in ceremony these concepts and images can be activated in a form that can only be described as magic.

Magic loosely meaning that there is no real explanation for the words that have been pronounced or the timing of their announcement and the importance of them being delivered to a captive audience.

There are thought forms that drift in the ether and it seems that their relationships are constantly coming together in a form of causality.

If you believe in a cryptocracy then perhaps it is not too far of a leap to understand synchronicity and how some things on a quantum level can surprise you.

We have unwittingly given the cryptocracy free rein to influence those that became President after both Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations and you can say that the country has slid off the rails to the point of no return ever since.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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