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Clyde Lewis | November 23, 2020


Over the weekend, I finally got what I wanted – a day where I could throw a blanket over me, pet the cat and watch some movies on TV. Liam has been asking if I could watch the Clone Wars cartoon – he says it will help me understand the Mandalorian better and I actually go a chance to see a movie that I have been hoping to find. It was a little known film called, “Love and Monsters.”

Simply put, the plot is about a young man named Joel, who braves mutated creatures to find his high school sweetheart, Amy. Chemicals raining down from nuclear weapons sent into the sky to take out an asteroid has caused the creatures on the planet to mutate into these terrifying monsters—the main character, Joel, is terrified of them but realizes there is something greater than his fear of being killed or eaten and that is love—finding his lost love.

I mainly watched it because Michael Rooker of the Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy was in it – for only a short time. Ironically, he plays a character named Clyde which helps the young Joel find his courage to take his journey.

It also has some pretty good lines it— Joel lives in a bunker with a bunch of adults who are just a little bit older than him – adults who have all hooked up. Not only is he the kid they all helped save, but he’s also the odd man out. That makes for a very lonely experience for someone who literally said goodbye to their high school sweetheart as the world ended.

When he was asked why he would leave the safety of a lockdown in a bunker and possibly die he said:

“I don’t want to die all alone at the end of the world.”

He left his locked down bunker to find his long lost sweetheart and that is all that mattered to him. As I was watching it, I couldn’t help but think that this little film unwittingly is a metaphor for COVID-19.

As I was watching I was thinking that the mutated bugs and monsters were like COVID-19 and that the young man thought that it was worth the pain and trouble to journey many miles to be with who he loved.

I got to thinking about the lockdown and how many people are now willing to sacrifice their humanity and living world to a transhumanist reset. It is all fear driven under many deceits and diversions because no one in their right mind would give consent to how they were being treated if they weren’t being coerced through fear to avoid their loved ones this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The plan put simply is the drive to promote and support wrongmindedness that seeks and sees the hateful and fearful first, and only then allows a ‘ toxic consciousness’ in its framing.

The freedom to explore limits as experience cannot be denied, but nor can it be more than accepted experience resulting from the wish to see ourselves attacked, deprived, betrayed and broken, as a point of reaction set in righteous claim to separate into ‘doing as we were done by’.

We have the attitude that everyone has to lock down this Thanksgiving – so you should too. But this type of thinking is full of all kinds of self-sabotage and self hate. Self-revulsion as a concept, can be opined about, but human self-hatred is a hell indeed if not a final act—a final act that we have to live with because we choose to allow ourselves to be beaten into submission by those who claim they are leading us. They are not at a leading us – they are condemning us and do not necessarily practice what they preach.

The State of California recently released mandatory guidelines for private gatherings to help stop the spread of coronavirus, this Holiday and yet photos surfaced showing Governor Gavin Newsom breaking his own guidelines.

Newsom had mandated strict guidelines about how many people can gather at your Holiday dinner and that you should wear your masks between each bite of food you eat.

Newsom and his friends were not following this suggestion.

Photos show that nobody was wearing masks, and the group of 12 was clearly exceeding the three household limit on private gatherings. Reports say the group was so loud that restaurant staff had to shut the glass sliding door to their private area.


California Governor Gavin Newsom is the most recent high-profile Democrat to be documented breaking the very coronavirus safety regulations they preach on us. Speaker Pelosi was caught getting her hair done without a mask, and Senator Dianne Feinstein was photographed walking through an airport without wearing a mask.

Governor Phi Murphy of New Jersey was having a huge family gathering at a restaurant and none of those in his gathering were wearing masks either and they were not social distancing.

This week, COVID Superstar, Andrew Cuomo got into a shouting match with reporters over New York City school closures. For good measure, he pointed the finger at New Yorkers — you know, the people he governs — for the virus’s resurgence in the state. “If you socially distanced and you wore a mask and you were smart, none of this would be a problem. It’s all self-imposed. If you didn’t eat the cheesecake, you wouldn’t have a weight problem.”

But there have been critics that have said that Cuomo has been really cavalier about masking and practicing what he preaches on his latest book tour. The book is basically a self-patting on the back for how he handled the COVID-19 outbreak in New York.

Under his watch, the state suffered more than 34,000 COVID-19 deaths, the largest death toll in the country. Several thousand came from nursing homes and it was the Cuomo administration that issued the order encouraging these residences to take covid-19-positive patients released from hospitals in an attempt to free up beds at the height of the pandemic. Instead of accepting responsibility for this horrid mistake—he writes a self-congratulating book about his genius.

Cuomo has also won an International Emmy award for his daily COVID-19 briefings during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States last spring.

In his virtual acceptance speech, the governor acted as if he had just been given the Nobel Peace Prize as opposed to a token Hollywood feel-good award.

He was just doing his job and doing it poorly but we are creating heroes that don’t exist and we are listening to those who are not practicing what they preach.

Governor Kate Brown has also been self-congratulatory about how she has been handling the virus. She has encouraged Oregon’s residents to call the cops if they see coronavirus violations.

She has encouraged Oregon’s residents to call the cops if they see coronavirus violations. She said in an interview that “This is no different than what happens if there’s a party down the street and it’s keeping everyone awake, What do neighbors do [in that case]? They call law enforcement because it’s too noisy. This is just like that. It’s like a violation of a noise ordinance.”

The governor ordered a two-week freeze that includes limiting indoor and outdoor gatherings to no more than six people from no more than two households in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

In Portland, she ordered a 4 week freeze.

In early July, Brown announced that all Oregonians will be required to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces. In mid-July she extended her executive order to the outdoors.

She was later caught walking on a hiking trail without a mask – her security detail were not wearing masks either.

A leader, whether it is a government official or someone in the private sector, needs to lead by example. At a time when the governor is enforcing mask mandates, social distancing, closing businesses, he of all people should indeed practice what he preaches.

What is most sick is that these governors are pushing these gestapo tactics on their people and the people are following blindly without question the motives behind what they are doing.

New Jersey’s largest city, Newark has set up police checkpoints on the roads coming into the city demanding people show proof of resident and proof they are doing an “essential activity.”

Mayor Ras Baraka is locking his city down like no other in the country.

In a statement, Mayor Baraka said, “I know you want to have fun, but now is not the time for fun. We have to stay focused, we have to do what’s right.”

“We want people to shelter in place. We want to be able to do that for 10 days, and we want only folks to come out for essential purposes. That’s what we want,” Baraka said.

All Newark residents are being forced to stay at home for 10 days, from November 25th until December 4th.

It looks like we are being told what to do by what can only be deemed Coronacommies—or Coronanazis. But it is not just an over clichéd term I am speaking of – I am beginning to see that we are all becoming like those Germans that never knew where the trains were going. The type of German that was just following orders.

I am beginning to wonder if our Government officials are listening to Wagner again and that it would be something they would blast on loud speakers as they order their lockdowns, curfews, travel bans, raiding homes and businesses, ordering everyone to wear medical masks, harassing and arresting business owners.

Do we need to have men in jackboots kick in your doors to “legitimize” the reality of what is happening?

The lie we are being told is that failure to wear the mask is killing people when compliance is enforced and people are being pressured or forced into wearing masks and more people are dying but we need to do what we are told by leaders that do not even put into practice what they tell us to do.

Just look back at the world’s not too distant history and we are seeing that our government tyrants don’t even care how their actions look to the public. People feel as if they are doing their part by condemning Trump when the problem is with the local governors and mayors.

The problem is with forced compliance.

It is terrifying to see how little-by-little, local progressive leadership is slowly turning their local governments into totalitarian gulags.

Where the police are hunting down the mask-less on the streets, raiding restaurants, bars, and people’s homes, where goose-stepping American citizens are peering into the windows of of homes this thanksgiving to see if families are violating “social distancing rules,” where I can’t take a walk or shop for groceries without being surrounded by hostile, glaring, sometimes verbally-abusive people , who are infuriated that I’m not wearing a mask, and otherwise mindlessly following orders, and who robotically remind me that this is the law when it is simply a mandate. You see, businesses have to comply or they will be shut down but ironically they complied and now they are told to shut down.

Does anybody have the human decency to call this type of governing, fraudulent?

Again, these are not Americans – they are Coronacommies or Corona Nazis while pretending that this coronavirus warrants the increasingly ridiculous “emergency measures” we are being subjected to.

This whole exercise functions like a cult.

It creeps up on you, little by little, little lie by little lie, accommodation by accommodation, rationalization by rationalization … until one day you find yourself taking orders from some twisted little narcissistic nihilist on a mission to remake the entire world. You don’t surrender to it all at once. You do it over the course of weeks and months.

Imperceptibly, it becomes your reality. You do not recognize that you are in it, because everything you see is part of it, and everyone you know is in it … except for the others, who are not part of it. The “deniers.” The “deviants.” The “foreigners.” The “strangers.” The “Covidiots.” The “virus spreaders.”

See, although the narratives and symbols may change, totalitarianism is totalitarianism. It doesn’t really matter which uniform it wears, or which language it speaks … it is the same abomination. It is an idol, a simulacrum of the hubris of man, formed from the clay of the minds of the masses by megalomaniacal spiritual cripples who want to exterminate what they cannot control.

And what they want to control is always everything.

Everything that reminds them of their weakness and their shame. You. Me. Society. The world. Laughter. Love. Honor. Faith. The past. The future. Life. Death. Everything that will not obey them.

Unfortunately, once this kind of thing gets started, and reaches the stage we are currently experiencing, more often than not, it does not stop, not until cities lie in ruins or fields are littered with human skulls.

It might us take ten or twelve years to get there, but, make no mistake, that’s where we’re headed, where totalitarianism is always headed … if you don’t believe me you can look at the Germans, the Soviets, The East Germans, The Argentines, The Chileans, the Red Chinese, North Korea — I can make a list in history of all of those that were beguiled into becoming complaint and winding up dead or oppressed.

One of the biggest obstacles to the finalization of the reset and the formation of the new world order has been liberty-minded populations across the planet — most of all, the liberty-minded people within America. The U.S. has to be destabilized or eliminated; the old world order has to be brought down before the new world order can be introduced. The people have to be beaten down and desperate, so that when the globalists offer their “reset” as the solution, the people will gladly accept it without question — simply because they want the economic pain and uncertainty to stop.

A common statement made by globalists from Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum to the current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is that the coronavirus pandemic is the “perfect opportunity” to trigger the “great reset.” As globalist Rahm Emanuel is famous for admitting, in crisis there is opportunity to do things you were not able to do before.

In other words, when people panic in the face of crisis, they become easy to manipulate. And, if a crisis doesn’t happen naturally, then why not create a crisis from thin air and use that to cause panic?

Most people would say that perhaps rebellion is in order but it is impossible to rebel without losing more of what you are hanging on to.

I like to think that I have learned to take on a non-conformist attitude. However, I have my limits and my unwritten rules of what should be appropriate when it comes to rebellion. I have chosen to inform and to weigh in on what will and won’t work but I am not at all above adapting to something in order to preserve what I have worked for.

Moreover, if adapting would give me cause for shame, or step in my dignity or put my family in danger – that is where I would leave the appropriateness to my better judgment and even then I am not too sure if even a code of appropriateness would keep me from rebelling.

It depends on how convincingly I can justify to myself that I should act – I guess it boils down to how much pain one can tolerate mentally and physically.

I guess this is where it all ends up – how much pain can we tolerate—how much inhumanity can we allow in the face of all of the monsters we are told that are out there waiting to kill us?

In times where we are watching movies about the Zombie apocalypse, we have to realize that the zombies are not always the monsters—there are others that wield their power so that they can order people to do their bidding.

The globalists have their crisis and we have been trained to do what we are told and everyone who is sounding the alarm are heretics.

The others are safely sheltered in place not wanting to get involved but there are a few that will be peering over the fence—or looking in your windows to see if you are compliant. This the New America – are you willing to accept it?

The reset is not a natural inevitability, it is a con, a trap. No matter how bad the crisis in our nation becomes, it is the people; namely, the liberty-minded people who will determine the future, not the globalists. Their plan relies on our panic. Instead of panic, let’s show them a unified front and a plan of our own.




Written by Clyde Lewis

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