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Clyde Lewis | November 27, 2019
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Most conspiracy theory is fueled by a desire to see the universe as ultimately intelligible, the bargain being that things can make sense, but only if you believe in a pervasive totalitarian cover-up.

One of the biggest conspiracy theories has always been the cover-up of activities in space and the relationship our military has with possible extraterrestrial encounters.

For some time, there has been an attitude of malice towards the government and the military with regard to what is invading our airspace. This has engendered cloak and dagger attitudes that have lingered after the Cold War with regard to cover-ups at Roswell, Men in Black, detainments at Area 51, and the belief that the new Space Force is all about alien warfare in a future war in space.

Last night, I received a number of e-mails asking me if I was going to report on a strange object that was seen over Washington DC that forced a lockdown of the White House.

For my own part, I acknowledged the event and even half-jokingly said that it looks like the aliens want to land on the Whitehouse lawn – that would be a guaranteed distraction from the impeachment hearings.

Some of the first reports of a potential aerial threat emerged just before 8:30 AM local time in Washington, with the U.S. Capitol Police and U.S. Secret Service subsequently restricting access to various sites and telling individuals at the White House and Capitol Building to shelter in place. Within 45 minutes, the U.S. Capitol Police said that the situation had passed “without incident” and the lockdowns ended shortly thereafter.

The few first reports claimed that what was seen in the restricted airspace over The Whitehouse was an unidentified aircraft. It was first described as a dark elliptical object. Then it was reported that it could have been a drone or a plane that flew off course.

What is most interesting about the event is that while very few news outlets reported it just after it happened; many of the initial reports were pulled from the internet, only to be replaced by official cliché statements of the event being attributed to a flock of birds, a weather balloon, or something else other that a plane, a drone, or a helicopter.

The explanation could have been taken right from the script of the Men In Black movie where Tommy Lee Jones’ character Agent K resets witnesses’ memories with the statement “swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.”

Whatever it was, it triggered an alert that sent fighter jets and helicopters scrambling into the air.

Before the lockdowns ended, the U.S.-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command NORAD was responsible for coordinating the defense of airspace in both countries, including over Washington, D.C., Tweeted out that “We have tasked aircraft to respond. More details to follow.”

They claimed that what they were chasing was a plane that in their words was not showing any signs of being hostile.

The Pentagon, U.S. Northern Command, nor NORAD issued an official press release regarding the incident.

I couldn’t help but have a bit of déjà vu as many UFO historians remember the famous incident in 1952 where UFOs or Flying Saucers buzzed the nation’s capitol.

The Washington, D.C. sightings of July 1952, also known as “the Big Flap,” hold a special place in the history of unidentified flying objects. Major American newspapers were reporting multiple credible sightings by civilian and military radar operators and pilots—so many that a special intelligence unit of the U.S. Air Force was sent in to investigate. What they found—or didn’t find—along with the Air Force’s official explanation, fueled some of the earliest conspiracy theories about a government plot to hide evidence of alien life.

According to The Washington Post, the number of UFO sightings reported to the Air Force jumped more than sixfold, from 23 in March 1952 to 148 in June. By July, the precise conditions were in place for a wildfire of UFO mania: widespread Cold War anxiety, mainstream press coverage of unexplained UFO incidents and a healthy dose of “midsummer madness.” All that was needed was a spark.

Today, we are in the middle of what can be called an increase of UFO sightings, the Navy admitting that they from time to time have encounters with them – and a recent flap of an asteroid near misses and very bright fireballs being sighted all over the world.

All we need is a spark, set off some saucer madness as we go into the New Year and so far, we seem to be in the middle of something complex and somewhat familiar to those who know a little something about UFO history.

The incident that happened over Washington D.C. yesterday underscores the very real challenges involved in protecting the skies above the nation’s capital, and short-range air defense, in general, especially as novel threats, such as increasingly capable small unmanned aircraft, continue to emerge and evolve.

No matter what people tell you – Unidentified Flying Objects, Unknowns, Bogies, and Unidentified Arial Phenomenon pose a threat to the airspace above our country.

On November 21st, NASA was tracking at least four incoming asteroids that were considered potentially hazardous. At the same time, NASA also reported that the earth was going to pass through a Comet’s tail – and that it would trigger some massive celestial fireworks. It was called the Unicorn meteor swarm.

During that time there were several huge fireballs, light flashes and unexplainable rumbles that were reported.

In the aftermath of this event, there were a number of stories that were reported where observers reported that a lot of what was seen did not appear to be natural.

One of the most impressive fireballs to show up during the event was seen in Polk County Oregon. Many observers say that what they saw was something that was the size of a single-engine plane or an automobile headed toward the earth.

It left a dark trail and then there was a huge explosion before the object disappeared into the trees along the coastal range.

According to local news, Richard Romano who lives just outside Dallas Oregon in Polk County snapped about a half dozen shots on his cell phone and then called the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, pretty sure what he saw was not only a fireball but a small aircraft – possibly a plane following it into the trees.

Romano told the police:

“ I saw the airplane going the same path as the fireball was – same exact path. In the time it took to get over there, for me walking and checking the mail, it gave him time to get right there where I saw the fireball. And I’m looking for the plane, and I don’t see the plane anymore.”

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office did some looking of its own, Life Flight took a look with a helicopter, the Forest Service and Civil Air Patrol searched again on the ground – there were also unmarked black helicopters circling the area looking for something.

Whatever it was came down either in the woods or in the ocean but the reports of helicopters in the area, especially unmarked black ones sends up a few paranoia flags because of the black helicopter connection.

For decades, and across much of the United States, people have reported sightings of what have become known as “Black Helicopters” and “Phantom Helicopters.” They are often seen in the direct vicinity of animal mutilation events and UFO encounters.

Back in August, we reported the strange cattle mutilations that baffled authorities in Eastern Oregon.

Now, logic will dictate that what Romano saw was a fireball the size of a car pummeling to Earth – the report of a plane or a craft observing the object is curious.

Many of the witnesses of a ‘real’ UFOs usually see what appears to be aircraft that can make impossible changes in direction, malleable/transforming of shape, the ability to ‘disappear’ in virtually an instant – fireball activity contributes to the possibility of hysteria—however we now live in times where not only are we seeing an increase in UFO sightings – and with this in mind we may want to weigh in on the fact that active skies are more complex than just claiming that aliens are at the wheel of these strange aircraft.

No longer are sightings likely just a benign party balloon or Chinese lantern floating on the wind instead our skies are filled with drone tech, from hobbyists’ quadcopters to million-dollar military surveillance craft.

We cannot rule out these possibilities when we see something in the air that has no explanation, however, even with that said things can get awfully bizarre.

Earlier this year it was reported that Gatwick, London’s second airport, was forced to close for 36 hours, stretching over three days because of what have been reported to be drones buzzing the area.

For three weeks, the region’s police, air traffic controllers, and even its armed forces were squinting at the sky, trying to work out if tiny airborne intruders were hovering over its runways.

The first reports were all about UFOs that buzzed over the area and in order to silence hysteria, the media, and the airport issued a statement clearing up the notion that anything alien was involved with the sightings.

At Gatwick on December 19, 2018, over 60 people claimed to have spotted a UFO over the airport and then came the drone reports in January of 2019. What is most bizarre is that no one in the area claimed to have seen any drones.

Authorities claimed that a number of unidentified craft appeared on radar, however.

No drone or UFO was ever caught on camera, although police insist they were indeed present.

This is how strange it has been.

There is no doubt that something peculiar is going on in the world’s air space. It is as if there is some sort of preparation or change in effect that leans toward the creepy and unexplainable. Not a day goes by where there isn’t some warning about incoming objects both natural and apparently, unnatural.

The question is – does this seem normal to you?

Last month we reported that a strange fireball incident happened in Chile. Seven fireballs were tracked coming into the Earth’s atmosphere over an area called, Chiloe. The fireballs did not break up but were seen crash landing into the Earth.

The objects were described as bright red and some claim that they looked as if they were under intelligent control.

On September 28, National Geology and Mining Service officials released a preliminary report based on field analysis that concluded the mysterious objects that hurtled toward Earth were not dissolved meteorites. Geologists with the agency visited the alleged site of the impact and found no evidence of meteorites.

However, whatever the objects were they were obliterated and set the area on fire.

Astronomer Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics tweeted that he believed the objects were likely meteorites as there were no “relevant space debris candidates” that he could see, but noted that it often takes several days for more information to come out.

So if it isn’t meteorites and it is not space debris, what has happened in Chile?

The final report on the incident was supposed to be issued at the end of October. So far details of the incident provided by authorities’ state that out of seven sites, not one of them has evidence of meteorites. Typically, the fragments will strike the earth in a roughly elliptical pattern called a distribution, or dispersion ellipse a few miles long.

Most of the major axis of the ellipse being oriented in the same direction as the original track of the meteorite. The larger fragments, because of their greater momentum, tend to impact further down the ellipse than the smaller ones.

The characteristics do not match that of any natural fall from space – therefore pending further investigation the objects were either space debris or something else.

Preliminary soil samples indicated some radiation was present and that the resulting fires in the area of the crash may have been unrelated to the site where the objects had landed or crashed.

So what ignited the fires?

There is yet another explanation that may trigger talk of what can be called the “fake alien invasion” scenario.

The U.S. Navy has been quietly developing what could be one of the most important, transformative, and fascinating advances in naval combat, and warfare in general, in years.

This new electronic warfare “system of systems” has been clandestinely refined over the last five years and judging from the Navy’s own budgetary documents, it may be in operation. This secretive new electronic warfare is known as Netted Emulation of Multi-Element Signature against Integrated Sensors, or NEMESIS.

The Navy has been developing and integrating multiple types of unmanned vehicles, shipboard and submarine systems, countermeasures and electronic warfare payloads, and communication technologies to give it the ability to project what are, in essence, phantom fleets of aircraft, ships, and submarines. These realistic-looking false signatures and decoys have the ability to appear seamlessly across disparate and geographically separated enemy sensor systems – both in the air and below the ocean.

It’s not just about disrupting the enemy’s capabilities or confusing them at a command and control level, but also about making their sensors tell them the same falsehoods across large swathes of the battlespace.

It sounds like science fiction, but it is anything but—it’s the next quantum leap in the quiet, but ferocious struggle to control the invisible domain of electronic warfare.

Much of what could be used as electronic decoying was first developed by the CIA’s PALLADIUM project, which deployed radar spoofing systems and submarine-launched balloons carrying metallic radar reflectors in order to stimulate and probe Cuba’s Soviet-made air defenses.

Back in 2014, it was reported that the CIA was taking credit for many of the UFO sightings that happened in the 1950s and 1960s including the 1952 UFO chase over Washington D.C. – the same UFO saucer scare that was explained away as a flock of seagulls.

The report alleges that ground-based observers of what they thought were UFOs wrote letters to the Air Force. “This, in turn, led to the Air Force’s Operation BLUE BOOK,” which “collected all reports of UFO sightings” and “attempted to explain such sightings by linking them to natural phenomena.”

Others disputed the claim that the CIA was responsible for tests of phantom fleets and attributed sightings to that of the U2 spy plane.

The government seems to know how to obfuscate their own disinformation campaigns as there are many UFO sightings and encounters that have had physical evidence only to be whisked away Indiana Jones style to be analyzed by “top men.”

This type of disinformation is known as “accidental camouflage” in the intelligence community – a smokescreen to cover up inconvenient data about objects that they cannot identify or even engage.

Sure they have PALLADIUM and NEMESIS but they cannot account for all of the strange sightings.

There is little publicly available information surrounding NEMESIS aside from unclassified black budget documents that pass through the bureaucracy from time to time but of course, this will fuel speculation on the possibility that the military has the capability of faking or creating a phantom fleet of UFOs for strategic purposes.

Keep in mind that the phantom fleets would not be seen by observers on the ground but could be used to spoof radar systems of an enemy.

There have been reports that defense contractors have speculated that the 2004 Nimitz encounters could have been part of the NEMESIS program.

Some argue, had the Navy’s UFO encounters been related to classify testing, military personnel would have been briefed and made aware they were part of a training mission.

We have interviewed Kevin Day who was the Chief Radar Operation Specialist and Air Intercept Controller on the USS Princeton and he claimed that these so-called UFO Tic Tacs that the Navy encountered in 2004 have been around all along and that new radar systems are now detecting UFOs more and more.

This gives the advantage to the military to respond to real threats from unknown aircraft.

The incident over Washington D.C. tested radar and weapons response to unknown threats from the air.

When it comes to the air defense network around Washington, D.C., even if it does detect a real threat, how to respond remains complicated. Firing surface-to-air or air-to-air missiles at a target over a heavily populated area, especially at a low-flying target, raises inherent risks of causing collateral damage. Employing automatic cannons or machine guns from aircraft or emplacements on the ground still present dangers to innocent bystanders.

There is also the question of whether large scale attacks, especially those involving groups or fully networked swarms of small drones, would simply overwhelm these defenses.

Now keep in mind that I am not concluding that this is the explanation for all mysterious UFO sightings but it is important that we look at all the plausible data to explain seemingly ‘impossible’ sightings of UFOs .

Fairly small changes in military technology can be indistinguishable from magic or an aircraft piloted by an E.T, that wants desperately to land on the Whitehouse lawn.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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