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Ron Patton | November 28, 2018
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I guess officially we are going headlong into winter. For those on the East Coast, it started too early. Snow has already blanketed most of the United States and the frigid cold was part of an Omega lock that formed a polar vortex before Thanksgiving.

Today has been a drizzly dark day in Portland. I forget sometimes how daunting things can be when the weather changes.

After the holiday, I attended a conference about D.B. Cooper. It was very enlightening. I caught the tail end of it because I had a harrowing experience on the way there.

I usually use public transportation – and the conference was about an hour and forty-five minutes away by bus. I had to take two buses to the event because it was held at a country club near the Columbia River.

The last bus according to my map was supposed to take me right to the door of the country club. The truth is, I was sadly mistaken.

As I was heading to the country club, the weather started to change. There was a thick fog that rolled in from the Columbia River and since I was in a part of town I wasn’t familiar with – I became confused as to where I was. I safely made the connection to the other bus and it was actually going along the route that was in the Google maps and so I had faith that I was on the right track.

I was looking for a building that looked like a country club. However, as the trip progressed, I noticed that the scenery was actually looking more rural. Open fields were everywhere and the bus took a left turn.

It then made a stop in the fog. The bus driver turned off the engine. She said to me this is the end of the line. I said “You can’t be serious; my map says that you are supposed to proceed to a country club where I am attending a conference.

She said “No sir, this is the end of the line.”

I gave her the address of the country club and she said that it was two miles ahead of us and that she was going the other direction.

She told me that I had to get off of the bus.

The fog had obscured the entire area and I asked her if there was anyplace nearby where I could at least get a cup of coffee and figure out where I was. She told me, no.

I saw that there was what appeared to be a building, a warehouse of some kind in the fog – I asked the driver, “What is over there?’

She said, “Oh that is a prison, most people don’t ride out this far because they just don’t like the idea of being out in the middle of nowhere when there is a prison nearby.”

My blood ran cold because I knew what that meant.

I was at the end of the line, I had to get off of the bus and be stranded in the fog next to a prison.

I asked her what I should do, she suggested I get a Lyft app and call for a ride. I then got the app and summoned a car.

The bus drove away.

I spent four of the most terrifying minutes waiting for a car to show up.

There I was in the fog, out in the middle of nowhere waiting for a Lyft driver.

As I was waiting I noticed someone was coming. In the fog, they looked like some nebulous shadowy figure. This figure was coming from the direction of the prison.

I was thinking that whoever or whatever this was it was not coming to ask me how my day was going. The person stopped for a few moments and then kept coming toward me. I thought, who would be out here in the middle of nowhere in the fog?

I looked away hoping my ride would come.

Then when I looked back whoever it was – just vanished.

The car finally showed up and I was able to go to the conference.

Now—of course your first thoughts are that someone just happened to be walking in the fog, at dusk, in a field, near a prison. You just happened to be there at the same time.

Then there is that part of me that says “I am alone in the fog, in a field near a prison and some strange shadowy figure just happens to appear and then disappears. Was this a ghost of some killer stalking me? Was it a dark entity that haunts the gates of the prison?

Of course, the paranormal thing crossed my mind…I mean, why wouldn’t it?

I am sure you have had one of those terrifying unexplained experiences that give you that chilling feeling that you are about to be dragged down to hell.

I have never been a big fan of the fog. Here in Portland, we have been having an inordinate amount of fog in the valley. It never really bothered me that much in the past. Now I think the biggest reason why I do not like the fog is because of Stephen King’s film, “The Mist.”

I made the big mistake of watching “The Mist” as I was recovering from my first cancer surgery.

I watched the film in a house that was actually owned by a couple who were from Bavaria. They were actually college professors and their specialty was occult studies with a focus on paganism and witchcraft.

They left their home to me to use while I recovered. All I had to do was feed the cats. The House was stocked with food and I had a special hook up with cable so I could watch all kinds of things from around the world.

I also had access to an occult library where I could read to my heart’s content.

Needless to say, things were a bit weird as I lived in the margins recovering from something that could kill me.

So I guess the fog reminds me of vulnerability and how things can lurk in the margins and strike out at you if you are not too careful.

Lurking in the margins of our lives are experiences that cannot be explained. It can be theorized that these experiences remain in the margins in most part because they shock us, confound us, and play with the mind in such a way that it makes us question mortality and why we were given the experience in the first place.

When paranormal experiences happen and we are witness to them, it can be argued that it expands our sense of who we imagine we are and transforming our intimate relationship with ourselves.

These experiences are unmediated manifestations of the dreamlike nature of reality, we know that we are awake, but the experience can be compared to a dream or a nightmare.

For me, they are genuine wake up calls to the fact that there is more to learn about the quantum entanglements that exist in the matrix we have constructed and that there sometimes isn’t an explanation for everything.

Many people who have had these experiences in their lives have told me that the paranormal event they were involved in has changed them to the very core.

After all, when you see or experience the unknown you can say that you no longer live in a disenchanted universe. I can only surmise that it can affect someone on the chemical level, leaving an indelible mark on the conscious and unconscious mind.

Appearances of ghosts, UFO’s, encounters with aliens and even synchronicities by their very nature demand our undivided attention, as they are not something that we can just passively observe and then remain unaffected.

Many paranormal events are like whispers. They speak to us through EVP, telepathy, spiritual intuitiveness and synchronistic events. A synchronistic event occurs when we recognize that two or more causally unrelated events resemble each other and catch our attention.

On a quantum level, we learn that through some natural occurrence we can receive a message on a post-cognitive level, especially under duress, or in an emergency, when we focus or listen to what we call the “little voice” in our head. There is also retro-cognition or backward knowing, where a paranormal transfer occurs, giving information about an event that has happened in the past.

Of course, any voice we hear that prompts us to act before an event happening is a precognitive voice. This is a form of extrasensory perception or ESP.

The old axiom “I gotta bad feeling about this” seems to apply here.

Having a bad feeling about a situation is something we are familiar with, however, there are those other occasions where we wind up in a place that gives us a bad feeling or that has been the site where something traumatic has happened.

Many ghost hunters have explored several areas that have been energized through trauma and tragedy. It is recommended that these sites be avoided because they affect you psychologically and tend to attract malevolent forces.

Let’s say that someone who dies does not have a peaceful death.

The deceased, instead, returns to the world of the living, where it exists in a half-state of
neither fully living nor deceased. The ghost comes back to haunt because it represents a past that has not been resolved.

The ghost-witness relationship forms because the past that a person is connecting to by way of the ghost is one of trauma. The ghost is not a representation of the past alone; it is a representation of memories from a traumatic past.

Just as not every death creative or otherwise result in a ghost, not every past event becomes a source of trauma. Trauma becomes the response to specific types of experience and memory. A look at the psychology of trauma reveals that we do not respond to trauma in the same way that we respond to other memories.

However, a traumatic death – or a scene where a traumatic death occurs can trigger paranormal activity.

Sunday night I was made aware of a strange case that happened in a park near the home of one of my Portland listeners. Angelique and her husband Russell, and their friend James Robert Wright said that Saturday night around 8:00PM the police showed up along with an ambulance at Glenwood Park. The park is just across the street from their home. They noticed that the paramedics were picking a man off of the ground and placed him on a gurney.

The man had apparently died as the officers were draping a blanket over his head. There was a bright light that was fixed on the site. The light cut through the fog and darkness and cast an eerie glow at the crime scene.

After the body was taken away, both Angelique and Russell noticed something strange in the fog. The park was empty except coming out of the fog were a group of children in matching hoodies. The children seemed to be all walking in unison as if they were synchronized to a small merry go round on the playground.

They all got on the merry go round and spun a few revolutions.

Angelique remembered the show I did about the black eyed children and wondered if she was witnessing the appearance of these demonic kids.

Her husband Russell thought fast and grabbed his phone to snap some photographs of the children.

Needless to say, the children looked as if they did not belong in the park. By this time it was around 10:00 PM , it was dark and knowing about what happened just before the children showed up seemed a bit eerie.

Although the pictures do not show the eyes of the children – this once again adds to the various sightings of these strange hooded black eyed children that show up just before or after tragic events.

As it would seem these children come from some darker place and dwell in that nebulous void between demonology, and the plain old paranormal.

This is a dark and perplexing realm wherein the most eccentric entities are said to exist, carving their own unique niches in what can be called the abyss.

Since these so-called demonic children virtually materialize out of thin air there is very little evidence suggesting a point of origin.

The increased sightings of these strange children can be compared to the sightings of clowns that plagued the United States two years ago. Some of the clown sightings were legitimate while some critics believed the clown plague was an example of what is called, Phantom Hysteria.

There is an old biblical verse that says for now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. It can be found in the New Testament and the verse has always had special meaning to me mainly because I find myself in situations where I receive information that I sometimes don’t want, and yet the information confirms my suspicions about a darker order or force that exists alongside those powers we consider being from lighter realms.

I am sure there are many among us that wish that they could have a peek inside the anxieties and conversations taking place amongst the streams of humanity whizzing by. Perhaps if we had that power we would find that everybody’s experience on this planet is unique and that some experiences on this planet are paranormal and peculiar.

When we see the world through the glass darkly, we are seeing what can be called the riddle or the enigma; it is the great mystery of life that keeps us asking questions. While many people seek answers come are just as satisfied with the unanswered questions and love to remain seeing life through the glass darkly.

Legends, myths and other written accounts of the paranormal proliferates all parts of history. In all cultures creatures of twilight exist and persist. They drift about and manifest sending many people to unknown ends to find the answers and in many ways, we see that the paranormal can be similar to a rainbow’s chase.

Some say that the paranormal is proof that we live is some paralleled construct where beings from other dimensions find themselves here. Of course, there are those that see these phantoms as an indication of real evil in the world.

If it is evil or if the children in the park where the dead man was found were evil – then they are a banal form of evil.

Many of us are aware of evil only because we have been given cartoon parameters that shape what we perceive as evil. We figure that evil is something that is done with wicked or cruel intent. There are really not many Americans who may see evil as something that is carried out without malice or even wicked intent.

In fact, cultural milieus indicate that today evil is being carried out as a matter of duty, as a matter of compulsion, just like eating is carried out in order to gain sustenance.

Evil is business as usual now and winds up becoming less peculiar and more common. The result is confusion and the inability for moist human beings to deal with such a notion.

The banality of evil becomes part of “future shock” and little by little it eats away at the culture.

German-American philosopher Hannah Arendt gave the world the phrase, “the banality of evil”. In 1963, she published the book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, her account of the trial of Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi military officer and one of the key figures of the Holocaust. Eichmann was hanged to death for war crimes. Arendt’s fundamental thesis is that ghastly crimes like the Holocaust are not necessarily committed by psychopaths and sadists, but, often, by normal, sane and ordinary human beings who perform their tasks with a bureaucratic diligence.

With the prevailing eschatology and the predictions of the world apocalypse, I can now see that a critical mass of individuals are giving up or becoming hostile because all they hear about is how their future is going to be an apocalyptic cataclysm. We are seeing that people who used to love life begin to lose their zest for life. We begin to see children thinking about suicide or even killing playmates.

We see viral trends on YouTube where young people play deadly games of strangling their friends and self-immolation. These trends are beginning to show how evil becomes less peculiar and more of a natural occurrence in the course of evolution.

There is a cynical view of monsters that has become a prevailing truth in the zeitgeist and that is most monsters are merely people who have decided that there is no need to pretend anymore and that the cause of good is really not worth the pain and suffering of being a victim of those monsters that walk among us.

We hear from people that the battle is always about good versus evil, when now we are becoming more aware of evil becoming territorial and that living monsters are now ready to take what they believe is their entitlement.

These monsters and fiends now look at things like land, food, water, and even people as their stock and trade and are now in the process of trafficking such items and being paid highly for what they provide.

Look around you and understand that the monsters are engaging in a very complex psychological war. You may think it sounds like some science fiction fairy tale but it is similar to what we have read in most science fiction novels.

Think of some of the stories we have read that teach us about how easy it is to surrender your humanity for some alien cause, some evil war, or perhaps an ideology that eventually traps you into thinking that what you are doing so for the greater good.

You either choose to be a child of the light – or the darker entity’s child.

The sightings of these children can be seen as mere conjuring of dark archetypes as described by Carl Jung.

The old axiom is that there is ‘nothing new under the sun,’ when it comes to the heart and mind of man. We are not nearly as original as we imagine ourselves to be and we tend to devolve from being shaved apes to being out of control monsters when things seem to fall apart.

In the end, something has learned to taunt us with spooky actions at a distance.

The cosmic trickster tends to use his own special brand of psychological warfare in order to possess our souls.

Written by Ron Patton

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