I woke up late this morning and was rushing to get out of my apartment. I looked out the window at the morning drizzle and thought I can wait a little while before I had to hop the bus for work. As usual, I turned on the news brewed me a cup of coffee. Rather than sit down and watch I was multitasking taking gulps out of my mug, getting dressed and everything else.

I was over hearing the news reports and I thought that it just seemed like there was a war on everything and the word resistance is now being overplayed in the media.

There is a continued War on Terror, something I thought we gave up on years ago, and the ongoing war for truth, facts, and transparency. It used to be the ongoing struggle for truth justice and the American way, but of course that is what our grandparents fought for.

All this stirring, discord, messaging and organizing guarantees nothing, but as an indicator of popular will and institutional opposition, it is indicating that America is edging closer to its mass psychotic break where domestic deployment will be an option to basically restore order in the country.

I know that I have warned of this before and when I did we had a few sporadic breakout of civil unrest under the watch of President Obama. Now the bigger conflict is in the planning and we have to be vigilant as several flashpoints are showing us that we are about to experience an abrupt change in the way we view ourselves.

We are seeing an unprecedented beginning; one that feels like a haphazard civil war, but a civil war in which a lot of civil society is already passionately engaged against the government, against political philosophy, technocratic take over, sexual misconduct, drugs, religion, race, economy and the list goes on.

In my life, I have never seen anything like this. It appears to be a controlled demolition of what we stand for and it destabilizes almost everything, and that’s both horrific and creates a form of morbid curiosity.

My morbid curiosity gets the best of things at times and so I go off on my knowledge of history and how major events take place immediately after there is a small trickle of information indicating that there has to be a breaking point.

Over time, we have learned that when we see the failures of big government, and then we begin to see little acts of resistance, the fear of lashing out in a big way dies, and we start seeing a deluge of true revolutions involving everything from medicine to economics.

Keep in mind that when the Berlin Wall came down there were signs that it was crumbling. If you connect the dots you are not as surprised when revolutionary things happen that have an impact on how people live.

It changes everything and we are now due for another incredible change that can be positive or negative depending on how we adapt.

The underlying attitudes that are being expressed in social media circles are indicating that pressure has been building for decades.

When a major event is planned and is carried out, the smaller events that took place which led up to the event, seem obvious in retrospect.

But again, as I have warned it is our normalcy bias in an era of abnormal activity.

It is now time to stop denying the fact that the immediate future is not going to be anything close to what we are experiencing now in the present.

The decentralization of information is now revealing that perhaps it is time to not always believe the narrative that you continually tell yourself. Some people act so cock sure that they can rely on everything to fit in a box, and then when reality abruptly becomes foreign or shocking they become angry or blame someone else for the reason they were incredulous in the first place.

Mike Adams who is a social commentator and journalist for Natural News recently made a podcast warning his subscribers that some of his sources who work as military contractors have told him that a massive domestic deployment mission is being proposed which means that such activity is a strong indicator that something massive is afoot — something that has been known in advance.

Could it be something that when you wake up in the morning your tomorrow will not be recognized?

I realized today just how fast things can change when I saw the headline about North Korea.


Yes it is now official North Korea conducted a night test of a long-range ballistic missile that landed off the coast of Japan, triggering a South Korea test-launch in response and pushing the region closer to a nuclear conflict.

My first reaction to the headlines was “We need to respond, we need to do something!” I rushed to my Facebook and posted the headline and gave that response it was a reply that put my thoughts into perspective. Someone replies, how would you response Clyde?

I was transfixed — I really did not know, because if there was a nuclear response this would yet again change our lives.

President Trump, who had insisted that North Korean development of an ICBM would not happen during his presidency, said: “We will take care of it … it is a situation that we will handle.”

Now I am wondering, how will he handle this? How should he handle it when his entire country has declared war on itself? His decision will be wrong no matter what he does and if it triggers more dissent, more outrage, and more sedition then decisions could be made for domestic deployment.

In order to understand how this is done all we have to do is go back 100 years to the era of President Woodrow Wilson.

Woodrow Wilson delivered his War Message to a special session of Congress on April 2, 1917, declaring that Germany’s latest actions had rendered his “armed neutrality” policy untenable. He asked Congress to declare Germany’s action to be an act of war. He proposed the United States enter the war, telling Congress that Germany “means to stir up enemies against us at our very doors”. He then also warned that “if there should be disloyalty, it will be dealt with a firm hand of repression.” Wilson closed his address stating:”The world must be made safe for democracy. We have no selfish ends to serve. We desire no conquest, no dominion. We seek no indemnities for ourselves, no material compensation for the sacrifices we shall freely make.”

The Declaration of War by the United States against Germany passed Congress by strong bipartisan majorities on April 4, 1917 and it was signed by Wilson on April 6, 1917. The nation’s entry into the war was not universally accepted. Antiwar groups, anarchists, communists, Industrial Workers of the World members, and other antiwar groups began to voice their opposition. Many of these groups were targeted by the Department of Justice. Wilson established the United States Committee on Public Information, headed by George Creel, (also known as the “Creel Commission”), which circulated patriotic anti-German appeals and conducted censorship of materials considered seditious.

To further combat disloyalty to the war effort at home, Wilson pressured Congress to pass the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918 to suppress anti-British, pro-German, or anti-war statements. He called for the arrest and deportment of foreign-born enemies. Many recent immigrants or resident aliens without U.S. citizenship, who opposed America’s participation in the war, were deported to Russia or other nations under the powers granted in the Immigration Act of 1918.

Now if Donald Trump did this you could imagine, the commercials demanding impeachment, the justice warriors demanding that we dethrone the tyrant, the media on the attack, journalists arrested riots in the streets.

You know it has been done in the past – think of how it can be implemented now.

Think about who made this happen; not Trump but his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Barack Obama signed an Executive Order stating that the president and his specifically designated secretaries have the authority to commandeer all domestic U.S. resources including food and water and other resources during times of turmoil.

The executive order is just an update to other such hidden unitary executive orders that have been on the books since the 1930’s. The Unites States has actually been under a national security threat since the end of World War II when we made bargains with Nazis to work within the ranks of the CIA.

It declares that he and his Secretaries have the authority to seize all transportation, energy, and infrastructure inside the United States as well as forcibly induct/draft American citizens into the military. The executive order also contains a vague reference in regards to harnessing American citizens to fulfill “labor requirements” for the purposes of national defense.

The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order exploits the “authority” granted to the President in the Defense Production Act of 1950 in order to assert that virtually every means of human survival is now available for confiscation and control by the President with assistance of his secretaries in charge.

This can happen at any time; that is if the president perceives that he is under threat or that the country is. Either way, this is how dictatorships begin, under the guise of protection for the homeland. No one denies that we need to be protected however the provisions now are striking a chord with students of history, some of which are now considered conspiracy extremists.

The unfortunate thing about the typical American is that they are too comfortable with the idea that America is too big to fail. They believe that our very form of government is immune to collapsing into a different form. Americans should know full well that our government is teetering on the brink of socialism, communism, and even despotism.

It is time to realize that Americans can’t allow their politics as usual to continue. They do not apply in chaos, and I promise you they won’t.

If we put this history in the present context; that is, the context of an “intelligence community” that is out to overthrow an elected President of the United States. We are seeing that like in the times of Kennedy and or Wilson, the intelligence groups and Alphabet agencies have their own agendas and plots that they want to execute.

We have to now carefully analyze the information outlets that are serving as mouthpieces for our disaffected agents that want to keep pushing this “blackmail” agenda because eventually it will bring down the system and destabilize to a point where agents that are authorities within the Deep State will force the hand of the Commander-in-Chief.

If he does not comply history has shown us what happens then.

Now, think about what is happening and what is at stake here. When we see news organizations squirming over a president question their credibility, we have to assume that what they are doing is not necessarily credible.

The media has been loud and clear about how they feel with regard to President Trump. They have been the loudest voices supporting a “resistance.” This gives the President and others the grounds to ask who is funding and directing the “resistance” and the war on everything. This is breeding suspicion and doubt all over the United States.

It also puts many news organizations under suspicion of aiding and abetting a social coup d’état.

I think we have to assume that the CIA and with Deep State agents of the “intelligence community” have infiltrated our domestic politics as thoroughly as they did during the times of Kennedy and the Cold War.

We are seeing an intentional infusion of paranoia in our daily discourse courtesy of the intelligence agents within the media.

To add to the pressure of the process of keeping control of the security of this nation we are facing the danger of a nuclear conflict, which we thought had passed with the falling of the Berlin Wall and the breakup of the Soviet Union.

As Orwell would say, the war is not meant to be won – it is meant to be continuous.

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