In a time where the world view matters, and the scope of our concerns become less about the United States and more about what the globalist technocrat’s desire, it is apparent that we have reached a point where we always hear of the intersection of science and politics in the headlines.

It has been argued time and time again those scientists should remain scientists and avoid indulging into political activism, especially when the activism is pushing an agenda that is controversial.

The dangers of a political agenda parading under the cover of a scientific pretext have already been exposed by the agendas of the past, and that cost can be measured in human lives lost.

This year, controversy was swirling in the media over President Trump announced his intention to remove the US from the 2015 Paris Climate Accord last April.

In the wake of this action, American political and economic leaders took their own actions to defy the President and as we know after the devastation in Texas brought on by Hurricane Harvey; the Senate Appropriations Committee approved a spending bill that would grant $10 million in funding to the United Nation’s Climate Change body.

You may recall that after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, and even bigger storm was on the way named Irma. Irma intensified to a category five and leveled areas of the Caribbean with her ferocity. It was reported that Irma had a low frequency sound that accompanied her – a hum and force that was described as sounding like an alien ship from a science fiction movie.

The storm was said to have triggered seismic monitors creating low level earthquakes.

The build up and anticipation of such a storm was terrifying in and of itself.

On September 7th just days before Irma made landfall in the United States, Senator Diane Feinstein had tweeted that the Appropriations Committee voted to fund the U.N. Climate Change panel.

The $10 million allocation came as an amendment to a $51 billion spending bill that outlined funding for the State Department and foreign operations. This money went to the body that oversees the Paris Climate Agreement, which in turn provides resources to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Coincidentally after it was announced that the money was going to be appropriated for UN Climate change agency – Hurricane Irma weakened from a category 5 to a Category 3 before she made landfall in Florida.

Originally, Miami was expected to bear the brunt of the storm once it hit Florida.

Irma then weakened down to a Category 2 storm with sustained winds of 110 mph.

Another Hurricane named Jose was also heading for the Unites States mainland. It stalled as well and eventually detoured and weakened.

The coincidence of a monster hurricane weakening after 10 million dollars has been promised to the UN and another storm slowing down and eventually dying, has not been ignored by geoengineering storm crows who see this as glaring evidence that weather modification and geoengineering was used to force multiply two storms, Harvey and Irma and the weaken Irma and Jose after the money was approved for the UN Climate Science Agency.

So we have to wonder if weather manipulation is a reality and can it be done in order to extort money from governments that don’t wish to participate in the Kyoto Accord and the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

The truth may be found in the recent geoengineering conference that was held in Berlin last month, where scientists, policymakers and ethicists debated whether or not the world should invest in the prospect of laying down aerosol trails in the sky to mimic the effects that volcanoes have on the planet.

“Stratospheric Aerosol Injection” or laying down chemtrails involves sending up substances to the stratosphere that are known to have a cooling effect on the climate.

The debate at the conference included the consequences of using these aerosols to meddle with the climate.

A study presented in Berlin concluded that if only one country, region or hemisphere were to pursue this type of geoengineering, other parts of the world could face adverse consequences. For example, if only the northern hemisphere were to release aerosols, the Sahel in Africa and parts of India would have to cope with more droughts.

The research highlights that “geoengineering is going to require more global cooperation than has ever been attempted before.”

The new study, published in Nature Communications, investigates the potential physical side effects that could come about from artificially introducing aerosols into the atmosphere.

Google “chemtrails” on the internet and there will be several websites declaring them all hoaxes. Google “Stratospheric Aerosol Injection” and you get a very different view of what is used and that they are sprayed from planes or balloons.

Obviously, they are proposing the use of chemtrails to alter the climate of the planet.

Those who are labeled conspiracy theorists have reported that the laying down of lingering trails by planes has already contributed to the change in storm patterns and have caused physical illness.

It is obvious that aerosols released in the northern hemisphere, can affect other parts of the world. Ii is also a high probability that these trails have created an increase of droughts, hurricanes and severe storms.

Believe it or not, over the past 5 years, the physical extent of “cold fronts” has grown from the size of a state or two to spanning the North American continent and beyond.

This of course we are told that this is all attributed to man-made Climate Change and that the cold air mass is a unique anomaly when it appears to be a constant.

The stage is set for a dramatic change in the weather pattern across the Northern Hemisphere during the next seven to 10 days.

That change will likely bring a brutal Arctic blast across the Midwest and eastern U.S., put Western Europe into the deep freeze, and maintain an area of extreme cold in eastern Asia.

The new weather pattern could give rise to snowstorms along the East Coast of the U.S., though it’s too early to tell whether that will happen, Scientist with an agenda will start talking about how all of this is a sign of climate change – forecasters say that it is just another winter.

It all depends on your perspective.

Meanwhile on the Indonesian island of Bali, a volcano called Mount Agung is spewing ash 5.5 miles into the sky, causing flight cancellations and trapping thousands of tourists and locals on the island, even as the potential for a bigger eruption looms.

It is being reported it will erupt at any moment and if it does it could cause a drop in temperatures around the world.

What would this do the cycle of climate? The world temperatures would drop and would that be sufficient for the climate scientists to back up and understand that the earth is a complex system that sometimes balances itself and its temperatures?

Is Climate Science really about the analysis of climate?

I would say that it is more than obvious that those who are pushing Climate Science are criminals and extortionists that are simply looking out for resources that they can tax and people that they can harass and harm if they don’t abide by their political agendas pushing an unproven scientific doom forecast.

Scientists have long understood that volcanic eruptions can nudge the planet’s thermostat for months, as millions of tons of gases and particles spread through the atmosphere.

Gases like sulfur dioxide spew from volcanic craters during an eruption, hidden among billowing ash. These sulfur compounds react in the sky to form substances that scatter sunlight, thereby cooling the planet.

How much a volcanic eruption cools the planet depends on the amount of material it erupts, how high it reaches, and the composition of that material. Eruptions can also change global rainfall patterns.

Geoengineers know this and this is why they have been using chemtrails to imitate what volcanoes are capable of doing.

This includes deliberately laying down clouds or spraying sulfuric acid into the stratosphere to offset the alleges anthropogenic effects of “Climate Change”

It appears that the so-called Climate Technocrats are now playing with weather engineering in order to blackmail nations into redistributing the wealth or face a weather catastrophe.

They are also urging their supporters to use extortion as a means to get coastal cities to comply with the wishes of The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

For example, communities in Texas, Florida, and other coastal states were put on notice by Moody’s Investors Service Inc. that they incorporate Climate Change into its credit ratings for state and local bonds. If cities and states don’t deal with risks from surging seas or intense storms, they are at greater risk of default.

In its report, Moody’s lists six indicators it uses “to assess the exposure and overall susceptibility of U.S. states to the physical effects of climate change.” They include the share of economic activity that comes from coastal areas, hurricane and extreme-weather damage as a share of the economy, and the share of homes in a flood plain.

Based on those overall risks, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi are among the states most at risk from climate change. Moody’s didn’t identify which cities or municipalities were most exposed.

It is just an example of more pressure on investors to be more transparent about how it incorporates climate change into the ratings process.

Meanwhile last October, it was reported that The U.N. issued a report encouraging activists to use the courts to circumvent legislatures and company board rooms to push global warming policies.

The international body argued legal action “has arguably never been a more important tool to push policymakers and market participants.”

Now some local governments have taken the recommendation to heart.

So now we see what is claimed to be all science is now a business, and an organized extortion ring.

Chris Horner, an attorney and senior fellow at the Libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute has reported that “The global warming industry is increasingly turning to the courts to impose their agenda for the simple reason that it has failed through the proper democratic process.”

Most recently, California local governments have filed suit against dozens of energy companies for damages allegedly caused by man-made global warming. That’s on top of a slew of lawsuits brought by environmental activists and Democratic state attorneys general.

There are currently more than 800 global warming-related complaints making their way through U.S. courts, and the number is growing.

This brings up a question how does one prove greenhouse gas emissions from certain companies caused a particular amount of sea level rise? Scientists have developed models to help with such questions, but they are not always conclusive and still can’t trace emissions back to their source.

Again, how is it that the climate technocrats know that the financial fleecing of countries and communities will guarantee that the Earth’s temperatures will cool and the big bad biblical storms would cease to wreak havoc all over that planet?

Can anyone answer the question without speculating about the reality of geoengineering the planet with chemtrails or some other additive that they want to put into the Earth and sky?

The argument then focuses on greenhouse gasses and carbon reduction. Even if we accept that human produced CO2 is a problem, (although a vast and growing body of evidence shows that it is not), neither the U.S, nor even the world can possibly reduce CO2 emissions enough to make any meaningful difference.

For instance, one volcanic eruption can emit far more CO2 than the entire U.S. does annually and we are seeing an increase of global seismic disruptions, which are conveniently blamed on climate change by ignorant activists.

Well of course that will bring about a change in climate, but it most certainly and will be hijacked ideologically and pushed as a “problem” and a doom scenario to gullible supporters of the scientifically blessed extortion racket.

Deceiving Americans is the only way for this radical agenda to advance.

If someone put a gun to you head and demanded that you pay them thousands of dollars or die you would pay it and later be outraged and press charges if the perpetrator was caught.

Climate science is now virtually the same thing, and yet it is okay because they claim they are saving the planet and they mean well.

This is nonsense.

In November 2009, the leak of thousands of emails between the scientists leading two university-based climate research centers responsible for the data published by the IPCC demonstrated they had deliberately rigged the data to assert a “Global Warming” that did not exist then or now.

It was then that United Nations abandoned the term, “Global Warming” and substituted it with “Climate Change” because how can anyone say that the climate doesn’t change – it obviously does but what hasn’t changed is the fact that there has been no dramatic increase in the Earth’s overall temperature.

Since 1998, the Earth has entered a predictable and natural cooling cycle. Some argue that it is because that we have been seeing over the years constant weather manipulation that has force multiplied storms and has also left certain areas without precipitation.

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a criminal enterprise set up as a mechanism to facilitate the sale of bogus “carbon credits” and to transfer billions from industrialized, developed nations to those that have failed to keep pace.

This is extortion.

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