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Clyde Lewis | November 4, 2020
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I took the day off yesterday for two reasons – I had nose surgery, and, I really wanted to avoid downtown. I live in one of those cities where violence is a myth and where business owners board up their windows for a myth or put a blue sticker on their doors to indicate that they don’t want any trouble because they are on the side of the mythological violent Justice Warriors.

It’s a good thing I stayed home because it gave be an opportunity to watch all of the coverage of this exercise in election futility.

No matter what the final result, there will be substantial doubts about this elections legitimacy by one side or the other, perhaps both. And no deranged conspiracy thinking is required for that. I’ll say it again – the conspiracy theorist was right—supporters of my show heard it shouted from the margins. From the time we gave you the outcome of the impeachment which was not an issue during the election, to a Supreme Court decision for the election, I want to thank the listeners that support me – my crew and the show that we work hard to produce.

If you are one of those unfortunate souls that have lost our show on your affiliate because we don’t cover the news – well, we have proved them wrong.

We stand by our reporting – we use history as our guide – our oracle and we are seeing how things are going on according to the plan of the globalists and if what is happening right now with the election does not wake you up then you are not at all aware of the danger we are facing in this country right now.

I may sound like an alarmist – I may sound maudlin but as you can see, the United States can no longer say that our elective process is pristine and fair.

It isn’t – it never has been.

The next time Americans hear from their government that they need to impose democracy in other countries through wars, invasion, bombing campaigns or other forms of clandestine CIA “interference”, they should insist that democracy first be imposed in the United States. An already frazzled, intensely polarized and increasingly hostile populace now has to confront yet another election in the richest and most technologically advanced country on earth where the votes cannot be counted in a way that inspires even minimal degrees of confidence.

The morning following Election Day, with no declared winner, President Donald Trump sounded off about his seeming lead dissipating overnight in key states, such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

Twitter censored two of Mr. Trump’s three tweets for allegedly containing “misleading” information about the election—but what he gave was his own political commentary and opinion on the matter and Twitter even declared that an opinion given by the President about his own campaign was misleading.

Even objective news reporters were censored when they tried to point out the various discrepancies. This was even before the idea of a “stolen election” was even floated by Donald Trump.

This what voting in America has become – deceiving and dangerous for all of the parties involved. Whoever wins this fiasco will again have that shadow of doubt hanging over their tenure as to their legitimacy.

Trump also questioned the voting tabulations in Michigan.

In an apparent update on votes in the state, Biden allegedly secured 100% of the 128,000-plus votes that were not counted – it was a magical endeavor and one that did not raise any eyebrows in the mainstream media. Any political commentary that questioned the legitimacy of the count was shut down.

There were also discrepancies reported about Wisconsin where there were more votes cast than there were registered voters – that was also struck down by the fact checkers.

Regardless of the validity of the statement, we already are seeing what can be called the disenfranchisement of the voter, whether we see this as an embarrassment a threat to national security or another coup d’etat depends on whose side you are on politically.

However, for the sake of objectivity, it has to be said that when someone says this is the most important election of our lifetimes all you have to do is look back to 2016 and 2000 and realize this is just the most important election science the last important election and the same old worn out story is what will float your vote.

The bottom line is this if you don’t think this was all planned to rile the ire of the American people, then you have already drank the Kool Aid – as Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said “If it happens in government chances are it was planned that way.”

Ask yourself this question: why is it that the United States finds itself struggling to engage in a simple task of counting the vote?

This process has been mastered by countless other less powerful and poorer countries.

And yet we have to slow down the process here – by staggering through the endeavor with excuse after excuse?

With all of the censored discrepancies, the remarkable folly of the opinion polls and the silencing of those who wish to indicate foul play what makes anyone think that they can trust this outcome?

Every apologist for the for the delayed vote count say that this is normal for America but what they should be saying is that a completely untrustworthy voting count is now the norm for America.

Win or lose, there will be a demographic that will again say the man or woman in the White House is not my president because of illegitimacy. What a great ploy to keep the smell of civil war in the air.

It is an obvious exercise in manipulation and the triggering is now in play.

All of this was whispered in the margins before the election, it was talked about by conspiracy theorists and has been shut down since the first day the Trump Administration took its first baby steps.

Both major political parties, despite their same old disagreements over a whole host of pseudo-issues, seem united in their determination to prevent a decisive result. And in the process, they’re edging dangerously close to delegitimizing the electoral system itself.

But there is no major news network that even addressed this issue – they just wear thin the same issues that whip up the base – the same issues we heard last time – nothing new – nothing that would even reflect the issues we face in the 21srt century.

Whole social media platforms tout their adherence to democracy they sure as hell have silenced it thinking that any conspiracies to jeopardize our country is anathema and need to be fact checked or silenced.

That was the he elephant in the room. We discussed it many times on the show – we warned what the outcome would be and from the little mentioned impeachment to coronavirus, people do not want to hear reasonable discussions about doubt and malfeasance.

This is the first American election held under the shadow of a pandemic; and if there’s one thing our public intellectuals have made clear over the last seven months, it’s that pedestrian details like constitutional “due process” or representative government count for nothing against our ruling class’s autocratic and arbitrary prescriptions for the public health.

And if you’re not worried, you should be.

The coronavirus pandemic and the shutdowns and new voting rules it ushered in have obviously complicated the process, but the U.S. failure to simply count votes with any degree of efficiency, in a way that inspires even minimal confidence in the process, pre-dates the March, 2020 nationwide lockdowns.

COVID-19 is no excuse because if the pundits want to call this the norm, then what they are doing is admitting that the system is flawed and therefore will always be and exercise in futility.

The voting process in this country is rife with major systemic failures and doubt-sowing inefficiencies that can be explained only as a deliberate choice and/or a perfect reflection of a collapsing, crumbling empire.

The latter seems to apply as COVID-19 has been a convenient excuse for every failure we have had in 2020. It has been a convenient scapegoat to trash our government and allow for the suspension of the rule of law in favor of citywide destruction and chaos.

Since March, a relentless series of edicts have turned state governors into virtual dictators, destroyed tens of millions of jobs, trashed the Bill of Rights, promoted political censorship of social media and made a bad joke of medical priorities – all for our own good, of course.

Why did we even think that democratic elections would be immune from the same treatment?

What were we hearing from these progressive governors?

That high crimes and misdemeanors were being carried out in the executive branch of government and of course that meant they were entitled to plan come criminal activity of their own – using the excuse “Trump does it too.”

Then came the fears of how Trump was grumbling about how he would not conceded the election if Joe Biden managed to navigate to victory through the murky waters of his own incomprehension.

But understand that there is no law that requires a candidate to “concede,” and no one even casually familiar with Trump’s record would expect him to do any such thing, no matter what happens.

He will of course be forced to leave if he loses but we will never hear the end of it – not from Trump and not from the silent majority who will more than likely wake up and not be so silent.

But while formal concessions are dispensable, two other things are not. First, each presidential election must cross certain legal thresholds – and must do so by specific deadlines – in order to facilitate the balloting of an Electoral College. Second, and perhaps even more important, the electoral process must be accepted as legitimate by the people who are to be governed by it.

Can we count on either requirement being met this time around?

After suffering through CNN’s post mortem early on in the coverage – I was again marveling at how democrats always seem to lack confidence in their candidates –whether that is feigned humility or drama that keeps their faithful glued to their coverage.

So I flipped the channel to Fox News – what was surprising that one of the commentators – one of the several Blondes that blur into the scenery brought up a little history that went beyond the fiascos of the 2000 and 2016 election.

Martha MacCallum brought up the Hayes-Tilden debacle of 1876. Fellow commentator Juan Williams was taken aback by her comments.


Brit Hume who was one of the senior commentators at Fox was impressed—I was too – history is seldom spoken of on mainstream TV news these days.

The results of the U.S. presidential election of 1876 were a mess. A Democratic candidate had emerged with the lead in the popular vote, but 19 electoral votes from four states were in dispute. In 1877, Congress convened to settle the election—and their solution proved to be the beginning of the end for Reconstruction in the South.

There was no presidential victor on Election Day because no one had an electoral majority. Several states disputed their returns. There was partisan finger-pointing with both parties accusing the other of trying to steal the election. Violence was threatened with some predicting a civil war without a resolution of the impasse. And the Constitution was silent on how to resolve the crisis.

The election that year pitted Rutherford B. Hayes against Samuel Tilden.  Hayes, from Ohio, was the dark-horse candidate for the Republicans, who had controlled the White House since 1860. Tilden was the reform governor of New York, who had made his name by prosecuting the Tweed Ring’s corruption in New York City.

The Democrats were still recovering from their role in the Civil War. The election took place in November, but because of controversy, it was not decided until March 2, 1877, three days before the presidential inauguration.

While Fox news gave us that little reminder of how bad it could get – it was also responsible for turning Arizona into a blue state, The gave the election to Biden in that state which Trump claimed was too close to call.

Arnon Mishkin made the call on Fox and kept sarcastically apologizing for calling it early and not calling victor in States where Trump showed promise.

Fox News’ “decision desk” team, which makes the network’s election night calls, was the first to call Arizona for Joe Biden Tuesday night.

Fox’s call came so early, in fact, that the network’s anchors seemed surprised.

Arnon Mishkin believe it or not is a registered Democrat and Tuesday night wasn’t the first time Mishkin angered Republican politicians tracking election night results. In 2012, after he called that Ohio would go for Barack Obama, Fox analyst Karl Rove disputed the claim. That prompted host Megyn Kelly to dramatically walk off set and into the room where Mishkin and his colleagues were at work.

Last night Mishkin said on camera that he was “quite comfortable” with his call.

Now Arizona is another state whose votes are in dispute.

Under these conditions, what’s to stop the powers that be from claiming legal grounds to derail the election of 2020 altogether – and then shoehorning into office whatever corporate shill can be installed with a minimum of protest from an already cowed populace?

I mean, we have talked about the Great Reset and the World Economic Forum – would they be capable of twisting the United Nations or some other foreign entity’s arm to come in and install a puppet government?

Highly unlikely – but this is 2020.

It’s quite possible that the public will acquiesce in a coup if the Right Thinkers and authoritarians tell us that elections aren’t good for us and that our job is to “stay safe” at home while they decide how to govern our country for us.

According to Klaus Schwab the head of the World Economic Forum, we are half way there. They were pleased at how easy it was for people to jump into a self-imposed house arrest because of COVID-19 and I am sure they can see what other hoops we trained dogs can jump through as they laugh at our inability to have a smooth transition of power.

If this election is replaced by a putsch, let’s not say we had no warning.

The assault on democracy, under cover of coronavirus hysteria, has been building steadily for months. The whole mail-in voting travesty, was not needed.

Our so-called liberal experts knew all along what sort of false claims they were making. Even the Atlantic, one of the most consistent organs of coronavirus propaganda, now concedes that all the hysteria about deadly voting booths was groundless – that, in fact, “voting with a mask on is no more dangerous than going to a grocery store with a mask on – something millions of Americans do every week.

Leave it to the Governor of Oregon to lay claim to taking the lead in voting by mail but it certainly again shows just how she thinks that she is such a great and glorious leader. All of this patting on the back while again, marches and fires were being set in Portland.

So the upshot of the Atlantic’s admission is that the whole scare campaign about normal voting – like nearly everything else the “experts” have been yelling at us – was a fraud. And it was a fraud that only strengthened the case for an invalidated election, a fact that was staring the Democrats in the face when they started bleating for mail-in voting.

Either they were unpardonably stupid but as we can see playing stupid is what they are good at, they play stupid when it is convenient especially when their cities are being destroyed by so called peaceful demonstrators.

The American public has never had a more tenuous grasp on the traditional institutions of democracy than it does now. With four-fifths of our governors already acting like dictators, with both major parties working hand in hand to delegitimize the election of a president, and with a mass media that stubbornly refuses to report these facts, we won’t preserve democracy by doing nothing.

The constitutional system may not collapse in a week’s time. But if we don’t want to see it collapse sooner or later and probably sooner, we had better start taking politics into our own hands.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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