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Clyde Lewis | November 6, 2020
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I hate to admit that sometimes the trolls get to me on Facebook. Some guy posts a nasty comment last night and I took offense to it. The guy said “Hey are you going to talk about how Trump keeps proclaiming himself the winner officially, the votes be damned? I mean since you claim to be unbiased and all – I didn’t thinks so.

He obviously was inferring that since I did a show about the election asteroid, I was avoiding the fact that Trump has been a pain in the democratic ass of the voters who think that just because their man looks like he is going to close the deal he is not entitled to investigate fraud or anything else that may have diminished his chances at winning the election.

Well, just because I took a break from this reality show we call an election does not mean I am ignoring the elephant in the room or the donkey’s that seem to know nothing about history or why Donald Trump is doing what he is doing and why it is important.

It makes him look like a sore loser but the truth is there is no law that says he has to concede or even admit defeat.

I am beginning to understand how Americans treat the election process in 2020. They act as if they are watching the Super Bowl game. However many people do not know how the game is played, what is illegal or legal, what is fraudulent and what is normal procedure and what candidates can do by law to ensure that the elections are fair and not manipulated by State and local officials.

Many people are completely flummoxed over the fact that President Trump has decided to seek legal action in an attempt to salvage his chances for a second presidential term. He has filed a series of lawsuits designed to stop the tabulation of mail-in ballots and has joined a case in Pennsylvania that has already been turned back twice by the high court.

Trump can allege fraud, he can declare a victory, he can do whatever he wants even if there is no evidence to show fraudulent counts and some of his colleagues are saying that he should back down and let Joe Biden take his place in the Oval Office without all of the lawsuits and threats.

We have reached the worst possible outcome for any election – arguably, the worst since 1876.

In November of 1876 an election was held during the period known as Reconstruction and 11 years after the end of the American Civil War.

This election was one of the most controversial in U.S. history, not only because of the vote count, but because of their consequences, which felt well into the 20th century. The nominees were Democrat Samuel Tilden, governor of New York, and Republican Rutherford Hayes, governor of Ohio. Democrat Tilden won the popular vote and led the electoral votes.



But the one who took the presidency was Hayes, four months after the vote and after reaching an agreement with his rivals that would mark the fate of the south of the country for several years. What happened to change the course of the process?

By the time the vote count was almost over, Tilden had won the popular vote and appeared to have won Electoral College votes as well.

The Democrat had 184 electoral votes, compared to the 165 votes Hayes had gathered.

But there were 20 additional votes from Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina and Oregon in dispute and it was unclear which candidate should take them. Both parties in Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina had declared their own candidates as winners. I mean, there were two winners in each of those states.

How was this possible?

At the time, each party printed its own ballots. Due to the illiteracy extended in the nineteenth century, the groupings included a graphic element that would allow them to be identified, in addition to the name of their candidates.

Democrats were depicted on the ballot by a rooster, while Republicans used the image of former President Abraham Lincoln.

But in 1876, in the states of Louisiana, Florida, and South Carolina, Democrats printed ballots under the name Tilden next to Lincoln’s face.

State authorities disqualified the votes of these Democratic ballots because they were misleading.

There were many irregularities and corruption in the elections. There were bad practices on both sides, but especially from Democrats – many ex-slaves took Democrat ballots that had the Republican symbol when they most likely intended to vote for Hayes.

But Democrats still declared Tilden a winner in these states, and at the same time, Republicans attributed the win to Hayes.

In Oregon, the problem was that an Electoral College elector was dismissed for exercising a position incompatible with his role in elections.

Complications in these four states put 20 electoral votes at stake.

But the relevance of Lincoln’s image in the ballot had to do not only with what was the rival symbol, but with the context of the time.

The November 1876 elections were held in the midst of Reconstruction, a period of more than a decade after the Civil War and during which freed slaves from southern states were gaining civil rights, including that of the vote.

The Civil War had broken out in 1861 when the slave states of the south separated from the rest of the nation after the election of Republican Abraham Lincoln, for fear that it would somehow restrict the system of slavery. The northern states won the war in 1865 and slavery was abolished. During the reconstruction that began next, the north maintained troops in the southern states, to ensure respect for the rights African-Americans had won.

In Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina there were many freed slaves who were going to vote, so seeing the face of Lincoln a republican, the decisive president for his freedom, could influence his decision.

But how did the parties finally resolve the dispute?

The Congress of the time decided in January 1877—two months after the election—to create an Electoral Commission, consisting of five representatives, five senators, and five members of the Supreme Court.

Now mind you, last night I spoke of something called predictive programming with regard to the possibility of an asteroid hitting the planet. The night before I talked about what FDR once said about how if something strange happened in government it is always because it is planned that way.

Months before I talked about a nut a number of table top exercises carried out by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum – in each one, they raised the question about how the world would react to a novel coronavirus pandemic.

Now, what If I told you that 6 months ago there was actually a war game plan that was carried out by the Transition Integrity Project, a nonpartisan group founded by Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School and Nils Gilman of the Berggruen Institute. The scenario predicted a narrow Biden victory in the Electoral College: 278 to 260. Various participants played the role of the Trump campaign, the Biden campaign, Republican and Democratic elected officials, the news media, and other key players to see what would happen next.

Team Trump was told not to concede defeat.

They were told that they had to use whatever means necessary to secure the 10 electoral college votes to swing the election. They were asked to focus on three of the swing states that in this particular scenario Biden had gained— Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — because, in all three, Republicans control both branches of the legislature. Normally, the governor certifies the election results, and in all three states the governor is a Democrat. But there is nothing to prevent the legislature from certifying a different election outcome.

In the mock transition scenario, the Republican Party bombarded the airwaves with claims of electoral fraud and insisted that Trump had been cheated of victory. The GOP filed suit to prevent the certification of the results. Attorney General William P. Barr, supported this effort in this mock exercise by claiming to have detected efforts by Chinese intelligence, Antifa terrorists and other enemies of the people to steal the election.

The goal was to tie up the proceedings in the courts, initially at the state level, and quickly force the Republican-dominated Supreme Court to intervene.

While this was going on, chaos reigned in the streets, with pro- and anti-Trump activists mobilizing massive protests and violence erupting. Democrats believed that mass protests could force the government to respect the election outcome. But the team representing Trump, calculated that such chaos would help persuade the Supreme Court to intervene to shut down the dispute. In 2000, even two of the more moderate conservative justices — Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony M. Kennedy — voted to end Florida’s recount and hand the election to George W. Bush.

These findings were written about in the Washington Post last July.

Does this surprise anyone? A transition scenario that includes a contested election, civil war, martial law, economic collapse and the US will be destroyed from within.

The bizarre behavior of vote counters in swing states, including PA where they stopped the count altogether overnight, indicates a program to incite national tensions and rage. The media refusing to call certain states for Trump even though he held clear leads while rushing to call states for Biden even though the count was far from finished will only exacerbate people’s suspicions that the election is being rigged or stolen.

Trump has said he will take the results to the Supreme Court and there is no doubt that recounts will be held in many states as Trump continues to challenge the count and the validity of the result.

Not that we didn’t warn you that this would happen – and yet I stand accused of not reporting this by some troll on face book. I stand accused of showing my bias—and I ask what bias? What is happening was well planned – I knew it and my real listeners who know that I don’t fall for politically biased traps know this as well.

Now let us take this scenario to an even grimmer conclusion – let’s say that numerous fake ballots will be discovered during recounts only throwing gasoline on the fire and implicating Democrats in certain districts with fraud. Social justice leftists will surely try to riot in response, and Trump will call for martial law if the current scenario plays out as was rolled out 6 months ago.

Now wouldn’t this trigger a left wing revolt? I mean the left would absolutely not accept a Supreme Court decision that favors Trump but it would be binding and legal.

There is no doubt that conservatives will absolutely accept a Biden presidency. So what next? I think you know – I think it is all planned.

As it stands, Trump is correct in stating that it’s almost statistically impossible for them to steal his victory, yet he’s taking troubling states to court in order to defend the integrity of the country’s democratic process despite declaring that he already feels like he won. It’s not the incumbent that’s taking America to the brink of domestic disaster—it is again the Progressive governors that are abusing their power and stringing along the American people.

Trump is planning on staying in office and he still may win in the Supreme Court boondoggle but how is anyone going to respect a president that they think is usurping the democratic process? This outcome is the worst possible outcome and also the most advantageous for the globalist establishment.

Keep in mind the words of Hillary Clinton to Joe Biden: Under No circumstances are you to concede defeat in this election. Democrats, she said, should be ready to fight if the results come back too close to call.

During the Democratic National Convention, Clinton said Trump would try to “sneak or steal” his way to a second term in office. She urged voters to swell polls with “overwhelming” turnout to ensure there is no room for doubt. Biden said back in July that Trump would try to “indirectly steal” the election by attacking mail-in ballots amid the coronavirus pandemic

Surprise surprise! They are all prophets – their prophecies or well-planned scheme is coming to pass.

It’s already clear to all that the polls and the mainstream were once again wrong about how those would play out , which speaks to the “deep state’s” arrogance by attempting to reverse the 2016 playbook to demoralize Trump’s supporters.

However some average Americans are now skeptical about what they are hearing from the media. This why Trump pulled off such important victories in practically all of the states that people were wrongly told should be considered “battlegrounds” in this election.

From Atlanta to Detroit to Philadelphia, tallies stopped coming out for hours on end. When the tallying resumed, Joe Biden rapidly surged into the lead in key states, with his improvement attributed entirely to the black box of “mail-in ballots.” Already, accounts of fraud and impropriety have started to pile up. Counting resumed, then stopped again, then resumed again. States have taken days to do what could easily be done in hours; often votes keep coming in even as nobody seems to know how many ballots actually remain to be counted.

In Pennsylvania, officials are counting ballots that arrive after Election Day with no postmark, even though a postmark is the only means at all of ensuring a late-arriving ballot isn’t fraudulent.

This is a disgrace and an embarrassment, of course. But more importantly, it’s an outcome that nobody can trust. This was planned for the most divisive and violent of outcomes.

The media continues to say that this does not smell of election tampering, mainly because they see it as necessary to ensure a Biden victory but if Trump takes this all the way to the point of 1876 – this will utterly inflame the extreme left militants that will take to the streets and burn it all to the ground.

However that is the destructive and illegal way of doing political business but legislators can use their power in favor of a Trump intervention.

In the Bush v. Gore decision, the Supreme Court reaffirmed the clear right of state legislatures to retake their power to choose electors, writing that “The State, of course, after granting the franchise in the special context of Article II, can take back the power to appoint electors.”

Republicans have total legislative control in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona. They have the power to appoint electors in the manner they choose. If the results in their states appear fraudulent, then these Republicans can act.

But will they? This is the question.

The unfortunate thing about the typical American is that they are too comfortable with the idea that America is too big to fail. They believe that our very form of government is immune to collapsing into a different form. Americans should know full well that our government is teetering on the brink of socialism, communism, and even despotism. . American Exceptionalism is no guarantee that we will not see despotism. However to speak of it now brings many Americans to a level of anger and disbelief.

It is time to realize that Americans can’t allow their politics as usual to continue. They do not apply in a dysfunctional election. They do not apply in chaos.



Written by Clyde Lewis

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