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Ron Patton | November 9, 2018
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The realm of quantum physics is, at times, bizarre and confusing. It contains a number of principles that defy logic; like quantum tunneling, where a particle is able to penetrate ghostlike through a solid object.

Another strange feature of quantum physics is entanglement, which Albert Einstein famously called “spooky action at a distance”. This is when two particles form a connection across an unknown distance, which could be a millimeter or the width of a universe, and one of the particles can vanish from one area and reappear elsewhere.

This weird and wonderful world up-ends accepted scientific wisdom, creating obstacles to conventional thinking.

It creates a bridge where we can couple consciousness with a whole new way of experiencing what has been termed the paranormal.

When I talk about quantum mechanics, I am often told that I should not talk about them since I am not a physicist, but I say that I am a person who has studied the paranormal and that counts for just a part of what quantum mechanics can explain in a rudimentary level.

Einstein said that he believed that quantum entanglement was spooky – things seen at a distance and I often wondered if what he was talking about was magic or witchcraft or utilizing the powers of manifestation.

Scientific explanations of magic or manifestation takes all of the spooky out of it and if the dogmatic wish to flee from it because of its occult nature – they are missing out on what will be the new frontier of exploration in all things dealing with consciousness and whether or not we live in a matrix that has been constructed for own amusement and enlightenment.

While entanglement may have appeared “spooky” to Einstein’s brilliant mind, subsequently the scientific community has grappled with that and other counterintuitive aspects of quantum physics.

Some have turned their backs on quantum theories that challenge accepted laws of physics.

But despite – or maybe because of its unusual aspects, quantum physics is improving our understanding of the natural world, to a point where some of these theories can no longer be overlooked.

Our everyday experience tells us that we live in a world of certainty, where things have a defined place and causes lead to effects. So how are we to understand a basic theory of reality that says everything is at its root fuzzy and uncertain – where Schrödinger’s cat can be both dead and alive, where objects can be in two places at once, or be in one place and then suddenly pop up in another, or influence each other instantaneously from afar?

We don’t have an answer. All we have are guesses – “interpretations” that attempt to bridge the gulf between what quantum theory predicts and what common sense tells us.

The known universe is both frugal and precise in its application. It appears to use basic structures in multiple applications in order to create itself. Scientists are now interested in the structures of life and how it all applies on a quantum level and how consciousness has become the obstacle that breeds uncertainty. Especially when science is faced with the question of just what happens to consciousness after death.

We may not know exactly what consciousness is.

Is it simply a product of the brain, or if the brain itself is a receiver of consciousness. If consciousness is not a product of the brain, it would mean that our physical bodies are not necessary for its continuation; that awareness can exist outside our bodies.

Some scientists think we already understand what consciousness is, or that it is a mere illusion. But many others feel we have not grasped where consciousness comes from at all.

The perennial puzzle of consciousness has even led some researchers to invoke quantum physics to explain it. That notion has always been met with skepticism, which is not surprising: it does not sound wise to explain one mystery with another. But such ideas are not obviously absurd, and neither are they arbitrary.

For one thing, the mind seemed, to the great discomfort of physicists, to force its way into early quantum theory. What’s more, quantum computers are predicted to be capable of accomplishing things ordinary computers cannot, which reminds us of how our brains can achieve things that are still beyond artificial intelligence. “Quantum consciousness” is widely derided as mystical hocus pocus, but it just will not go away.

Today, some physicists suspect that, whether or not consciousness influences quantum mechanics, it might, in fact, arise because of it. They think that quantum theory might be needed to fully understand how the brain works.

Might it be that, just as quantum objects can apparently be in two places at once, so a quantum brain can hold onto two mutually-exclusive ideas at the same time?

These ideas are speculative, and it may turn out that quantum physics has no fundamental role either for or in the workings of the mind. But if nothing else, these possibilities show just how strangely quantum theory forces us to think.

Recently, I was thinking about how some of the victims of the Borderline Bar & Grill shooting in California also attended the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas where it was alleged that Stephen Paddock fired more than 1,100 rounds from his suite on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel, killing 58 people and leaving 851 injured.

There were 13 dead at the Borderline shooting and it was 13 months earlier that some of the victims were in Vegas going through the same terror.

Tel Orfanos was one of the deceased and he attended the Vegas concert and died 13 months later… it is uncanny.

I could not even figure the odds of that synchronicity. In fact, I had commented on how the whole experience illustrates how synchronicity and meaningful coincidence is that strange or spooky thing that we can all witness from a distance.

When surprising coincidences occur, it seems we are connected to the world around us in a mysterious way. For example, you are thinking about a song you haven’t heard in years, and as you have this thought the song starts playing on the radio. In this case, it seems your mind is connected to the world around you — the coincidence occurs between a mental state and a physical state.

Coincidence also appears between the psyche of two individuals. For example, you and your friend simultaneously buy identical shirts without knowing it.

“Synchronicity phenomena are characterized by a significant coincidence which appears between a (subjective) mental state and an event occurring in the (objective) external world.

Synchronicity cannot be explained by classical physics.

So we can actually look to quantum entanglement for an explanation of the connection between mind and matter and between the minds of multiple people. We can use quantum physics to examine the relationship between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, and to examine free will.

Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in which pairs or groups of particles that have been in contact with each other seem to remain connected over vast distances. When actions are performed on one of the particles, corresponding changes are observed on the others.

Obviously, the synchronicity of the victims of the Borderline shooting being victim of yet another mass shooting shows a quantum contact that mysteriously remained present for a time span of 13 months—and in another synchronicity, 13 people died as a result.

Everyone can say that it is some concocted story for a mere conspiracy theory.

But could it be that the Borderline Las Vegas victims were all caught up in a synchronicity brought in by dimensional transmission theory?

I know that you probably have never heard of it and maybe it is a presumptive idea – I can assure you the concept does not undermine the subset of true conspiracy theory because the practice of dimensional transmission is only feasible if there is proof that it has been done in order to reconstruct history.

That would mean that Tel Orfanos the man who was wounded in Las Vegas was supposed to die there last year—13 months later history was reconstructed and he died in another place, at another country music gathering.

Talk about deadly déjà vu.

Perhaps changing of the direction of Orfanos history was some sport of retrocausal manipulation?

Some may say that it is a stretch, but if it is so farfetched then why do governments invest in mind expansion and mind control exercises to control outcomes of possible futures and manipulate the past in the murky areas of the timeline.

The entanglement of the conscious mind with the collective unconscious of people with whom we have emotional bonds, could explain coincidences in which the psyche of two or more people are shown to be connected or that events in history go unfinished and eventually make up for lost time or allow more time for other events to transpire before it is taken away.

The public also is subjected to this massive déjà vu experience as well.

Dr. Bem, a social psychologist at Cornell University, has conducted a series of experiments that are published in one of the most prestigious psychology journals (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology).

Across nine experiments, Bem examined the idea that our brain has the ability to not only reflect on past experiences but also anticipate future experiences. This ability for the brain to “see into the future” is often referred to as, PSI phenomena.

He used well-established, standard scientific methods to study this phenomenon and found that we are all equipped with the ability to see into the future. It seems some of us have just developed this ability, either with practice or through the gift of birth, to a more advanced degree.

But the conscious mind may also be entangled with matter and events, explaining coincidences in which the physical world around us seems to mirror our thoughts or mirror tragedy or even history.

Very much like generational mirroring or the turning process of seeing history rhyme in a sort of an echo in transition or retrocausality. Synchronistic events between the mental and the material domains can be a consequence of a quantum entanglement between mind and matter.

So using quantum entanglement theory, we can stretch the idea into considering that human unconscious, pre-consciousness, and consciousness are quantum bits which can know the same actions in a dimensional or dream state. These thoughts that are thrust in the ether become strong and meaningful precognitions that unwittingly show up in what we call a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, we can suppose that consciousness can read the unconscious and vice-versa.

Group consciousness can receive a message from the collective unconsciousness and this is how we see these meaningful coincidences that have a connection to major events. This is why some people are able to drum up prophecy and have it come true. Perhaps they are more in tune with the collective unconscious or the zeitgeist. Perhaps it is accidental which makes it even more meaningful and peculiar. The collective consciousness and unconsciousness become quantum entangled and we begin to see it as magical or write it off as just a coincidence.

In March of 1951, the Dennis the Menace comic strip appeared in over a dozen newspapers in the United States. Meanwhile, in the same month and year in England a comic strip appeared in a comic book called “The Beano.” The main character’s name was Dennis the Menace.

They were both boys wearing red and black striped shirts. The creators of both comics claimed it was a coincidence.

Was this character floating around in the ether and appeared in the thoughts of two artists distant from one another?

We are learning through quantum mechanics that men and women are multidimensional beings. Thus, it seems likely that problems can occur in any dimension-spiritual, psychological, or physical. When the dimensions collide there is sometimes a residual effect on human beings. These effects are seen as chaotic and manifest as a projection of what is inside the individual’s multidimensional consciousness.

This brings us back to the new idea that ghosts are merely manifestations of consciousness rather than the specters of the dead. That demonic activity is nothing more that glitch in the matrix that results in chaos and leaves us with dread.

Quantum mechanics does not rule out the possibility of an “afterlife” universe or “afterlife” dimension which includes a multiverse, a multidimensional universe — it just removes the religious dogma that surrounds the great mysteries and tries to be a halfway point between the paranormal and the scientific.

No religion that I know of explains synchronicity and yet it happens all of the time.

Written by Ron Patton

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