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Ron Patton | December 10, 2018
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Over the weekend, I had some time to read some possible yearly trends for 2019. Most of the time trends are inaccurate and they need a bit of refining or they are close to the mark and so it is fun to see what may be in store for the New Year.

What I saw was not very promising and I am wondering about how we are going to get through the next six months.

Now, I don’t normally speak of New Year trends until the last week in December, however, it appears that the bleak future trends have been issued which I believe could be the reason why we have been seeing a drop in the stock market.

It could also be because of what is happening in Europe as the window of the world is like looking through a glass darkly as fires are seen in Paris and riots are now being held on the steps of the European Union Parliament building in Brussels.

It was downright creepy to see blue armored vehicles moving through the streets of Brussels bearing the blue emblem with the circle of stars indicating that there is a force that has been trained to defend the fascist policies of the European Union and is now being called out to round up and arrest those who are rallying against lax immigration policies and over the top taxes on fuel.

The American Southwest Air Mobility Command has taken to the skies to conduct their annual drill called Joint Forcible Entry Exercise or JFEX. People in Texas and Nevada have been seeing many military planes in the skies and have wondered if there is something strange going on.

This unique large force employment exercise (LFE) is among the most complex drills the USAF executes and it combines assets of all types, including fighters, surveillance aircraft, electronic warfare platforms, and throngs of ground troops and equipment that are dropped into or dropped off in simulated enemy territory.

Some see this exercise as a warning of things to come as JFEX uses anti-access and area-denial strategies to keep an enemy from infiltrating contested territory over long distances by surprise and setting up a foothold for expanded operations.

This can be used to protect our borders from any and all enemies willing to invade.

Meanwhile, other trends for 2019 indicate that perhaps the United States is preparing to be in a state of perpetual emergency.

Back in August, President Trump ordered the extension of that act, known as Proclamation 7463.

This, of course, has caught the attention of the media but so far there is no reason for alarm, at least so far.

An interesting caveat is that Congress is supposed to review emergency acts every 6 months, but apparently has never done so.

Keeping us in a State of Emergency is arguably not good for the morale of the country.

Since 1976, when Congress passed the National Emergencies Act, presidents have declared at least 53 states of emergency, not counting disaster declarations for events such as tornadoes and floods.

An emergency declared by President Jimmy Carter on the 10th day of the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979 remains in effect almost 40 years later.

A post-9/11 state of national emergency declared by President George W. Bush — and renewed six times by President Obama and by President Trump— forms the legal basis for much of the war on terror.

President Trump even tweeted a State of Emergency about the caravan at the border – he even sent troops but lawmakers say it didn’t really count because the president didn’t enact his emergency powers.

Doing so would be like waving a magic wand making him the supreme chancellor allowing him to make decisions without approval. The pen would be the dictator or emergency policy.

Activating emergency powers is the moment that we learn that “THIS IS NOT A TEST.”

Every day we take for granted that the broadcasters in every state in the country provide an Emergency broadcast alert test. There are probably some of us who have heard it so many time we can recite the entire 60-second reminder that it is only a test.

Last October, a new process of alert was tested called the Wireless Alert System. Many cell phones were alerted issuing a simultaneous test of the new system where the President can directly inform anyone about a national emergency if it is warranted.

If you recall the media had couched it as a personal tweet from President Trump and many uninformed Americans took to social media to decry the injustice of being informed in the event of a national emergency.

As a matter of fact, three New Yorkers filed a federal lawsuit, saying that the test violated free speech and was an unconstitutional seizure of electronic devices.

The lawsuit, of course, was frivolous and was politically motivated.

Government agencies nationwide have issued more than 40,000 emergency alerts to cell phones since 2012. Many of them to report weather dangers and of course, Amber alerts have issued alerts for kidnapped or endangered children.

It is also important to point out that vigilant Americans were actually thinking about why the new system was implemented in the first place.

Many Americans were concerned because this was not the first time phones were sending the familiar tones to warn of a major emergency.

Earlier this year, Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency mistakenly sent out an alert warning of a ballistic missile threat to more than a million cell phones.

There were also several activations of the Emergency Alert Systems last year where in Southern California an alert was issued and it was followed by minister giving a bellicose warning about the end times and saying things like “Realize this: that in the last days extremely violent times will come.”

All of these incidents sound like a peculiar coincidence, however recently there seems to be a bit of odd predictive programming being issued where some mainstream media outlets are now watching what is happening in Europe and speculating about the same unrest happening here.

There are some journalists that are now worried that President Trump will be forced into implementing all of the measures that are provided for him in the Emergency Powers Act.

Over the weekend I read an article in The Atlantic with the Headline “What The President Would Do If He declares A State Of Emergency.”

The article is a preview of the article “In Case of Emergency” which will be published in their January 2019 issue.

The article posts some extreme scenarios and speculates that if Trump is cornered he could misuse his presidential powers in the attempt to consolidate power.

Of course, both political sides have expected this to happen since the George W, Bush administration and there was also the fear that Barack Obama would pull the switch and become president beyond his tenure utilizing his emergency privileges.

Now the fears of Trump doing the same thing are coming from the liberal side, however, the timing of these prognostications have proven to be chilling as we are seeing civil unrest in Europe and the allegations of felonious activity in the Whitehouse.

The mainstream press is about to begin 2019 with a warning that what is happening in Europe will happen here, and that if allegations of misconduct can be proven President Trump and several people surrounding him could face jail time.

There is also a contingency that also believes that there are many others that are under investigation that may be prosecuted including the Clintons and their associates.

This is also a monumental point for concern.

The rumors of a coup are now floating around Washington and with it come drastic measures that can occur at any time in the future.

This is not a guarantee that they will but with the mainstream hinting at the possibility, it may be time to prepare for a moment of instability on a much grander scale.

The situation in Europe right now is important to use as an example of how a nation can be pushed to the brink, bringing violence to major cities.

France was already dealing with immigration problems which were creating major tensions but a tax hike is fuel is what sent people over the edge according to reports.

France was basically holding back its anger over its open borders and all it took was a 25 cents per gallon climate change tax on fuel that sent an already over-taxed country into violence.

This forced the deeply unpopular French President Macron, to reverse course on the new green tax. Parisians were already paying about $7.06 per gallon for gasoline, almost half of that in taxes.

If Paris streets burned over a proposed 25 cents per gallon climate change tax, imagine the global conflagration over a $49 per gallon tax.

That’s what a United Nations special climate report calls for in 12 years, with a carbon tax of $5,500 per ton equal to $49 per gallon of gasoline or diesel. That’s about 100 times today’s average state and federal motor fuels tax.

The U.N. estimates that a carbon tax of $27,000 per ton is needed — $240 per gallon to limit global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Of course, that isn’t going to happen. The economic wreckage of such a punitive tax would plunge the global economy into a permanent depression and that’s assuming politicians could enact such huge tax increases over the will of their voters.

Keep in mind that the unrest in France was triggered by a looming 25-cent hike, which is a little less than 10% more in taxes than French drivers already pay. To meet the $49 per gallon tax hike recommended by the U.N., fuel taxes in France would have to go up 17-fold.

The violent protests in France were fueled by intense frustration felt by a middle class that sees itself squeezed. They don’t earn enough to be part of the elite unconcerned with fuel taxes, but they work hard enough that they don’t qualify for the generous welfare benefits handed out to the nation’s poor and to newly arrived immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Here in America, Republicans in Congress passed a resolution against carbon taxes over the summer while Democrats embraced the concept in their party platform. Some incoming members of the new Democratic majority in the House are calling to create a select committee to map out a “Green New Deal” that would move the U.S. toward using 100% renewable energy for the electric grid while guaranteeing jobs for everyone.

In the meantime, opinion polls indicate that 54% of Americans do not believe global warming will cause major problems within their lifetimes.

This is what opposition to the New World Order looks like and if the proponents of the “The Green Deal” get their way in the United States we will see all of the same issues, from immigration, economy, and fuel taxes become an incendiary flash point.

The United Nations claims in their 2030 Summit that their moves to create a New World Order with a Green economy is a bold political move and they are unapologetic as to how they are going to do it.

They, of course, are using the threat of scarcity and climate collapse as their doomsday platform to coerce people to follow blindly into an all too familiar dystopia.

Those who see climate change as a dire and urgent threat have some work to do to convince voters in the Western democracies to give up their way of life in exchange for unspecified benefits of a slightly less warm world—and that’s assuming China, India and over a billion people in Africa can be convinced not to try to pull themselves out of poverty; something that may only be done with greater use of fossil fuels.

Thus, one well-worn tactic employed by those who would presume to tell the rest of us how to live, where to live, and how to work—all of the good of the planet, of course, is the alarmist study, making copious use of lies of omission and commission.

Here in the United States, there are many vigilant Americans who see that what is happening in France could happen here.

Democrats are now warning that President Trump may soon be indicted for “campaign finance violations.”

President Trump is holding all the cards right now, sitting on mountains of currently classified evidence that reveal a pattern of deep, deliberate criminality and treason among deep state operatives – politics are now revealing what we knew already and that is they have been criminalized and both sides want to see each other hang.

If everything is revealed this could be the most significant document dump in the history of the Republic with both sides being sought after for questioning and even jail time.

But regardless of what happens at the federal level, Trump has the Emergency powers card to play as a last resort if the deep state criminals somehow avoid arrest. He can use it even if he is suspected of any wrongdoing.

Be ready because, in 2019, we could be entering into some uncharted territory politically in this country.

Those who wish to push a New World Order are about to see a World Emergence.

No matter the outcome, a citizens revolt may happen in order to remind the leaders that in the end, we are certainly a government that is not only for the people but governed and directed by the people.

Written by Ron Patton

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